“Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known.

Another year has passed - where did that go? This report is full of the wonderful work that has been going on in and around the church here in Beverley and is testament to God's faithfulness to His people. In a sense, this annual report is something to keep. It records the activities of God's people in 21st Century Britain and this wonderful location of the East Riding of Yorkshire, helping us to remember what God has and is doing. We have had much reason to celebrate this year with the arrival of new life and dedications of James, Emily and John Andrew and new members, Susan and Stuart, Dan and Sarah and Phil and Ali. Others of our folk have become Grandparents for the first time and we rejoice in their new roles at such a young age! When I was at college, we spent a weekend each term at Waverley Abbey house, the headquarters of Christian World Revival founded by Selwyn Hughes in the 1970's. One Sunday morning, as we started our day with praise and worship, one of the counselling tutors 'I' (Long story!) led our thoughts on the theme of remembering, and used the story of Joshua taking the Israelite across the Jordan river to enter the promised land shortly after the death of Moses. The priests carried the Ark of the Covenant into the middle of the river and stood there whilst the people crossed over. When all had crossed, Joshua called representatives of each of the 12 tribes together and told them to collect a large stone from the river bed and carry them to the other side. There they would build a memorial to remind them of God's faithfulness to his people. In Joshua Chapter 4 Verse 21 Joshua says 'In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, 'what do these stones mean?' tell them, 'Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.' for the lord your God dried up the Jordan before you until you had crossed over. The Lord your God did to the Jordan just what He had done to the Red Sea when He dried it up before us until we had crossed over. He did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord you God.'

So in a way this Annual Report records the things that God is doing in this place, so that we can remember, and that our descendants can see something of the continuing story of God’s people. Whether we are involved in many or few activities: Preaching and Teaching, House Groups, Fresh, Open Door, The Purpose Driven Pint, Mission, Music and Technical teams, Rotas for welcoming, coffee and tea, flowers or set up on a Sunday morning, Prayer Network, Pop in to Pray, Sunday School, Holiday Clubs, Big and Little Fish, Youth and Children’s work we are all involved in passing on the good news of Jesus to each generation – Let’s thank God for his blessing on all of these activities and pray that we continue to see these groups flourish and grow as we seek ‘to know Him and make Him known’ Yours in Christ,

Tim Jenkins Church Community Pastor

PDL House Group meets on the first and third Sundays in the month from 7:30 to 9:30pm for fellowship, prayer, bible study and simply to enjoy sharing the time together. During the past year we have had a varied programme which has included a series of studies covering the letter of James, DVDs of ministry at Keswick Convention, and a series of discussions on the theme ‘Jesus – the wounded healer’ with DVD-based introductions. Our meetings rotate around the homes of group members to allow couples with families the occasional opportunity to be there together and to share the responsibility for hosting the evening. From time to time we also enjoy taking the opportunity to meet a little earlier in the day when we can share a meal, a picnic or just an ice cream at a time when group member’s families can also be there. If you’re not part of another group and Sunday evening would work for you, we always have room for new folks to join us.
John Sykes

We’ve continued to meet on most Tuesday evenings over the past year to study the Bible, pray, worship and enjoy one another’s company. As always we take turns to lead the studies, and we’ve spent time studying some Psalms and going through Mark’s Gospel. There’s nothing quite like delving first hand into God’s Word and seeing what He has to teach us! Just before Easter we had a time of communion led by Alison. Oh yes, and also we had our annual July fish and chip supper in Hornsea – in the rain! Yet again we’re grateful to God for good friends who have helped us grow in our Christian lives and brought sparkle into our home! In particular it’s been great to welcome Phil & Ali and Stuart & Sue into the group – they’ve been a real blessing!
Glynn and Monica Jones

We are a small group of people who meet most Wednesday nights during term time. We enjoy fellowship, friendship and of course bible study, although sometimes our planned evening gets changed when God has other ideas. ‘Cover to Cover’ study books which are divided in 6 studies and fits well into our term times, have provided us with some interesting and challenging material. Each member whose willing, takes a turn in leading the study and we usually take turns in hosting the evenings. Our studies have taken us through part of the book

of Revelation, all of Ruth (which we found enlightening) and we have just finished The Magnificent Jesus Which we studied for Lent. We are a happy crowd sharing our joys and sorrows and celebrations. This year we’ve celebrated two special events; Ali T became a Grandma to a lovely baby girl Allysia, and Alex became the proud uncle to baby Betsy. If you are not in a midweek group and would like to check us out you would be most welcome our ratio is 5 ladies to 2 brave men.
Margaret Brown

The men’s group continues to meet every Saturday morning for breakfast , prayer and a study. This year we finished the book of Acts and are now working through ‘The life -‘a portrait of Jesus’ by J John. Last year some members attended the Christian Vision for Men event ‘The Gathering’ in Swindon and this year a bigger group will be attending the same event on the weekend of 29th June. We welcome new members.
Alan Clements

The DAD's group is made up of 6-8 in number and meet on alternate Thursday evenings to have fellowship, study scripture and pray together. The group is a support network for one another in a challenging and difficult world to live in. During the last year we have studied topics such as Prayer and we are currently studying Isaiah. As a group we have regular socials which normally incorporate food and friendly competition. New members are always welcome.
Ian Peplow

(Power of the Praying Parent) Housegroup & Little Fish Parent & Toddler Group We are a group of ladies who meet for prayer and bible study on alternate Thursday evenings and for our more social bring and share lunches on (usually) the first Friday of the month. On Thursday evenings, we have recently really enjoyed following a DVD series called “Effective Parenting in a Defective World” with Chip Ingram. This has encouraged us to keep God at the centre of our families and follow biblical guidelines for our parenting and family life. As a group we appreciate being able to support each other emotionally, practically and prayerfully. We also enjoy our Friday lunches together where we enjoy food and friendship, and our pre-school children enjoyed socialising too. New members are always welcome – to either Friday lunches or Thursday evenings – no one is obliged to come along to both. Speak to Julia, Emma, Ruth or Mina to find out more.
Julia Peplow

Between October and January Tim, Glynn and Monica led a small Discovery Group for six men and women seeking to find out more about what it means to become a Christian and to deepen our relationship with Christ. We met every fortnight, looking at who Jesus was and is, the meaning of the Cross, the evidence for the resurrection, how we can come to know Christ as Saviour and Lord, how we can grow as Christians, Old Testament prophecies of Christ’s coming, and an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It was a great time to talk openly and honestly together about the meaning of following Christ and some of the difficulties of being disciples amidst all the troubles and difficulties that life throws at us. We culminated in a superb dinner party in January where Loren Combs was the guest speaker, and he challenged everyone present with the story of his conversion and his call to put Christ at the centre of our lives. Since January it’s been more difficult to meet together, despite everyone’s wish to carry on the Discovery Group. We’ve met twice more since then, looking at Baptism, being part of a church, and finding peace in a troubled world. Right now we’re trying to coordinate everyone’s diaries to find the right days and times to meet again, so please keep praying about what comes next!
Glynn Jones

Gorgeous started in 2008 after a Quest course on Sunday afternoons in theLOFT. Gorgeous is mainly for teenage girls and takes place fortnightly on Sunday lunchtimes at different church member’s houses. In each session we have a meal, and a study on a matter of faith. The group has been a launchpad for a number of activities including the FileyFest weekends and the Beverley Nativity. In recent months we have studied Craig Groschel’s Book and DVD series WEiRD, which created some really interesting conversation. Thank you to all who have hosted our Gorgeous girls for a meal in the past year. They love meeting different people within the church and we hope you get as much delight in having them around! Thank you also to Monica and Chris who have been invaluable help.
Andy Guilder

Lively discussion and banter compulsory, beer is not!
PDP is an active part of BBC’s Ministry for Men and meets on a regular (mostly fortnightly) basis where we debate topical, ethical and moral issues that impact on our lives and the people around us. Its lively, good fun and there is a core group of regulars who participate, together with occasional visitors and friends, some of whom are now becoming more attached to the group. It continues to receive inspiration and input from similar groups in the area especially Bridlington and also from the national CVM (Christian Vision for Men) organisation. As well as our regular evenings in the Green Dragon, we have experimented with other events including a DVD evening, where we watched the brilliant film, “Faith like Potatoes” and a recent walk on the Wolds way. The walk started out in mist and ended in glorious sunshine, the Wolds were at their beautiful springtime best, we managed to put some of the world to rights and the dogs had a whale of a time. Oh and there just happened to be a great pub to welcome us at the end of the walk! Other events are being scheduled for the rest of the year, including more of the Wolds way and we aim to involve more friends in these activities. Some of the regular PDP’ers will also be participating in “The Gathering” a weekend summer camp for men organised by CVM and which others from BBC will be attending. We are sure to be refreshed, recharged and encouraged in all of our current activities and hopefully inspired to others by what we anticipate will be an amazing event. Look out for pictures and a report in Buzz! We are encouraged by recent meetings and hope that more men in the church and most importantly their friends will be keen to participate in future. Most of all we pray for Gods leadership and blessing on these activities. Thanks to all involved for their continuing support and encouragement.
Ed Tomlinson

Open Door will have been running for 6 years this May. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month in the afternoon at the Cherry Tree Centre. Our aim is to provide a friendly meeting place in the community where everyone is welcomed and they can relax and enjoy a time of fellowship and refreshment. Although fronted by Clive and Kath , it is a team effort! We rely heavily on a very loyal group of helpers who give of their time manning the kitchen and providing refreshments– as well as chatting to newcomers. We are very grateful for their constant support . We try to provide a range of interesting meetings- such as ‘The work of the Street Angels' and ‘Hearing Dogs for the Deaf’, - plus outings to garden centres and celebrations of members’ birthdays. We open each meeting with a prayer and include Christian member’s life-stories – backed up with music. We still struggle to attract local people across our doorstep but we are sure people are aware of our presence and we feel that is important. Please, if you know of anyone who may benefit from joining us, let us know. This year has seen a decline in numbers due to a variety of reasons – illness, change of jobs and the arrival of grandchildren. Therefore in the July meeting , we will be discussing the future of ‘Open Door’
Clive & Kath Richardson

Since the arrival of Big Fish, Little fish has been able to go back to working with younger children as a more traditional toddler group. We are getting good numbers of families through the door each time and the children enjoy the play, craft, music and stories we provide. The development of Big Fish has benefitted our group because families who were starting to attend less frequently due to their older children out growing the provision have been able to come and enjoy time with their toddlers, knowing their older children are having a great time at Big Fish. So far we have held a Heroes party in the run up to Halloween, a Christmas Party where the children learned a little bit about the birth of Jesus and during the Easter holidays we looked at new life and spring. We are looking forward to the summer holidays this year and hope that more families attend and find a warm welcome. We are always looking for more people to help us out at Little Fish, especially during busy holiday periods so if you are interested please speak to Emma or Ruth.
Emma Spratt

The group got off to a great start in May of 2011. For a while we had seen a growing need (and indeed gap) in our children’s work for a community focussed group for children of lower primary school age. A number of primary school aged children some of whom had previously enjoyed attending the Little Fish Parent & Toddler Group come along to enjoy fun, games, craft, music, songs and learning about Jesus, whilst Parents and younger siblings enjoy Little Fish. During the course of the summer holiday the group grew and it was great to see families returning on a regular basis (non-church families usually account for more than half of those attending). We enjoyed our usual “Heroes Party” at October half term with a “Light” theme, which also serves as a more positive alternative to Hallowe’en celebrations. Over 20 children attended our Christmas party, where they really enjoyed learning about the birth of Jesus and celebrated the real Christmas together. Father Christmas popped in at the end of the party to finish off the celebrations in the traditional way! Big Fish has taken a break for the early part of 2012, with so many people away at half term, and with the forthcoming Easter holiday club. However, we will be back with a bang in the June half term – possibly with a Diamond Jubilee celebration!

We have been thrilled with and are very grateful for the support that we have received from the church to get the group off the ground and are indebted to the volunteers who help us to run the group. Thank you so much – we couldn’t do it without you! If you would like to know more or would like to help (volunteers are always needed, especially during the summer holidays when we try and keep the group going despite have work and holidays to fit in ourselves!), please do speak to me (Julia Peplow).
Julia Peplow

It’s been an exciting and fulfilling year for fresh. The High’s: • We are consistently getting visitors along to fresh and they are a mixture of regulars and new people • The Costa team continue to get engaged with fresh, with one or two in particular showing more than casual or polite interest in what happens • The publicity is working, fresh is becoming known throughout Beverley • We’ve had some very well attended events - Carols @ Costa, Fool on the Hill and Who is this Jesus? • We've been joined by some very special guests including Archbishop of York John Sentamu, LZ7 Singer Nic Scholey, and Matt Martinson. • We’ve learned that we can present the Bible message in matter of fact and sincere way in a contemporary setting The low’s: • Not many really. We were disappointed at having to cancel the May event due to a speaker backing out. We have a hard working and dedicated team who plan and carry out the events, and so many people within the church, and a few from other churches, get involved on the night as table leaders, welcomers, ‘security’ and of course the pa system. The planning team are very excited about the rest of 2012 and upcoming events are... June – Toxic Childhood, July – Death, the end of the line? Another point worthy of a mention is that in September we will have been running fresh for three years, yes three years! We could not have sustained it for so long without everyone’s encouragement, participation and hard work. Most of all we could not have reached this far without following God’s lead and without striving to allow Him to work through us. Let’s all join together in prayer to thank God for this gift and pledge ourselves to serve him in this and other ways in the days, months and years ahead.
Pete Hammond

It’s been a busy year on the mission front, with new members joining the Mission Group, visits from both Kathleen and Ruth (as well as those we support more locally) and an Away Day in October to help us think about future direction. Some highlights include: Both Kathleen and Ruth were home – and actually managed to meet for the first time at BBC! We were able to enjoy time listening to them and learning more about their work and their lives overseas. We were challenged and encouraged afresh by their courage and tales of God’s faithfulness to them both. Kathleen returned to Uganda and Ruth went to a new assignment in Azerbaijan which we are now learning how to spell! We also continued to support the Hembury Family working with children and families in Hull, Lars Peiterson with churches in West Hull and BSCT with schools and colleges in Beverley. We were excited by the way God is using them in these different local places. At Harvest BBC made links with Hull’s new Food Bank. We collected over 80kg of food to be given to those in need in the city. Julia Peplow has begun helping there on a regular basis and we look forward to hearing more about it soon. We also collected loads of porridge oats for the Hemburys’ Breakfast club and presented it to them through Alison Tomlinson telling the tale of the 3 bears. We even gave them a house (made of cardboard!) to go with it all! And finally, we had a surprise appearance from Kathleen in Uganda at a service in march when we were able to talk to her directly and pray with her via Sykpe. While slightly nerve-wracking for those involved in setting it up in case the airwaves didn’t comply, it was fantastic to be able to see and hear her directly and we look forward to trying this with Ruth. Please continue to pray for all those we support in mission both near and far and to thank God for them. Alison Cockerill

Pop in pray started in Sept 2011 when a few of us decided to meet for an hour each week to pray. We meet at 10 Grove Close on Tuesday afternoons. It was felt that it would maybe it would be best to keep to the same venue so that anyone who wanted to join us would always know where it was from week to week.

As yet we are a small group but everyone is welcome to join in, just come as and when you can, and as the name suggests, you can pop in for 10-15 mins or for the full hour or more. Tea coffee and biscuits are a welcome addition to the afternoon! Margaret Brown

For three years we have been meeting every Tuesday morning at 7am at Costa Coffee in Beverley to pray that “we would live out the Gospel and be Jesus to those around us”. Parking is free in the town centre at this time in the morning and we are usually wrapped up by 7.30am. Do come, grab a coffee and join us!
Andy Guilder

At times the prayer chain has been quiet and other times busy , but never the less we have seen God answering our prayers. Thank you for sharing your concerns and joys with us. If you would like to be included in this type of praying then do get in touch. There may be occasions when you have a request for prayer or an answer to share. Do get in touch with me. It would be helpful if you could email the request so that I can forward it on, that way mistakes are less likely to occur. Of course if you are not on email you can call me on the numbers below. If you let me know a request is on the way then I can check my emails and get it moving as soon as possible. For those prayer partners who do not have access to email I will contact by phone. It continues to be a pleasure and privilege to serve you and Jesus in this way. Margaret Brown

Over the last year we have seen four more children sponsored within our church through Compassion UK. Because of this sponsorship these children will not only have ongoing access to education, healthcare, and learn all about the God who loves them, but they will have the support and love of their sponsors over these next vitally important years of their childhood. One of these children - Dutdao Patcharasangtaweelert, a beautiful 8 year old girl from Thailand - is being sponsored by the children and youth of the church as a part of their ongoing discipleship training and journey of faith. We have already raised around a third of the money needed to support her financially over this year through a cake stall in church one Sunday. Many thanks to those who baked, and those who bought, cakes and buns. The next event will be coming soon. The children and youth have also all written letters and sent pictures to her, and we have received two letters back to date.
Adam Spratt

Things have continued much the same with the music team this year. We have two groups to lead sung worship in our Sunday services, one led by Emily and one by Ian (with Alan and John stepping in to lead if needed). We are really blessed to have a dedicated and talented team of musicians who are willing to use their musical gifts to serve God and the church, and faithfully give their time and energy every week. We have been particularly pleased over the past year to have more of the children and young people playing and singing in the music groups on a regular basis – it is great to have them sharing their talents and their enthusiasm. Anyone interested in playing on an occasional or regular basis, please just have a word with Emily or Ian – new members are always welcome. We try to have occasional “jam” sessions where we learn new songs, work on arrangements, and just enjoy spending time together as a group – anyone is very welcome to join us for these sessions, even if they don’t want to get fully involved with the music groups at this time. In addition to Sunday services, we also play at other meetings and events, including church meetings, prayer meetings, and we usually lead a Beverley Causeway meeting once a year. The technical team makes sure that all the audio-visual and multimedia aspects of our services go to plan – well, most of the time, anyway! We bought a new projector during the last year, which has improved the display and hopefully makes things easier to read. Technology continues to develop: we recently spoke to Kathleen Burns in Uganda live during the service, using Skype; the world is our oyster! We use the equipment for outside activities such as Fresh at Costa and the Passion Play; we are a busy little bunch! Thanks to Michael, Josh, Timmy, Adam, Stephen and Pete for all their help on the PA and computer; new volunteers are welcome (it is not that complicated really, ask Josh and Timmy).
Emily and Chris Peach

The fact that we can sit on a chair on a Sunday morning is down to a team of hardworking individuals who arrive that little bit earlier (and leave later), who set up the church for us and we want to thank them for their commitment to this ministry. As ever, many hands make light work so please contact Steve Moore who would be delighted to include you in this essential role.
Steve Moore

This ministry enriches our fellowship time on a Sunday morning far more than the effort it takes to put it on. So thank you to all who have helped this year and if you’re not on the rota yet, do offer your services to Margaret. You’ll only need to help 2 or 3 times a year . It’s a good way to get to know the regulars and visitors to the church as well so do sign up.
Margaret Brown

Every four months I put together a (hopeful) list of people who will be the first point of contact for Beverley Baptist on a Sunday morning. Thank you to the longstanding members and those new ones who have willingly been coerced into joining the team. You probably don’t always hear how much your warm welcome impact those who visit us and comfort and encourage our regulars. So thank you on their behalf , and my own.
Chris Danter

Members of the flower rota never cease to delight and amaze us at the beauty they bring to the church each week. I know God smiles as we gaze on his wonderful gift of creation. So thank you everyone.
Menina Jones

We have an e-mail address for any requests of a pastoral nature, it's a snappy number, pastoralcare@beverleybaptist.com or you can contact Tim directly on the number below. Please pray for this important part of our ministry at BBC. We are more than happy to be available for visiting, prayer, practical and emotional support so feel encouraged to contact us with anything that may be worrying or concerning you. It is equally important to look out for one another in the community so if you see somebody struggling then please do talk to Tim our Church Community Pastor to see how we can help.
Tim Jenkins

The churches in Beverley continue to support on another through various events during the year. Beverley Churches together meets 4 times a year and supports various town wide events. We have taken part in collaborative services at Easter and Christmas with St. Nicholas and New Harvest Churches and we pray together once a fortnight throughout the year for the Swinemoor estate and God’s movement there. The Easter Son rise service at the Black mill on Beverley Westwood is well attended by many churches in the town and is a great way to celebrate the dawning of a great day! The Passion play which takes place every other year is also well supported by our church and was well covered by local and national media in 2012 and acts as a great witness to the true meaning of Easter.
Tim Jenkins

The Church office continues to add to the wide spectrum of help, advice and support that The Cherry Tree Community Association aims to provide. We enjoy the friendship, interaction, sharing of resources and involvement in each others activities that happens so naturally. Members of Beverley Baptist are involved in all areas of the work we do and also use the centre to provide services to the community such as Open Door and Listening. We are delighted that we can be of use to the Church in this way and look forward to continuing to develop this special relationship.
Pat Crouch – Chairwoman

Beverley Schools Christian Trust 2011 At the start of 2011 BSCT were employing three schools workers, Andrea, Cathy and Phil, because, as well as the on-going work in the three Beverley secondary schools, Andrea was working 2½ days each week in Cottingham High School, funded by the Cottingham Schools Trust, and Phil was working in East Riding College where he has been asked to run a faith and spirituality based course, funded by the college, and also in Bishop Burton College. When Cathy took maternity leave from September we were pleased to recruit Julia Waters to fill her role at Beverley High School (1 day each week) There continues to be a great demand for pastoral work in all the schools. The schools workers offer support using self-esteem and anger management courses with groups of young people or in one-to-one situations. It is sad that there are so many young people in need of such help but great that Christians are there to provide help and support. Classroom support in RE lessons is also much appreciated. Much more could be done if funding permitted. The lunchtime clubs run by the schools workers with help from other church youth workers continue in each school. These allow a more specific Christian input and young people are encouraged to explore faith and its relevance to their lives. There are active clubs in the High School and the Grammar School and a small group at Longcroft. With the help of a large donation from an external charity and the support of BSCT, Cathy Beynon has pioneered the development of lunchtime clubs (JAM Clubs or Life Clubs) in several primary schools. Cathy had supported a club at Minster School with other volunteers for some years, and two new clubs started in Autumn 2011 at St Nicholas School, with an additional club starting there, and one in Swinemoor (Key Stage 1), in January 2012. Another new club at St Mary’s School after Easter 2012. BSCT also support a fortnightly Prayer SPACE at Keldmarsh School which is run by the RE teacher. These exciting developments mean that about 200 primary-aged children are hearing something about Jesus during their school lunch break each week. Cathy and Jill Dolman provide a set of resources for all the clubs each week and help to run some of them. Please pray that future funding for these clubs can be secured and that more volunteers will be willing to help to run them.. As in previous years, the schools workers have also tried to visit Year 6 classes in each school during the Summer term to help prepare pupils for transition to secondary school, distributing copies of Scripture Union’s excellent little book “It’s Your Move” to each pupil.
John Sykes

There hasn’t been a great demand for a crèche over the past few months as most our group moved up to Cbeebies last September. We do welcome younger visitors and have seen new little members popping up in church and so have a team including Dan, Joan, RuthG and AndyG who are prepared to set out toys and look after these children.
Ruth Newton

The children who are regularly part of the 3-6's group are known as the ‘cbeebies’. During the last year however there has been a slight change in organization of this group due to the fact that there are not enough babies and toddlers to run a creche. This has meant that children aged 2 years and under have been coming in with the ‘cbeebies’ group. We are hoping that this will be a relatively short term solution because although an extra parent or helper is required to stay with any younger children, it can still impact on the quality of teaching and activities for the 3-6 year olds which is already a wide age range to cater for. The team of adults who lead the teaching are Alison Tomlinson, Chris Danter, Joanne Ledraw-Hesp, Paul Hesp and Andy Guilder. We still use the Scripture Union programme to plan bible based sessions for the children ensuring that their learning is fun. We use activities that help them respond to God by learning through play whilst taking their individual needs and personalities into account. We continue to give the children Bible based story books for their birthday and we always support them through prayer. We would still value more helpers to work alongside the teachers. Helpers would not be expected to organize, plan or deliver any of the activities but would just assist in helping to set up, clear away and support the children as needed. Having at least two adults present is important not only in terms of managing the children’s needs but also from a safeguarding and child protection perspective. This is particularly relevant if we have any children under 3 years of age. If you would like to help out occasionally please contact me.
Alison Tomlinson

Helen M, Emma, Julia , Jackie and AndyG form our team for CBBC teaching team which runs sessions for those between the age of six and eleven. In the past year we have looked at Jesus’ family tree, the book of Acts and the persecuted church. We have also had sessions from Adam looking at Compassion and writing letters to our compassion child, and had a fundraising bun sale. Since March 2011 we have been encouraging children to bring their Bibles to church, we use our Bibles lots in the session and there are stickers for those who have remembered them. Some recently received chocolate rewards for bringing their rewards every week. Thank you to all those who help out with CBBC. It is a wonderful team of people who take time away from the main service to invest into our children and provide them with relevant and exciting teaching.
Andy Guilder

Janet J, Steve M, Wendy, Mina and AndyG form our team for BBC HD. As with the younger CBBC group, BBC HD learnt about Jesus’ family tree, the book of Acts and the persecuted church. Thank you to all those who help in BBC HD. We have superbly talented teachers who bring God’s Word to life for our young people.
Andy Guilder

Our Saturday night outreach groups at theLOFT (theLoop for school years 5-8 and Switch for school years 9+) started in Easter 2010 after a course called Storylines finished. Over the past few years we've covered a number of subjects that we’ve looked at through Christian eyes including the very successful WEiRD series! Sessions are attended by young people from schools across Beverley (including a large contingent from Swinemoor and Longcroft) and are a mixture of games, discussion, video, chat and hot chocolate mountains. Over the past six months we’ve seen theLoop consistently growing, and have a great core group who are excited to bring their friends along to share the fun. Sadly with Switch we found members had other commitments on a Saturday night and so we finished in March with a final session thinking about Jesus. If you've been up to theLOFT you may have noticed our 'Question Tree' where we encourage young people to post questions on faith issues. We’re also really excited to already have over 15 young people signed up for our FileyFest weekend later this year.

Thanks to Adam S, Andy L, Ian P, Jan J and Wendy L who help out regularly. You're a wonderful team to work with and the young people are getting so much out of the time you spend with them, thank you.
Andy Guilder

The gravy Christmas Meal*

with extra gravy

Our Christmas meal was a GREAT success with around 40 young people coming along for a three course meal at St. Nicholas Church Centre. The young people, members of our Saturday night groups (The Loop/Switch) and participants from Beverleyhem, were dressed up to the nines and with a mixture of games and food we had a wonderful evening. It was a lovely celebration of the achievements of gravy (and it's young people) during the past twelve months. Thanks to all those who helped plan and organise and deliver the Christmas meal.
Andy Guilder

With the success of previous years, Filey Fest 2011 was open to both our Saturday Night groups. As a consequence we had to have two weekends away! Both were successful with opportunities to eat together (and cook together in our Ready, Steady, Cook Challenge) explore the town in a massive run-around quiz, stop the tide by building walls on the beach, and learn together in times set aside to see in the Bible, the plans that God has for us. FileyFest weekends are a brilliant way to introduce young people to God through a community of faith, we look forward to running another this year!
Andy Guilder

Our joint church Holiday Bible club with St.Nicholas Church was attended by 40 children, who explored Jesus' journey over Holy Week, and were encouraged to look at their own life & faith journeys too. It was a wonderful week and a number of children, parents and friends came along to watch the passion and for our reception at St.Mary's Church Hall afterward as well. You can view videos as well as photos from the week on the church website.
Andy Guilder

Recently I have started some mentoring, meeting with Gabriel to look at the Lyfe material by the Bible Society. We meet weekly at Costa to chat and look over the Bible as well as working through some of the big questions. There was also time for a Pizza special to celebrate Easter!
Andy Guilder

We completed a “trilogy” of Beverley Nativities (having taken a year out in 2010 for the “Beverleyhem” cinema extravaganza), and once again the quality of acting, production and number of people who came to support us was fantastic. Not only was it a huge amount of fun to put together, but it also provided a hotbed of discussion about the birth of Jesus, and ultimately a chance to share the gospel. A huge thanks to Chris and Emily Peach for being around throughout rehearsals and helping wherever they could.
Andy Guilder

I spend two days a week in Swinemoor Primary School on behalf of the church providing assemblies, lesson support, staff support, and being an extra adult helper on trips and lunchtime activities. The school has been working hard in the last twelve months and been seeing some incredible results (you may have read in the paper that at the last OFSTED the school was “good with outstanding features”). In the past year we have supported the schools nativities (recording and producing a DVD and photos), and attended some of the wonderful shows and events that the school puts on. I was also able to be in the “hot-seat” to answer questions from Years 5&6 about life as a Christian in their R.E lessons. As ever we will be supporting the school during SATs week. One of the really exciting things has been seeing crossover between the school and the church. Swinemoor Pupils attend our Saturday night activities at theLOFT and accounted for over half of those attending the Easter Holiday Club. My thanks goes to Leon, Lynda, Ruth and the other members of staff in the school. They are a wonderful group of people to work with and serve.
Andy Guilder

Last July Nic Scholey (“Queen of Hearts” and female singer with Manchester chart band LZ7) came to talk about the whole area of image and the immense pressures that media advertising and celebrity culture place on young people today – both female and male. We had lunch together and then Nic shared giving plently of time for activity and discussion. Our thanks to Monica and the Fresh team for putting on this wonderful event for our teenagers.
Andy Guilder

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