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and marked by many bloody wars. These are just some fan groups from the former Yugoslavia. For some of those fans you have surely heard. biting nails. and give us some blunt talk about their definition of deviant behavior. Ivanisevic. everybody abhors and condemns football violence. won the Champions Cup (Bari). My name is NELLE. Whichever Balkan team plays a European match. I just know that in Yugoslavia excellent football was played. Italians. and cheer their team. It all started long time ago. Their history is intertwined. Delije. because I do understand. StojkovicPiksi.Maribor. during the former Yugoslavia. The end of Yugoslavia could have been discerned when He died . As I said. Crvena Zvezda in 1991. The law did not allow players to leave the country before the age od 27. Six new states in the Balkans. Meho Kodro. Ivica Osim. That’s why we had strong national leagues.this is also football. Prosinecki. water polo.Bosnian hools Football! What is football exactly and what does it make so interesting? Is it team on the field or maybe thousands of fanatics who surround them on grandstands. Bad BlueBoys . Muslims.Zagreb. Dzajic. Yugoslav national football team on World Cup in Italy. Toni Kukoc. I'm crazy. The stitches finally relented. Safet Susic. I'll write only about the hools scene in Bosnia. snow and sun can not prevent them to watch. Bosnia. Almost each one of "you" who does not like football violence wishes once in a lifetime to be part of that crowd. Admit it to yourselves. Some who read these lines would say that I'm not normal. they promptly turn TV on. television channels are filled with a variety of psychologists and sociologists. I was born in the Balkans. and I'll introduce you to Balkan and Bosnian hools scene. we were excellent in all winter sports. Our fan groups are at the top. and many others. "And then. Yugoslavia broke up.matting Spain.Vlade Divac. Boban. Catholics. Many still remember the Piksi’s free kick . handball. Like Bible teaches us: "who is without sin . to be part of those screaming fans. it disappeared overnight. Football League was in top-5 European leagues. I'll mention only few names from the Yugoslav sport: Savicevic. became the new state. Yugoslav clubs had more often and rightfully occupy a place in the participation in all euro cups. and for some have not. and many hate it and spit on it. Viola . Monica Seles. Club football was representative and every day was getting stronger. Jews. Yugoslavia was composed of six republics and two provinces. or go on the internet. And the war in Yugoslavia. and many others who I cannot remember at this moment.Zagreb.. Grobari Belgrade. IvicaOsim. enjoy. gymnastics. Gypsies.Sarajevo. immature. during or after the game.. various nations and religions. when you are alone. singing and waiting for the right moment for.. Dino Radja. Then 1991st came. table tennis. tennis. But when they come to their warm and safe home. provocation . destroying the other team. I’m listing some of them: Torcida . I ‘m not bothered with it. When something happens before. I'm the one who is howling.com       2    . Now we have 6 instead of a national league and none of them are not even in top 40 as for as club football. This also has its charm. by nelle     nelesn@yahoo. Drazen Petrovic. beating. To feel how is it like to hit and make the blood flow. may throw the stone first. also Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo the same year. Balkan hools scene is getting better and stronger every day. some would say that I am hooligan. Everything fell apart. then sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy watching how the fans beat against each other. Rain.President Josip Broz Tito. and has a high-risk sign. Mirza Delimbasic. PLEEEAAASSEE! Do not bother us anymoreeee! They canspeak whatever they want. Many regret for that former state. basketball. I am one of them. But instead. About 22 million people were living on that area. Orthodox. breaking the head. in 1990th finished in fifth place unhappily losing from Argentina on penalties. Hungarians and others have lived in this area. and the Maniacs and Horde Zla . this is not a sin. it is under special scrutiny by U€FA.

NAVIJACI CELIKA (ZENICA) LESINARI. they're right. NN SIROKI BRIJEG (SIROKI BRIJEG) SILA NEBESKA. 9.normal. Therefore. and it is completely . unfortunately. When the peace was signed.com       3    . That is why our hools scene is one of the most interesting scenes in the region. NAVIJACI FK VELEZ (MOSTAR) ULTRASI. Stadiums look desperate. on the forums you often read about Bosnian scene. HORDE ZLA. Here people do not just hate the religious. Orthodox Christians. now with a majority of Orthodox population) and the Federation of BiH (the predominantly Muslim and Catholic population). War ravaged everything and left deep wounds and divisions between peoples. Here animosity is different than in Europe or the rest of the region. even at the level of neighborhoods and streets. the war lasted from 92-96. Here. 3. 2. Jews and Gypsies. NAVIJACI FK SARAJEVO (SARAJEVO) THE MANIACS. 4. Because the state is composed of two entities. 7. ethnic affiliation. these nations/religions/peoples had lived since always . NAVIJACI FK BORAC (BANJA LUKA) FUKARE. 5. NAVIJACI NK ZRINJSKOG (MOSTAR) SKRIPARI. regional. and everything on the stadium can be used as weapon. the war continued on the stands. some would say. the expulsion of Catholics and Muslims. everyone here hates each everyone. One is called the Republic of Srpska (war and genocide created entity. Many of the fans from Serbia and the Croatian took part in paramilitary formations which were attacking Bosnia crashing everything. NAVIJACI FK ZELJEZNICAR (SARAJEVO) ROBIJACI. I'll introduce you to some football fan troops. People here are warm and always will be happy to help at any time.Catholics. NAVIJACI FK SLOBODA (TUZLA) RED ARMY. such as: 1. They hate on the level of entity. a very beautiful country. cantonal. 6. even the football temples. FK JEDISNTVO (BIHAĆ) by nelle     nelesn@yahoo. so the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two entity Football Associations. Muslims. And. In Bosnia. 8. War divided state into two entities.Bosnian hools Welcome! Bosnia. municipality level.

Bosnian hools   Illustration 1: Position of the main hools crews in Bosnia by nelle     nelesn@yahoo.com       4    .