What I learnt was types of learning. There are eight different types of learning according to Gagné. These are Signal learning,Stimulus-response, Chaining, Verbal association... I remember just for of them now:) Some fit into behaviourism. That is to say it includes repetition and reinforcement. I also learnt that negative transfer is similar to interference. In interference, our knowledge about our native language effects second language learning in a bad way. The situation is the same with negative transfer. It also effects badly second language learning. What I had difficulty in figuring out was the implications of learning types. They may be useful in the future but I could'n understant its benefits unfortunately. So I don't have much idea about how I'm going to make use of it. I just have a few things in my mind. I suppose I need to focus more on types of learning. I understand them well enough but I confuse their names. I believe I may use transfer, interference and overgeneralization in my teaching. Now I know that our previous knowledge may effect learning in a negative way. I may organize my classroom atmosphere in a way to minimize interference and negative transfer. I may use some techniques to maximize positive transfer. I may be more tolerable teacher because I know that interference and transfer occurs unconciously. For example, when teaching present perfect tense, they will have difficulty in understanding it because in turkish we do not have this kind of tense. Their native language knowledge will interfere their learning. I experienced the same thing and I'm still experiencing it. So I think getting angry at them because of their lack of understanding this tense is useless. I need to make it concrete for them to get it better. I may use types of learning in my teaching, as well. I may use some useful types of learning according to subject. Because some of these types are irrelevant and are useless. Different types are useful for different levels. Honestly,I'm object to using deductive teaching. I think students should learn some grammar patterns in a context on their own.

Teachers should guide them. But, for students of beginner level I may use deductive learning even though I don't support it. I think I may use it for advanced learners because of our education system. Students learn something just to pass exams. They are not aware of the value of the things they are learning. They think that they will not use english in their future life. This point of view has changed through last few years,though. Anyway I hope I will be an effective teacher and do my best:)