Objectives of the GIACOMINI Calculation Programme The GIACOKLIMATOOL calculation programme for Giacoklima floor systems is a very practical and immediate instrument for the technician, even if he is not familiar with information methods of calculation. GIACOKLIMATOOL has been developed on the basis of UNI-EN 1264 standards, by paying attention in particular to the superficial temperature constraint, which must not be higher than 29°C in residential zones; however it is possible to have zones with higher superficial temperatures, for example in fringe areas or in rooms such as bathrooms or similar. GIACOMINI has developed a tool, that allows different options as a daily experience. The necessary starting choices are as follows: Only heating or a heating and cooling system? Is the control of the flow temperature made with fixed point, or with an electronic system which allows the adjustment of such temperature to the external climatic conditions? Is the installation planned with more modern and sophisticated controls. It deals, as you can see, with questions relative to market choices. The Programme presents different options where the technician will recognize his specific need.

General considerations: If you effect a modification on any point of the programme. Just follow it in sequence The first window “Customer Info” contains the information to be introduced about the Project itself. click on X. the following table is recommended: pipe diameter 16X1. in ?T on the ring meters °C 80 5 80 5 100 5-8 120 5-8 . Calculation example with Giacoklima The data of the example are visualised on the following reproduced pages. Referring to the maximum length of the circuits according to the diameters. then click on the icon of “General Data”.“Thermostatic control” This is the typical case of the manifold R557. i. R478. the adjustment of the rooms is made by zone thermostats and by electrical actuators such has R475. you can select also the type of insulation panel and manifolds. At the top you can see the following options: Project Print Utility Info Project It allows creation of a new project or recovery of a project already saved. If you wish to cancel the operation. a screen appears. this has to be confirmed with a click on the symbol v.e. Fill in the page. R478M. R479M on manifolds.“Giacoklima control” (with electronic balancing system) This concerns only heating heating and cooling heating and cooling PLUS.Programme Opening After starting the Programme. “General Data” The programme proposes some of the most popular concretes and coverings.e. R479. For this reason the following notes report a project example with Giacoklima regulator and Floor Heating system. An easier explanation comes from a practical example. with a system that keeps fixed the value of the temperature of the flow water. and an example with thermostatic control. The selection “New” leads to two further options: 1. Diameters and pipe types can be selected from the menu which opens by driving the push-button. R476.5 – 16x21 mm 17x2 mm 18x2 20x2 mm Maximum length of the ring. i. with electronic additions included 2. After choosing press Enter and you will see a menu on the upper bar. Choose the desired solution and select the relative thickness.

the total area of the room inserted into the “Area” field. i. The choice of the covering type. The programme is( colloquial) ??? and you have only to insert the required data for each box. By varying this temperature. For mixed hot and cold operation. which is necessary for the integration of the heat requirement. Insert the required thermal load. first floor. An arrow is placed automatically on the less favourite room. the programme chooses automatically the optimum conditions of the installation. otherwise proceed directly to the next page called “Flow Temperature” the screen presents the different circuits with an identifying index ID. by creating the thermal perimetrical barrier. if different from that one chosen in “General Data” is made by a click on the box under the words Covering. the programme visualizes a zone marked in red. This operation allows the visualisation of the water temperature. etc. on the its right part. Choose the flow temperature that you wish to use. Place the covering thickness into the box “Thickness” The distance between room and manifold “ManDist” is to be indicated as simple distance between manifold and the beginning of the room. • • • • • • • • N° is the number assigned to the room Room description Level : indicate which kind of level (for example ground floor. if necessary. finding out which water flow temperature can satisfy the requirements of the less favourable circuit. you can appreciate in( real)?? time the changes on the circuit results of the separate rooms. are underlined. that is probably higher than the necessary emission but it concerns the ambient adjustments. by using a defined pitch of 150 mm.” column indicates if the project conditions have been satisfied and how much the eventual heat contribution is. An arrow push-button appears and it opens a window that allows the choice of the covering chosen. tick off with the mouse. At this point. The choice “Without Peripheral Area” does not foresee the peripheral area or the fixed pitch at 15. In this case. described below. whose circuits are able to satisfy the heat requests. Therefore for a floor with a ceramic covering. Proceed like this until all the rooms to be calculated are finished. The bright push-button placed on the “Integr. Click on the choice “optimum T” on the top of the screen at the right.e. In the calculation. • • • • . you have to effect the calculation for a corresponding thermic emission of 100 W/m2 in heating. the floor emission does not exceed 40% of the corresponding heating e mission. then confirm the selected definitions by pressing the key “Confirm”. The water flow temperature can be varied by moving the track-bar with the mouse. with a maximum obtainable power of 40 W/m2 in cooling. but only the residence area. calculated according to the national technical standard. The choice “With Peripheral Area” works only if in the previous screen the peripheral area of a room has been inserted. The programme will then calculate the flow and return distance.The next page concerns the introduction of the rooms. where the data of the circuits destined to the( peripherical)?? zone are underlined in the same way as the data concerning the living room. Use TAB to proceed from a box to the others.) The ambient temperature is the one desired for the subject room The required area refers to the entire room The peripheral area is the one where you can lay the pipe with reduced pitch. this area is subtracted from the total area of the room. if the sign (v) is visible. you must consider that for the cooling systems.

A very important function is the “Circuits Optimisation” at the bottom. Otherwise. This optimisation can be done either for each level. on the left of the screen. After the selection of the required products (for example ambient thermostat summer-winter. Table The circuits that appear on the box. by grouping the pipes according to the zones concerned. can be moved to the left through the push-button “<<MOVE” by combining every circuit with a manifold. By selecting through a tick the coil types (for example 240m and 100 m). giving it a name or a reference. The programme does not allow illogical installation. The option “Type” allows the choice of manifold. the use of the pipe is still more optimised. up on the right. the programme optimises their use and it indicates also how many meters of pipe are unused. and of the pipe diameter. ELECTRONIC CONTROL This window handles the ambient adjustment with zone thermostat and electrical actuators.This requirement is indicated by the red colour of the “Led” placed on the box. The next screen concerns the Giacomini catalogue for entering other products from the price list into the list of materials. as they have been inserted into the previous screens. you must click on “Confirm”. This is a very practical choice. At this point select “NEW” manifold. . electrical head with micro-switch. if necessary. such as the connection of circuits of different levels to the same manifold. motor for mixing valve R296 and Giacolklima regulator). In this case. the electronic adjustment by means of the Giacoklima regulator and boiler manifold with relative mixing valve and regulation motor. because it allows evaluation of a modification to the circuits maximum lengths. The boxes at the bottom of the screen allow to evaluate the quantities and the percentages of unused pipes (surplus). Therefore the push-button “Confirm” on the middle of the page upper part has to be pressed only when you are sure that you have no other modifications to the input data and you work out of the “Optimum Temperature” conditions. This information is very useful. The window “Manifold” opens automatically and here you select accordingly Before closing. This push-button allows the opening of a window: Up. on the right appears the availability of the pipe coils for the diameter and the pipe type selected. or for the entire installation. defining the most logical and convenient steps. Page “Manifolds” The programme presents on the right screen the room list. Also the circuit lengths and the resulting loss of( charge)?? are reported on the tables. the request through the push-button at the bottom on the left “Quantity Calculation” provides the relative data. manifold with 3 -way mixing valve R296. the programme takes the conditions corresponding to “Optimum Temperature” as Default.

for this reason the choice of the R557 manifold cannot be changed. Once you locate the product. In this table. you can add it to the second table “ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS” by means of the key “INSERT”. according to the indication provided during the calculation. this solution concerns installation without control of climatic compensation. These additional products will then appear with all necessary project products. with the data relating to the circuit (room. While developing the calculation it is not possible to open or modify that windows which are not compatible with the fixed point system. As default the programme chooses the condition “Without prices” if you don’t click on the option “With prices”. It deals with a system that does not allow the cooling and the thermal load can be limited to the real values necessary for the heating. Labels: this option allows to apply drawings on the labels. then search by means of the appropriate push-button. Optimization: it resumes the circuits optimization by giving a work sheet. it is possible to modify the quantity of the product just added into the appropriate box. on the print of the estimate. without additional load to cover the refrigerating requirement. At this point. pipe meters.It is possible to effect the search of the product to be added either by description or by part number. on the first table you will see the products which correspond to the criteria of your search. where the installer can clearly see the pipe quantity for each circuit. For the addition of other components. pitch) and it can be used for the indications if you don’t want to draw the circuits. Thermostatic control system The development is identical to the one just described. . the project is finished. Fill in the part number or the description into the appropriate push-button. subdivided for the coil length. first select them from the price list on the principal tools bar of the programme. that we will examine later. At this point. Let’s see the prints that can be supplied: • • • • • Technical report with all data provided from the calculation Estimate with list of materials for the project realization and the price in €. Terms of contract.