Blue Tooth is launched by L.M.Ericsson to integrate its phones with all Internet enabled devices. Bluetooth technology was originally designed in 1994 by two L.M. Ericsson Telephone employees, the Swedish born Sven Mattisson and his Dutch colleague, Jaap Haartsen. 1998
-The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is formed with five companies. -The Bluetooth SIG welcomes its 400th member by the end of the year. -The name Bluetooth is officially adopted.

-The Bluetooth 1.0 Specification is released. -The Bluetooth SIG hosts the first UnPlugFest for member engineers. -Bluetooth technology is awarded "Best of Show Technology Award" at COMDEX.

-First mobile phone. -First PC Card. -Prototype mouse and laptop demonstrated at CeBIT 2000. -Prototype USB dongle shown at COMDEX. -First chip to integrate radio frequency, baseband, microprocessor functions and Bluetooth wireless software. -First headset.

-First printer. -First laptop. -First hands-free car kit. -First hands-free car kit with speech recongition. -The Bluetooth SIG, Inc. is formed as a privately held trade association.

-First keyboard and mouse combo.

-Product-shipment rate surpasses 3 million per week. -First stereo headphones. -First alarm-clock radio.1 specification to conform with Bluetooth wireless technology.15. Sweden and Hong Kong.000th member. -The Bluetooth SIG annouces it will integrate Bluetooth technology with the WiMedia Alliance version of UWB. -IEEE approves the 802. -Bluetooth enabled devices ship at a rate of 10 million per week. -Bluetooth technology reaches an installed base of 250 million devices. -Bluetooth wireless qualified products now number 500. 2004 -The Bluetooth SIG adopts Core Specification Version 2. -First picture frame. WA.-First GPS receiver. regional offices open in Malmo. -First sunglasses. -Shipment of Bluetooth enabled products hits rate of 1 million per week. .0 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). 2003 -First MP3 player. 2006 -First watch. -The Bluetooth SIG Headquarters opens in Bellevue. -First FDA-approved medical system.2 adopted by the Bluetooth SIG. -Bluetooth wireless reaches an installed base of 1 billion devices. -Bluetooth Core Specification Version 1. 2005 -Product shipments soar to 5 million chipsets per week. -First digital camera. -The Bluetooth SIG welcomes its 4.

-The Bluetooth SIG welcomes its 9. -Core Specification v2.1 + EDR announced. -SIGnature. makes its debut at the Bluetooth SIG's All Hands Meeting in Vienna. wins Telematics Leadership Award.2007 -First television. . -Bluetooth SIG Executive Director. Michael Foley.000th member. The Bluetooth quarterly. -Wibree Forum merges with Bluetooth SIG. Austria.