Conference: China luxury & pack luxury doesn t really exist in china – more a culture of bling bling 1.

Luxury: Latest trend: - People buy without know what it meant - Hermes knows a grow very fast in China - Cosmetic: easy to put luxury in it with a small investment - Jewel: in china’s culture – very traditional Most of the expenses are done for gift Personal purchase = make a status Important of product window display; it s the first place to see products – shop is the brand access for the customer Chinese are curious, they want to know how purchase / wear luxury products 2. Portrait of consumers Magnate: +35 years old, no education but great sense of business Confucianism left Want rare/transmitting value/famous/super quality White collar: 25-40 they want quality/statutory/classic & elegant brand : but want Chinese brand because they are very proud of china. Consume a lot/middle class Two type - Golden boy/girls - Bobo white collar (they want good life more sophisticate, they know what they choose) 3. Four categories of luxury Dream of luxury > luxury show > art of living luxury > absolute luxury The Dao luxury in Chinese is a process to rediscover the real process.

Great ecologic awarness . Art of living. Reconnection pureness Identity of brands: global strategy: keep one pack for the world – strong identity with identifiable code. Panorama Expression of an archetype: reinvent the pas.Neo pack (won jae lee) Packaging is the way to recognize the brand Packaging = subtile. Tea is coming back. discrete . rephrase it / need modernity in form and china sense of detail 3.1. Heritage A rich past in container making In China the packaging need to be beautiful and functional Essential: written characters / lac / golden / red Main colors: white / red / black / yellow Magic figures: paired figures are lucky and joyful Gesture of gift: Gift for festival Gift for politness Packaging in & out Cocooned interior: the product need to be in the middle of the pack Two main expression: the pack mistery / the pack “that talk” 2. the new luxury Young are looking for china brand Shang Xia: the transmission of know how of china Luxury and environement . tea ceremony 4.

Conference: Multi Faceted Chinese market Consumer profile Mao Zetong 40 – 60 years old Active women: powerful: looking for good product / tv is the main media Moonlight Trendsetter Look for the images Internet is the key media Group purchasing A lot of blogs & beauty website Impulsive Limited edition. collector Self gratification Very oriented toward icone & model Younger generation Is a daring generation Wanna be famous They want to be on TV Material girls (they looking for money) They say directly what they want They want to be center of attention But they are on pressure because they need to be successful .