A turnkey project could involve the following elements depending on its complexity:
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Project administration licensing-in of process design and engineering services subcontracting management control procurement and expediting of equipment; materials control inspection of equipment prior to delivery shipment, transportation control of schedule and quality pre-commissioning and completion performance-guarantee testing inventorying spare-parts training of owner's/plantsub-systemoperating and maintenance personnel Advanced Loop Schemes (primary used in the Electric Utility Industry)

The turnkey-contractor furnishes a wide variety of warranties and guarantees and accepts several liabilities. These include :
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(a) warranties for the timeliness of deliveries of equipment, of erection and of completion times of civil and mechanical works; (b) warranties for workmanship in construction and erection of the works,according to specifications, and warranties guarantees that proper standards will be used (c) liability for property or equipment under the control of the engineering company who contracts out the agreement to the turnkey-company (d) proper safety standards being implemented (e)civil and mechanical engineering warranties; in the latter case the turnkeycontractor undertakes to assure that mechanical performance will be maintained for a definite period (f) training warranties of operating personnel in charge of specific operations, and (g) the very important process warranties and guarantees.