Date: 16 /12 /2010 Age of students :10 Class:4th grade Level of proficiency :Beginner Estimate time of lesson :45 minutes Subject: Family Tree Material & Resources : -Video -Song -Worksheet -Puppet Lexical items : (New- known) mother , father ,brother, sister , aunt, uncle , grandfather, grandmother/ (known )my, your, his/her /its /their, our . Structure:Possessive Pronouns. Methods: Direct Method Techniques: video , drawing ,dramatization (puppet), singing songs. Skills : Listening , Speaking ,Writing. Overall Objectives ;By the end of the lesson , the learners will be able to , use the structure ‘Possesive Pronouns’ learn new vocabulary talk about their family members

Behavioral Objectives ; By the end of the lesson , the learners will b able to ; -use their kinesthetic skills, -develop self-confidence because they will do puppet activity in front of the class. -learn how to work cooperatively . -learn how to use what they learn to communicate . Attitudes:They will develop positive attitude towards English.The students will be motivated to engage in kinesthetic activities. Multiple İntelligence: Visual, kinesthetic, musical , interpersonal, intrapersonal , linguistics, mathematicallogical .

But snake has eaten them. Procedure : -She presents the structure with the visual support. -We learn it later. -There are family members hidden. lingusitic .then pupils find them.The teacher greets the students. . -S/he intoduces the present lesson and mentions the video. -She asks whether students reaalize that there is no uncle and aunt.There is uncle and aunt. OK? -Is there any question? -Let’s do an activity.PART II Warm up (5 minutes) Context: May’s Family Teacher’s aim: to make the intorduction of family members Student’s aims: to get to know May’s family Procedure: . -She uses the context: May ‘s family members.She gives worksheet on which there is an activity. mathematical-logical. -The teacher asks the students to watch the video -S/he replays the video if necessary. -She tells them they deal with colour pencils -She checks whether they learned the family members . -Be careful about family members. . Instructions: -Let’s look at the pictures. -Snake eats them. Aim: Teacher’s aims: - is to revise possessive pronouns is to teach family members. Le’s find them OK? Student’s aim is to get to know May’s family and help her find her family members. Instructions: . -Look!.Let’s watch the video.She gives instructions.Look at May. Presentation (20 minutes) Context:May has introduced her famly members . Multiple Intelligence: Visual .

interpersonal . I want you to come here and be May. -S/he asks wheteher they like puppets.She hands them cardboard. -You put your family’s pictures. Instruction: -Do you remember May’s family? -No aunt and no uncle -Now.She introduces the puppet ‘May’ and explains what they are supposed to do.Practice( 20 minutes) Now that May’s family members are found.The tacher asks whether they have questions so far. Homework:Students are given the homework and they will be explained how to do their homework in detail.Students draw May’s imaginary aunt and uncle and they make bookmarks. Procedure: . -Can you do that? -I need one of you. Student’s aim is to able to act as May and introduce her family. .musical. Teacher’s aim is to involve the students in their learning family member and use their craft to contribute to their learning. -Come on . -Let me give cardboards. Activity II Context :May’s family members are missing aunt and uncle . -She asks them to draw imaginary uncle and aunt for them.-Don’t forget these pictures (pointing at May ‘s family members) Multiple Intelligence:Lingustic. . Student’s aim is to create imaginary relatives (taht are missing aunt and uncle )for their own bookmark. draw an uncle and an aunt.visual . -Now .Let’s see if you can remember all. -And you have couloured pens . Instructions for homework : -Look at the worksheet -You colour it just like this tree . -She also gives them colourful pencils from resource box.intrapersonal.Lyrics are on the board.She is May. let’s draw her aunt and uncle. Back-up activity:The students listen to a song and try to sing together. Instructions: -Please look at our cute puppet.kinesthetic. Teacher aim:Teacher is to have students use their oral skills to talk about family members and comprehend the subject better. it’s time for you to introduce her family to your classmates. Procedure : -Teacher draws the attention to the absence of uncle and aunt .