ArtZpace 2012 - Application Form

To be completed electronically or in hard-copy

Name Postal address Line 1:             Line 2:             Suburb:            Contact numbers Email address Artistic medium/media Mobile:                   State:       Home:       Postcode:

ArtZpace aims to promote young and emerging artists. Your age, your professional artistic experience, and how recently you have completed an arts qualification are of relevance. What is your age at time of application?       If you have completed a full-time degree or diploma, please describe the course and the year you graduated, or expect to graduate: Course:       Year:      

Have you had over five years in total of professional exhibition experience? Yes No

ArtZpace aims to provide artists with professional development. Please outline your reasons for wanting to participate in ArtZpace 2012. (1000 characters maximum)


ArtZpace is a group exhibition where participants manage, market, mount and man the show. Please outline what skills and experience you would bring to the group. (1000 characters maximum)


Artistic statement - what is the rationale for the artworks that are to be displayed in this particular exhibition? (Maximum 1500 characters)

Presentation logistics. Please briefly describe your vision for what works you will display. Include an explanation of materials, dimensions and presentation requirements. (1000 characters maximum)


The artistic merit of your work and practice, and the variety it represents in the pool of applications, will be relevant to the judges’ assessment. Please note that additional support material will not be submitted to the assessment panel. Artist CV Applicants are encouraged to submit their curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae must not exceed one (1) page in length. The CV should be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word document or PDF. 4 images of your work Applicants are encouraged to submit up to four electronic images of their works. Low resolution images are required (Maximum 150dpi, maximum 1200 pixels wide). Large resolution images will not be accepted through the Pittwater Council email system. Applications made late by file size will not be accepted. Please provide details below of the images that you have submitted with this application form: Name of work Yea r                                                                            Materials Dimensions

√ Completed application form

√ Curriculum vitae – 1 page maximum √ Four electronic images of artwork(s)
√ Keep a copy of your application for your records

√ Application submitted to Pittwater Council by 5pm on Friday 20 May 2011 via
one of the following: Email: Post: PO Box 882

Mona Vale NSW 1660 In person: Officer” Mona Vale Customer Service Centre Village Park, 1 Park Street, Mona Vale or Avalon Customer Service Centre 59a Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon Marked “Attention: Susan Machar, Community Development

Susan Machar, Community Development Officer, Pittwater Council e: p: (02) 9970 1169