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the art of Judy Minor

15 South St. E., Aylmer West, Ont. N5H 1P5

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newsletter 2022
‘Greetings to all, and the very best to you for 2022. A sampling of paintings will follow, plus some odds and ends on the
reverse which might be of interest. Enjoy!’ Judy

The images directly below are shown actual size.

Waiting for Spring oil, 12” by 21” (Prints also available)

Nana’s Attic (3” by 3”, oil)

First in International in 2016, at the MPSGS in Wash-
ington DC, the oldest Miniature Society in North America
and the second oldest in the world.

Nappers oil, 16” x 20” (Prints also available)

The Creamery (2.5” by 3.5”, oil) (sold)

Best in Show at the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers So-
ciety Annual Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, Washington DC.

Well Served
This gear is veteran of countless fires; the painting is trib-
ute to any who wear it. (The full story about this work is on
her website) (Prints also available)

Ordering by mail Judy has acquired much experience ship-

ping works around the globe now—for details, please consult I Like Red (2.5” by 3.5”, oil)
the ‘ordering information’ page on her website. She offers Best in Still Life at the Cider Painters of America International
Paypal for online credit card transactions. Miniature Show, Pennsylvania.
After 20-odd years of exhibiting art,
Judy says that the venue which
suited her ‘the very best’, in many
ways, was near Peterborough at the
Lang mill.
“This venue is fantastic—a huge
three-story heritage mill. There are
thick walls covered with rough plas-
ter, enormous hand-hewn tree trunks
for beams, and wide floorboards
polished by decades of hard use;
through the deep set windows you
are able to hear the water rushing
and see past the mill pond for miles.
The ex-
hibit was
set up in
such a way
‘Pipes’ & ‘Pipes, Drum, & Ghillies’ (newer companion piece) as to com-
Limited Edition lithographs from the original oil painting plement all
11.75”x17.75” $85.00 (unframed) of this
The‘Pipes’ image was selected for the cover of the ‘Piper & perfectly.”
Drummer’ magazine. Lithos of the work have been sent to al-
most every province and state in Canada and the U.S. and to
Europe and Great Britain as well. (The artist’s proofs are sold
out, but there are still some signed and Campbellford Memorial Hospital, a rurally-based
numbered images available.) hospital, now has their much-needed CT scanner,
‘Pipes, Drum, & Ghillies’ came about as due in part to efforts by 52 artists from across Can-
the result of so many requests for a com- ada. ‘The Other Canvas’ saw canvases painted/
panion piece for ‘Pipes’; this image was donated not only by visual artists (Bateman, Du-
featured on the cover of ‘The Voice’, the mas, Pachter) but notable artists in other fields
magazine for the Eastern United States (Veronica Tennant, Brent Butt). (At side is Judy’s
Pipe Band Association. donation ‘Canoe’ which seemed to set off a bit of a
People are often surprised that she was bidding competition.) She says ‘hats off’ to our
a piper (so I’ve ‘liberated’ this photo of rural hospitals, where the job grows ever more
her in partial Highland gear). In the past, difficult and creative solutions must be found.
3/4 of the family competed across Ontario,
both band and The commissioned image which
solo. (She still prefers to ‘paint to Judy painted for the National
ceol mor (classical pipe music) Hockey League’s ‘Visions of
Hockey’ seems to have been
when she really needs to concen- seen far and wider, now. A late
trate.) night fax from Newfoundland
The Capital City Pipe Band bore the news that 109 of the
(Columbus, Ohio) asked if they images had been signed by
might use ‘Pipes, Drum & Ghillies’ hockey legend Maurice Richard
as the cover work for their CD (A before his death; these are be-
Capital Idea), and Judy gave bless- ing auctioned off for more good
ings to that. works.

Actual size, ‘...miniature paintings are designed to be viewed through a mag-

Judy now holds some of original watercol- nifying glass (with often incredible) detail ...some say that they
the top awards in the our miniature love the format, as they can have a world-class collection of
world for her minia- ‘Lord of the
original art that also hangs in a very small space. Portraits of
tures. precious things (people or homes) are often arranged, as in the
18th century; some miniatures from that era owe their survival
Painting in miniature is an ancient, unique fine art form in today to the fact that they are so small and easy to transport.’
many countries—often felt to have begun with the ancient Celtic Judy keeps her collectors up to date with journal and website
illuminated manuscripts—and there are many strict miniature entries about her recent works in miniature, as the works them-
societies worldwide. Judy has received several awards interna- selves are often sent out to gallery shows as soon as they are com-
tionally that are considered lifetime achievements for miniatur- pleted, and are often quickly sold there.
The awards are from several of the largest and most venerable
of Societies: an Award of Excellence from the World Federation
of Miniaturists (MD); Best in Portrait, Best in Still Life and the
President’s Award from the Cider Painters of America (PA);
Best in Show, First in Portrait, First in Still Life at the Minia-
ture Art Society of Florida (the largest such show in the world,
with over 1,000 candidates attempting juried entry annually);
Best New Artist, First in Portrait, First in International, and
Best in Show from the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers
Society (DC).
On her online journal there is a bit more information: Lang Syne (oil, 3”x 3”) (sold) The Apothecary (oil, 3” x 3”)(sold)

...notes from the studio... available via the website... in process…some time ago, she painted a small oil study …for those who are spread around the globe, she’ll try to keep up
from life with her camera mounted behind her, making a short time postings (on the journal and/or Facebook) as paintings are com-
lapse movie; over 10,000 viewers have watched this on You- pleted...she is discontinuing her email updates due to new Canadian
tube...she has now done two more ‘County Elgin’ paintings this legislation for documentation. Clients wishing updates will be able
way. This is online ... to receive them by clicking ‘Subscribe’ on her online journal, which
...a visual artist ‘Page’ on Facebook, has been started she feels is a cleaner, far less onerous, solution...
...this year, she has her heart set on continuing a series of small oils ...gone green...newsletters are available online now at ScribeD
with a local flavour, and a heartfelt wish to get outside to paint on (found via journal), but can be printed from there if you pre-
location as well. The September light is her favourite... fer...Happy Trails...MM
...Judy’s children’s preoperative preparation book is sold out at the
publisher, but she has a limited number remaining in the studio,

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