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April 2011

A Spring in our Step!

Although we’re only in school for half the month of
April due to our spring holidays coming so late this
year, Carlow Educate Together has been busier than
ever thanks to our fantastic teachers and children. I’ll
let you read all about the great things that have been
going on from raring chickens to classes on Twitter to
spring cleaning around the estate.

I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thanks to

everyone for their amazing support for the Fashion
Show. I think you’ll all agree that the organising
committee did an amazing job. We raised €7,000,
which we have used to pay for laptops so every
classroom has at least 4 computers, a digital projector for the senior classes and some vital sensory
equipment for children who use our Multi-sensory room. Once again a big thanks to everyone who
supported our first big fundraiser.

I hope you all had a great week off on mid-term break. Enjoy this month’s newsletter!


Quick News
Standardised Assessments programme. Children who attend The parents council have
Each year, children in every school Kickstart are having an outing on organised art classes for children
in Ireland have standardised Friday to celebrate their success. every Saturday starting from 8th
assessments in literacy and We also will be beginning a May. If interested, call in to sign
numeracy. These assessments transition to secondary school up!
take place in April in our school. programme for our 6th class next
These assessments help schools month. Easter Cake Sale
to be able to provide support and An Easter Cake sale will take
resources to children in the coming Easter Treats place on Friday
academic year. Results of This Friday, Samantha’s class will #########################
assessments can be discussed be going to meet the Easter Bunny
with parents on appointment. in the Rehab Centre. Claire’s Goodbye!
class will be going on Thursday. We’re sorry to be saying goodbye
Schools Completion Programme Claire’s class will also be visiting to Theresa, Molly and Mary who
The SCP have been very active in some spring lambs on Friday in were on work placements in the
our school this month. 2nd to 6th our neighbouring school, Saplings. school recently. We thank them
class have just completed a 4- for all their hard work and help.
week FAI soccer training Art Classes

Digital Art Week

Simon, along with two other teachers in Sligo and Dublin began a project
during the month called Digital Art Week. The project asked primary
school children all over the country to upload a piece of art (created
digitally) to a shared gallery. At this time of writing there are over 300
pieces of art on the site. They also arranged a Twitter Art Treasure Hunt
and children learned how to draw like Picasso and Henri Roussau! You
can see the gallery at and follow
#tap2011 on Twitter. (Picture on left by Mikey, Senior Infants)
Calendar 2011/12 learned how important it is
The school calendar for atch?v=7fb3Pdt8kxg to wear our helmets and
next year will be available check our bikes before we
later in the year. The cycle. We are really
Department of Education excited about our next few
is in talks with trade unions lessons!
regarding Snow Days, etc. We are very lucky that 5
so we may be a little later out of our 6 eggs hatched.
than last year. As you can see from the
photos, the chicks are
Open Night! doing very well. These This week in 2nd and 3rd
An Open Night will be held chicks were too chicken to class we have a lot of
in the school on May 25th. walk down the catwalk at exciting things going on.
All help appreciated. the fashion show but they First and foremost we
Please come along to chat thought that everyone did have joined Twitter and This month the children in
to our new parents and a great job – well done all! are tweeting everyday. 4th Class have been
introduce them to our
school. We have made learning about symmetry.
connections with other We spent time looking at
classes across Ireland, symmetry in our everyday
one of whom is also a split lives and we took some
2nd and 3rd class. We time to draw some pictures
are looking forward to showing symmetry.
sharing and comparing our
learning experiences. You
Hola, Somos Clodagh can follow us
(alumno – student) y Some of the children from
Aisling (profesora – 2nd, 3rd and 4th class
Remember you have to be
teacher). The pupils of have been learning about
over 13 to have your own
4th, 5th and 6th can have vowels with Michael. We
Twitter account soyou will
fun revising the Spanish were particularly interested
have to follow us on an 2nd and 3rd class have
alphabet. Estamos in what sound 2 vowels
adult’s Twitter account. been getting to grips with
aprendiendo el alfabeto en make when they
come together in a word. the 12 hour clock, which is
nuestra escuela. We are also called the analog
learning the Spanish So what does happen
when 2 vowels go clock. We have made a
alphabet in school. clock face for our
Link to Spanish Alphabet – walking? The first one
does the talking! We classroom, Room 2. We
Turn on the volume. The also have been practicing
tune is catchy! Hasta made this poster to remind
others about the rule. We with our small whiteboards
pronto and online. Here is a link even found this video.
Here is the link below to Eimear’s 4th, 5th and 6th to a fun interactive clock
v=b1DyAhNNsqQ&feature watch the video. Be have started cycling safety
careful - it’s a really catchy lessons. We have already ps/clock.htm.

So many things happened this months, so here’s Dates for your Diary:
even more news! April/May 2011
We’re auctioning a signed Munster jersey on eBay. If 15th April: Spring Holidays begin. Normal School
you know anyone who would like this for their
business as well as raising vital funds for our school, day closures (1:30pm infants, 2:30pm for
please get them to bid on the jersey as soon as everyone else)
possible as the bidding ends next week.

Three children from Carlow Educate Together were 2nd May: Bank Holiday (School Closed)
winners in the Setanta Hurling Club’s recent
competition. Pictured are representatives from 3rd May: School reopens for full school day
Setanta along with Eimear and two of the winners
(one wasn’t in that day.) The overall winner of the
competition was Andy in 6th class so a big congratulations to him. 11th May: Swimming Lessons begin (notes to go
out shortly)
We held our National Spring Clean Event for
2011, in association with An Taisce. In groups, we
travelled around the school and industrial estate
collecting rubbish. In total, we collected 15 bags of Keep in Touch!
rubbish and 8 bags of recycling materials! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and
Twitter. We already have 159 fans! If
Room 6 had great fun during art week. Rather than painting with
paintbrushes, we painted this rainbow scene with our hands and
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