YEAR 13 Media Communication And Production

OUTLINE OF PRODUCTION – Dangers of grime music ____


This topic focuses on the dangers of grime and its links to violence, the content of my documentary would be to try and find out if there are links between grime music rise to fame and the number of young people that are getting more embroiled with violence. If I was to create this documentary I would have interviews with grime artist and young people who listen to grime music. To see both sides of the story, for instants I would ask a grime artist if they mean to promote violence in there lyrics for example lethal Bizzles “pow”

PURPOSE – WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT? The reason why I want to make this documentary is because I am a grime fan, and I also know that violence is promoted in some artists lyrics. Also I would like to show people that getting involved in violence will not lead to anything good. Other reason that I would potentially be making this documentary is because I have seen other documentaries made similar to this. For example I watched a documentary on channel 4 which talked about the effects the whole east side v west side rap battle had on American people who listened to rap music, and how some people responded to it. And I fear grime music might be going down the same route.

I will obviously be aiming this documentary at young people who listen to grime music, which are males and females. But I will also be aiming this documentary at grime artist to show them stats of how many young people have been involved in violence who listen to grime music. This documentary might not be aimed at parents but they might decide to watch it because, then they can know what type of lyrics their children might listening to.

Style and form
This is a very serious topic so I feel that it should be broadcasted in a serious manner, not light heartedly with aspects in the documentary such as shocking images and first hand experience interviews. In my documentary I would also use conventions to show types of grime music, and also show their lyrics to see if there is any violence probing aspects. I also have vox pops where I will be going up to the general public and ask them what they think about grime music and the relation it has with the increasing number of violence. This will all be done to try and make my documentary more direct when showing the dangers of grime music.

- USE OF GRAPHICS TECHNOLOGY – WHAT EQUIPMENT WILL YOU NEED? DV Camera Microphone Apple mac I movie Tri pod Headphones PC Firefox