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Grade 10 Module 4 Unit 11



N Word Definition Meaning

1 asap exp as soon as possible ‫علي قدر المكان‬
2 colleague n a person with whom one works ‫ رفيق‬/ ‫زميل‬
3 current n a body of water or air moving in definite direction ‫تيار‬
4 impromptu adj done without being planned, organized or rehearsed ‫شيء مرتجل‬
5 rearrange v to change the position, time or order of something ‫يعيد ترتيب‬
6 starvation n lack of food ‫مجاعة‬
7 unreliable adj untrustworthy, irresponsible ‫ل يعتمد علية‬
8 urgent adj requiring immediate action or attention ‫ مستعجل‬/ ‫ملح‬
9 well-sealed adj closed very securely ‫محكم الغلق‬

N Word Definition Meaning

1 fasten v to fix or join securely ‫ يثبت‬/ ‫يربط‬
2 homing adj relating to an animal's ability to fly home from ‫حمام زاجل‬
a great distance
3 illegally adv against the law ‫غير قانوني‬
4 instinct n a natural or intuitive way of behaving ‫ غريزة‬/ ‫موهبة‬

N Word Definition Meaning

1 activate v to make ( something ) active and able to ‫ينشط‬
2 band n the wavelength of radio or digital signal ‫تردد‬
3 Conference call n a linking of several telephones, so that people ‫اتصال بين عديد‬
in different places can speak ‫من التليفونات‬
4 deadline n the date by which something should be ‫الموعد الخير‬
completed or the latest time
5 flash v to shine a bright light on and off ‫يومض‬
6 frequency n the wavelength of a radio or digital signal ‫تردد‬
7 handy adj convenient to handle or use; useful ‫مفيد‬
8 harmony n agreement or concord ‫تناغم‬
9 hassle n irritating inconvenience ‫ مشاجرة‬/ ‫قتال‬
10 portable adj easily carried ‫ممكن حملة‬
11 slide v to move smoothly over a surface ‫ينزلق‬
12 unlock v to make a phone accessible to the user ‫يفتح‬
13 upgrade v to raise ( something ) to a higher standard ‫ يطور‬/ ‫يحسن‬
N Word Definition Meaning
1 alarm v to cause someone to feel frightened or disturbed ‫يزعج‬
2 answerphone n answer machine
3 briefly adv of short duration ‫لفترة قصيرة‬
4 confident adj feeling assured about something ‫ متأكد‬/ ‫واثق‬
5 Next of kin n a person's closest living relative ‫المنزل المجاور‬
6 ring n an informal term for a telephone call ‫مكالمة تليفونية‬
7 tone n a musical note or sound used as a particular ‫نغمة‬
signal on a telephone or answering machine
8 tutor n a private teacher ‫مدرس خصوصي‬

1. What different types for sending messages do you know?

a. E-mails b. Short Text Messages ( SMS)
c. Letters and telegrams d. Messages in bottles

2. Which type is your favourite? Why?

a. I like e-mails the best.
b. Because I can attach whatever files and decorate my message the way I like.

3. Why is sending messages in bottles an unreliable way of communication?

a. It is impossible to predict the direction the bottle will take.
b. The bottle can take years before it reaches any destination.

4. Mention story of cases in which messaging in bottles were used.

- The story of Matsuyama.
- He was a Japanese seaman who was shipwrecked with a crew of 44 in 1784.
- They died of starvation, but managed to scratch their tragedy on a piece of
wood and put it in a bottle before they died.

5. What is the SIM card?

a. The SIM is ( Subscriber Identity Module )
b. It's like a mini hard disk that automatically activates the phone into which it is
c. The SIM card holds the personal identity information and other data of the user.

6. People in the past used bottles to send messages for many reasons. Mention
a. Well-sealed bottles can survive hurricanes.
b. Glass lasts for ever.