Grade 10

Module 4 Flying stories Vocabulary

Unit 12

N 1 2 3 4

Word aviation Coincide with exemplary gliding

Definition n v adj n
the flying or operating of aircraft to happen at the same time as something else excellent, providing a good example to others the sport of flying in a light engineless aircraft

5 instructor 6 intensely 7 notably N Word 1 biplane 2 landmark 3 plague 4 5 6

n a person who teaches something adv strongly; in a high degree adv especially; in particular Definition n n v
an early types of aeroplane with two pairs of wings

Meaning ‫ملحة جوية‬ ‫يتزامن مع‬ ‫نموذجي‬ ‫رياضة الطيران‬ ‫الشراعي‬ ‫معلم / مدرب‬ ‫بقوة‬ ‫بشكل ملحوظ‬ Meaning ‫طائرات ذات‬ ‫جناحين‬ ‫علمة الحدود‬ ‫يزعج‬ ‫ضار‬ ‫مصدي‬ ‫ممتد عبر قارة‬ Meaning ‫مرافق‬ ‫حجرة قيادة‬ ‫مؤسسة‬ ‫بطريقة مهذبة‬ ‫تعبير‬ ‫يتمتم‬ ‫يشابه‬ ‫صارم‬ ‫مذهل‬

a feature of a landscape to cause continual trouble or distress to a group of people prejudicial adj having a bad effect on something rusty adj of a metal object ) covered in a reddish- brown ) substance, mostly formed when iron gets wet transcontinental adj crossing a continent, esp. a transport route

N Word 1 acclaimed 2 attendant 3 4 5 6 7 8 cabin confrontational corporation courteously expression mumble

Definition adj highly praised n a person employed to provide a service to the public, such as on a flight n the area for passengers in an aircraft adj likely to seek argument or disagreement n a big company or a group of companies adv said or done in a polite manner n the look on someone's face that shows a particular emotion v to say something quietly, making it too difficult for others to hear v to look or seem like adj serious and unrelenting adj astonished or shocked

9 resemble 10 stern 11 stunned

Grade 10 N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Word altitude aviate baby carriage buzzing control co-pilot custom-built endeavour eyewitness fog headline incident radar velocity voice-activated

Module 4 Definition
the height of a plane in relation to sea level to pilot or fly in an aeroplane a four-wheeled carriage for a baby low, continuous humming or murmuring the switch or devices by which a machine is operated n a second pilot in an aircraft, assisting the pilot adj of a product ) made for a customer's special ) order v to try or attempt n a person who has seen something happened n thick cloud which is difficult to see through n a headline at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine an event, esp. one that is unusual n n a system for detecting the speed and position of aircrafts n the speed of something in a given direction adj of a device ) can be controlled by voice )

Unit 12 Meaning ‫الرتفاع‬ ‫يقود طائرة‬ ‫عربة أطفال‬ ‫مثير / طنين‬ ‫تحكم‬ ‫مساعد طيار‬ ‫مبني خصيصا‬ ‫يحاول‬ ‫شاهد عيان‬ ‫ضباب‬ ‫عنوان‬ ‫حادث‬ ‫رادار‬ ‫سرعة‬

n v n adj n

1. What are the advantages of working as a pilot? a. Travelling to new places and meet new people. b. Having a well-paid job. c. Having a great social status. 2. What are the disadvantages of working as a pilot? a. Flying planes can be sometimes dangerous. b. Having to be away from home and families for a long time. c. Needing hard studying and hard training. 3. Who is Munirah Mohammed Buruki? a. She is one of the world's youngest female pilots. b. She is the first Kuwaiti female pilot. 4. Munirah's father played an important role in her life. Discuss. a. He gave her confidence and support. b. He took her wishes seriously. c. He arranged for her to go to the best gliding school in the region.

Grade 10

Module 4

Unit 12

5. How could Munirah make her dreams come true? a. She had to work intensely. b. She had to forget about her private life. c. She serviced aircrafts engines and spent time flying. 6. Dr. Massouma Al-Mubarak, like Munirah, is an exemplary representation of what Kuwaiti women can achieve. Discuss. a.She was Kuwaiti's first female minister. b. She was hardworking Kuwaiti women who showed great determination. 7. In what way has air travel changed the way people live? a. It has made people's lives easier and more comfortable. b. Distances has become more enjoyable. c. It helped flourish international tourism and trade. 8. Who is Amelia Earhart? What do you know about her? a. She is a female pioneer in aviation. b. Her tragic fate still remains as one of air travel's greatest mysteries. 9. Describe Amelia Earhart's first plane. Amelia's first plane was a bright, yellow biplane. She named it 'Canary'. 10. Amelia was given the nickname "Queen of the Air". What are her great achievements? a.In 1928, she joined a team of male pilots in successful flight across the Atlantic. b. She was the first women to fly across the Atlantic in a solo flight in 1932. 11. How and when did Amelia die? In 1937, she began an attempt to circle the globe, but after leaving New Guinea her plane vanished and nobody knows anything about it till now. True or False & Justify your answer: 1. Munirah only trained on a single-engined plane. She trained on other planes, too. (X)

2. It took Munirah five months more than the rest of her class to get her private Pilot's licence. (X) She got her private licence five months earlier than the rest of her class. 3. Munirah didn't live with her parents while she was training. She lived in Jordon where she could study. (√)

Grade 10

Module 4

Unit 12

Ahmed Meshari Al-Adwani
1. What do you know about Ahmed Meshari Al-Adwani? a. He was Kuwaiti poet, writer and teacher. b. He is the writer of the recent Kuwaiti national anthem. 2. What education did Ahmed Meshari Al-Adwani receive? He went to school in Kuwait, then travelled to Egypt where he studied at College of Arabic Language Studies at Al-Azhar University. 3. Throughout his life, Ahmed Meshari Al-Adwani had shown a great commitment to Arabic culture. Discuss. He helped with the establishment of great projects that helped transform Kuwait into an important cultural, social and artistic capital in the Middle East. Some of the great projects like - The Fine Arts Gallery - The Department of Arabian Culture - The Department of Musical culture 4. What's Ahmed Meshari Al-Adwani's main contribution? It's his skillful penmanship of the Kuwaiti national anthem. 5. Ahmed Meshari Al-Adwani left a cultural treasure behind him. Discuss. He left behind an extensive collection of unpublished and unedited stories, poems and scripts.