Grade 11

Module 4

Unit 10

Accidents Vocabulary
Lesson 1, 2 Definition

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Word attached adj joined to something automatically adv spontaneously , without conscious thought or cloth collide cushion detect diluted feasible inflate plug restraint safeguard strain strip vehicle warning n v v v adj adj v n n v n n n n

intention woven or felted fabric made from wool , cotton or a similar fiber to hit with force when moving a crash of an object into something to discover or identify the presence or existence of a liquid ) made a thinner or weaker by having ) had water or another solvent added to it possible to be easily or conveniently to fill ( a balloon , a tire or other expandable structure ) with air or gas so that it becomes enlarged a device for making an electrical connection a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits to protect against something a specific type of animal , microorganism or plant .a long , narrow piece of cloth , paper , plastic etc a thing used for transporting people or goods , esp. on land such as a car , truck or cart a statement or an event that indicates a possible danger or problem , or unpleasant situation

Meaning ‫متصل بـ‬ ‫بشكل ألي‬ ‫قماش‬ ‫يصطدم بـ‬ ‫يخفف / يلطف‬ ‫يحدد / يكشف‬ ‫مخفف بالماء‬ ‫عملي / محتمل‬ ‫يمل بالهواء‬ ‫كابس‬ ‫تقييد / ضبط‬ ‫يحمي / يحرس‬ ‫نوع / شكل‬ ‫شريط‬
‫وسيلة مواصلت‬


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Word bias collision considerably foolproof retrain skid

Lesson 3 Definition n n adv adj v v
imbalance , unequal distribution of force a crash of an object into something significantly , greatly incapable of going wrong or being misused to keep possession of of a vehicle ) to slide , typically sideways or ) obliquely , on slippery ground or as a result of stopping or turning too quickly

Meaning ‫غير ملئم‬ ‫اصطدام‬ ‫بشكل كبير‬ ‫مضمون‬ ‫يحتفظ بـــــ‬ ‫ينزلق / يتدحرج‬

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Word acquainted with cautious confidential daydream decelerate deviate disregard drag

Lesson 4, 5 Definition adj adj adj v v v v v n adj adj adj v n adv v phv adj adj adj adj
knowing about something and being familiar with because one has seen it , read it or used it attentive to potential problems or dangers intended to be kept secret to indulge in a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present of a vehicle , machine or process ) to reduce ) speed , to slow down to depart from an established course to pay no attention to , to ignore to pull ( someone or something ) along forcefully , roughly or with difficulty the state of being untrue forming a necessary base or core , of central importance unpractised , untrained done on purpose , deliberate to succeed in dealing with ( a problem or ( difficulty persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success firmly to tear or cut into shreds to crash into something with a lot of force having or showing large , numerous or prominent teeth not celebrated figurative ) full of hatred or anger ) watching or observing someone or something closely

Meaning ‫مطلع علي‬ ‫محترس / حذر‬ ‫سري‬ ‫يستغرق في‬ ‫أحلم اليقظة‬ ‫يهدئ السرعة‬ ‫ينحرف‬ ‫يتجاهل / يهمل‬ ‫يجر / يسحب‬ ‫بطلن‬ ‫أساسي‬ ‫عديم الخبرة‬ ‫متعمد / مقصود‬ ‫يتغلب علي‬ ‫مثابرة / مواظبة‬ ‫بشكل أمن‬ ‫يمزق‬ ‫يصطدم بـــــ‬ ‫فعال‬ ‫غير محتفل بـــــ‬ ‫حقود / ضغين‬ ‫يقظ‬

9 falsehood 10 fundamental 11 inexperienced 12 intentional 13 overcome 14 perseverance 15 securely 16 shred 17 slam into 18 toothy 19 unsung 20 venomous 21 watchful

Word 1 CEO 2 emergency services

Lesson 7, 8 Definition abb. chief Excusive officer n the public organization that respond to and deal with emergencies when they occur esp. those that provide police , ambulance and firefighting services n a practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire adj a bottom – dwelling anglerfish o European waters v to say something to express one’s disapproval o or disagreement with something exp happy , joyful v to link or combine closely

Meaning ‫الضابط المسئول‬ ‫خدمات‬ ‫الطوارئ‬ ‫تمارين الطفاء‬ ‫نوع من السمك‬ / ‫يرفض‬ ‫يعارض‬ ‫سعيد / مبتهج‬ ‫يربط بإحكام‬

3 fire drill 4 monkfish 5 object 6 over the moon 7 wed

Grade 11

Module 4

Unit 10

1. Airbags have decreased car accidents dramatically. Discuss. a. Airbags inflate immediately when the car collides with something solid. b. They cushion the occupants of the car and prevent them from hitting dangerous objects. 2. Where are airbags found in modern cars? a. A driver's airbag is found in the steering wheel. b. Another airbag is for the front seat passenger. c. Some cars also have side airbags which drop down behind the drivers to protect people in the back seats. 3. Smoke alarms helped save many souls nowadays. Discuss. a. They are cheap to buy. b. They are easy to fix. c. Its loud noise wakes people who are sleeping to flee from fires. 4. What's the best location for a smoke alarm? - At the top of the stairs or in halls and corridors. 5. Mention three inventions that helped save lives. a. The airbag which protects drivers and passengers in case of an accident. b. The smoke alarm which wakes sleepers to flee from fires. c. Vaccination which stops infectious diseases from spreading. 6. Why is vaccination important? a. It prevents people from catching certain diseases. b. It stops dangerous diseases from spreading. c. It made most ubiquitous diseases disappear. 7. How does vaccination work? - Patients are given a diluted strain of the infection they intend to prevent which helps the body resist the disease. 8. What are the safely improvements added to the car that can help reduce accidents and injuries? a. Seat belts b. Anti-lock brakes c. Airbags d. Head restraints

Grade 11

Module 4

Unit 10

9. Seat belts helped reduce injuries dramatically. Discuss. a. They retrain passengers and drivers in their seats. b. They prevent them from hitting the windscreen or the solid parts in case of accidents. c. They are the key component in wider injury prevention measures and safety system. 10. How does the ABS ( Anti-lock brake system ) help drivers avoid accidents? a. It makes the car stop more quickly without skidding. b. It prevents the wheels from locking. c. It controls the front-to-rear brake bias. 11. Car manufacturers strengthen the body of the car and weaken the front and back parts. Why? a. The body is strengthened to save people from being crushed in case of an accidents. b. The front and back parts are weakened so as to absorb as much of the crash energy as possible. True or false and justify your answer: 1. In modern cars, airbags and head restrains have replaced seat belts. (x) Seat belts are designed to work as the key part of wider injury prevention measures and safety system. 2. ABS system are the same today as when they were originally produced. They have evolved considerably. (x)

3. Crumple Zones allow the front and the back parts of a car to be crushed in An accident. (√ ) They are weakened while the body itself is strengthened so as to absorb most of the energy of the frontal or rear crashes. 4. The safety devices added to cars offer a foolproof guarantee. (x) Safety devices don't offer a foolproof guarantee. Only when everyone drives more Carefully will road accidents become a thing of the past. 5. Smoke alarms should be put near kitchens. They are so sensitive that smoke from cooking can activate them. (x)