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HOME DREAM If you Dream ANIMAL Bear, black Bear, white Black animal, except elephant Black cobra Caged bird Camel Cat Dog Elephant Fall from any animal Fish pound Goat Horse riding Lion Lizard Monkeys Peacock Pigeon seeing Rabbit Scorpio Seeing an owl Sleeping animal Snake Speaking crow White animal Bad days has been arrived Good luck Be alert you may get life problem Honor from govt. Or miscarriage (in case of pregnant lady) Peace in life Injury in limb Sign of fighting in life Meeting of a new and very good friend Success and gain Problem and worries Gain due to some opposite sex Pleasing journey Success in life Death of some enemy Sudden gain in finance or money Health ailment which can convert in to chronic illness Happy news Good news Gain of love of opposite sex Worries in life Health problem and sorrow Problem are near to you but you may not get affected Peace in life, but not good for pregnant lady Bad news Gain in business Meaning of Dream PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version


Good health and good time ahead His or her saying will come true Struggle PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version 10/17/2009 White snake DEAD Bones and skeleton Burned alive Burring a coffin Coffin Crimination place Dancing of dead body Darkness Dead body Dead man saying Drowning Eating with dead Ghost seeing Ill person Killing of some one Laughing dead body Miscarriage Mourning peoples Murder Prayer for dead person Prayer for departed relative Seeing an ancestor EVENTS & FESTIVALS Birthday celebration Catching fire by hand Holding lady's waist Construction of buldg. Dancing of mass Drum beating Eclipse Enemy Engagement celebration Fail in exam Fall of wall Festival Fighting peoples Loss in age Waste of money You may get caught in wrongful act Wealth gain Nice time is coming Meeting with some important person Disease in life Good time has been arrived Late marriage Good gain and success Loss in wealth or money loss Bad news Joy in life Hidden treasure waiting for you Good news and gain in near future Good gain and healthy time Money gain and promotion Fame and gain in honor Be alert you may get life problem You are going to get problem. and you will face it strongly Bad days are over Increase in luck Unhealthy period is over Sudden problem Big problem has arrived Serious illness Joy in life and a lot of gain Problem is coming Big problem related to health Ancestors are blessing you Good result of past deeds is near Gain in life but not good for pregnant lady Page 2 of 9 http://www.

but success in work Solution of problem Loss in wealth or money loss Sudden problem is coming Lots of problem are on its way Loss in wealth or money loss Good 10/17/2009 . still water FRUITS Mega gain from some relative Loss in wealth Gain in service Gain from hidden treasure Peace in rest of life Gain in money and business Gain through hidden mean Getting more income Good time is very near Love with some learned person Problem for longer time is close to you Problem is very close Good gain in life is approaching you Money as well as health problem Very good gain in service All pains in life are reducing Honor and praise Some gland Fire Firing of bullet Gambling Guest in home Peoples in marriage party Pick pocket Raining Seeing an operation Seeing off some one Seeing upside down Sneeze Some one slap you Threatened by some one Turmoil or seismic War Holy air Storm. fire Storm.htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www. prosperity is in its way It is sign of health problem Increase in money Insult and shock Blocking in work Gain in life and all pain will go away soon Victory on enemies Worries from children Sign of success Cosmic shield for you. water Sunny day Water fall Water.paramdhaam. malefic impact of past dream over Lots of problem are on its way Some problem is surrounding you for long time Page 3 of 9 http://www. X'Mas etc Marriage of some known one Wedding or brides car NATURE Breast feeding Flood Hill or mountain Ocean River Sand Sea Snow fall Some stars Stars and sun Stone or boulder Storm.pdffactory.ParamDhaam.

coming to you Doctor. loss to parents Joy in married life Breathing problem to mother Health problem for long time http://www.) Rose Termini tree Water malon PERSON Beautiful girl Beautiful lady Beggar Big fat man standing Gardner Giant Girl Girl kiss you Infant child Keep ( 10/17/2009 . who is keep) Kid kiss you King or ruler Leprosy patient Little girl kiss you Magician Male and unmarried relative Mating couple Mating with relative Old lady Increase in problems Problem is very close Health gain Good news Honor and promotion Birth of male child Gain in life Good days and gain Money gain Joy from children Long life Problem is ahead Fulfilling of desire Good health Money gain but problem in life also coming Gain in income and good luck is coming Joy in love life Compelled journey Health gain Health problem is coming up Gain in health and total recovery Health problem in 2 months Happy news Problem is over Pilgrim Loss due to foolish act Harmony in family Problem to children A chain of gains are going to start Gain in service Sign of bad health Big gain and blessing of time has arrived in life Bad sign. medicating you Doctor.ParamDhaam.paramdhaam.htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version Page 4 of 9 Cutting a tree Cutting roots Eating green fruit Eating rice Eating sweet thing Eating termini Fruit full tree Garden with flowers Lotus or holy flower Mango tree (without fruit) Root of plant or tree Root vegetable (potato etc. problem due to planets Health problem.

paramdhaam.htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version 10/17/2009 . red Coal Coming ship Copper coin in soil Dust Embroidery Engine Flag Fly over or bridge Flying aeroplane Fountain Green scarf Hidden treasure High building House Hut Increase in wealth All problems are going away Gain and success in life Defame Gain in life Progress in service is near but health problem too Sorrow Successful journey Loss in wealth or money loss Gain in business and trade Progress in life is near Evil problem in home Gain in family business. Journey Success in love and romance Loss in plan or failure in plan Good fame and gain in wealth Good gain in journey is near Good luck Sorrows are going away Depressing time Past life gain time is with you Change in job with good gain Fame and gain in honor Security and favor from seniors You may receive bad time Stressful time in life Good news from distant place Loss in wealth or money loss Increase in luck Work will end in mess Success in work Sign of money gain Hidden relations in making Page 5 of 9 http://www. green Old lady (without hairs) Old widow Postman Rough Sister Tailor Teacher Watch man Young widow THINGS Anchor Arms and ammunition Ash Bed sheet Bicycle Black cap or black hat Black spectacles Bow (arc) Broom Bucket or storing vessel Cap or hat Carpet. black Carpet. but you will kept away Injury to some family member Some good news will come Good time is very near Problems are near.

com 10/17/2009 .htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www. light color Washing machine Watch or clock White scarf or cap Meeting with beloved one Injury Increase in problems Good luck and gain Problem in service Fulfilling of deep desire Bad days are over Illness finished Gain in dealing but if in service then transfer of work New area of work Problems are going away Victory Victory on enemies Insult and dint in honor Honor and promotion Problem is coming to you Hot exchange Be alert you may get life problem Good time Good time gone Dawn in life is near Good gain in life and new venture is also ahead Good gain in life is approaching you Educational gain to father Separation in some relation False allegation on you. fill with articles Shower bathing Silver jewelry Sitting in a boat Skirt or lower garment Smoke without fire Square type pool Standing aeroplane Tent Textile spool Toy Triangle or trinity Umbrella Ice Iron Kite seeing Ladies hat or covering cloth Locked lock Many stars Market Mirror Open lock Opened door Opening of locked lock Pocket or purse Practicing sword Printing Prison Rifle Scissors cutting Shadow Ship Ship going away Shivering in cold or fear Shop. black color Vehicle.ParamDhaam. is near Domestic joy Blockage in work Breathing trouble Good luck will be there after 6 month New work Financial gain Peace and harmony Big success Worries are going away Bad news is coming to you Good journey Success in work Travelling Peace in life Page 6 of 9 http://www. empty

com Wrestler Yogurt SELF Backing food Bathing in pool or river Bathing in roaring river Betting Card playing Combing Doing telephone Drinking milk Fall from bridge Fall in river Falling from sky Fearing from a person Going to up hill Hitting on butt of a person Hunting Injured Knife injury Loosing job Meditation Pass in exam Picking of copper coin Picking of wooden thing Playing with bow and arrow Purchasing ticket Running after a fat girl Running from fear Seeing a money bag Seeing a rainbow Seeing a thief Seeing self in mirror Seeing the sky Self death Self dying Self hungry Self injury Self sleeping Good news is coming Pilgrim and prosperity in life Big gain Big loss Gain in business and trade Fulfilling of desire Good news Joy time in life Illness is in its way Worries in life Dint in honor and health problem No problem will reach you for 3 months Gain and promotion is very close to you.ParamDhaam.pdffactory. Age gain.htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version 10/17/2009 . and you will escape from trouble Luck has opened its door Gain in journey Health gain Health problem to elder daughter Health gain and brother will help you Success Page 7 of 9 http://www. By courage you are going to win Family problem Freedom from problem Dispute in family Gain in service Gain in self realization or philosophy Negative result Health problem in 2 weeks Hot exchange without reason Happiness in life Separation in some relation Downfall is ahead Good time has been arrived and gain is there Properly rewarded labor and gain Change in life Money gain Nice time ahead Gain and promotion is very close to you.

com/fdream1.htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www. peace and harmony in life Desire is going to be fulfilled Spiritual as well as gain in honor Worries and failure Holy work and deed Gain in wealth All around gain Gain in life Desire is going to be fulfilled Theft in home or loss of money Promotion and gain Joy in life Lot of hard work required for success Bad news New work or business Gain through animal Old health problem going away Malefic impact of planets are going away Long age Joy has reached to you Happy married life Hot exchange in home Problem is very close Resting time ahead Health gain Good success in work and new work is also near Gain in longevity Insult and dint in honor Health gain and complete cure Increase in problems Health problem and blockage in work Pain in life may increase Security from evil power Pain and loss of money Money gain Page 8 of 9 Self suicide Self weeping Shaving head Slapping to some one Spitting Standing in roof Suffering from fever Swept with water Swimming Taking bribe Taking medicine Taking poison Thirsty Toilet Touching some lady's breasts Trapped in sand or mud Wearing of ring OTHERS Ancient god God and goddess Holy fire Holy thing Lord Mystic design Paying to some priest Religious deeds Religious place Saint or peer Temple or religious place Alert watchman Castle Clapping Closed door Cloth shop Covering of face Cow's waste Cutting of nail by metal Donating cloths Lot of blessing of 10/17/2009 .pdffactory.ParamDhaam. world wide fame or satisfaction Joy in life Gain.

com About Us Contact Us Advertising Best viewed in 800 X 600. USA. time is with you Prosperity in wealth and income It is sign of success Gain in income and good luck is coming Child birth or conceiving in family member Prosperity and harmony Loss in wealth or money loss ..pdffactory.htm PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www..Mananacharya To order a personal horoscope prepared for you by an astrologer.paramdhaam. 10/17/2009 . Order Links Page 9 of 9 Donating house Donating money Food making place Kicked or feet stuck on stone Lotto number or lottery Organ of opposite sex Poverty Domestic vacuum cleaner New era of life is coming Good sign of Copyright © 2001.vedalink. Vedalink Inc.