SEP Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta

CURSO 2010/2011

STUDENT:______________________________________________ GROUP______
1.READING(10 points)
-Mary: Excuse me, do you know how to get to the eXe-Bank from(desde) the station?
-Policeman: Yes, madam. Will you go by car or on foot(pie)?
-Mary: I’ll go by car. My car is parked outside(fuera) the station, in the AVE parking t.
-Policeman: Well then, come out of the parking place and go straight ahead(recto
hacia delante). At the roundabout(rotonda) take the second exit(salida) and drive on,
take the second turning(girando) on the right and then the first on the left. When you
get to a big square you will see the eXe-Bank; it’s a very modern black and white
building(edificio). But you cannot(no puedes) park your car in the square.
-Mary: And... are there any parking places(sitios) near the square or the bank?
-Policeman: Yes, there is(hay) one very near the square. Just take the first turning on
the right and the parking place is on your left.
-Mary: Thank you very much!
1.1. True or false: (5 points)
a. Mary wants to go on foot from the station to the eXe-Bank.
� True � False
b. The policeman doesn’t know(no sabe) where the eXe-Bank is
� True � False
c. Mary’s car is parked outside the station
� True � False
d. There is a parking very near the square where(donde) the eXe-Bank is � True �
d. The eXe-Bank is situated in a very modern building
� True � False
1.2 Choose the right option(Escoge la opción correcta): (5 puntos)
a.- The policeman ……………….. the Bank is.
knows what/

knows where/

knows when

b.- Mary is …………… and her car is ……………
at the Bank- in the car park/
at the station - in the AVE parking place/
in the street / in a hotel parking
c.- The Bank is ………..
near a parking place /

far from a parking place /

d.- At the roundabout Mary …………… the second exit
have to take


want to take /

has to take

e.- Mary ……… her car in the square
cannot park


can park /

will park

between a parking place

1 Write sentences ordering the words given a) my / play / brothers / basketball._____________________________________________ 2.2 Use of present simple. a)is b)am c)aren’t -Peter and Michael _______ in England ._______________________________________ b)brother / your / friendly / looks /_________________________________________ c)go / the disco / to / we / Saturday/ on._____________________________________ d)David / hates / alcohol.2. Choose the right option(Uso del presente simple.Escoge la opción correcta) -I _______in Málaga a)live b)do live c)does -He_______ to the beach on Saturdays a)go b)goes c) is go -they______coffee a)doesn’t drink b)don’t drink c) doesn’t drinks -______ you likeEnglish? a)do b) are c)does -Mary_____my sister a)is b)am c)are -They ______ in the garden. USE OF GRAMMAR(uso de la gramática)(20 points) 2.________________________________________________ e)teacher / my / likes / music.

4 Write the following numbers. icluyendo la siguiente información)          NAME SURNAME AGE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN NATIONALITY CITY/TOWN FAMILY PROFESSION/STUDIES HOBBIES .in. on). it often snows ______ December.3. What ____your profession?. Jane went home ______ lunchtime.(Rellena los huecos usando la preposición apropiada) • • • • I have a meeting ________ 9am. WRITING(10 points) Write a text between 30 to 50 words. a)is/is b)am/are c)are/am 2. Do you work ______ Mondays? 2.(Escribe los siguientes números) 7= 11= 1st= 8th= 3. In England.a)is b)am c)are -I____ a doctor.Fill the gaps using the appropriate preposition (at. including the following information about you.(escribe un texto de entre 30 a 50 palabras.

una with: con and: y in : en or : o the: el. vigilar LINKS a/an: un. los.______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ USEFUL VOCABULARY(Vocabulario útil) My: mi Father:padre Mother: madre Brother:hermano Sister: Hermana Children:hijos Son: hijo Daughter:hija Boyfriend: novio Girlfriend: novia Wife: esposa Husband: marido Greenhouse: invernadero Agricultor: farmer Albañil: brick layer Student: estudiante Housewife: ama de casa VERBS To have: tener o haber To go: ir To work : trabajar To like: gustar To be : ser o estar To live: vivir To play: jugar To get : conseguir To walk: caminar To watch: ver(la television. las . la. cine). uno.