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I‘m constantly on the road on your behalf – I‘ve already travelled 3 million kilometres in the search for beautiful things and innovations. Visits to international fairs and negotiations all around the world, trend scouting and developing production processes for unusual materials and exciting designs are all part of


my daily work, which I‘m happy to re-define for you on a daily basis. Let‘s get away from standard everyday things and discover new favourites. Experience our new magazine and look forward to ideas and inspiration. Here‘s your opportunity to enter on a new furnishing adventure. You‘ll find it‘s worth it!

You‘ll see my favourite on the left, by the way - a hand-painted beauty with mango wood and oriental joie de vivre. Jürgen Reiter, founder and CEO

Console table FANTASIA, beautiful handpainted console table with colourful ornamentation and oriental flair. MDF & mango wood, handpainted and varnished, 82 x 125 x 45cm 75209 Mirror FANTASIA, matching mirror, 120x76cm 75210


With our new Lifestyle Magazine we are happy to present to you a large selection from our range. Of course there’s a lot more for you to discover at our shops. Why not pay us a visit? You can look forward to some fascinating surprises!



All articles are available while stocks last. These articles remain valid until 31.08.2011 or until the next edition of this magazine is issued. We reserve the right to make changes to size and materials. Divergeneces with regard to models and colors, and misprints or other errors are possible. all dimensions are in cm, stating height x width x depth.






24 living
20 Collection IBIZA LIFE 24 Collection AUTHENTICO CLUB 26 Shelf units 30 Cabinets 32 Colonial 34 WHITE DREAMS 36 GLITZ & GLAMOUR 40 FUNkY COLORS 44 Sofas 50 Armchairs 56 Side tables


62 sleeping
62 Beds & Co.

at work
70 Collection WHITE CLUB 72 Home office

76 Carpets & fireplaces 78 Mirrors 84 Lighting 90 Galery 94 Deco Highlights

4 Collection JANUS 6 Collection LATINO 8 Collection AUTHENTICO 10 Table & chair 10



KARE dining


Our new style is a courageous mix of baroque and modern components. Make yourself at home.

Standard lamp WELCOME, Unique - elaborate welcome guaranteed. Marble base, for 1x 60W, 213 x 59 x 110cm 31007

Mirror BASSO, Convex wall mirror in 20, 30 or 40cm 75714

Table JANUS, Style mix in perfection. Baroque elements harmonise with classic modern forms. High-gloss silver and white lacquer. 75 x 220 x 90cm 75262

Sideboard JANUS, Matching sideboard with lots of storage space thanks to its 8 drawers 75 x 170 x 56cm 75263

Mirror SHINY ORNAMENT, High gloss with silver ornaments, also available in other colours 180 x 80cm 75173

Armchair DOMINA, Seductive high chair with high-gloss look. Guaranteed to make an impact! Also available in red or black, height 140cm 75573

Decorative KAKTUS, This cactus provides prickly decorative impulses, 3 designs, porcelain, height 22cm 69943


KARE dining

Collection LATINO


Pendant lamp PARECCHI, for 5x 60W, 30 x 175 x 60cm 63817

Mirror object INVOLUTO, Rays of sunshine and light are reflected throughout the room, various sizes, e.g. 120 x 80cm 75680


Italian design with clean cubic form. Sturdy, lacquered sheesham wood featuring skilful carpentry work and beautiful grain.

Cabinet LATINO, 2 doors, 2 drawers, 90 x 120 x 45cm 74482

Side tables LATINO, two sizes, e.g. 43 x 35 x 39cm 75058

OLDTIMER, metal pedal car with many details 30862

Table LATINO, several sizes, z.B. 160 x 80cm 75061

Bench LATINO, 45 x 153 x 35cm 74658

Leather chair MILANO, Comfortable and timelessly attractive leather chair, available in a range of colours and designs 74298

Cabinet LATINO, glass doors, 2 drawers, 175 x 60 x 40cm 74673

Shelf unit LATINO, 180 x 140 x 35cm 74671

Sideboard LATINO, 3 doors, 3 drawers, 90 x 150 x 45cm 74483

Cabinet LATINO, 5 drawers, 88 x 50 x 38cm 74674

Side table LATINO, 45 x 45 x 45cm, also used as an stool 74481

Decorative object EAGLE, Glass mosaic with glamorous effect, height 90cm 68253

TV-Board LATINO, 50 x 120 x 55cm 74484

Book shelf LATINO, 180 x 110 x 35cm 74672

Sturdy sheesham is evenly stained and quality is added with a water varnish. in 5 different sizes up to 240 x 100cm 75063 Cabinet. glass doors & 2 drawers. 160 x 80cm. three matching elements which can be endlessly and individualy expanded. A range of models available. 45 x 140 x 40cm 74494 Sideboard AUTHENTICO. 180 x 67 x 40cm 74501 TV-Board. 110cm 30585 Table AUTHENTICO. AUTHENTICO Modular mirror BIG BEAUTY. with 4 drawers. Stylish bentwood designer chair with chrome-plated frame and stitched cover. cult wall-mounted lamp 148 x 138cm. length approx. 60 x 150 x 55cm 74502 Bench AUTHENTICO.8 KARE dining Collection AUTHENTICO 9 Clear expressive shapes with the use of beautifully grained wood set Authentico apart. for 20 x 60 W 31000 Decorative object LIZZARD. each 50 x 50cm 75090 / 75089 / 75088 Light fixture PARECCHI. In shiny silver with lots of details. 4 doors & 4 drawers. iron frame with 20 lampshades which can be individually placed. 75745 . 95 x 180 x 45cm 74495 Chair HIGH FIDELITY.

Also available in black. 160 x 85cm 74549 Table HIGH FIDELITY. incl. 160 x 90cm 75228 Chair HIGH FIDELITY. Elaborate retro table with tulip base made of brushed aluminium and 10 mm ESG glass top.10 KARE dining TAbLE & CHAIR 11 FINE DINING Table CLACKS. 75 x 135 x 80cm 71736 Cantilever chair CANTO. chairs or seating in all colors. fibre-glass frame. available in a range of colours and designs 74298 . sizes and designs can be found at www.com Table INVITATION. 74734 Pendant lamp WIND. bulbs 69157 Table WHITE DINNER. retro table. Elaborate retro table with tulip base made of brushed aluminium and white MDF top. can be extended to 210cm. materials.KARE-DESIGN. 160 x 90cm 74594 Leather chair MILANO. A range of models available. Stylish bentwood designer chair with chrome-plated frame and stitched cover. High-gloss allrounder in cube form. Comfortable and timelessly attractive leather chair. A real eyecatcher. 180 x 100cm 73567 Table GRANDE POSSIBILITA. Unostentatious design offering great seating comfort. 75227 Table WHITE POSSIBILITA. Unadorned classical glass table (10mm top) with chrome-plated frame. 25 halogen lamps on chrome plated metal. Designer chair in great colours or plain white 8921 Our entire collection of tables. White lacquered legs combined with unadorned frosted glass top. High-gloss lacquer. ø120cm 75407 Folding chair RETRO. 180 x 120cm 71602 Chair EGGSHELL. With acrylic seat in clear or white 8312 Table GRACIA.

Many versions available. lilac or orange 8920 WILD THING! Cantilever chair CANTO. Unostentatious design offering great seating comfort. chrome-plated frame and stitched cover. A range of models available. A range of models available. 75227 Chair DOMINA. 75745 Chair HIGH FIDELITY. 75746 Cantilever chair EXPO. Guaranteed to make an impression! Also available in other versions. Stylish bentwood designer chair with chromeplated frame and stitched cover. 74734 Chair HIGH FIDELITY. available in a range of colours and designs 74878/74185 Cantilever chair EXPO. Classical designer chair with decisive and timeless styling. here: vintage leather. here: shiny white crocodile look 74886 .12 KARE dining TAbLE & CHAIR 13 Chair HIGH FIDELITY. Comfortable and timelessly attractive leather chair. Bentwood designer chair. shiny red crocodile look 74885 Chair EGGSHELL. Stylish bentwood designer chair with chrome-plated frame and stitched cover. Sensual high chair in high-gloss look. A range of models. Stackable (4 chairs). 75264 Leather chair MILANO. Also available in black. Designer chair in plain white. also available in green.

various sizes 73984 Table FACTORY. large metal rivets and soft velvet upholstery make this chair a real eyecatcher 75460 Our entire collection of tables. This solid table radiates raw elegance. sizes and designs can be found at www. 75216 Chair NAUTICA. Legs of lacquered beech wood. Matching bench. Rough but sexy! Factory combines robust materials and clean forms. chairs or seating in all colors. 10 drawers. 200 x 90cm 74411 Bench FACTORY.14 KARE dining TAbLE & CHAIR 15 Wall clock PARIS. colourful stand-alone item with lots of storage space.90 cm 75616 Stool RAILWAY. materials. Teak & iron. To match the table. A highly unusual table. can also be used as side table 75615 .com Table COTTAGE. solid waxed pine in rustic style. Height-adjustable (bistro) table cast iron frame and one-of-a-kind driftwood top (75cm). ø 113cm 66526 Tall cabinet HARLEKIN.KARE-DESIGN. height adjusts from 75 . vintage-look microfibre cover 9772 Table RAILWAY MOVE. 72843 Table RAILWAY. Legs of teak. metal with antique finish. 200 x 36cm 74410 Chair VERY BRITISH. A classic with an exclusive mixture of stripes and patterns. 220 x 100cm 75181 Chair ISIS. The furrowed top made of old teak planks is combined with an iron frame made of restored railroad track. height-adjustable. 150 x 140 x 50cm. Various motifs on back.

40cm 30408 Chair LOUIS. Upholstered chair in baroque form. alsoavailable with armrest and in other colours 74023 Cantilever chair EXPO. available in a range of colours and designs. Comfortable and timelessly attractive leather chair. available in a range of colours and designs 74298 Decorative figure BULLI. Timeless real leather chair with chrome frame and trendy brown vintage leather. Stained beech wood with microfibre upholstery. 75338 . An absolute treasure. here: microfibre in vintage look. here: brown crocodile look 74295 Cantilever chair EXPO. A comfortable and timelessly beautiful chair. Many versions available. 73221 Chair MILANO.16 KARE dining TAbLE & CHAIR 17 Chair MILANO. cover coffeecoloured leather 9767 Chair ISIS. Classical designer chair. height approx. Vintage look high-back chair. Beechwood legs stained and lacquered. Also available in other versions. 73763 Chair LOUISAS DOG. stackable (4 chairs). Seat with crocodile-skin pattern. Harmless bull terrier made of dolomite. oak frame and velvet cover. 74151 Chair ECONO.

Our team is made up of specialists and trend pioneers. Above: Richi kroiss. you‘ll have more fun. Right: Marta Eftimovska.18 KARE presents 19 KARE-3D It‘s child‘s play and free to use and will help you not just to create your dream interior but also to visualise it in advance. Come on. too. You can design each room individually and see exactly what everything will look like. too.your interactive furnishing guru is waiting for you at www. Together we‘ll create your new world of living. All over the world many other lifestyle coaches are looking forward to meeting you. Why not give it a try . With KARE‘s 3-D planning you can visualise everything online and try out new combinations.kare-design. Will that new sofa go with your favourite wall colour? Will there still be room for that cherished houseplant next to the new sideboard? Check it out for yourself. shop manager from Vienna look forward to advising you in the Czech Republic and Austria. design enthusiasts and mind readers with only one objective: to make you happy and turn you into a KARE fan. Whether it‘s in your own home or at our shop – we‘ll advise you with expertise and passion. our stylistically assured lifestyle coach from Munich making a kARE home visit. It‘s what we do best. our home fashion specialist from Praque and Andy Pietrasch. You can simply try several options and views with only a few clicks. and of course with the right solution for every challenge. Innovative. It‘s not only easier than moving furniture..com KARE-HOmE vISIT Our lifestyle consultants throughout the KARE world are dedicated to the task of helping you to fulfil your dreams and desires. . tried-and-tested technology enables you to give your creativity free rein. either in our shops or at your home. set us a challenge.

High-backed chair pretty in pink. Hand-painted mango and acacia wood represent positive energy and individual living. 160 x 80cm. life in the sun away from the mainstream. matching your new furniture. 75158 ON THE BEACH.20 KARE living Collection IbIZA LIFE 21 IBIZA LIFE Oriental elements mixed with colourful ethno styling are the highlights of the IBIZA LIFE worlds. Fresh turquoise. In optimistic green.. that‘s kARE Vol. blue and green tones. Individual and exclusive. Also available in 80 x 80cm. 85 x 135 x 40cm. 75154 Sideboard. with 3 drawers and 3 doors. The sound of Ibiza. Dining table. 25007 DREAM LOVE. 4. 25006 .. 75155 Chair. With the young Digital Haze creative team we have this time put together an up-beat electro pop disc for you to dance to with great music and lots of soul.

180 x 90 x 38cm 75153 Coffee table. Stand-alone or as a set of three. Also available in pink. for 1x 40 W. for 3 x max. Also available in white. high-glossy indoor statue in several colours. with 2 drawers. Striking table lamp with flexible arm and white flower light fitting. 120 x 55 x 43cm 75159 Table lamp BLOOM. 69769 Standard lamp BLOOM. square. Uniquely attractive lamp with flexible arms and pink flower light fittings. practical and good. Turquoise and brown tones with elephant motif.22 KARE living Collection IbIZA LIFE 23 Occasional tables. for books. 44 x 44 x 30cm 75152 Console table . 40 x 120 x 60cm 75150 . A practical piece for any room. With attractive shelf and ornamental mouldings. 5 drawers. height 140cm 30991 Chest of drawers. The classical opium form in pink with lots of green. objets d‘art etc. 76 x 100 x 35cm 75149 MONK. 69768 Shelf unit. 60 W.

Real leather patchwork rug. 3 doors and open storage space. With 2 doors and open storage space. height 137cm. 60 x 120 x 40cm 75548 Low-Board AUTHENTICO. Indoor statue to bring calm and repose into your home.KARE-DESIGN. hi-fi & Co. Square in 2 sizes. or on its own. 150 x 70cm 75129 Work table. 38 x 38 oder 42 x 42cm 75051 Cubes Rectangular. 4 drawers. here: turquoise blue 75296 Swivel chair HALFMOON. Elegant and without ornamentation. available in various versions. 140 x 200cm 69819 Swivel chair GOLDFINGER. polyresin 69727 . Stand for TV. hide/suede. Timeless styling with great colours. 43 x 120 x 40cm 75477 Sideboard. NO. www. Stylish high-backed chair. seat in quilted leather loook. here: mustard yellow 75293 Cubes Square.24 KARE living Collection AUTHENTICO CLUb 25 The entire selection of our AUTHENTICO CLUB Collection in all designs can be found at AUTHENTICO CLUB Sheesham wood with modern forms and warm wooden tones makes you feel at home. 60 x 150 x 55cm 74502 Swivel chair DR. Chrome-plated frame.com Carpet CIRCLE. 85 x 170 x 40cm 75547 Herbert + Stupsi Swivel chair Halfmoon Desk. 39 x 70 x 40 or 48 x 80 x 40cm 75060 TV Console table. Practical as a corner combination with the desk. You‘ll be happy to stay here. Rectangular in 2 sizes. Unostentatious and just the right size for the home office. also available in black 75388 BUDDHA XL.

solid poplar. spruce and iron. in the kitchen. urban shelf unit made of raw materials on casters.. also ideal to store collections or as room divider. stained. Shelf unit and room divider with clean lines. 150 x 60 x 30cm 74771 Shelf unit 3 x 4. solid sheesham. looks great in any location. solid sheesham. bathroom etc. solid sheesham 180 x 150 x 35 74992 SPACE BALL. e. 200 x 97 x 35cm 2325 . 70 x 80 x 25cm 74779 Shelf unit ZICK ZACK. solid sheesham wood. Wall or floor shelving. Extendable colonial style shelf unit with artificial traces of wear and antique finish. Countless options for use. Shelf with round form.g. solid sheesham.26 KARE living SHELF UNITS 27 STORAGE Shelf unit SEVEN SPACE. 115 x 115 x 30cm 75287 Shelf unit AUTHENTICO. 190 x 80 x 25cm 75073 Shelf unit FACTORY. 181 x 86 x 36cm 74523 Shelf unit CABANA.

High-gloss lacquered white shelving for books and decorative objects with narrow rear wall (Ill. MDF. 90 x 60 x 11cm 74478 Shelf unit SOFT SHELF. Armgard units 2 x element LOGICAL 6 x element LOGICAL 1 x base LOGICAL natural / black 75563 / 75497 75562 / 75496 75561 / 75495 figure above 1x 16 x 4x figure right 1x 4x 3x Shelf unit OPEN END. Varying compartment sizes make this shelf unit an individual treasure also available in white. Design by Dr. High-gloss lacquered white with 2 drawers. 60 x 60cm 68777 Shelf unit CLASSIC. 55 x 45 x 42cm 74200 CRAZY ANIMALS. High-gloss lacquered white with sloping edges. Compact practical helper. 76 x150 x 70cm 75202 Mobile drawers MILLENNIUM. a range of designs.: 2 x). also available in black. high-glass lacquer. white finish with natural or black edges. cube size 34 x 34cm.28 KARE living SHELF UNITS 29 Desk TRAPEZ. Modern shelf unit in lounge look with curved form. Oil and canvas. highly variable shelf unit system from German workshops. 200 x 95 x 32cm 75511 Endless shelf unit LOGICAL. hand-painted. 219 x 110 x 30cm 74318 Shelf unit LETTER CASE. easy to set up and dismantle. high-glass lacquer. 185 x 90 x 29cm 74600 .

that well-used look with nuanced colours. with baroque flair. oak top and brass handles. Spruce with antique copper. available in a range of versions. Spruce with antique copper. 75 x 57 x 41cm 73360 High chest of drawers HARLEKIN. 120 x 74 x 45 74668 Chest of drawers LATINO. Aluminium chest of drawers which will appeal not just to tough guys. Unique and colourful with urban loft character. oak top and brass handles.30 KARE living CAbINETS 31 Chest of drawers VINTAGE. 120 x 60 x 45cm 74818 Sideboard HARLEKIN. available in a range of versions. an exciting combination of baroque design and modern pattern. 84 x 120 x 53cm 75231 Chest of drawers ROMANTIC. Elm with metal fittings. Other models available. 110 x 80 x 50cm 75233 Chest of drawers ROMANTIC. 84 x 120 x 53cm 75229 . 90 x 160 x 45 75584 Chest of drawers ROMANTICO. Unique and colourful with urban loft character. reddish sheesham wood.. 2 doors and 2 drawers. in extravagant pink. 90 x 120 x 45cm 74482 Chest of drawers VECCHIO. With unconventional chessboard design. Unadorned and clean-lined. Magical chest of drawers with a patina giving it that ‚heirloom‘ look. Ornamental baroque chest of drawers in exclusive gold leaf look. 82 x 100 x 60cm 73371 Chest of drawers ROMANTICO. Teak with iron. 75 x 121 x 56cm 73316 Chest of drawers VEGAS. Ornamental baroque chest of drawers in exclusive silver leaf look.

Travel broadens the mind. 82 x 197 x 78cm 74293 Carpet KNOB. battery operated. available in a range of versions. 146 x 63 x 60cm 73933 High chest of drawers CROCO. Intricately crafted chest of drawers with 6 drawers in crocodile look. a real favourite in trunk style with intricate details and attractive interior. 100% wool. 30 x 21 x 21cm 69259 Bar case COLONIAL. 54 x 36cm 66359 GLOBUS. imitation leather with crocodile embossing. Great stand-alone piece with high quality fittings and instricate details.. Handmade woollen carpet which both looks good and feels good. birch chair with rattan and leather 72756 Escritoire COLONY. 37 x 120 x 75cm 75167 Recliner SNAKE. on casters. 150 x 60 x 50cm 75068 Folding chair COLONY. 80 x 100 x 45cm 75066 TIME MACHINE. 102 x 101 x 60cm 73127 . Elegant decorative object made of aluminium. Intricately crafted chest of drawers with 5 drawers in crocodile look. Beautiful. brass and steel. brass and chromeplated steel. Colonial style desk with lots of elaborate details. available in a range of versions.32 KARE COLONIAL 33 Bar coffee table COLONIAL. 240 x 170mm 30391 Chest of drawers CROCO. sophisticated and practical. Clock in pocket design. on casters. Stylish chaise longue with ergonomic design.

71 x 60 x 64cm 75074 .. coffee table. legendary Design with Seventies flair. TV stand WHITE CLUB. 45 x 90 x 35cm 73756 swivel chair CLUB 54 . bedside table. load capacity of 40 kg. White gives every room an open and tasteful character which brings out the best in your accessories and favourite pieces. 80 x 140 x 43cm 75230 Cube LEAF.. In POP colours with textile lampshade. Soft form in high-gloss lacquer. 43 x 150 x 40cm 75476 Mirror WATER DROPS. white lacquer with glass top. ABS-seat. available in a range of versions. porcelain. here: pink. Stylish TV turner with chrome-plated tulip base. 75 x 121 x 56cm 75188 Sideboard WHITE SECRET. 45 x 70 x 41cm 70451 Chest of drawers ROMANTIC SHINE. also available in black and vintage leather. This cactus will give you decorative inspiration. lots of colours. 40 x 40 x 40cm 75322 Decorative KAKTUS. in various colours. 3 shapes. height: 23cm 69748 Cube LOUNGE XL. polyresin. It‘s no coincidence that again and again white comes into fashion as the most popular colour in the house.. powder-coated sheet steel. Allrounder in high-gloss white.. shelf unit cube. Mirror object with raindrop look. for 1 x 60 W. whatever you wish. height: 24cm 69545 Decorative figure DANCING COWS. With wrinkled surface and unconventional form. diameter 80cm 75578 Table lamp VELVET. earthenware. height: 22cm 69943 Vase WHITE WRINKLE. Classical sideboard with asymetrical doors on stainless steel runners. height: 46cm 30135 TV turner LOUNGE M. Ornamental baroque chest of drawers in high-gloss lacquer with steel handles.34 KARE living WHITE DREAmS 35 WHITE DREAMS White remains the sum of all colours. Stylish TV stand with elegant retro look. also available in other sizes. Swing those legs! These dancing cows radiate joie de vivre. available in a range of versions.

36 KARE living GLITZ & GLAmOUR 37 GLITZ & GLAMOUR High chest of drawers SHINING. a highlight in white imitation leather. in white. 70 x 120 x 95cm 73648 Bar stool ROCKSTAR. 76 x 73 cm 66127 Armchair SHINING CUBE. with rhinestone decoration. also available in other sizes. Frame in the latest bubble design. available in glossy white or silver. Classical form in combination with glamorous cover. 180 x 120cm 73355 Bench OPULENT SHINING. 43 x 133 x 38cm 74342 CROCODILE. also available in black. with 6 drawers and 2 handles. high-impact bar which sets the scene with its decadent design. also available in black 74540 GLAMOUR DOG. quilted lacquer look. Lots of detailed touches. glossy white. Impressive glass pendant lamp for 9 x 40 W. 95 x 75cm 75590 Pendant lamp GIOIELLO.: 25 x 37 x 24cm 74343 . 65 x 76 x 68cm 74742 Armchair OXFORD. Upholstered chests with shiny silver feet. high comfort.decorative figure approx. Imposing but not dangerous . Your best friend in sparkling mosaic stone decor. with rhinestone decoration. available in a range of designs. e. 75cm in length 68859 Chests SHINING WHITE. 113 x 41 x 31cm 74744 Mirror BUBBLES. 3 different sizes.g. 115 x 170 x 90cm 74094 Mirror ROMANTICO. Ostentatious wall mirror with a wealth of intricate details. height 65cm 68254 Bar ROCKSTAR.

haight 43cm. functional and nice. Other lettering available. Retro design bar with attractive curves. also available in white 74828 Mirror CRYSTALS. The seat height can be adjusted from 59 . 30491 Long-drink glass RICH LIFE. white or black 75205 Bar stool UNDERGROUND. The Coffeeshop bar stool impresses with its classically elegant form and colouring. 24 x 87 x 6cm 30516 Standing table CLACKS. Small dimensions for great parties. High-impact bar which sets the scene with its decadent design. height 47cm 67146 Bar stool MILANO. Trendy stool. Three levels offer plenty of space for any party. Classically attractive design. 105 x 100 x 70cm 74556 White wine glass PARIS. also available in white 30802 Stool GELATERIA. further sizes available. real leather in a range of colours 75641 . available in a range of versions 40 x 40 x 40cm 75409 Bar stool EXPO. available in a range of versions 75395 Bar WHITE CLUB. Trendy coffee table. available in a range of versions. 75206 BLACK PANTHER. also available in black. solo or in a group. Comfortable classic with chrome-plated steel tubing. 115 x 140 x 55cm 75192 Bar stool Coffeeshop. Trendy bar stool.38 KARE living HOUSE bAR 39 Wall decoration COOL. 40 x ø50cm 75405 Stool UNDERGROUND. 104 x 120 x 52cm 75204 Bar stool LADY ROCK. classic design with high comfort. available in a range of versions 75401 Coffee table UNDERGROUND. fiber glass. Countless crystals compete for attention with your reflection. With their stunning effects the glass mosaics make an ostentatious statement on your wall. Two glamorous decorative motifs 67831 Deco object WOMAN.80 cm. 180 x 80cm 75319 Bar LADY ROCK. Paris is cool! The motifs offer homage to France‘s capital city. Highgloss allrounder with a wide range of uses. With sparkling mosaic stones.

180 x 120cm 75242 Striped chest of drawers POINTS & BARIOLE. Crazy in black.. 75 x 121 x 56cm 75270 / 75271 Table lamp CASINO. 180 x 47 x 47cm 75337 Mirror RENAISSANCE. Say ‚yes‘ to colour and ‚no‘ to the everyday. Bring home the colourful world of the big city.. Plain clothes stand in colours that are far from plain! Powder-coated steel. shiny velvet.40 KARE living FUNKY COLORS 41 FUNKY COLORS Shelf SQUARE. Shimmering aluminium in a range of colours. also available in green or turquoise. The screen is printed on both sides in pop art colours and creates that real globetrotter feeling. height: 26cm 30429 Clothes stand LIBRA. Practical & trendy. Print on canvas. A great combination of shape and colour. Stylish stand-alone piece with cult potential. Sophisticated baroque chest of drawers in colourful stripes or dots. 180 x 92 x 84cm 73864 . 33 x 28cm 75347 Armchair ROOF. 61 x 61 x 11cm 74974 Screen CAPITALS. for 1 x 40 W. highly versatile and sure to catch the eye on any wall.

2 in Dübendorf. Enthusiastic lifestyle fans and guests had a great time in the unconventional atmosphere and the vibrant partnership between GIAHI and kARE. A spectacular highlight.The re-opening was celebrated on the premises designed by kARE with champagne instead of beer and with lots of glamour and high spirits. in a range of colours and versions Want to become part of it? You‘ll find GIAHI at Löwenstr. 22 in Zurich.42 KARE presents 43 bODY & CULT BODY ART MEETS CULT DESIGN. . Armchair ROOF. KARE SWITZERLAND at Stettbachstr. Switzerland‘s most popular tattoo studio has re-opened its doors.

44 KARE living SOFAS 45 FASHION REBELS Fashion Rebels are bold & authentic. 23 x 140 x 70cm 75145 . Imposing coffee table with sandalwood top on steel casters. Sofa GRANDEZZA.available in a large range of fabrics and leather and in various sizes. The „Grandezza“ model shown here is a typical example. 88 x 300 x 140cm Coffee table VINTAGE. Style boundaries are thrown overboard and casual combinations of old and new find the right surroundings. You‘ll discover lots of items from this new trend in this magazine. XXL feel-good dimensions give this sofa its character .

available in a range of sizes 74362 Sofa BLOOM. Elegant unadorned clock. 80 x 142cm. (available from January) 75687 Standard lamp CHOPSTICK.. 30x51x51cm 74405 Mirror COMBS. handcrafted. 77 x 250 x 105cm Coffee table MENAGE A TROIS. Elegant comfort sofa with a quilted look and integrated Swarovski stones in the seams.. ø 60cm 30200 . height 150cm. battery operated. 100% wool. 140 x 100cm 74892 Carpet BOBBEL. Stylish mirror with splintered look. MDF. glass. Sizes: 36x82x82cm. With asymmetrical honeycomb look for spectacular lighting effects. Sofa with armrests that can be removed on request. but completely harmless 30294 Mirror COCCIO.46 KARE living SOFAS Sofa BROOKLYN This sofa provides a focal point and place of retreat in one. Versatile sofa offering endless options for combination and extension . The highest quality comfort and finish. for 3 x 40 W. 32x67x67cm. on request with removable cover. available in fabric or leather. 20 x 90 x 90 cm. 69191 System sofa PORTIXOL. with 11 cushions. 90 x 235 x 150cm UMBRELLA. High-gloss white. large range of fabrics. leather and variations. 365 x 140 x80 cm 47 POLARBEAR. A colourful highlight. fabric or leather. Elaborate coffee table set made of aluminium.available in a large range of fabrics and leather. 240 x 170cm 69973 Sofa CHARLIE. as well as with removable cover. lifesized. 300 x 150 x 60cm Coffee table BOXX.

bed area 140 x 200cm. 11 cosy cushions. fabric or leather. Comfortable XXL sofa incl.48 KARE living SOFAS 49 Sofa BROOKLYN HOME. stylish two-seater. also available with smooth backrest and as a single seater. overall width only 176cm Sofa CONTESSA. here: 300 x 140cm . large range of fabrics. on request with removable cover. leather and variations. as shown two-seater quilted 100 x 170 x 90cm in fabric Sofa GRANDEZZA..g. e. width 170cm. 365 x 140 x 88 cm THE SPEEDY TYPE Sofa bed RAPIDO. converts easily into a bed (5-year functional warranty) with high-quality mattress. comes in 2 sizes and 3 types of armrest. XXL feel-good dimensions give this sofa its character available in a large range of fabrics and leather and in various sizes.

Nappalon in tabacco color. 73741 .50 KARE living ARMCHAIRS 51 TAKE YOUR SEAT Sofa OXFORD DELUXE. 3-seater sofa in real leather. 92 x 86 x 40cm 74526 Sofa OXFORD. also in real leather. on casters. Microfiber cover in vintage style. ø120cm 67598 Standard lamp VASO. for 3 x 60 Watt. matching chair and bench are also available 73650 Chest of drawers FACTORY. also available as 2. vintage-iron. 240 x 178cm 67836 Lowboard FACTORY. 56 x 160 x 40cm 74525 Chair OXFORD. chair and 3-seater also available 71670 Deco fan REVOLUTION. steel and aluminium. Elaborate board made of steel with 4 glass doors. classic with upholstered buttons and studs. Matching chest of drawers with 2 doors and 2 drawers. height adjustable.or 3-seater.

52 KARE living ARMCHAIRS 53 Armchair BLACK MINK. French style.KARE-DESIGN. 100% wool. Wing-backed armchair in the classical English style. also available in black. Handmade woollen carpet which both looks good and feels good. 107 x 80 x 76cm 73490 Armchair OXFORD. 90 x 75 x 83cm 75119 Standard lamp FLOW. also available in black. 105 x 68 x 77cm 73672 The entire selection of our armchairs in all designs. 83 x 66 x 72cm 74515 Armchair GRANDFATHER. height 145cm 30530 Chair BUTTERFLY. 240 x 170mm 30391 Armchair SWING. for 1 x 60Watt. Quality leather rocking chair with visible stitching. impregnated velvet cover. Baroque armchair with changing imitation fur and lacquered black frame featuring lots of details 9802 Armchair SALON. 76 x 115 x 95cm 75627 . Relax in comfort in this upholstered armchair featuring attractive design and real leather. warm colours and comfortable upholstery are the distinguishing features. colours and sizes can be found at www. Top quality upholstered genuine leather armchair in a range of colours. 104 x 84 x 80cm 71793 Carpet KNOB. Timeless design for any furnishing style. 88 x 72 x 74cm 71398 Armchair AFRICAN QUEEN. Elegant and delicate armchair for any room.com Armchair LOUNGE.

71 x 60 x 64cm 73943 Armchair MADONNA. Black and white cult object with style and comfort. 83 x 73 x 84cm. Top quality upholstered genuine leather armchair in a range of colours. Available in vintage look or other versions.54 KARE living ARMCHAIRS 55 Armchair ATRIO. 82 x 80 x 75cm. also available in synthetic leather 75791 Armchair EYE BALL. 138 x 90 x 85cm 72375 Reclining armchair LAZY. also available in synthetic leather 75789 Swivel chair CLUB 54. also available in other versions. Armchair. fibre glass with imitation leather. Top quality upholstered genuine leather armchair in a range of colours. TV chair or recliner? Here you have everything in one. 104 x 72 x 91cm 75098 75575 45575 75576 . Legendary design with Seventies flair. ABS seat with black imitation leather.

Timeless design.56 KARE living SIDE TABLES 57 Side table BOTTE. Aluminium.lacquered MDF. Aluminium. ice glass or white top. versatile in its applications. 44 x 30 x 30cm 74710 LITTLE HELPERS Side table EASY LIVING. chrome-plated steel tubing with clear.com Side table COMIC. 41 x 51 x 41cm 74403 . 66 x 46 x 46cm 74921 Stool table FACE. not just for fans. Set of two aluminium tables. 62 x 44 x 44cm 75048 The entire selection of our side tables in all designs. Simultaneously modern and classical. materials and colors can be found at www.KARE-DESIGN. MDF. Aluminium. 42 x 61 x 36cm 74360 Side table SPIDERNET. 62 x 51cm 70629 Side table NEWSPAPER. 51 x 40 x 34cm 75091 Stool table TWISTED. 3 motifs available. black. Tray table in trendy white or grey. Folding table. 43 x 35cm 74704 Side table EAGLE.

64 x 60 x 40cm 75236 Side table BAROCK.. also available as a coffee table. aluminium. Stainless steel drum with a mixture of materials. acrylic. rous co e table Coffe ted. A new take on baroque design . 45 x 112 x 45cm 75232 .58 KARE living SIDE TABLES 59 E.. & WHIT ons. a real eyecatcher. BLACK mbinati h. Aluminium. eac in nume lone or rome-pla Stand-a lass. glass and unique form. 63 x 59 x 59cm 75458 Side table VEGAS. Striking and extrovert. also available as a coffee table.. 47 x 45 x 41cm 75142 TV-Board VEGAS. Striking and extrovert. 45 x 35 x 35cm 74357 Side table RINGS. ch g r frosted black o 0cm x 40 x 4 40 73703 Side table DRUMMER. aluminium.

Minimalist pure nature. 42 x 32 x 32cm 75128 Cushion GOAß.g. 220 x 45 x 55cm 74572 Decorative objects FLINTSTONE. 40 x 30 x 30cm 74354 Shelving with drawers. 34 x 54cm 30008 Side table LEGNO. available in various sizes. 44 x 49 x 35cm 75217 . Stool FLINTSTONE. 80 x 90 x 200cm 74575 Stool GOAß.& SIDE TABLES 61 BOAT TRIP For fans of true originality and extraordinary design. Authentic solid wood with natural grain and knotholes. so deviations in dimension and appearance may be possible. Unique stool with legs of teak and fur cover 74348 Stool table FLINTSTONE. Unique pieces made of oiled teak in a range of sizes. Genuine hide cover. e. no two pieces are alike . 220 x 45 x 50cm 74815 Wine rack.you always get a unique item. 2 sizes. stuffing. incl. Our BOAT TRIP furniture is made from original pieces of wood.60 KARE living SOFA. One-of-a-kind stool with stainless-steel base and hide cover. Style rocks! Decorative sculpture made of birchwood. 40cm 63854 WowCow. With 2 shelves and 5 drawers. 76 x 66 x 28cm 69071 Bench . 210 x 45 x 50cm 74573 Wine rack.

160 or 180 x 200cm. height 220cm 71689 Mirror WONDERLAND. Solid white-painted wooden bed. available in various colours and sizes. Very special chest of drawers with copper fittings and colourfully contrasting interior. High-gloss lacquered mirror with imaginative design. Solid tobacco-coloured wooden bed. Stylish stand-alone piece with top quality fittings and lots of individual features. 98 x 175 x 68cm (available from January) 75870 Canopy bed CABANA. mattress or bedding.62 KARE sleeping BEDS 63 BEdTImE STORIES. . At all events our gorgeous beds provide lots of material for new. height 206 cm 74538 All beds are sold without slatted frame. bed area 160 or 180 x 200cm. haight 150cm 7405 Chest of drawers WONDERLAND. dreamy and playful stories. Clean-lined canopy bed in high-gloss lacquer. height 220cm 70590 Canopy bed CLASSIC WHITE. bed area 140. exciting. Some people tell them. on casters. 5-armed candle stick. bed area 180 x 200cm. We will be glad to advise you. aluminium and brass. 145 x 63 x 56cm 73934 Canopy bed MAISON. Portable wardrobe COSMOPOLITAN. 130 x 107cm 75764 CHALET. Others experience them.

2 drawers. Matching wardrobe. width 120cm 66392 Bed UN PO DI PIU. 200 x 105 x 50cm 75281 Chest of drawers LATINO. you’ll also look great! Bed LATINO. lying surface 160. large selection of fabric covers (removable) or leather. 2 doors. bed size 180 x 200cm. innovative upholstered bed where you always get a little bit more. 160. 88 x 50 x 38cm 74674 Bed BALU. Plainly elegant solid wood bed. with or without upholstered storage space left or right/wooden tray. 90 x 120 x 45cm 74482 Chest of drawers LATINO. 180 or 200 x 200cm. immense selection of fabrics and leather KARE+ We sell all beds without equipment (frame. Upholstered bed with contouring. lying surface 140. Aluminium. Elegant chest of drawers with lacquered finish and cube design. All KARE+ Studio Divani models shown can be found in a large variety of fabric and leather.64 KARE sleeping BEDS 65 SLEEP WELL In our beds you will not only sleep extremely well. bedding). mattress. also those which are removable and in various forms Wardrobe LATINO. available in various designs. 180 or 200 x 200cm KARE+ . 2 drawers and clothes rail. with 5 drawers. We will be glad to advice you. height of headboard 75cm 75276 Decorative antlers TEXAS.

bed area 160 or 180 x 200 cm. sizes and designs can be found at Bedside table LESERATTE. reading light 74373 www. other colours available 53 x 53 x 35cm 75137 Uphostered bench PATCHWORK. Baroque chest of drawers lacquered in highgloss white. Painted white with 2 drawers 50 x 50 x 42m 75126 Chest of drawers ROMANTIC. Provides comfort and that homely feeling. With quilted headboard in leather look. in all colors.66 KARE sleeping BEDS 67 Our entire collection of beds. height 102cm. 30 x ø28cm 30127 Bed WHITE DREAM. materials. 54 x 100 x 30cm 75161 Mirror CHIC. not just in the bedroom. height 100 cm 74511 Bedside wall table CLASSIC . 102 x 195 x 209cm 75514 Side table CLACK. available in different models. Lacquered in high-gloss white. incl. also available in other sizes.com Pendant lamp TENTACOLO. shiny upholstered bed in plain white. Easy-care. 88 x 88cm 74407 Bed ICECUBE. 75 x 57 x 41cm 75577 . Side table with iron frame and mosaic top in trendy pink. without bedding. cotton upholstery. bed area 160 or 180 x 200cm. Practical for both day and night. also available in other colours.KARE-DESIGN. Transparent lamp with decorative light for 1 x 60 W.

left: Peter Schönhofen in a fan discussion. . left: Jürgen Reiter exchanging in-depth ideas. above: A great time was had by everyone and there was no shortage of refreshments. GLAMOUR AND STYLISH COLLECTIONS When the 2800 square metre showroom at KARE‘s Munich HQ opened its doors to the annual show for fans and friends the exclusive preview was once more a resounding success. The drinks and snacks were welcomed with just as much enthusiasm as the new highlights and the latest trends which were the main topics of conversation during the evening. mixed dynamically by the „BAR & ARTS“ showkeepers. with fresh drinks. for example.68 KARE presents 69 above: You can touch as well as look. SHOWTIME LIFESTYLE.

56 x 57 x 50cm 72109 Shelf unit WHITE CLUB. also available in white 68996 Desk WHITE CLUB. High-gloss allrounder in cube form 75256 180 x 45 x 35cm 75254 90 x 45 x 35cm 75255 135 x 45 x 35cm Swivel office chair CALL CENTER. high gloss. tiny desk for notebook & Co. Great design and colours. ABS bowl-shaped seat in vintage leather 73946 Rollcontainer WHITE CLUB. 76 x 77 x 52cm 74372 Cube MEANDER. can swivel. vintage style etc. Desk SNAKE. available in 150 x 70cm and other sizes 72108 / 74263 Swivel stool EASY RETRO. 76 x 150 x 70cm 75193 Swivel office chair RELAX. High-gloss. ideal for the home office. innovative form for our WHITE CLUB range. 4 drawers. practical. matching rolling unit with drawer and table tops. adjustable height. rolling unit with 3 drawers.apart from the unique. 54 x 40 x 45cm 75020 Chair EXPO. Satinised nickel for 1 x 60 watts. height 180cm. 71759 Desk MR LITTLE. etc. red. beautiful! 55 x 35 x 30cm 75194 Standing lamp OFFICE. available in many styles: white. classic and stackable. Nothing can distract you . also available with high back 73875 Rollcontainer WHITE CLUB. New. beautiful design in the retro style.70 KARE at work HOME OFFICE 71 WHITE CLUB White lets your office shine and lets your ideas run free. fur cover. adjustable height 75384 . high gloss lacquered with round edges. With quilted upholstery and ergonomic form..

rocker mechanism 70507 Desk MANHATTAN. many different styles available 73763 Desk. rollcontainer with 3 drawers 74202 Swivel chair COMMANDER. 54 x 40 x 45cm 75478 Laptop table VISIBLE. height adjustable. aluminium. square. Desk featuring masculine elegance with drawer. 42 x 42 or 38 x 38cm 75051 Desk combination MILLENNIUM. Sturdy sheesham is evenly stained and quality is added with a water varnish. Chair EXPO. 75 x 115 x 70cm 75237 . 180 x 150 x 35cm 74992 Rollcontainer. microfiber cover in the vintage style. 56 x 48 x 46cm 74820 Cubes. 88 x 110 x 56cm 75805 Desk VEGAS.72 KARE at work HOME OFFICE 73 AUTHENTICO Clear expressive shapes with the use of beautiful grained wood set Authentico apart. 3 drawers. ergonomic form. 78 x 120 x 75cm 75419 Swivel chair ELEGANCE. High-gloss white lacquered desk 170 x 85 incl. height adjustable 73210 Rollcontainer AUTHENTICO CLUB. dark sheesham wood and stainless steel frame. Glass with chrome-plated steel frame. 2 drawers. 78 x 150 x 70cm 74821 Shelf unit 3 x 4. 3 drawers. with a cherry wood seat and upholstered backrest.

WAGS. 45 x 75 x 22cm 69813 ATHLET red. 45 x 75 x 22cm 68235 Chair SLOW FOOD. 180 x 120cm 71602 . Retro design table with trumpet-shaped legs made from brushed aluminum and a 10mm glass top. trainers and all those who get a kick out of football. For fans.74 KARE at work 75 dECO HIGHLIGHTS Our decorative objects are highlights in any room. with bronze finish. single or conference chair with a large amount of seating comfort. original replica design. 43 x 30 x 23cm 30803 ATHLET bronze. high-gloss lacquer or enhanced with marble base Table football STYLE. fabric or leather. 80x65x69cm Table GRANDE POSSIBILITA. with stainless steel. 80 x 80 x 40cm 69812 WOMAN. 45 x 75 x 22cm 30046 ATHLET chrome. 75178 AEROBIC. also available in red. also available in white and black. Athletic shapes and rich colours make an impact in any surroundings. Material: fibre glass. with chrome finish.

hide/suede. cover for dousing Carpet CIRCLE MULTI. various sizes. Table model. lit by bio-ethanol. dyed and printed. stainless steel with reinforced glass. Real leather patchwork rug. Wall model. 45 x 54 x 12cm 74980 TEPORE UNO. 170 x 240cm 69973 TEPORE S. Wall model. incl. 45 x 50 x 16cm 75904 Carpet CIRCLE COUNTRY.76 KARE accessories CARPETS & FIREPLACES 77 The entire selection of our magical carpets and fireplaces can be found at www.com TEPORE NERO. Real leather patchwork rug. Elaborately crafted carpet. 65 x 70 x 35cm 74981 TEPORE GROUND. 140 x 200cm 69821 Carpet BOBBEL MULTI. hide/suede. Wall model. 64 x 48 x 42cm 75587 TEPORE ROUND. ø150cm 69825 Carpet FACES. 48 x 70 x 15cm 75582 .KARE-DESIGN. Stand model. soot or smoke. 170 x 240cm 30382 TEPORE RECTANGULAR. Stand model. Innovative multicoloured carpet made of pure wool. 27 x 25 x 25cm 63975 FIREPLACES Decorative TEPORE fireplaces offer that real open hearth atmosphere without ash. handmade of pure wool.

79 x 138 x 50cm 75168 . also in 80 x 80 cm. also available in 110 x 110 cm. lacquered silver. Beautiful raindrop look. also available in other colours 180 x 80cm 75173 VENUS. also available in other sizes. 197 x 90cm 8853 WATER DROPS. Lacquered white wooden frame. An absolute favourite. On the following pages you will see part of our wide spectrum. 215 x 95cm 73915 ITALIAN BAROQUE. 180 x 80cm 73859 Make Up . Silver lacquered wooden frame in baroque forms. 4-part set with fold-out mirror and many useful features in white crocodile look. Contemporary bubble design. many colours and sizes available. from decorative to practical.table DIVA. High gloss with silver ornaments. Many of our models are available in various sizes and colours. Why not take a look for yourself! From left side to the right: SHINY ORNAMENT. Lively wooden frame. also available in gold. 135 x 78cm 74895 BUBBLE. ranging from small to huge.78 KARE accessories MIRRORS 79 mIRRORS Our selection of mirrors is legendary. 156 x 78cm 74519 TENDENCE OPULENCE.

here 110 x 110cm 73086 PRISMA. Great design & super features. 74894 The entire selection of our magical wall and standing mirrors can be found at www.com BUBBLE. also available in 156 x 78cm. also available in square and other sizes. Mirror object. Mirror object.KARE-DESIGN. Full ground-glass front. ø120cm. 140 x 105cm 74897 RHOMB. matching console table available. 81 x 81cm (available from January) 75683 . also available as full-length mirror or system mirror (endless) 100 x 82cm 72757 WATERDROPS. Contemporary bubble design. also in 170 x 80cm.80 KARE accessories MIRRORS 81 BIG BEAUTY.

high-gloss with silver ornaments. High-gloss lacquered white with wave structure. gold and pop-up colours. 170 x 40cm 75365 Full-length mirror BIG BEAUTY. High-gloss with silver ornaments. many colours and sizes available. Full ground-glass front. 180 x 80cm or 78 x 58cm 75841 TENDENCE OPULENCE. available in a range of colours 69496 Full-length mirror MODERN LIVING. Purist mirror with stainless steel frame. height approx. 160 x 100cm 75170 SHINY ORNAMENT. 122 x 41 x 5cm 74781 . white. Lacquered white wooden frame. 215 x 95cm 73915 Full-length mirror ORNAMENT. 180 x 54cm (available from January) 75847 Full-length mirror BAROCK. Classically elegant.82 KARE accessories MIRRORS 83 WAVE. available in a range of colours. other sizes available. Full-length mirror with lacquered wooden frame. 175 x 50cm 73353 CANDLE LIGHT. also available in black. 35 x 91 x 9cm 72830 BELLEZZA. lacquered silver or white. High-gloss decorative figure. 180 x 45 x 40cm 72373 POODLE. various colours and 2 sizes. Room for 9 tea lights giving that homely atmosphere. 63cm.

height 195cm 61902 BALANCE. dimmer. for 3 x 40 W. for 10 x 60 W. for 5 x 40 W. height 178cm. for 1 x 60 W. height 145cm 30530 BOCCIA. for 1 x 60 W. swivelling arms. other colours available. ø92cm 64430 CINQUE COLORE. for 4 x 40 W. height 175cm 5071 PIOGGIA. for 5 x 40 W.84 KARE accessories STANDARD LAMPS 85 LIGHT FIVE FINGERS. iron frame with 10 light fittings. for 3 x 60 W. 20 halogen bulbs. for 1 x 60 W. can be individually arranged. Cult standard lamp. also in pink. other colours available. Stylish and at the same time practical thanks to individually adjustable arms. height 142cm 30267 FACILE TAILLE. height 163cm 30236 LOUNGE. for 1 x 40 W. height 180cm 30274 PARECCHI. for 6 x 40 W. 200 x 70cm 63819 GOOSENECK. other colours available. height 180cm 30416 MUSHROOM. height 206cm 69318 . incl. height 202cm 30241 BLOOM. incl. height 161cm 69897 FLOW.

ø35cm 30150 GIOIELLO KRISTALL. ø45cm 30362 GIOIELLO SPIRALE. other colours available 30207 BULB. for 7 x 40 W. for 1x 40 W. incl. ø16cm 30419 CHAIN CHANDELIER. for 8 x 25 W. halogen bulb. ø12cm 63876 CORAL. for 1x 60 W. incl. for 1 x 60 W. other colours available. halogen bulb/s 30531 1-flam ø11cm 30532 5-flames ø50cm 30533 5-flames 120cm TENTACOLO. ø68cm 30296 CRISTALLO. incl. Pendant lamp in cristall design. other colours available. for 1 x 40 W. ø28cm 30124 BOCCIA. 5 halogen bulbs. ø25cm 65178 SPOT. height up to 250cm 30514 . for 6 x 40 W.86 KARE accessories PENDANT LIGHTS 87 CALOTTA.

com DOUBLE TURN. for 7 x 40 W. for 2 x 40 W. for 1x 40 W. for 1x 60 W. other colours available. for 1 x 40 W. BLOOM. other colours available. light fitting swivels. can swivel. also available in gold. height 50cm 30216 . also in black. for 1 x 40 W... for 1 x 40 W. for 1 x 40 W. height 60cm 30208 FLOW. also in other colors 63839. height 50cm 30439 MATKI. height 35cm 30982 VELVET POP. other colours available. materials and colors can be found at www.KARE-DESIGN. height 49cm 68714 CALOTTA. 69898 GLAMOUR . for 1 x 40 W. height 46cm 30134 ORDITO. 46 x 14cm. height 70cm 30509 GLAM.88 KARE accessories TABLE LAMPS 89 The entire selection of our light fixtures in all designs.

Print on canvas.90 KARE accessories GALLERY 91 ROOF OF THE WORLD. Print on canvas. Print on canvas. 50 x 70cm 30904 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. 30901 MOPS. 7-parts. Print on canvas. 70 x 100cm 30329 ARCHITECTURE. various images. Print on canvas. 50 x 70 or 100 x 140cm. 90 x 30cm 30334 TRAFFIC. 80 x 60cm or 150 x x120cm 30336 CAPITALS. 28 x 28cm 69132 NEW YORK VIEW. Print on canvas. Print on canvas. Print on canvas. 45 x 140cm 30335 COMIC. Print on canvas. Print on canvas. Print on canvas. 50 x 70cm 30819 COSMOPOLITAN. 100 x 140cm 30331 RED LIPS. 113 x 20cm each 30823 . 180 x 100cm 68159 AIRPLAIN.

hand-painted. Oil on canvas. Oil and artist-implements on canvas. 120 x 120cm 68888 SPLASH. hand-painted. 180 x 120cm 30789 The entire selection of our art in all designs.92 KARE accessories GALLERY 93 FISH. hand-painted. Oil on canvas. 170 x 130cm 30784 VINTAGE JEANS. Oil on canvas. Oil on canvas. Oil on canvas.KARE-DESIGN. 100 x 100cm 30790 IRON PAINTING. Oil on canvas. hand-painted. 120 x 120cm 30275 VILLA LETTERS. hand-painted. Oil on canvas with iron. materials and colors can be found at www. 120 x 160cm 30786 .com ATELIER. hand-painted. 140 x 100cm 30582 LADY 70IES. hand-painted. hand-painted. 120 x 80cm 30291 ROLLER. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100cm 30276 SEXY BOY BACK. hand-painted.

height 26cm 30107 KAKTUS. dolomite. Discover the beautiful things in life. Decorative figure. available in a range of sizes from 16 to 100cm 69311 MUSHROOMs. COMIC. height 25cm 30899 DECO 95 dECO Our decorative objects bring enlightenment to any room. Earthenware vase. height 36cm 65663 RHINO. moneybox or salt & pepper set. here: 30cm 63557 ROLLER. battery operated. approx. Fuel-saving decorative item made of aluminium. porcelain. Decorative figure. height 22cm 69943 SKORPION. Wall decoration. Aluminium bowl. various colours. 24cm 30272 CHALET. polyresin. dolomite in various colours and sizes 30887 . polyresin. approx. Money box. 14cm 69854 FLOW.94 KARE accessories GORILLA. Giant ashtray in a range of designs. 36 x 30 x 20cm 30410 DANCING COWS. 23 x 40cm 69748 VELVET BUDDHA. Decorative object. velvet finish. available in a range of sizes. Nostalgic clock. Decorative object. 18 x 12cm 31089 LIZARD. 20 x 27cm 63820 ROSE. white dolomite. earthenware. Decorative figure. Decoration. various designs. white polyresin.

Highboard BRITAIN. gIFTCARD Why not give a creative gift in the form of a shopping voucher for the amount of your choice. hotel or event . e. 3D-PLANNINg Our modern room planning system can show you how your dream furniture will look at home. PRIvATE SHOPPINg By appointment we can offer you full on-the-spot furnishing consultancy for major and minor lifestyle solutions.com you will find information on products and shops.6 KARE SERVICES TRANSPORT Favourably priced. available in a range of upholstery. upholstered in denim. ASSEMBLY On request we can provide a professional and favourably priced assembly service for the furniture you have purchased. Show your colours ! Comfortable cult object. Deco object made of steel and brass. 7 OFFICE. wingspan: 47cm 69254 WELCOME.. 105 x 120 x 45cm (available from 2011) 75799 Armchair OXFORD.we provide you with individual. FINANCINg Too much lifestyle all at once? We can offer you favourable payment terms which will allow you to acquire your treasures right now. restaurant. et Bienvenue. made-to-measure solutions.kare-design.AND FACILITY PLANNINg For office. fast and individual. Nappalon 71675 Armchair UNION JACK.. 89 x 90 x 95cm 75437 KARE WORLDWIDE Al KhobAr • AmmAn • Arezzo • bAhrAin • bAngKoK • bAnjA luKA beirut • beogrAd • besAncon • brAtislAvA • brussels buchArest • budApest • cAiro • cyprus • gAlAti • jeddAh KhArKov • Kiev • Kishinev • KuwAit • lisboA • lorient luxembourg • lyon • mAltA • melbourne • munich • mumbAi podgorize • prAgue • QAtAr • regensburg • riAdh • sAo pAulo sAloniKA • schweinfurt • shArjAh • sevAstopol • simferopol split • tjumen • viennA • volgogrAd • zAdAr • zurich . with 3 doors and 3 drawers. 164 x 86 x 52cm 30256 KARE ON THE WEB At www.g. life-sized decorative figure made of fibre glass. together with special offers and promotions.. Worldwide shipping. . TRIPLANE. the latest online brochures. contact opportunities and job vacancies. classical British-style comfort..

laminated wood with aluminium. denim. on casters. it will add British highlights to your home. 44 x 98 x 59cm 75457 Table lamp. 210 x 120cm 75446 Oxford-Sofa. height 240cm 30996 UNION JACK Show your colours.STRAIgHT. denim. 61 x 53 x 35cm 75760 . brass handles and oak top. on casters. laminated wood with aluminium. 45 x 45 x 45cm 75757 Chest. The Union Jack collection isn‘t just stylish. laminated wood with aluminium 60 x 60 x 60cm 75456 Oxford armchair. cotton suede with upholstery buttons. cotton suede with upholstery buttons. lacquered birch with two drawers. for 1x 40W. 77 x 242 x 96cm 75442 Coffee table. extra-tall standard lamp – iron with cement base. Mirror. 37 x 150 x 89cm 75448 Coffee table. denim. for 1 x 60W. 44 x 98 x 59cm 75457 Stool. 77 x 123 x 96cm 75443 Chest of drawers. height 45cm 30269 Settee.