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Exit the application Open Font dialogue box Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size CTRL + [ -- open box brackets button Spell check document Thesaurus EDIT MENU Cut Copy Paste Undo certain task Redo Find a word / phrase Open replace dialogue box Go To SELECTING TEXT………… One character to the right One character to the left To the end of a word To the beginning of a word To the end of a line To the beginning a line One line down One line up To the end of a paragraph To the beginning of a paragraph To the beginning of a document To include the entire document DELETING TEXT Delete one character to the left Delete one word to the left Delete one character to the right Delete one word to the right FORMAT MENU Backspace CTRL + Backspace Delete CTRL + Delete Shift + Right arrow Shift + Left arrow CTRL + Shift + Right arrow CTRL + Shift + Left arrow Shift + End Shift + Home Shift + Down arrow Shift + Up arrow Shift + CTRL + Down arrow Shift + CTRL + Down arrow CTRL + Shift + Home CTRL + A CTRL + X CTRL + C CTRL + V CTRL + Z CTRL + Y CTRL + F CTRL + H CTRL + G or F5 CTRL + N CTRL + O CTRL + S F12 CTRL + W or CTRL + F4 CTRL + P ALT + F4 CTRL + D CTRL + ] -- close box brackets button

F7 Shift + F7

Change case of letters (capital to small etc.example 22 Superscript ….) Bold Underline Italics Subscript ….example 22 ALIGNMENT OF PARAGRAPH Center a paragraph Justify a paragraph Left align a paragraph Right align a paragraph Indent a paragraph from the left Remove a paragraph indent from the left Create a hanging indent Reduce a hanging indent Remove paragraph formatting FUNCTION KEYS F1 F2 ALT + F3 F4 F5 CTRL + F6 F7 F8 KEYS FOR WINDOWS AND DIALOGUE BOXES: All the latest keyboards have two very important keys called the Windows key (located between the Control key and the Alt key) and a substitute or alternate key for the mouse right-click command (between the Windows key and Control key on the right side). Show the windows start menu Show desktop Open Windows Explorer Find a file Switch to the next program Switch to the next document window Press default button in dialogue box Cancel command in dialogue box DISCOVERY Enter comment in excel sheet cell & Edit an existing comment SHIFT + F3 CTRL + B CTRL + U CTRL + I CTRL + Equal sign CTRL + Shift + Equal sign CTRL + E CTRL + J CTRL + L CTRL + R CTRL + M CTRL + SHIFT + M CTRL + T CTRL + SHIFT + T CTRL + Q Help Move text Create Auto-Text entry Repeat the last action Go to / Refresh in case of internet Switch between documents that are open Check spelling and grammar Extend selection Windows key Windows key + D Windows key + E Windows key + F ALT + Tab CTRL + F6 ENTER Esc Shift + F2 .

Copy contents of the cell on the left to the current cell in Ctrl Excel MS + R Copy contents of the cell(s) above to the current cell in MS Excel (Can be used to copy contents of multiple cells in the row ab Ctrl + D Maximize a window Alt + Space bar + X Minimize a window Alt + Space bar + N .