I. Daily Life A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: I Live in Pasadena Where do you live? I live in Pasadena. Where is Pasadena? It’s in California.

Is it in northern California? No. It’s in southern California. Is Pasadena a big city? It’s pretty big. How big is “pretty big? It has about 140,000 people. How big is Los Angeles? It has about 3 million people.

A: But girls like guys who are funny. B: Maybe we should learn some good jokes. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Walking the Dog Where are you going? I have to walk the dog. What kind of dog do you have? I have a little poodle. Poodles bark a lot. They sure do. They bark at everything. They never shut up. Why did you get a poodle? It’s my mom’s dog. So she likes poodles. She says they’re good watchdogs.


I Have a Honda

A: Do you have a car? B: Yes, I do. A: What kind of car do you have? B: I have a Honda. A: Is it new? B: It was new in 2003. A: So, it’s pretty old now. B: Yes, it is. But it still looks good. A: Do you take good care of it? B: Oh, yes. I wash it once a week. A: Do you change the oil? B: My mechanic changes the oil twice a year. 3. Do You Have a Girlfriend?


Borrowing Money

A: Can I borrow $5? B: Sure. Why do you need it? A: I want to buy lunch. B: Where’s your money? A: It’s not in my wallet. B: Your wallet is empty? A: I don’t have even one dollar in it. B: Being broke is no fun. A: Even if it’s only for a short while. B: It’s always good to have friends. A: Friends will lend you money when you’re broke. B: As long as you pay them back. Going to the Beach A: Let’s go to the beach. B: That’s a great idea. A: We haven’t been in a while. B: We haven’t been in a month. A: The last time we went, you almost drowned. B: No, I didn’t. A: Then why did the lifeguard dive into the water?

A: Do you have a girlfriend? B: No, I don’t. Do you? A: I don’t have a girlfriend, either. B: Why not? A: I don’t know. Maybe I’m not rich enough. B: Girls like guys with money. A: They sure do. B: They like guys with new cars. A: I don’t have money or a new car. B: Me, neither.


B: A: B: A: B:

I think he wanted to cool off. He swam right up to you. And then he turned right around. Maybe you’re right. Maybe we should get going. 7. My Wife Left Me

B: A: B: A: B: A: B:

It has the Rose Parade. It has beautiful houses. It has wonderful restaurants. It has great schools. It’s close to the mountains. The people are friendly. I’m not ever going to leave. 10. The New Mattress

A: Are you married? B: No. I’m divorced. A: When did you get divorced? B: I got divorced two years ago. A: Why did you get divorced? B: My wife left me. A: Why did she leave you? B: She said she didn’t love me anymore. A: Wow! That’s terrible. B: Yes, it was. A: Why didn’t she love you anymore? B: She fell in love with my best friend. What’s on TV? A: I’m bored. B: What’s on TV? A: Nothing. B: There must be something on TV! A: Nothing that’s interesting. B: What about that new game show? A: Which one? B: "Deal or No Deal" A: Tell me you’re joking. B: I love that show. A: I watched it once. That was enough. B: It’s on right now. Let’s watch it together.

A: We need a new mattress. B: What’s the matter with this one? A: It’s not comfortable. B: It seems fine to me. A: I toss and turn all night. B: You should stop drinking coffee. A: Look at these marks on my arms. B: What are they? A: They are bites. B: Did the cat bite you? A: No. The bedbugs in that mattress bit me. B: Okay. Let’s get a new mattress. 11. My Laptop Is So Slow

9. B: A: B: A:

A Nice Place to Live

A: I like living here. I agree. Pasadena is a nice city. It’s not too big. And it’s not too small. It has great weather all year long.

A: My laptop is so slow. B: Buy a new one. A: I would if I had the money. B: Why is it so slow? A: That’s a good question. B: Did you take it to a computer shop? A: I would if I had the money. B: Well, I guess you have to live with it. A: Sometimes I want to throw it out the window. B: You don’t want to do that. A: Why not? B: You might hit someone in the head. 12. How about a Pizza?

A: What’s for dinner? B: I’m not sure.


A: How about a pizza? B: You had pizza for lunch. A: But I love pizza. B: Everybody loves pizza. A: So why can’t I have pizza for dinner? B: Because you need variety. A: What’s “variety? B: Different things—not the same thing all the time. A: You mean, like a pepperoni pizza instead of a cheese pizza? B: No, I mean a salad instead of a pizza. 13. The New House

A: We need to save money. B: Why do we need to save money? A: Because we need to buy a house. B: But a house is so expensive. A: That’s why we need to save money. B: How much do we need to save? A: We need to save enough for a down payment. B: How much is that? A: That’s about $30,000. B: Thirty thousand dollars! That will take forever. A: Not if we save every penny. B: Okay. Here’s seven pennies. Fish Are Everywhere A: The ocean is so big. B: You can’t see the end of it. A: It goes on and on forever. B: And it’s deep, too. A: I think it’s five miles deep. B: Are there fish at the bottom? A: There are fish at the top and the bottom. B: Are there more fish or more people? A: I think there are more fish. B: I hope so. I love to eat fish.

A: I’m upset with my mom. B: Why is that? A: I warned her about her new boyfriend. She didn’t listen to me. B: What happened? A: I gave her $1,000 for her birthday. I told her to spend it on herself. B: That was very nice of you. A: I found out that she gave it to her new boyfriend. B: Why did she do that? A: He said he would buy her a nice ring. B: What’s wrong with that? A: He went to Las Vegas. He lost it all gambling. B: I hope your mom broke up with him. 16. Talking Animals

A: Do animals talk to each other? B: Of course they talk to each other. A: What do they talk about? B: They talk about other animals. A: What else do they talk about? B: They talk about food and the weather. A: Do they talk about us? B: Of course they talk about us. A: What do they say about us? B: They say that we are funny-looking. A: Ha! We’re not funny-looking; animals are funny-looking. B: We’re funny-looking because we wear clothes. 17. B: A: B: A: B: A: Housecleaning Day


A Bad Boyfriend

A: I have to clean the house. Yes, it’s very dirty. You can help me. Why me? Because you helped make it dirty. What do you want me to do? I want you to clean the bathroom.


B: Oh, that’s easy. A: Clean the sink, the tub, the counter, and the toilet. B: That’s a lot of work. A: Tell me when you finish. B: I don’t think so. You’ll just give me more work. A TV Lover A: You’re watching too much TV. B: What do you mean? A: I mean you’re wasting your life. B: I’m having fun. A: You’re sitting there with your mouth open. B: Who cares? A: I care. Do something. B: Okay. I did something. A: What did you do? B: I turned up the volume. A: That’s not what I meant by “do something.?

B: When is grandma going to learn about e-mail? Are You Sleepy? A: Why are you yawning? B: I’m sleepy. A: Why don’t you go to bed? B: I want to watch this TV show. A: Maybe you should record it. B: The tape recorder is broken. A: Then you should watch the rerun. B: Why? I’m watching the original. A: But you’ll be asleep in about one minute. B: I’m just yawning because the commercials are on. A: Okay. I’ll tell you how the show ends. B: Zzz.

21.God Is Watching A: It’s Sunday. B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: So? You know what that means. I forgot. Sunday means we go to church. Oh, yeah. Put on a coat and tie. Why? To show respect to God and others. I’m glad Sunday is only once a week. I hope God didn’t hear that. He’ll forgive me. 22.Feed the Cat A: Did you feed the cat? B: I’ll do that in a minute. A: The cat is meowing. He’s hungry. B: Okay. I’ll feed him right now. A: You shouldn’t make him wait. B: I was doing my homework. A: The cat doesn’t care about your homework. B: The cat doesn’t care about anything.

B: Will you do something? Leave me alone. 19. Write to Your Grandma

A: Did you write a letter to grandma? B: Yes, I did. A: Did you tell her about school? B: I told her that school is fun. A: Did you put the letter in an envelope? B: Yes, and I sealed the envelope. A: Did you put a stamp on the envelope? B: I couldn’t find any stamps. A: They’re in the kitchen drawer. B: Okay. I just put a stamp on the envelope. A: Give me the envelope, and I’ll mail it for you.

A: B: A: B:

That’s the way cats are. All they think about is themselves. Maybe we should get rid of him. Of course not! He’s family.

23.Shave Your Face A: I hate shaving. B: Me too. A: I just cut myself again. B: Did you use a new blade? A: It doesn’t matter. Old blades cut, new blades cut. B: Maybe you should use an electric shaver. A: They make a lot of noise, but they don’t give a close shave. B: Maybe you should stop shaving. A: And grow a beard? B: Sure. Why not? A: Because food and other stuff sticks in my beard. B: Hmm. Here’s an idea. Put cream on your face and have the cat lick it off. 24.Two Polite People A: Excuse me. B: Yes? A: Are you reading this paper? B: Oh, no. Help yourself. A: I asked because the paper is sitting next to you. B: Thank you. That’s polite of you to ask. A: Some people would just pick it up. B: Yes, I know. Some people are rude. A: I always try to be polite. B: So do I. A: The world needs more polite people like us. B: I agree 100 percent. 25. Give Me a Puppy A: Mom, I want a puppy. B: Let me think about it.

A: Why do you have to think about it? B: Because a puppy costs money. A: No, it doesn’t. Puppies are free. B: Yes, but a puppy needs shots. A: Shots for what? B: So it won’t get sick. Just like you get shots. A: I hate shots. B: And a puppy eats food. Food costs money. A: No problem. I’ll give him food off my plate. B: Oh, no you don’t. Puppies don’t eat vegetables. 26. Kittens to Give Away A: Look at all these kittens! B: How many are there? A: Eight. B: They’re all so cute. A: Yes, but I can’t keep them. B: What are you going to do with them? A: I’m going to give them away. Do you want one? B: Yes, I would love one. A: Which one do you want? B: That one. The one that’s all black. A: Yes, I like that one, too. B: I’ll call him Blacky. 27. Happy in Heaven A: My parents go to church every Sunday. B: They trust in God. A: They hope they will go to heaven. B: They probably will. A: But no one knows for sure. B: That’s for sure. A: No one knows what happens after we die. B: If we are good, we will be happy in heaven with God.


B: When you go to church? A: No. Dad Has a Girlfriend A: My parents are divorced. What’s That Smell? A: My grandma’s apartment smells funny. A: That’s too bad.A: That’s what many people believe. B: Really? A: Yes. 31. B: He learned his lesson. A: She had good reason. A: Thank you. B: My friend stayed in a hotel on Friday the thirteenth. B: Okay. B: That’s a bad day. okay! I’ll make a reservation right now. Do You Love Me? A: Do you really love me? B: Of course. A: I think it’s an old people’s smell. B: Like fruit that is too ripe? A: Yes. A: Prove it. A: What did your father do? B: He moved out of our house. A: I don’t want to go to hell. we will be unhappy forever in hell. B: My mother was hurt and angry. just like fruit that is too ripe. B: Let’s go to church with your parents on Sunday. What did she do? B: She told him to drop his girlfriend. Friday the 13th A: Today is Friday the thirteenth. A: I knew you didn’t love me. but I talk to him almost every day. B: But the smell is different. A: He was asking for it. B: That’s such a hassle. not to McDonald’s. His Line Is Never Busy A: My husband died. B: He stayed on the thirteenth floor. A: What happened? B: Someone stole his laptop. B: So does mine. A: That’s what I do. you begin to smell. and you have to make a reservation. He’s home today. B: If we are bad. B: That’s it? That’s all I have to do? A: Take me to a nice restaurant. 6 . A: Yes. A: It’s supposed to be unlucky. B: I’m sorry for you. A: That was a mistake. B: You still miss him. I think when you get old. 28. A: I guess he really liked his new girlfriend. B: What will you do when the battery dies? 29. B: How can I prove it? A: Take me to dinner. A: Why did your parents get divorced? B: My father found a new girlfriend. B: When did he die? A: A couple of months ago. 32. B: Yes. when I call him on his cell phone. B: But a nice restaurant costs money. B: You’re supposed to stay home all day. A: Yes. 30. B: What do you mean? A: I buried him with his cell phone. but she left him a year later. B: So are mine.

it’s your life. B: Where did you lose it? A: I have no idea. Did You Say Something? A: I have to go to the bathroom. 35. A: Why do they want tax cuts? B: Because tax cuts will save them money. A: Neither have I. 36. B: It was before I was born. they do a good job for the money. B: You drink too much coffee. they smell like a thrift shop. A: Now a stamp is 42 cents. and I put the pillowcases on the pillows. B: I found a button in my pant cuffs one time. B: What are you going to do? A: First. 38. A: What about the pillowcases? B: Yes. A Lost Button A: A button came off my shirt. Well. A: Did you dry everything in the dryer? B: Yes. No. B: Yes. A: You’re right. A: Then what did you do? B: I folded all the towels. B: Now all you have to do is sew it on. Talk Radio A: Do you listen to the radio? B: I listen day and night. B: A button is hard to find. I don’t think so. This one does have an extra button. A: What do you listen to? B: Mostly talk radio. A: Have you ever lost a letter in the mail? B: No. I dried everything in the dryer. B: I think stamps used to cost a penny. I haven’t. an old smell 33. You eat too much chocolate. What did you say? I said I have to go to the bathroom. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: But I love coffee. Did you look in your pant cuffs? A: That’s a good idea. B: Many shirts come with an extra button. A: Did you put the sheets on the beds? B: Yes. A Bad Diet 7 . B: So. Washed and Folded A: Did you do the laundry? B: Yes. they do. B: No. I did. B: But in May it will be 44 cents. I have to find the button. That’s what I thought you said. a thrift shop has that same smell. A: That was a long time ago. Have you looked in the mirror? Do you think I’m getting fat? I didn’t say that. A: What did you wash? B: I washed the sheets and towels. A: What do they say? B: They say they want change. I took them off the pillows and washed them. A: What’s that? B: People talk about current events. it’s not there. old people don’t smell like fruit. A: Let me look. A: What kind of change? B: They want tax cuts. 37. A: Yes. B: Maybe we shouldn’t complain 34. They Deliver A: The price of stamps goes up and up.A: Yes. A: Yes.

A: Where’s the mustard? B: It’s in the fridge. here it is. if we have any. B: I can smell you. B: Oh. because this happened before. That’s bad news. A: That’s my perfume. B: If my hard drive crashes. A: You need a bath every day. A: It sure is. I always back up my files. B: What kind? A: A ham sandwich. A: I’m looking. young lady. B: That’s nice. B: I went to the market yesterday. 8 . A: That’s what you think. B: Are you sure? A: It’s almost empty. B: What’s the matter? A: I think I know. A: I don’t see anything. 43. my hard drive is easy to remove and replace. 42. All you want to eat are hot dogs and candy bars. I’ll just call you. A: Oh. 39. B: What happened before? A: My hard drive crashed. B: You’re smart. Mom. A New Hard Drive A: I called HP about my computer. How much is a new one? A: It’s not too much. just to make sure. B: The bread is in the cabinet. B: But. B: Look in the fridge. A: I can smell you. A: I think I’ll make a sandwich. It’s good for you. A: It’s a lot better than paying someone $60. Your Email Address A: What’s your email address? B: It’s bluedog123. only about $85. B: Eat the fruit. And a pickle. that sounds nice. B: That’s too bad. I’m hungry. B: I don’t smell bad. A: How about some potato chips? B: Yes. B: No. I want something tasty. A: Next time you go to the market. no. B: Exactly what? A: All I get is a black screen. B: When can I wear perfume? 41. B: Will you lose all your files? A: No. B: If I smelled bad. but I’m going to call HP first. B: Really? A: Yes. Do you want a sandwich? B: Yes. yes. B: What did they say? A: They said I need a new hard drive. 40. B: I bought lots of oranges and apples. A Ham Sandwich A: What is there to eat? B: I don’t know. too. I’m not dirty. I could smell me. Look in the fridge. A Black Screen A: Something’s wrong with my computer. There’s nothing to eat.A: Mom. B: Why? A: Because you don’t want to smell bad. A: I don’t want fruit. thank you. B: Plus installation? A: No. Time for Your Bath A: It’s time for your bath. let me go with you. it’s just a couple of screws. I think.

thanks. Pasadena. CA 91170. I have only one best friend. B: You have lots of friends. A: I liked it. Are you sure that's all? B: Yes. too. it was. 45. A: That’s correct. A: Did you have to blow right next to the phone? B: Did you hear that? A: Of course I heard that. A: I will blow my nose sometime for you. B: What do you mean? A: What’s your mailing address? B: 456 Cherry Drive. Thinking about His Funeral A: That was a nice funeral. 44. I get it. A: What did you say? I think I’ve gone deaf. B: I’ll start dinner at 6:00. B: I’ll give you a speech like that. A: I don’t think I’m going to dream about anything.com. B: It wasn’t that loud. A: That’s a good idea. Do you have a best friend? A: Of course. It was interesting. A: I thought you had an elephant in your house. A: The son gave a nice speech about his father. B: But it went by fast. too! 46. I’m really tired. and you’ll see. A: You mean I will smell the food cooking? B: You might even dream about dinner. A: Do you think anyone will come to my funeral? B: Of course. Time for a Nap A: I’m going to take a nap. My email address is bluedog123@yahoo. B: You’re funny. I’ll take your word for it. B: You should unplug the phone. B: That is a lot of friends.A: Bluedog123. I have lots of best friends. 9 . too. Just let me sleep until I wake up. B: Really? How many do you have? A: I don’t know. I think I’ll be awake by then. A: I think it was about 45 minutes long. A: Okay. You Can Have Some of My Friends A: I have lots of friends. B: Oh. I thought a plane had crashed into your house. I’ll be right back. B: Hmm. The Elephant A: Yikes! What was that noise? B: I had to blow my nose. B: If not. You have to give me the city. B: I’m going into the bathroom to blow my nose. maybe one hundred. B: Yes. your nose will wake you up. B: It was long. 47. B: So what’s the problem? A: Bluedog123 is just the street. A: No. They will be there. B: Do you want me to wake you in an hour? A: No. B: Okay. state. A: I think only the family will be there. B: Have a nice nap. and ZIP code. B: How many best friends do you have? A: I think about twenty-five. That’s incomplete. dad.

A: Oh. A: I don’t understand. Why do you say that? The sky is gray. you’ll be sorry. B: I’m an open book. I took him there yesterday. B: Let me help you. How do you know? The street isn’t wet. Is it raining right now? No. B: Why would I do that? A: Because men like to cheat. B: I bet you had to drag him away. You Will Die A: Don’t you ever cheat on me. B: And they will yell back at you. I will share my friends with you. A: What does “MI?mean? B: “MI?stands for Middle Initial. Why don’t you look outside? Okay. B: I wonder what he’ll name it. I swear it. B: Always print clearly. 1987. please. A: You must be lonely. B: Some men do. if your birth date is January 12. A: And eat too much. 51. Watch me all you want. yes. A: I will chop your toes off. B: Honey. B: That’s very nice of you. A: He wanted to take it home yesterday. B: One that won’t grow up too big. The Animal Shelter A: Let’s go to the animal shelter. A: I will poke your eyes out. Let’s Not Go Out A: I hate to go outside. That’s simple enough. B: I don’t want any other woman. forever. I’m not a cheater. B: You won’t catch me. 10 . but not me. B: What do you want to do? A: I want to get a puppy for my son. It looks like rain. A: Why do you hate to go outside? B: I meet too many jerks. A: What does “MM/DD/YY?mean? B: That means Month/Day/Year. A: I’ll get him one of those little dogs. I just woke up. A: I agree.A: I feel sorry for you. You’re the only woman for me. Fill Out the Form A: Will you look at this form? B: Are you having problems with it? A: I don’t understand some things. Is It Raining? A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: What’s the weather like? I don’t know. write 01/12/87. He showed me one that he really liked. one by one. The best thing to do is just stay home. because I love you. 50. 48. 49. A: I’m watching you. B: This city is full of jerks. and fill in the bubbles completely. If You Cheat. Use numbers. B: Me too. B: Do you know which one he would like? A: Oh. A: Rude people are everywhere. B: That will make him so happy. 52. A: Yelling doesn’t do any good. B: For example. A: If I catch you. B: I have only a few friends. B: But what can you do? A: You can yell at them. B: No.

B: It gives you money? A: I just insert my debit card into the machine. no. B: Why is that? A: Because I love the snow. I get six Korean channels but nothing in English! 11 . no. B: What do you need to do? A: I need to withdraw some money. A: Does it pick up any digital channels? B: Oh. B: How long did it take? A: It took us all day. A: What happened? B: I don’t know. B: Oh. B: And it gives you money? A: Well. but you won’t have time to do it. 56. 54. 55. you don’t. A: Last year we made a big snowman. B: I’ll just take it out to the street tomorrow morning. We gave him a big carrot for a nose. B: Okay. The ATM A: I’m going to the bank. B: How are you going to do that? A: I’ll just use the ATM. A: Did you call the repairman? B: Of course. B: You’d better take an umbrella. it gives me money. B: It doesn’t work. Move the Blue Bin A: Did you put the blue bin out on the street? B: Oh. What good is that? I thought it gave you free money. He said next week. I’ll take it out front right now. B: Oh. the snow is fun. B: What time does the recycle truck come by? A: It usually gets here at noon on Tuesday. B: Did you give him a nose? A: Of course.A: I have to go shopping today. It’s So Hot A: I can’t believe how hot it is. A: That means it will get hotter. yes. B: What are you talking about? A: The nation is switching to digital TV. B: How big was it? A: It was seven feet tall. B: It’s not even noon yet. A Snowman A: I’ll be glad when winter comes. A: Did you buy the converter? B: No. B: Let me help you make one this year. Of course I’m ready. B: What’s that? A: It’s the Automatic Teller Machine. B: Yes. Digital TV A: Are you ready? B: Ready for what? A: Ready for the big switch. 57. which is tomorrow. A: How much was that? B: It was only about $120 for a 13-inch screen. I don’t need a converter because I bought a digital TV. A: Well. B: Do you think I’ll forget to do it? A: You’ll remember to do it. A: Turn on the air conditioner. B: What do you mean? A: Every morning you get up late and rush off to work late. A: Oh. 53. you’d better take it out front. I forgot. but it’s my own money. B: I am dying from the heat. A: When is he coming? B: He’s busy.

But Is It Art? A: I don't get art. Just Shoot Me A: People are funny. B: Did he crash? A: No. A: Your daddy was a good little boy. A: Your sleeves are not tissues. That would be racist. B: Did the cops find out why he flew into the U. you have to take care of your wife. but marriage is a lot of responsibility. B: I saw Dad wipe his nose on his sleeve yesterday. B: How do you know? Were you his mommy. B: But I don’t have a tissue. and about 30 years old. 12 . B: That sounds wonderful. A: Did you hear about the pilot? B: The one that stole a small plane? A: Yes. A: I will talk to your father about that. B: Or artists. B: Are you going to start a family? A: Yes. B: You should be happy. black hair. B: The TV news doesn’t tell us the race anymore. he just landed the plane and walked to a restaurant. he stole a plane in Canada and flew into the U. A: I am happy. too? 61. Two Little Ones A: I’m worried.S. A: That doesn’t make it right. 59.S.? A: His life sucked. all my friends use their sleeves. A: Of course not. He was hoping a fighter jet would shoot him down.S. Use a Tissue A: Don’t wipe your nose on your sleeve. B: They sure are. 200 pounds. fighter jets followed him for an hour. B: How do you know? A: The TV news is reporting a bank robbery. B: Poor guy. B: But Mom. 62. not worried. B: Yes. B: Did they catch him? A: Yes. B: Worried about what? A: I’m getting married. B: I bet Dad did it all the time when he was my age. A: They're in a different world.58. A: Then go find a tissue in the bathroom. he landed on a highway. B: I didn’t have time to get one from there. B: But how can we identify someone if we don’t know their race? A: Don’t ask me. A: Except we can’t afford it! B: No wonder you’re worried. A: And I have to take care of our children. After two U. We want to have a little boy and a little girl. B: What race is he? A: They didn’t say. he’s 6 feet tall. Don’t Be a Racist A: The police need our help finding a robber. 60. because that is sexist. B: Do they know what the robber looks like? A: Yes. B: Then they also shouldn’t tell us if the robber is male or female.

A: The artist said the jar was both full and empty. B: Lucky for you it wasn't a sharp knife. B: But it was full of pencils! How could he say it was empty? A: Artists see things differently. I drew paintings like that in third grade. the glue washes off. B: Where are they? Maybe they are worth millions. A: Then why aren't I having fun? B: Because you're thinking too much. B: The patch has glue. But after about ten washings. 66. I would pick cigarettes. that's a tough one. B: Who knows? You live. A: We must be here for some reason. A: Neither can I. of course. A: Tell me about this patch. B: So are cigarettes. B: I don't think I want to go to your heaven 65. B: You shouldn't carry pens in your pocket. A: Yesterday a pen fell through my pants onto my shoe. B: You can sew it up or use an iron-on patch. I have to fix the hole. B: I could pick only one or the other? A: Yes. A: Who carries a sharp knife in their pocket? B: Criminals. Life Is for Living A: What's the point? B: The point of what? A: Of living. 63. and then you die. A: Well. What's So Funny? A: Do you know any good jokes? B: I can't remember jokes. A: So I should stop thinking? B: Stop thinking about what the point is. you can't have everything. A: Which would you prefer? B: What do you mean? A: When you die and go to heaven. B: They go in one ear and out the other. Nothing's perfect. B: Maybe we're here to have fun. B: But cigarettes taste much better when you have a cold beer. B: Just be patient. Fun doesn't come along every five minutes 64. B: Did you ever see anything that Picasso painted? A: Of course! He's world famous.B: I saw a painting of a jar that was full of pencils. I'll start thinking about having some fun. A: Who makes up all these jokes? B: Who knows? But there must be a 13 . not even in heaven. Patch It or Sew It? A: My pants have a hole in the front pocket. B: It is. B: Did he ever take art lessons? A: I can't believe it. A: Okay. B: Boy. they will offer you beer or cigarettes. A Tough Choice A: Beer is a powerful drug. A: Anyway. The hot iron melts the glue so the patch sticks on. A: What's so tough about it? Of course. A: That sounds a lot easier than sewing.

A: Like "One. A: I wish I was really smart. Without music. I think I'm average. B: Is it your birthday or anniversary? A: No. B: Spanish is easy. B: What's that? A: It's a yearly reminder to take care of our planet. A: How long will it take me to learn? B: I think it will only take you a year or two. B: Why do you say that? A: You speak two languages.hundred new ones every day. A: Did you ever take an IQ test? B: No. All I know is that I got A's and B's in school. save water. it's April 22. 68. and stop using plastic bags. Spanish Spoken Here A: You're very lucky. It's the Only Earth We've Got A: Do you know what today is? B: Yes. just in English alone. A: No one speaks perfect English. I guess. B: Oh. 69. B: I don't know anyone who likes it. too. because showers waste a lot of water. B: Don't be ridiculous. A: Did he get rich from his poetry? B: Probably not. really? I think most jokes are about men! 67. B: From now on I'll spend only 20 minutes in the shower. A: What do you mean? B: If you're going to make a wish. B: Oh. No Time for Rhyme A: Poetry sucks. it's Earth Day. the poems that rhyme and are easy to remember. A: Of course! People everywhere like good jokes. B: I wonder if every language has jokes. B: Shakespeare was a poet. We need to think green. two. B: Yes." B: But people still write poems. A: Why's that? B: Because if you're super-smart. 71. B: Maybe I will be the first! A: I've been thinking about learning Spanish. A: No one makes any money at it. B: Well. wish that you were really rich or famous. A: Poems are a little bit like songs. A: It's more than just a date. but songs have music. my English isn't perfect. B: Yes. B: What do you think people joke about the most? A: I think most jokes are about women. Dumb and Happy A: How smart are you? B: I don't know. A: Yes. you mean like reuse things and recycle stuff? A: Yes. A: How soon can we begin? B: Ahora! That means right now. A: Don't you ever wonder what it's like to be super-smart? B: It must be very lonely. I never did. I'll be happy to teach you. songs would suck. 70. no one understands what you're saying. A: Some of it is okay. Live from NBC 4! 14 . B: How about if I take shorter showers? A: That's a good idea. buckle my shoe.

not living people. B: Don’t you want me to clean up the mud? A: Wait till it dries. B: Okay. 73. It will be easier to vacuum. A: You're not going to be buried? B: A coffin costs too much and takes up too much space. B: I’ll get her a nice card. B: Children seldom visit their parents in a cemetery. A: What was the second story? B: Some actor married a woman young enough to be his daughter. A: That's true. A: Well. Life after Death A: What are you going to do about your death? B: Well. and all you ever give her is a card? B: It’s okay. A: Of course they’re clean. You left all the mud on the carpet. Whenever the weather comes on. She's going to hire a nanny for her eight infants. A: Yes. What was on? B: Nothing that would pass as news. A New Flag A: I don’t like our flag. 75. B: I thought it was next Sunday. A: Then why is there mud on the carpet? B: I don’t know. A: We figure our kids can visit us whenever they go to the beach. B: This Sunday? A: Of course. A: Well. of course I wiped my feet. A: What was the lead story on the news? B: Some actress was in court for driving without a license. mostly I'll try to avoid it. Mother’s Day A: What are you getting for your mom? B: What are you talking about? A: Sunday is Mother’s Day. B: Look at the bottom of my shoes— they’re clean. no. A: She raised you. A cemetery is for dead people. are you going to get buried or cremated? B: My wife and I will be cremated. It’s all over the news. It’s not my mud. She knows that I love her. 74. someone brought it into the house. Our ashes will be shaken into the ocean. A: What's the weather going to be like this weekend? B: I don't know. A: I mean. but it will be in a cemetery where your children can visit you. That’s all I ever give her. Wipe Your Feet A: Did you wipe your feet? B: Yes. B: Next time I will be more careful. B: What’s the matter with it? 15 . A: Is that it? B: Yes.A: I missed the TV news last night. A: What was the third story? B: A bull chased a man in a supermarket. A: Don’t vacuum it now. A: Wasn't there anything about OctoMom? B: Of course. you’d better get her something. I switch channels. 72. I’ll get the vacuum cleaner. A: Are you going to be buried next to each other? B: Oh.

A: Without gravity. B: Of course it does. Then I did my laundry. B: Did you check all your pockets? A: I checked all my pockets. it only cost me a dollar. B: Did you look in your desk? A: Yes. You have a lot of plants. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: 2. B: You can’t go to war carrying a flag with a woman on it! 76. Why do you like it? Because it has great teachers. B: So how do you make long distance calls? A: I use a calling card. A: Oh. either. B: What should our flag look like? A: It should have a pretty woman on it.A: It’s too much like other flags. A: A flag should be pretty. Gravity for All A: Gravity is very important. Anything else? Yes. It isn’t there. I’ll bet he enjoyed his walk. What did you do? I watered all the plants. the water goes down into the glass. well. I do. 3. Do you like it? Oh. B: How much is it? A: It’s one dollar for 100 minutes. B: I don’t understand. School Life 1. too. But not on our flag! A: Every nation should have a pretty woman on their flag. B: It’s probably around somewhere. But you have to dial a lot of numbers. the water would 16 . then A: I lost my new pen. I Go to College Do you go to college? Yes. I vacuumed the entire house. B: Yikes. A: If you pour water into a glass. I used it yesterday. I really like it. then ten more numbers. It’s not expensive! A Lost Pen 77. What college do you go to? I go to Pasadena City College. B: Where do you get that? A: I buy it at the dollar store. a lot of flags have stripes. Dialing for a Dollar A: I don’t have long distance service with my home phone. B: How many? A: First you dial seven numbers. B: Only a dollar? Don’t even look for it. B: Yes. What else? I like all my classmates. B: When did you lose it? A: I think I lost it today. B: That’s only a penny a minute! A: It’s a great price. B: What is gravity? A: It’s the force that pulls everything down. I think I’ll keep my long distance service. B: Where did you lose it? A: I don’t know. That’s a lot of work. yes. I’ll bet you were hungry! ten numbers. I took the dog for a walk. Work up an Appetite A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: I had a busy morning. That takes some time. B: That’s ridiculous! A: You don’t like pretty women? B: Of course I do. And then I made lunch.

B: I’ll get the yellow pages for an eye doctor. B: Yes. 5. B: So do I. The teacher doesn’t permit calculators. A: Thank you.go up. A: I’ll make an appointment tomorrow. B: Tell her I said hello. B: Turn on the light. B: I’ll read it very loud. A: There will be another show next week. A: I like the beautiful photos of the houses for sale. A: Go do your homework. B: But. Shake Your Pen A: My pen is out of ink. A: The light is on. A: Without gravity. 9. A: Then why are you watching TV? B: This is my favorite show. too. B: What were you doing? A: I was writing a letter. A: Okay. I already have a pen. B: So did mine! 7. A: I read it once. A: The book is open. A: How about a dictionary? B: No. A: I shook it. B: I hate the rules! I can’t wait till I grow up. B: I gave a subscription to my parents. in case your hearing is getting bad. B: You’re joking. B: He’ll give you a prescription for glasses. we have a big dictionary in the classroom. New Glasses A: I can’t read my book. A: Me too. B: I always read the film reviews. I guess that’s it. A Good Magazine B: It gives you all the news. They canceled their other news magazines. B: But the show will be over. mom! A: You can watch TV after you do your homework. 17 . A: Read the phone number to me. The Soldier A: I like this magazine. B: Open the book. B: I like the political cartoons. A: All the news in only 50 pages. B: Take your time. There is no more ink. B: You can borrow mine. School Items A: What do you need for school? B: I need pencils. I’ll buy a new one tomorrow. that’s all I need for now. A: I never miss the food and drink section. B: Shake it a couple of times. and I subscribed. A: Anything else? B: I need a notebook. I’ll return your pen when I’m done. B: Please? A: You know the rules. 6. B: What do you mean? A: You would float into the sky like a balloon. Do Your Homework A: Have you done your homework? B: Not yet. A: Do you need a calculator? B: No. A: Well. you would go up. B: See an eye doctor. A: Do you need a pen? B: No. A: That’s what I need to do. B: That would be fun! 4. B: Who were you writing to? A: It’s to my mom. 8.

A: I don’t think so. B: But thieves don’t know that. A: You’d think a library would be safe from thieves. When’s that? When I need something. A: So you’re not very good at math? B: I’m terrible at math. I’ll have enough money to go to college. B: I’ll say. B: How do you like it? A: Do you see all this gray hair? It was totally black five years ago. it has lots of rooms and lots of space. A: I drove around for half an hour. B: Did you yell at them? A: Yes. A: The only thing in my backpack is used books. Prayers A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: Do you believe in God? Of course. A: I can’t do that. Do you pray to God? Occasionally. A: Well. 10. I need some help. B: And? A: And he yelled back at me. A: They might think that I’ve got an iPod or laptop in there. You might get killed. Keep Your Eyes Open A: This is a huge library. B: You’re kidding. B: So what are you going to do? A: I’m joining the army. 11. A: No more homework. A: What are you going to do with an English major? B: I’m going to be a teacher. B: Now you’re thinking. No Parking A: Parking at school is impossible. A: And lots of books. Do you ever pray for money? 18 . B: Maybe I’ll teach middle school. B: With what? A: I’m taking a math course in school. B: They’re not going to think that! They’ll be glad to help you. B: Not even a church is safe from thieves. A: I teach high school English. B: You have to be lucky to find a parking space. Two Plus Two A: How good is your math? B: I can add two and two. keep your belongings close to you. Does God answer your prayers? Yes. A: Me neither. B: I didn’t know that. if I have a big test at school. 14. B: That’s not a bad idea. B: I hate homework. I did. you should ask your teacher or your classmates for help. B: Me too. A: What do you mean? B: I mean. 12.A: I can’t wait until I graduate. but someone cut in and took it from me. B: How rude. B: Did you find a spot? A: I found a spot. A: I started teaching five years ago. The English Major A: What is your major? B: English. I’ve passed all my tests. A: Are you going to college? B: I can’t afford it. B: And lots of thieves. B: Well. 13. A: But I got lucky a few minutes later. Like what? Well. B: Why not? A: They might think I’m stupid. B: Yes. After I finish. A: High school or middle school? B: High school.

B: What tires? A: The tires on the cars. 2. B: So? That’s a ticket? A: Yes. it’s too slow. 3. B: What for? A: I was crossing the street. B: How many cars? A: Eleven cars. B: It sure isn’t. A: Number four. B: You’re right. he pushed him off the hood of the car. The Crosswalk Don’t Ride the Bus A: Life isn’t fair. B: Where were the cars? A: They were in the student parking lot. B: You’re right.B: Not yet. B: Oh. but the red hand was blinking. B: You need to walk faster. A: Number five. B: What husband? A: The husband of the driver who ran over two college students at 3 a. A: We had a problem at school. it’s a $140 ticket. 19 . Don’t Cut the Tires A: I don’t like riding the bus. You have to stand in the aisle. the white walk sign was blinking. B: How many tires were cut? A: One or two tires were cut on each car.Transportation 1. Bad guys might rob you. it’s unsafe. The girl died instantly. A: I got a ticket yesterday. B: Why not? A: The seats and windows are dirty. B: What was the problem? A: Someone cut the tires. B: So what? They still drove off. B: You’re right. B: Don’t they clean the bus every night? A: I think they do. B: Who cares? Everyone is strange. B: He didn't get around to turning himself in. yeah. B: You’re right. but he didn't get around to it. A: Number three. it doesn’t run 24 hours. B: Yes. A: Number two. Buses don’t run late at night. B: So what? Did he dial 911? A: He said he was thinking about it. B: You should bring some wipes with you. I won’t need to do that until I graduate from high school. 4. What Will People Think? A: I don’t like riding the bus. A: The husband said a fire department was nearby. 15. A: That’s a good idea. either. Hit and Run A: The cops finally found the husband. it’s usually late. A car is faster. B: Were you in a crosswalk? A: Yes. he said he gently placed the boy on the street. A: No. B: That’s not right! A: When I started to cross the street. The buses are never on time. I hope they catch the person. B: Don’t worry about what people think. B: That’s terrible. B: Why not? A: Number one. B: You’re right. B: Then you can wipe your seat and window.m. A: That’s for sure. III. A: People will think I’m strange. A: The husband said he tried to help the boy. and the boy is still in the hospital. it’s too crowded.

Let’s go for a ride. B: No. but I have to go again. A: Check your tires or you’ll get a flat. A New Car Check Your Tires A: Remember to put air in your tires. B: I thought drunks caused most accidents. A: I have to go to the bathroom. it isn’t. A: That’s not my fault. he won’t. B: How often do I have to do that? A: Once every two months. I meant to. The Missing Car A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Where’s the car? What do you mean? The car isn’t here. A: Don’t ever be in a hurry. A: I think I’m going to explode. this is the tree. A: Don’t ever be in a hurry when you’re driving. A: I’m thinking. Luxury plus speed. A flat costs you time and money. B: So is everyone else. That sounds nice. That’s not good. B: Think about something else. A: Oh! Don’t hit any more bumps! B: We’ll be at McDonald’s in just a few minutes. A luxury car. A: I hope they are fast minutes. It’s Okay to Speed A: You’re driving too fast. B: Why didn’t you go before we left? A: I did. A: So the cop will stop those cars? B: Of course. 6. B: How do you know that? A: I read a lot. What are we waiting for? Let me get the keys. Where are we going? Into the mountains. Think about a hamburger. No. Are you sure? Yes. hold on a little longer. B: It’s the next exit. B: Why do you say that? A: The speed limit is 65. and it takes about five minutes each time. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: 9. B: Why not? A: Because you’ll have an accident. You bought a new car? Yes.5. A: No. You didn’t wake me up. B: I’m in a hurry. but I still have to go. B: Just hold on. He stops the fastest cars. You didn’t tell me to wake you up. 8. I remember this big tree. B: I’ll try. A: My friend got a ticket for doing 75. A: But you’re doing 75. Most accidents are because people are in a hurry. Let me get my camera. Some cars are doing 85. B: Well. Maybe it’s the wrong tree. B: It’s not my fault. B: That’s a lot. B: And I don’t have either. I’m Going to Explode Don’t Be in a Hurry A: You’re driving too fast. I want to show you my new car. Did someone steal it? 20 . Hold on! 10. A: What do you mean? B: That’s six times a year! A: Yes. B: Your friend was unlucky. B: Well. A: But a cop might stop you. B: I know that. B: Oh. Where did you park it? I parked it right here. 7. I bought a Cadillac.

B: The wind will get you. Windy Weather A: Look at this traffic. A: This wind is dangerous for drivers. A: The speed limit is 65! B: Well. thank you. A: When are they going to fix this problem? B: They said they need more money. 14. A: I hope so. Too Many Cars sponge and soap. A: They always need more money.m. Wash the Car A: When are we going to stop? B: We’ll stop at the next McDonald’s. I’ll order some food. B: Get out of this lane. the police don’t care. Are you going to wash it yourself? Of course. B: I’d rather not. A: A tree fell onto my dad’s car. B: We can kill two birds with one stone. A: Then it will look like new B: And you save $10. A: What do you mean? B: While you’re using the bathroom. A: Don’t order for me. Then we can scrub it with a wet Beat the Light A: This is such a long light. B: Maybe they towed it away. They can only give a ticket if they see it happen. A: So. I’ll help you. Don’t Call the Police Two Birds with One Stone A: Did you see that car? B: Yes. B: Especially for drivers of big trucks. I’ll rinse the car first. B: Why are you complaining? We’re going almost 20 miles an hour. I’m not hungry. Why don’t you wash it? That’s what I’m going to do. too. 21 . A: It gets worse every year. A: Where are all these people going? B: They’re all asking the same question. A: It sure is windy today. I’ll order for you. B: I’m very hungry. I’ll get a bucket. It’s not a hard job. what do we do? B: We don’t do anything. I’ll just wait. he went through the red light. B: Wow! That’s terrible.A: I sure hope not. A: Why not? B: They have to see it happen. B: Was there much damage? A: My dad had to buy a new car. B: Paper is flying everywhere. that’s between 2:00 and 4:00 a. A: Never park your car under a tree. and then I’ll eat yours. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: My car is dirty. B: It blows trees over. B: It’ll get worse before it gets better. B: Well. we can dry it with a towel. A: Can we call the police? B: No. A: They don’t believe us? B: No. 13. 15. A: No. A: We’ll be here forever. A: How far away is that? B: I think we’ll be there in half an hour. B: After that. A: The wind blows those trucks over. A: They need a left-turn arrow. 16. B: Only two cars can make a left turn every three or four minutes. 11. A: Maybe we should honk the horn next time. B: The driver will just honk back at us. B: Look how many cars are waiting in line. 12. Okay. or the birds will get you. I have to go to the bathroom. I can always pull over.

18. B: Good idea.m. officer. Why stop after you’ve run over two people? B: I hope they find them and put them in jail for life 21. A: They were in a crosswalk near school at 3 a. you didn’t. Hit and Run A Bad Driver? A: Good afternoon. B: I’ll bet the car continued on its way. I was in the crosswalk. A: How did you get it? B: I don’t know. A: Here you go. you’ve got one now. A Slow Walker A: I need a cheap car. I’ll be your witness. A Dream Car 19. Go straight. nobody else does. Keep saving your money. B: Did he get off the hood? A: No. B: Where have you looked? A: I haven’t looked anywhere yet. B: Why not? A: Because I’ll never find one for such a low price. B: Forget it. please. B: Well. B: Well. the car stopped and the passenger pushed the injured student off the hood. All of a sudden I heard your siren. I was crossing the street. B: You rolled through that stop sign back there. Maybe it was from a shopping cart. Have a nice day. A: Of course it did. 20. A: $140. B: You’re right about that. but you didn’t come to a full stop. 17. A: Then what? B: Then we’ll just make a U-turn. so why should I? B: That’s not the attitude of a good driver. I can't believe it. A: And then we can turn right at the light. Here. B: Do you know why I pulled you over? A: I have no idea. A: Those shopping carts are dangerous. A: A car that was owned by a little old lady. the white WALK sign was blinking. A: But I need something that’s reliable. B: Were you jaywalking? A: No. B: You should fight that ticket. killing the girl. A: But I stopped! B: No. B: Was it blinking when you entered the crosswalk? A: No. A: But I am a good driver. B: How much money do you have? A: $1. A: Well.A: But we need to turn left. B: Were you speeding? A: No. It will be so much quicker. B: You need a car with low mileage. B: So why did you get a ticket? A: The officer said the red hand was blinking. I’ve never had a ticket in my life. You slowed down. B: Who? A: Two students from USC. B: What happened? A: A speeding car ran a red light. B: Your driver’s license and registration. Beware the Carts A: What happened to your car? B: I got a dent in the parking lot. B: What are you talking about? A: I got a ticket downtown for $140.000. 22 . B: What happened to the other student? A: He landed on the hood of the car. that should get you something. B: Especially the metal ones.

Me too. B: Yes. What will you teach me? A: It’s called poker. B: But I’m listening to it. but you’re not supposed to tell me. a friend of mine licks his lips. That’s what everyone says. I have the DVD. 3. Okay. That didn’t take long. I saw it twelve times. A: I’m a good card player. B: That’s a good idea. you know he has a good hand? A: I know he has a good hand. Entertainment 1. Don’t Waste Your Money I hope I win the lotto. B: Okay. It might as well be me. A Great Movie B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: Did you see "Titanic"? Yes. please. it will only take about 30 minutes. but there was a good sale at this store. B: When he licks his lips. But you can’t win if you don’t play. B: If they don’t like it. So do I. B: How do they do that? A: For example. Rained Out I Have Four Aces A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: 6. they can move. Sorry. B: Okay. A: Turn the radio down. B: He knows you can’t read his mind. And watch your DVD. Ha! You can’t win if you do play. I saved about $50. except this dent will cost about $150. You’re trying to tell me something. I saw it eight times. I don’t have four tens. I always cry at the end. Teach me how to play. A: I’ll teach you one. Save your money for school. B: Oh. B: Oh. A: Remind me to never visit you. You think I should quit playing. It is a great movie. 5. Let’s go to your home. 4. A: Well. Too Much Volume A Card Game A: Let’s play cards. B: I can’t wait till I grow up. A: That’s great. A: That’s great. Your chances are very small. look. B: He never wins your money? A: Nope. II. B: I will have a radio in every room of my house. and it drives him crazy. B: Is it easy to learn? A: Yes. B: Why is that? 23 . B: I don’t know any card games. A: What will you do? B: I will play the radio as loud as I want. Someone has to win. B: All the radios will be on extra loud. I did. That’s what everyone says. It’s so sad. B: What do you mean? A: People will “tell?you if they have a good hand. A: Did you save any money on the sale? B: Yes. listen to it more quietly. I have four tens. 2. A: Because I watch the other players. A: That’s okay with me. A: We each get five cards. We can watch my DVD. And then we can go to my home. so I don’t bet.A: I don’t park at a store that uses metal shopping carts. A: Your neighbors will hate you. Maybe he thinks you’re cheating.

11. too. right? A: Yes." B: They always make "what’s next" sound exciting. B: They shouldn’t even call it news. B: Last month they told us about a mouse in a restaurant. 9. B: I’ll put a glove in each pocket. B: The dome doesn’t close. A: How could that be? B: Well. B: I’ll put on my cap. A: Wear a jacket. A: Look! He just hit that car. 24 . B: Yesterday they told us about a dog in a pipe. A: They always tell us “what’s next. B: There’s no sugar or cream in it. it’s a taste you have to get used to. A: It’s more like news for kids. A: What did you do? B: I stood on the Great Wall and looked all around. A Sip of Coffee A: Look at the car chase on TV! B: That driver is crazy. A: Last night they told us about a cat in a sofa. B: Maybe he ran out of gas. B: It’s not too bitter for you? A: It’s a little bitter. B: The sports guy shows us players fighting. B: They should have kid reporters. A: What do you mean? B: I mean. A: Rained out? B: Yes. A: Look! He just got out of the car and started running. I went to China yesterday. It Isn’t News A: Can I try your coffee? B: Sure.A: What about the baseball game? B: It got rained out. B: Oh. B: What’s the weather like? A: Let me step outside and see. B: He’s going to kill someone. A: Maybe you should. A: I can’t believe he hasn’t crashed. B: Yes. that’s not bad. 8. A Chilly Day A: Let’s take a walk. B: Sort of like beer. B: I wonder if I should bring my gloves. A: TV news is so stupid. A: I thought they were playing under a dome. Here you go. A: You can travel all over the world. B: The Internet is amazing. B: There’s nothing in it. B: Computers are so cool. it’s just coffee. just in case it gets colder. A: Why doesn’t it close? B: Who knows? They said they’ll fix it before next season. A: I love to go online. No one is safe on the streets. my goodness. A: Hmm. but it’s okay. A: Now he’s slowing down. 10. A: We’ll get warmer as we walk. rained out. A: I figured that. you can’t play baseball in a rainstorm. B: I hope the police catch him. but it gets colder as the sun goes down. but it never is. A: The weatherman tells us the temperature in every town. B: How fast is he going? A: They say he’s going 80 miles per hour. The Great Wall A Crazy Driver A: I love my computer. A: No. 7. B: It’s a little chilly. A: Last week they told us about a bear in a back yard. it is. B: I know.

B: Yes. B: Like real people with real problems. yeah!.A: B: A: B: What was it like? It was like the real thing. That’s your favorite thing to do? Well. I hope it has a happy ending. like "She Loves You. Yeah. A: They call him Father Dollar Bill. B: I don’t know which one I like the best." A: “She loves you. yes! “Let it be. B: How about “Let It Be? A: Oh. A: I like to see actors who are like real people. It was like being there? Yes. he was on the TV news today. B: I’d rather not. 25 . A: Well. A: Every Easter Sunday he gives away money. B: What about the other homeless people? A: They got $1 each." B: What have you heard about it? A: It’s based on a true story about a divorced man and his young son. A: A good story is more important than color. B: We watch people walk by with their dogs. A: Let’s go to an early movie. today people like lots of action. they love to sniff each other when they meet. A: I love all their songs. I felt like I was actually there. let it be! 13. The Beatles A: The Beatles are the best. yeah. A: That sounds like a good spot. B: We don’t even know what kind most of them are. A: And there was no violence.. B: “…And you know you should be glad! A: What a great song. A: I guess you see lots of different dogs. See a Movie Starbucks. B: Actors didn’t curse back then. B: Yes. You’re the one who wants to go out. B: How much money does he give away? A: This year he gave away $15. B: So do I.. B: People today don’t like that. Free Money A: Let’s go to a movie. I don’t care. A: He gave $100 to people in wheelchairs. let it be…” B: “…There will be an answer. A: No. A: What would you like to see? B: Oh. I want to see "The Pursuit of Happyness. 15. B: Even though they’re in black and white. A: I like the ones I can sing along with. but they all have one thing in common. A: They still make movies like that.000. A: Why not? B: You know I don’t like crowds. Where do you go to watch people? My girlfriend and I sit outside A: Old movies are the best. B: They are the best musical group ever. B: That’s a lot of money. Movie stars give him money to give to homeless people. B: Okay. B: People stood in line just to get one dollar?! 16. 14. Old Movies People-Watching A: B: A: B: A: B: What’s your favorite thing to do? I like to watch people. B: Is it his money? A: No. A: There are lots of different kinds. B: I like a good story. 12. it’s one of them. B: Well. that won’t be very crowded.

but you do need a good antenna. A: She’s cute. too. that will occur next month. B: Okay. A: A travel show follows another travel show. but she looks like a man. B: Tell me about it. Something for Nothing A: Do you get PBS on TV? B: Yes. and he didn't tell the buyer. no. B: Was something wrong with the phone? A: It works only in Canada. B: Men singers don’t have to look good. PBS could offer new shows. A: Most of them are already broadcasting in digital. A: Singers are supposed to sound good. A: But I have rabbit ears. Dating 1. B: You don’t need to have cable. V. B: I hope Judge Judy made the seller take the phone back. 19. A: But you would buy her CD if she was pretty? B: Yes. 18. B: Well. B: Yes. B: I sure would like to see something interesting for a change. B: Do you have a digital TV? A: Of course. 17. B: Who wants to donate? Public TV should be free. B: What's so good about it? A: They have interesting lawsuits. A: Oh. B: The digital signal is very clear." B: Is that a TV show? A: Yes. A: There are lots of ugly men singers. she’s just 26 . B: Such as? A: Yesterday. B: Oh. Going Digital A: I love to watch "Judge Judy. A Good Singer A: All the TV stations are going to go digital. A: A gardening show follows a knitting show. 20. It's on every afternoon. Buy a digital antenna. But I don’t have cable. B: I'll say! I've gone around the world a dozen times already! A: Now they're adding old TV shows to the old movies. B: A cooking show follows a sewing show. A: It puts me to sleep. a woman complained about a cell phone she bought on eBay. That means that she’s fat and ugly. B: Rabbit ears aren’t strong enough. What is she like? A: She’s got a great personality. everybody gets the Public Broadcasting System. B: They should look good. really? A: Are you interested? B: Maybe. I would buy all of her CDs. A: If more people donate money. Judge Judy A: That woman is a very good singer.B: Yes. A: Then neither do women singers. but they never make much money. I would never buy her CD. so she’s not ugly. A: What difference does it make? B: Female singers are supposed to be pretty. it isn’t! B: What do you mean? A: I can’t get a single channel. B: Did the seller know that? A: Yes. A Blind Date A: I’ve got a date for you. B: Yes. B: Uh-oh.

5. A: Can I pick you up Friday night? B: What time? A: Eight o’clock. A: We’ll grow old together. B: Oh. B: I’ve never been to a French restaurant. A Night by Himself A: You have pretty eyes. B: Then why were you looking at her? A: I was looking at something else. except my favorite color is blue. that woman with the big boobs. B: Just ask her out to dinner. A: No. A: I’m not interested in her. B: You were. B: Okay. Blue Eyes A: I’m in love with that girl. A: Would you like to go on a blind date? B: You must be joking. B: And you’re mine forever. A: And then what? B: And then she’ll know that you like her. too. A: Would you have dinner with me? B: I would like to. I loved you the first day I saw you.fat. A: I wish my eyes were blue. 6. So what’s the problem with her? A: Who said there is a problem with her? B: The problem is she has no problems —she’s too good for me! 2. 27 . A: I hope I don’t come back as a fish. True Love A: Give me a hug. A: She weighs 98 pounds. B: Thank you. B: Thank you. really? Then spend tonight looking at the sofa. A: I think you’ll love the food. B: I’m not in the mood. A: They’re all the same. I love you. B: Have you told her? A: Of course not. B: Maybe in your next life you’ll have blue eyes. 7. A: But what if I’m a fish in my next life? B: I think some fish have blue eyes. Go on a Blind Date A: B: A: B: A: I love you. she’s not fat. too. B: Maybe she’s different. A: What’s the matter? B: I saw you looking at that woman. B: I hope I come back as a cat. B: I would love to have blue cat-eyes. B: And be happy together. A: I was not looking at her. It was love at first sight? Yes. B: Why not? A: She would laugh at me. B: That sounds great. A: Now you’re mine forever. So do you. I had to chase you for a while. Ask Her Out A: I think you’re very pretty. 4. you chased me and then you caught me. B: Yes. B: What’s the matter with green eyes? A: Nothing. Let’s Have Dinner B: I didn’t love you at first. A: Cats have beautiful eyes. A: I know. A: We’ll go to a French restaurant. B: How do you know? A: Because they always do. A: What woman? B: You know. B: I’m not going to eat any snails! 3. it was love at first sight. I’m serious.

Yes. A Bad Date A: I had the worst date the other night. it was pleasant. B: Sometimes a slow line can be a good thing. One Date Only A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: Did you have a date Friday night? Yes. B: But a lot of old people are still interested in dating. A: Then he didn’t bother to apologize. 11. and he left a $1 tip! B: I guess you can’t go back to that restaurant. B: What if I don’t like her? A: Then you don’t date her again. B: Why would I date someone I don’t even know? A: To try something new and exciting. but I offered her one of mine. A: I thought about getting out and taking a taxi home. Anywhere else? Then we went to a jazz club. A: They should find a nice hobby. B: That’s rude. B: That’s dangerous. A: Then he drove too fast to the restaurant. B: What do you mean? A: He's old enough to be my father. in fact. Where did you go? We went to a nice restaurant. and she asked where I had found them. he was half an hour late. But you won’t date him again? B: No. 8. you can't blame a man for asking. He was nice. B: What did you say to her? A: I had two pineapples in my cart. I told her I wouldn't 28 . A: What does she do? B: Just yesterday. A: He should act his age. B: Why not? A: He's a dirty old man. That sounds like a nice date. 9.B: I don’t want to date a blind woman. Wait till you're 50 12. Sweet Dreams A: I don't like that man. A: She asked me how she could return the favor. B: You met a girl at the supermarket? A: She was standing behind me in a really slow line at the checkout counter. I did. B: Just wait until you're 50 years old. A: A blind date doesn’t mean that she is blind! B: What does it mean? A: A blind date is a date with someone you don’t know. B: Well. B: That was nice of you. 10. B: That's what you say now. B: She asked you about your pineapples? A: I told her I had gotten the last two on the shelf. B: What happened at the restaurant? A: We had a $40 meal. B: Really? Who with? A: A girl I met at the market. B: That’s not a good start. I Love You More than Money A: Does your girlfriend ever make you angry? B: Sometimes. but there was no chemistry. A: Dating will be the furthest thing from my mind. Two Pineapples A: I have a date tomorrow night. B: What happened? A: First of all. so I asked her out. yet he asked me out. Who did you go out with? A man I met in a coffee shop.

B: Yes. A: I don’t mean good-looking. B: Everyone likes bacon and tomato sandwiches. A: What did she say? B: She laughed! She didn't believe me. 4. At the Restaurant 1. B: And the pickles were great. What do you want the waiter to do? Bring me a better steak.trade her for all the money in the world. B: Oh. B: But when I sneak just one cigarette in the morning. B: She said that nothing is more important to me than money. B: I’ve been coming here for years. no. isn’t it? A: Yes. That’s why it’s also the best hamburger in town. B: That's what I thought. I mean good-smelling. that is a good nose. A: Yes. B: Excuse me. A: That’s because they cook it while you wait. A: The sandwich was good. That sounds delicious. But that can be a curse. A: A great burger and great service. A: What did you say? B: I told her I wouldn't trade her for any other woman in the world. Do we need reservations? Oh. A: That was a nice thing to say. We can walk right in. because you can be too sensitive to odors. B: I told her she should apply for a job at customs. My girlfriend has a nose like a drug dog. 29 . too. B: This is a popular restaurant. Let’s go now. is it? B: It’s the slowest hamburger in town. Where do you want to go? Let me think a minute. They just called my number. Mine is way too big. the workers are very polite. A: And they’re clean. A Good Lunch A: Lunch was delicious. I know a good Chinese restaurant. I Feel Like Chinese A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Let’s go out to eat. I’m hungry! 2. A: Me too. A: Tomorrow we’ll have rice and fish for lunch. too. B: I’ll say. A: That wasn't very nice of her. A: Especially on toast. B: Yes. B: Thank you. B: I put lemon and butter in it. What’s the matter? This steak has too much fat. A: What kind of soup was that? B: It was tomato soup. 13. A: That tasted so good. B: I wish I had a good nose. A Slow Burger A: I can’t believe how long this line is. A: Did she catch you using drugs? B: Sort of. How far away is it? A: B: A: B: It’s only 10 minutes from here. She knows whenever I sneak a cigarette. she can smell it that evening! A: Boy. I feel like Chinese. A Good Nose A: Some people have good noses. A: You don’t need a good nose for that —cigarettes stink. VI. but it isn’t a fast-food restaurant. A Bad Steak A: B: A: B: A: B: I’m calling the waiter. B: I can’t wait. 3. I wouldn’t do that. That sounds like fun.

I’d rather not find out that it’s dirty. B: You’re forgetting about the bathroom. Dirty Nails A: Let’s leave. B: Me. 8. Fear of Germs A: Is this a clean restaurant? B: Well. the waiter looked clean. A: Okay. A: Maybe he’ll send us our waiter immediately. B: Really? A: His nails were black! B: That’s disgusting. step on it. it’s an adventure. See if his hands and nails are clean. A: You’re crazy. I would never go to your restaurant. A: We’ve been sitting here for almost 10 minutes. A: I’m going to just hope that the bathroom is clean. and then leave. especially with butter. A: Well. I guess I was wrong. 30 . so I guess it’s okay to eat here. B: Maybe they’ll give us free drinks for waiting so long. That isn’t our waiter. B: I think we should just leave after we fill up on the bread. A: He had dirty fingernails. B: I’ll go up front and talk to the manager. I would never serve hot bread before the main course. A Good Table A: This hot bread is delicious. B: No. B: Here comes the waiter. Bad Service A: Have you seen our waiter? B: Here he comes now. because I’m pretty hungry right now. B: Who cares? Let’s get out of here. too. I think we are paying for it. B: We’ll never go there again 9. 6. too. and then spit on it. the tables and chairs look okay. B: Oops. A: Last time. There’s no charge for the bread. A: Then stop eating the bread! B: Okay. A: It passes inspection. B: Then the waiter will give you a big smile as he brings you the new steak. we got seats next to the kitchen.A: Why not? B: They will drop the new steak on the floor. A: Did you see the waiter’s hands? B: No. Look at the bill when we get it. B: Every time we eat out. A: Well. just one more piece. A: We can give him five more minutes. A: And he poured water into our glasses. Let’s forget about germs and focus on food. B: That’s terrible. A: Where do you get these crazy ideas? B: I used to cook in a restaurant! 5. let’s sit down. Hot Bread 7. A: They probably wouldn’t like that. B: But we just got here. please. A: That’s a good idea. Pass the butter. B: You’re not going to examine it before we order dinner? A: No. B: Check out the silverware. B: Yuck! No water for me. B: I like this restaurant because they give you free bread. A: It is delicious. A: I wonder if the cooks?nails are dirty. B: I’m eating so much bread that I’m getting full. A: If I owned a restaurant.

Let’s go to the lake. Which one? B: That one. It’s a lot of fun to slide. it would probably be worth more. A: He drew two butterflies and a flower on a napkin in a restaurant. A: I like to run around the bases. I’ll get our fishing rods. B: It certainly is. A: And then you hit it again. A: You hit a white ball. B: Did he sign it? A: Yes. B: Well. it’s too close to the kitchen door. B: So do I.000. B: I hope we’ll catch a foul ball. B: I don’t like practice. B: I like to hit the ball. A: How about this table? B: No. I want to play for the Dodgers.000? A: I don't believe the art world. B: Yes. B: Is it beautiful? A: It's just black ink on a white napkin. B: And then you chase it. B: What’s the point? A: How can it be fun? B: They pay money to play this silly game! A: I think golfers have a mental problem. B: I like to slide into the bases. Sports 1. A: I hope we’ll see a home run. A: I love to eat the peanuts. Golf Is Silly A: Golf is a silly game. Take Me to the Ball Game 2. I give up. B: What is it this time? A: An Andy Warhol drawing. 10. A: We have to practice every day. Or we can go to the lake. it’s too close to the front door.A: Is this table okay? B: No. A: Bring a jacket. B: I love to eat the hot dogs. it’s too close to the salad bar. 31 . because there are 18 holes. And the napkin has food stains! B: So it's not worth much? A: Only about $30. I’ll get the bait. B: No. B: No. We can be there in 20 minutes. It gets a little cool at night. A: Baseball is fun. B: He's a famous artist. A: You do this 18 times. I Love Baseball A: Can we go to the baseball game? B: Of course. A: This looks like a nice table. A: Great. Where do you want to go? We can go to the river. A: Me too. Or we can go to the ocean. A: Yeah. Fresh Fish A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Do you want to go fishing? Yes. Yes. VII. you put the ball into a hole in the ground. A: I love baseball. B: Not me. A: Bring a glove to catch a foul ball. B: I think they’re nuts. B: Finally. B: I want to be a baseball player when I grow up. That’s a good idea. I want to play for the Yankees. 3. The lake is only 10 miles away. B: Without the food stains. A group of eight just sat down at it. there is one good table. Do I Hear $60. We’ll have fresh fish for dinner! 4. A: Okay. I’ll just use my cap to catch a foul ball.

B: Everybody loved him. B: How so? A: Two guys got into an argument. 6. A: Whenever he needs a shot to win a tournament. A: Most people would say that. 7. but it makes me nervous. A: But I’m worried about Tiger. Babe Ruth A: Tiger is the greatest golfer in the world. but who is the greatest? B: I’d have to say Babe Ruth. A: Yes. 9. Then they’re worth every penny. It’s boring. B: No human could possibly play golf that well. Do they help you run faster? No. You might want to buy a pair. B: Why is that? A: Because he likes to SCUBA dive. A: Somebody should check his birth record. A: Someone punched out someone. How much were they? They were on sale for $80. you shouldn’t mind. A: He helped make the Yankees the best team ever. too. B: You can say that again. A: He always visited hospitals to cheer up sick kids. Are they comfortable? They’re very comfortable. too. A: Yes. 8. Can’t people just have fun at a baseball game? 32 . I bought some new shoes. but my feet don’t hurt anymore. A: The victim hit his head on the concrete steps and died. he makes that shot. B: There will never be another Babe. A: A third guy punched one of the two guys. B: That’s terrible.A: Me neither. B: And Ruth was a good person. New Shoes A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Let’s go jogging. B: He changed the game. That’s a good idea. The Season’s Over A: Did you watch that golf tournament? B: The one that Tiger won? A: How did he do it? B: It was nothing for him. A: He shouldn’t SCUBA dive until he retires. he made the home run popular. B: What’s wrong with that? A: It can be dangerous. 5. B: No human can do that. B: That’s not nice. B: You mean he could drown. B: But practice makes perfect. A: Did you hear what happened at the baseball game? B: No. A: It’s worse than that. Where Is Tiger From? A: Who’s the greatest baseball player? B: There are so many great players. B: I’ll bet he was drinking. B: I’ll bet they were drinking. please tell me. I’m Worried about Tiger A: I think he is from outer space. B: But he dives to relax. A: He sank a 20-foot putt on the last hole to win by one stroke! B: He sank a 25-footer last year at the same tournament to win by one stroke. B: I bet it says he was born on Mars. all over the nation. I’ll wait until I wear this pair out. A: He might relax. B: If his wife doesn’t mind.

10. A: There’s a real nice park nearby. A Player Cheats A: Why is there so much crime? B: Because parents don’t teach their kids right from wrong. A: He apologized to the fans. they are. but only the cheap tickets. A: But it won’t stop other players from using drugs. B: Yes. 2. No One Ever Leaves A: Did you hear about the ball player? B: The home run hitter on drugs? A: He said a doctor helped him with a personal problem. A: That will teach him a good lesson. B: You mean like Tiger? A: No. A: I wish I could move here. A: Can’t we hire more police? B: No. B: Yikes! Who can remember all that? A: You need to get a lot of lessons when you're really young. there is. B: There’s only one police officer per 100 criminals. 3. B: Can we get tickets? A: Yes. like a good amateur golfer. 12. A: The streets and sidewalks are clean. it’s cheaper than a hot dog or a beer. it starts at 7 p. B: What's so hard about golf? A: There are so many things you have to do right. Fire and Smoke 33 . B: Like what? A: Like keep your left arm straight. B: What's so hard about hitting a little white ball? A: It's hard if you want to do it right. B: No. B: Yes. Cheap Seats A: I want to go to the ball game. there aren’t enough police. they are. B: How much are they? A: They’re only $5 each. VIII. B: Where are the seats? A: They’re behind the outfield. B: Yes. B: There is no crime here. A: This is a great neighborhood. keep your head down. A: Is that it? B: Also. A: Yes. B: Is there a game tonight? A: Yes. B: Forget it. if someone moves out. A: I feel safe here. A: But there are a lot of police. Safety 1. A: People are friendly. and follow through. 11. it would. B: That’s a good price. A: Doesn’t crime cost more than police? B: Yes. A: So it would be cheaper to hire more police? B: Yes. B: The league suspended him for 50 games. B: Yes. B: He probably won’t use drugs anymore. B: He said he wasn’t using drugs. about $7 million. B: Maybe we can catch a home run ball. it is. Everyone always figures that they won’t get caught. it does.m. Golf sounds more like work than fun. A: That will cost him some money. Too Much Crime Golf Is No Picnic A: Golf is so hard. It costs too much money. B: Maybe you can. B: Yes.

B: What happened? A: The man fell asleep. B: Was he smoking? A: Yes. A: But it’s real easy to slip on. A: Why did they ever let him out? B: It’s the law. A Puddle on the Floor A: Did you see that puddle of water on the floor? B: Yes. but no battery. I called for a clean-up. A: What if you fall while you’re holding the light bulb. A: It’s the law. B: This time they have charged him with murder. B: A good battery would have saved his life. A: Hold your breath till we get there. he did. B: That’s too bad. What about his smoke alarm? A: The battery was dead. 6. 4. B: It doesn’t matter. A: A puddle of water is very dangerous. Here he comes now with the mop. He loves to start fires. B: Did he die? A: Yes. B: It’s so tight that it’s hard for me to breathe. Play with Fire A: They say he has started fifteen big fires. but I don’t know where the orange cones are. B: That would teach him a good lesson. 5. B: I’m ready for an accident. too. A: I’m glad you don’t complain very much. B: He’s been in jail three times already. A: He had cigarettes. A: But his latest fire killed someone. A: So maybe he’ll go to jail forever? B: I sure hope so. B: Especially on these slick floors. and it breaks and pieces go into your eyes? B: I never thought about that. A: Someone should set him on fire. A: Are you crazy? B: What’s the matter? A: Those books will slip and you’ll fall. Sometimes the law doesn’t make sense. B: I don’t know. A: Someone who slips could hurt their back. The Fire Alarm 34 . he was smoking a cigarette. B: It happens all the time. B: It isn’t easy to see. B: We can leave if we put an orange cone here.A: The house burned down. A: It’s common sense. A: You’d be blind for the rest of your life! B: I’ll get the stepladder. A: Yes. Fasten Your Seatbelt A: Put your seatbelt on. His cat died. my seatbelt is on. Use the Stepladder A: What are you doing? B: I’m going to change the light bulb. B: Okay. B: But it’s uncomfortable. It burnt out. 7. B: They could even crack their head open. B: Why? A: Because it will protect you in case of an accident. A: We should stand here till the cleanup person gets here. B: It’s only a couple of feet. B: It’s so much trouble. A: Why not? Everyone knows he’s a firebug. A: What are you standing on? B: A couple of dictionaries and some textbooks. They can’t keep him in jail forever. 8.

B: Maybe the mayor is just talking about his own neighborhood. B: What are they paying? A: Up to $200 for each gun. There are a lot of fires. B: Why? We’re already late. A: You should go to bed. A: What does it say? B: The mayor says the crime rate is going down. B: Everyone in America should have a gun. you didn’t. Double-Check Everything article. B: But big earthquakes happen only once in a while. B: Excuse me. B: Why are they doing this? A: They want to get guns off the street.A: I have to go back upstairs. A: A recent fire destroyed 85 homes. Guns for ALL A: You're yawning. A: A recent fire destroyed 85 homes. B: What’s the matter? A: Maybe I left the burner on. 10. you didn’t. A: Once in a while is once too many. A: I think I left the water running. B: But big earthquakes happen only once in a while. B: I will as soon as I finish this article. A: Florida doesn’t have earthquakes or fires. B: I’ll keep my receipt and my gun. A: Then why does everyone lock their doors? B: I guess they haven't read this A: People who live in California are crazy. Florida just has hurricanes every year from June to October. 11. B: Still. B: No. A: I have to check the stove. B: Why is that? A: Because of all the earthquakes and fires. B: Why is that? A: Because of all the earthquakes and fires. A: Are you sure? B: Of course I’m sure. B: No. maybe they’ll give you $400. I have to go back upstairs anyway. A: But most of those hurricanes are harmless. 35 .000 homes! 12. it’s safer than Florida. A: Once in a while is once too many. if you bring your receipt. A: Well. A: No one believes that the crime rate is going down. B: But you’re right. A: What are you reading? B: It's about crime in Los Angeles. B: No. A: I didn’t know you had a gun. There are a lot of fires. Hurricane Andrew destroyed 30. B: It’s getting later every minute. Crime Reduction A: People who live in California are crazy. B: Still. Florida just has hurricanes every year from June to October. A: But most of those hurricanes are harmless. it’s safer than Florida. A: Well. B: But you’re right. B: Who would turn in a gun for $200? A: That isn’t a good deal? B: A good gun costs $400 or more. I checked the stove before we left. Two Different States A: The city is buying guns. A: Florida doesn’t have earthquakes or fires. no questions asked. Let’s go! The only thing running is the clock! 9. B: No. B: I sure am.

Seats are selling out right now. 5. listen to me. A: Maybe the room is nice. sausage. B: I’ll bet this is the first time you’ve ever flown during Christmas. Time is running out. A Christmas Flight A: I’m not sleeping here tonight. and the water is so blue. A: So we have to be at the airport at 10:15. B: I agree. B: No. They’ll give us new sheets. B: Did you go swimming? A: I went to the beach every day.B: Excuse me. B: What do you like about it? A: We get a free breakfast. just call the front desk. B: When are you going? A: During the Christmas holidays. A Real Meal A: See those stains? B: I sure do. A: You must be kidding. B: How was the weather? A: It was hot and sunny every day. 4. A: I thought I would wait until October. it’s better to get there too early than too late. B: That means we have to leave the house at 9:15. New Sheets A: What time does your plane leave? B: It leaves at 12:15. if there are no traffic problems. B: People who live in Hawaii are lucky. Let’s stay three nights. You need to buy a ticket now. and juice. B: Wow! That is nice. a real breakfast. The Airport A: I like this hotel. B: Do they allow pets? A: No pets. B: I like that. B: You’d better buy your ticket now. A: I want sheets without stains on them. B: What did you do at night? A: At night I went out to eat. A: You never know what might happen on these freeways. it’s an hour to get there. 36 . B: Yes? A: I need to fly to New York. A: Well. B: What’s the matter? This is a nice room. ham. B: Bacon and eggs? A: With toast. 3. A: And the rooms are clean. B: What’s wrong with the bed? A: Look at this sheet. B: Coffee and a roll? A: No. no smoking. too. A: I’m not sleeping on that sheet. A: When do you have to be at the airport? B: I have to be there two hours early. B: What did you like? A: The island is so green. fresh fruit.000 homes! IX. Hurricane Andrew destroyed 30. 2. but not the bed. Let’s stay for two nights. The food was delicious. Travel 1. It’s March. A: You’re right. let’s bring our own sheets. B: Well. B: From now on. B: So maybe we better leave at 8:15? A: Yes. Beautiful Hawaii A: I went to Hawaii on vacation. I want to live there. B: There’s at least one huge accident every day. I’m not. B: Did you like it? A: I loved it. B: Well.

Prepare for Takeoff A: Some guy rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. B: Some people do it just to do it. B: Have you tried earplugs? A: They don’t work. A: I have no idea how much it will cost. B: Yes. I guess that’s why he did it. Where do you want to go? A: Spring break starts tomorrow. B: People are always getting up to use the bathroom. B: Are you going to go anywhere? A: I was thinking of driving to Arizona. and lots of food. B: Are you going to travel alone? A: No. B: Well. Fear of Flying A: I hate flying. B: That sounds like fun. 6. 37 . be glad you’re not a pilot. you should go online and try to find a good deal. B: Well. B: It’s a flying zoo! A: I wish I could afford first class seats. Lots of fun. B: Cheaper prices won’t do you any good if there are no seats. my ears hurt so much. Row Your Boat A: I want to cruise to Hawaii. A: You’re jammed in with people all around you. B: To the Grand Canyon? A: Yes. 9. B: Because of all the security? A: No. B: Half of them are coughing. I've never been there. and the other half are sneezing. you don’t want to travel in winter storms. A Cruise A: I hate to fly. B: Doesn’t everybody? 7. A: A long time ago.A: But maybe prices will be cheaper in October. B: Can’t you take medicine or something for it? A: I’ve tried everything. A: Whatever it is. because it hurts my ears. B: That should be a nice trip. B: I think it depends on the season and on your cabin. I think. 10. either. I think he did. but nothing works. it hurts. A: You don’t have any elbow room or knee room. A: How did you like it? B: I loved it. so what good is it? B: Well. A: And I want to get a big cabin with a view. B: I was there when I was a kid. A: Well. flying used to be okay. B: Good for him. A: Kids are crying or climbing over you. he can enjoy it while it lasts. B: Now it’s like riding a bus. B: That’s just the altitude change. A: Why would he do that? B: Did he set a new record? A: Yes. A: I don’t think he even got paid for it. I still remember how amazing it was. my sister and I will travel together. 8. B: Well. The Grand Canyon A: I want to go on a cruise ship. B: What do you mean? A: Every time we land or take off. A: What’s the point? B: Now he has the world record! A: But someone’s going to break it. B: So do I. of course I want to go when the weather is nice.

D. B: All day long we heard TVs or telephones. it did. Dad. B: Why is that? A: There was a bomb threat at the airport.C.A: I'm sure I'll like it. When we landed. B: The worst in the whole world. 14. A: He said all the money came from private donations. B: That must have made you feel really special. A: Room service brought us a cold dinner. A: No way! I don't want to fall to my death. B: How long was the flight? A: It only took about two hours.C. D. A: How did we end up in that terrible hotel? B: The travel agent gave us a 50percent discount! 12. Hotel Hell while they looked for the bomb. A: All night long we heard people snoring. You helped save our country. A: My dad got to see the beautiful new World War II Monument. B: It’s not even 10 o’clock. too. B: Only a threat? A: Yes. We all took lots of pictures. A: I’m falling asleep on the phone. but I was stuck there all day A: That was a great trip to Washington. A Free Trip A: That hotel was terrible. B: Who invited them? A: Some private organization. X. B: Someday the bomb is going to be for real. 13. A: Oh. A: The walls were so thin. you all deserve it. 11. B: Our nonsmoking room stunk of cigarette smoke. B: Well. B: That’s very nice. Only one person has ever fallen off a mule. Serving Your Country A: I have to hang up. B: You should try riding a mule on a trail to the bottom. I’m so sleepy. B: You got up real early. yes. There were about 300 people there to honor us. A: Our room was right next to the elevator and the ice machine. B: Housekeeping didn't give us fresh towels. B: That trip must have cost a lot of money. Jobs 38 . B: Why didn’t you take a nap when you got home? A: I didn’t get home until 30 minutes ago.m. along with about 90 other veterans. B: Tell me about it. TV reporters and the Army band were there. B: Did you take pictures at the World War II Monument? A: Oh. A Long Day A: My dad went to Washington. A: I had to take my friend to the airport. B: Why did he do that? A: He was invited. B: Then you flew back home that evening? A: Yes. B: Why did they invite him? A: To thank him and all the other soldiers who served in World War II. B: They added phony charges to our bill. A: About 90 of us World War II veterans got on the plane at 8 a. B: Don't worry.

Work is just as hard as school. they are. One is black and one is dark blue. Hire Me A: I need a job. School was fun. 6. B: Neither did I. B: Yikes! Thank you. B: What are you going to do? A: I’m looking in the newspaper for a job. Before Going to an Interview A: Before you go to that interview. A: But work goes on forever! B: We have to work for 30 years! 4. B: I did too. B: Of course it was. A: I didn’t even have lunch. B: Just you? A: No. B: So did I. That’s a good idea. I’m looking for another family. B: Then I have a job for you in my 39 . Peas in a Pod A: I’m sleepy. We work together! 5. B: Good luck! 2. A: I thought school was hard. I have to feed them. A: I was busy the whole day. B: What happened? A: I got laid off because there was no work. What do you do? I’m a babysitter. A: Your day was just like mine. B: Me. Are you looking for another job? No. I couldn’t wait to graduate. B: So was I. A: Do your socks match? B: Of course they match. You have to change their diapers. B: Me. check yourself. too. ten of my coworkers got laid off. A: And it was only 12 years. B: That’s terrible! When did it happen? A: I got laid off last week. B: It went by pretty fast. B: What’s to check? A: Are your nails clean? B: Yes. B: I thought you had a job. A: Did you shine your shoes? B: My shoes are shined.1. B: So am I. they don’t. too. B: What was your last job? A: I was a painter. B: It sure is. A: Did you double-check your nose and teeth? B: They are clean. too. A: I did. Work Is Hard A: Life is hard. A: But now work is hard. A: No. too. too. I Need a Job A: I need a job. 3. A: I had a long day. A: Sometimes I wish I was back in school. B: Can you fix a dripping faucet in a kitchen sink? A: Of course. A: I had to bring work home with me. Is that a lot of work? Babies cry all the time. Another family? A family with only one baby. B: What else can you do? A: I’m a handyman. B: I agree. I Am a Babysitter A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: I don’t like my job. B: What happened? A: I got laid off.

B: How long did it take? A: Four hours. 11. I don’t want to sit around. I guess most of us are stuck in a routine. that’s right. B: Okay. B: You’re a lucky man to have a job you love. because I’m making a good salary. I know how to flip hamburgers. 7. I’ve been here for 20 years. A Bad Boss A: I think I have the worst boss in the world. Become a Teacher A: Do your students ever talk about their jobs? B: Yes. B: That’s hard to take. all you do is start another job! B: Yes. B: Maybe we’d get laid off there. A: It will cost you only $20 plus parts. and they ask me what jobs are the best. it’s the students. B: What makes him so bad? A: He’s rude and he yells a lot. A: Oh great. what kind of job do you 40 . B: That must be nice. I make enough money for both of us. A: Yes. What If? A: What would you do if you lost your job? B: I have no idea. 9. B: Have you heard something that you’re not telling me? A: What do you mean? B: Are there going to be layoffs at this place? A: I certainly hope not! B: If you got laid off. A: No one at work likes him. A: Do you have any other skills? B: Well. If I do that. they don’t like troublemakers or complainers. B: It’s always nice to finish a job. you’d be flipping hamburgers. 8. B: Teaching is a great job. B: Yes. I’ll lose my job. B: What makes it so good? A: For me. A: I’ve never heard him say please or thank you. Light My Fire A: What are we going to do? B: About what? A: About finding a job for me. B: Okay. B: You don’t need a job. A: Well. It does get boring. B: I wonder if there is any job that you don’t repeat over and over. B: You shouldn’t choose money over happiness. over and over. B: What’s bad about it? A: When you finish. A: I can’t quit. B: Can’t you report him to his supervisor? A: Of course not. A: It’s the best job I’ve ever had. it’s good and bad. A: Especially if it’s the same work. without a break. That sounds like a fair price.kitchen. B: But that’s what most people do. I’m glad that job is finished. 12. B: What do you mean? A: I mean I have wonderful students. we could both work at Burger King. Over and Over A: Boy. too. A: That doesn’t matter. A: No one would hire you to flip hamburgers. too. A: I tell my students to become a teacher. B: He sounds like a real jerk. A: Teaching is the best part of my whole day.

you'll have something—you'll have a lesson you'll never forget! A: I want to be a mail carrier when I grow up. yes. B: Why? A: Because you get to meet a lot of people. B: Well. B: Dogs are like people—not all of them are friendly. they are friendly to you. Knock! I want to move to New York. B: But you hate cigarettes and you hate smoking! 13. thank you. A: I enjoy selling. you should do something that you enjoy. B: Oh. B: What happened to your plans? A: I got a D in college chemistry. Nice Doggy A: I think I did something real stupid. you stay away from hospitals. All His Eggs in One Basket A: I was going to be a doctor. 17. B: So what's the problem? A: I used all my savings on this one company. A: So do I. because of all the killer germs. B: Me too. His Parents Are Disappointed A: A new hotel is looking for workers. A: And now I'm glad that I didn't. There are no guarantees. B: Yes. B: Why's that? A: A hospital is the most dangerous place in the world. B: What did you do? A: I bought some stock. a D is better than an F. That’s very nice of you. It's been in business for 60 years. B: Yes. I saw it on the TV news. you’re supposed to be working. A: And you get to play with a lot of dogs. What are friends for? 14. the smart doctors are those TV news doctors—no hospitals. but I will always pet the friendly dogs. A: A tutor helped me get the D! B: So. B: Oh. Still Working 15. To the state or the city? To the city. B: Well. but I’m worried. B: Okay. I'll have nothing. no patients. A: If the company goes out of business. Why do you want to move there? Because I want to make a lot of 41 . of course. B: I still have my job. B: You sure do. you didn't become a doctor. B: Of course. B: Everybody buys stock. B: You didn't read about the company first? A: I didn't have to. A: B: A: B: A: Knock. B: Well. I was born to sell.000 people showed up. B: You put all your eggs into one basket. B: Oh. thank goodness. what do you want to sell? A: Cigarette lighters. A: I bought it on a hunch. A: And you get a lot of exercise every day. A: If you lose your job. A: They need 300 new workers. B: That’s the truth. B: What about the unfriendly dogs? A: I think if you are friendly to dogs. B: And 4. A: If you're a smart doctor. 16. you can move in with me.want? A: I’m not sure. I’ll make a fortune. A: Yes. A: You would do the same for me. A: So many people are out of work.

I Used to Work in a Deli A: I used to work in a deli. B: How do you prepare the potatoes? A: I wash them. Bad Manners A: My girlfriend’s mom got mad at me at the dinner table. I sliced off a little more for me. B: Oh. Food 1.money. Potatoes are natural food. B: What kind of dressing do you use? A: I pour lots of French dressing on top. a little salt and pepper never hurt anything. A cow is man’s best friend. Nobody will talk to you. B: So how do you plan to become rich? A: I will knock on the doors of all the corporations. B: Me too. A: It was. B: That sounds like a great job. XI. B: How did you like it? A: I loved it! B: Did you get free food? A: I ate free cheese and meat every day. A: I usually eat a simple salad. cheese is nice. A: Then I add butter. A: I will keep knocking on doors. French dressing is so delicious! Who cares about calories? 2. B: Did you get fat? A: No. B: What’s the matter with that? A: Her mom is a great cook. B: That’s it? A: I add some pepper and salt. B: That won’t make you rich. but I did put on a few pounds. B: Why was that? A: I sprinkled salt and pepper on the food before I tasted it. too? B: Yes. until one day my manager caught me. A: What else do we get from cows? B: We get hamburgers and steak. and then steam them for 15 minutes. B: That’s pretty simple. huh? 4. and pepper. B: Me too. A: So we get cheese from cows. A: There sure are—at least a million. 42 . and we get milk. B: Natural food has more vitamins. B: So. B: Me too. don’t we? B: Yes. B: I always put cheese in my salads. A: Oh. A: Yes. salt. B: We also get leather. A: I’m on a new diet. B: That sounds like a dream job. B: No more free cheese for you. A New Diet A: I love salads. A: We get a lot of things from cows. B: Can I have all those cans of tomato sauce you bought for your pasta? 5. we do. A: And it’s just as easy to prepare. B: Why did you do that? A: Pasta is processed food. We Get Cheese from Cows A: I love cheese. B: What are you eating now? A: I switched from pasta to potatoes. B: All you will get is sore knuckles. and celery. tomato. B: What do you put in it? A: Just lettuce. that’s so delicious. A: Where does cheese come from? B: It comes from cows. A: It hurt her feelings. A Good Salad 3. A: Whatever a customer ordered. B: There are a lot of poor people in New York.

I guess if it ever does get old. B: It’s your girlfriend’s fault. B: How much did you buy? A: I filled up my freezer with ice cream. and I’m looking at it right now. B: Doesn’t that get old? A: No. He almost died when he was little. B: What’s wrong? A: It’s not orange! B: Your orange isn’t orange? A: No. B: But the same thing day after day gets old. B: Well. 9. A: I don't like to eat leftovers. B: Maybe you shouldn’t eat there again. Yes. B: Then you can start losing weight. A Pound a Week A: There’s something wrong with my orange. A: I eat two apples. B: Let me see. B: How much have you gained? A: Three pounds just this month. A: They’re best when they’re hot. there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m serious. B: Do you know why? A: I think it’s the ice cream. B: You’re kidding. Your orange is pink. B: Well. Roasted or Boiled A: I eat the same thing every day. because I’m eating food that I like. No More for Me A: I'm stuffed. A: What is this world coming to? A: I’m gaining weight. B: I’ll have to try them sometime. 7. B: Me. A: Who ever heard of such a thing? B: Oh. B: You started eating ice cream? A: It was on sale. A: No. B: My brother is allergic to peanuts. A Pink Orange A: I love peanuts. A: Well. I love them roasted and salted. A: I just peeled it. and one orange every day. B: I'm glad to hear there's something you don't like to eat. B: Do you eat fruits and vegetables every day? A: No. A: No. it’s dark pink! B: Are you sure? I never heard of such a thing. A: I’m sure everything will be okay in a day or two. A: Just boil raw peanuts in salt water until the shells are soft. 10. B: But you eat fruits. you’re right. it won’t last forever. I figure I’ll finish it all by next week. Same Old Diet B: Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll have pink bananas. 43 . You ate everything on the table. She should have warned you. B: He has a very strict diet. it isn’t. 6. B: Boiled? I never heard of that. A: I love boiled peanuts. B: No. if there isn’t another sale. I hate vegetables. one banana. B: Of course you are. 8. but I could tell she was still upset. A: I like my food hot and fresh. I’ll change to something different. Here’s the little sticker that was on it. look. too.A: I apologized to her. A: That’s not good. It’s called a Pink Navel. A: I guess he has to be very careful about what he eats.

B: What are you talking about? A: You know what I’m talking about. What kind of cheese? Swiss. A: Ask the clerk. B: I never used to buy Swiss cheese. B: Does it have a price tag? A: Yes. Of course.B: You like to see it disappear. Use a glass! B: I promise I’ll never drink out of the carton again. I Like That Shirt A: I bought you a pair of pants. B: Try a Google search online. but the pocket has a huge hole in it. A: You think? B: Maybe a pound or two. A: I would if I could find someone who makes strong pockets. don't stand up. Poor Pockets A: I like that shirt. A: Oh yes. 2. Shopping 1. I know that we need milk. B: What’s wrong with them so soon? A: The pants are fine. A: No problem. bread. B: You’d better try them on first. A: I'm so full I'm going to burst. A: I think I’ll buy both of them. A: I’m a man. the cheese with holes in B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: it. you should buy pants with stronger pockets. B: You should loosen your belt. A: Why not? B: I didn’t want to pay for the holes. It’s only $20. Nonfat. and men don’t carry purses! B: Well. Of course. A: You think they won’t fit? B: I think I’ve put on some weight. A: How much is it? B: I don’t know. The Shopping List A: What do we need to buy? Let me look at our list. B: I thought you just bought a pair. 11. B: Thank you. and ham. you did. A: Oh. I’m sorry I did it. B: You shouldn’t carry your keys and pens in your pocket. B: That’s a great price. The tag is missing. These pants have an elastic waistband. B: You are so smart! 3. Pants That Fit A: I need some pants. you'll have hot fresh food tomorrow night. A: I hope they fit. 4. A: I don't like it reheated. but how could you know? A: Because I was watching you. B: You should carry them in a purse. A: I already loosened my belt and unbuttoned my pants. B: I don’t have any idea. B: I didn’t do anything. it does. B: So do I. XII. B: Okay. A: Maybe four or five pounds? B: My waist is bigger than it was. B: Well. Here’s another shirt just like it. look. B: Maybe I know. Don’t Be Lazy A: I saw what you did. What else? We need cheese. A: Don’t drink milk out of the carton. B: Well. A: I did. A: But that’s what pockets are for. 44 . B: I hope you kept the receipt. please. A: You know what you did. B: I will.

I did.5. B: A PC or a Mac? A: I haven’t decided yet. B: Are you going to buy a desktop or laptop? A: Oh. 7. Wipe Everything A: What are those wipes for? B: You use them to wipe the handle of the shopping cart. but they never sent me the solution. I did. B: Yes. B: And that’s not going to change anytime soon. I guess that’s a $20 lesson for you. A: Like what? B: Well. I got a lot of good deals. what’s the problem? A: I sent them $20 using my credit card. B: What happened? A: I had a car problem. A: That’s a great idea. B: More and more people are using Macs. 9. and the others to wipe the produce. B: Neither do I. B: What’s the matter with the produce? A: Do you think the bananas fell from the sky? B: What do you mean? A: I mean. 6. B: What are you going to do? A: I sent them an email asking for my money back. It’s been a week. B: Well. a dozen large eggs were only 99 cents. A: I’m going to take five wipes. B: Don’t we have about five 45 . Bad Business A: Did you go to the 99 Cents store? B: Yes. 8. A site I went to said they would send me the solution. B: What do you need five of them for? A: One to wipe the handle. B: And a one-pound tub of soft butter was the same price. A: I already looked there. B: Have you heard from them? A: Not yet. B: Did you look in the desk drawer? A: Yes. B: I think there’s one on the dining room table. too. A: Another good deal. Sharpen the Pencil A: I need a new computer. A: It still works. the apples. B: But the best deal was five pounds of potatoes for 99 cents. I need to sharpen this pencil. The 99 Cents Store A: It’s six years old. of course. A: What did you buy? B: Well. as usual. A: That’s a good deal. B: Did you find a solution? A: Yes. but they’re doing something right. a laptop. all the markets just started offering wipes to shoppers. B: So. B: What’s the matter with yours? A: Where’s the pencil sharpener? B: Which one? A: Any one. but I’m going to give it to a charity. PC or Mac? A: I got ripped off. you better save a wipe for the dirty dollar bills you’re going to pay with. so I went online. I looked there. A: But 90 percent of the world uses PCs. B: That’s pretty old. B: Well. and the oranges. A: I don’t know how that store makes money. someone used their dirty hands to pick the bananas.

B: What do you mean? A: Our monthly payments will be too high. A: I really like this house. that’s a good idea. B: Can we afford it? A: They want 20 percent down. Let’s buy it now. A: I bought three pounds of potatoes for a dollar. A: It’s close to the beach. someone else will. XIII. B: It’s close to the freeways. 10. A: If we don’t buy it. A: Get one with the rubber suction cups on the bottom. A: So? B: That means it gets twice as much traffic. B: That’s perfect. B: That’s good. B: How are you doing that? A: I started shopping at the dollar store. B: We won’t have any money for other things? A: No. 2. A: Or you’ll hear the collision if someone doesn’t stop. A New House A: We can’t afford this house. A: It’s an upstairs unit. 3. too. On the Corner A: That is a beautiful house. B: Or you’ll see the collision if they crash into the house. B: The kids love the house. A: Yes. B: We’d better get ready to go. we won’t have money for gas or food. A: Also. Housing 1. B: I don’t like it. but cash poor. A: What’s the matter with it? B: It’s on the corner. B: Tomorrow I’m going to buy an electric sharpener. We Can’t Afford This House 46 . B: Just put them in the fridge. B: It’s in a great neighborhood. B: That saves a lot of money. because I don’t want to live under people with loud feet. A: You’re right. B: If the coffee still tastes okay. B: That’s a lot of money. We can’t live without gas or peanut butter. B: When you’re inside. B: Of course. A: It’s got a big yard. B: Why did you do that? A: I mixed them together. I bought a can of cheap coffee and a bag of good coffee. B: Me. even though some of the potatoes had eyes. too. A: We have a 2 o’clock appointment to see the one on Main Street. B: We’ll be eating peanut butter sandwiches? A: Without the peanut butter! B: That’s no good! A: We have to find a cheaper house. but they seem to have legs.sharpeners? A: Yes. B: Yes. you will always hear cars stopping and stopping at the intersection. We can worry later. The less traffic. B: Are you sure? A: We will be house rich. A Great Apartment A: I hate looking for an apartment. A: Let’s find a house that’s at the end of a dead end. B: You’re right. To Save Money A: I’m trying to stretch my dollars. the better. That way it will stay where I put it. B: That’s a good deal. 4. A: But the house is so nice.

isn’t it? B: It sure is. A: No rusty old cars are sitting in the front yards. you’ll be too tired to even eat. Fix the Doorbell A: I won’t be able to play with the kids. B: It’s too far from your job. I want him to look at our carpet. B: People take care of their lawns. B: By the time you get home. B: Perfect. A: I’ll check to make sure that all the windows are shut.A: And it’s a corner unit. B: How did they survive in the old days? A: They had fireplaces. it’s chilly outside. B: I don’t even know why we need to fix it. isn’t it? A: I can’t spend four hours on the road every day. I told him our doorbell doesn’t work. He said he’d be here at 9 o’clock. B: The streets are clean and quiet. We don’t have to listen to barking dogs. Almost Perfect A: Boy. 6. we have to find something closer to your job. too. it’s beautiful. A: In fact. 7. B: So we’ve got to sell before property values go down? A: Yes. B: All we have to do is flip a switch. A: Did he understand what the problem is? B: Yes. We won’t have neighbors on both sides of us. A: And we can afford it! B: So are we going to buy it? A: I’m afraid not. A: Did he say what time? B: Yes. B: They’re probably getting something under the table. A: It’s so nice to have a heated apartment. A: In case we have visitors. and a big back yard. 8. A: Our kids are completely safe. B: That’s great. B: Yes. 9. A: And carry it into the house. it’s chilly in the apartment. I still can’t believe our city council allowed this building. B: But they can just knock on the door. A: It shouldn’t take him long to fix it. A: And there are only six units in the whole building. B: No. B: Where’s the checkbook? I’m ready to rent it without even seeing it. He said he’d come over tomorrow. Sell Now A: Do you like this house? B: Yes. A: It’s perfect for us and the kids. A: No pets are allowed. too. 5. A: This is a nice neighborhood. B: So why are we selling our house? A: They’re building a 3-story apartment building on the corner. three bathrooms. B: Three bedrooms. B: Someone had to chop the wood. B: We never have to call the police about anything. A: Actually. it would be nice if he’d give us a new carpet. B: It should be warmer in a few minutes. Who Cares? 47 . B: Let’s turn on the heat. Life Was Hard A: Did you call the manager? B: Yes. A: The neighbors don’t party on the weekends.

10. B: And they were expensive houses. Vote 1. but people don’t bother.000 more police officers. B: The mayor won by only 2. You can even mail your ballot in. B: You don’t solve a problem by shooting it. A: And he’s really smart. A: They should stay in the woods where they belong. A: All you have to do is vote and put a stamp on it. B: Why not? A: He made promises that he didn’t keep. XIV. B: He’s a good speaker. B: Of course they are. We Can Who did you vote for? I voted for Obama.A: That was a huge fire in Santa Barbara. A: We’re stuck with him for four more years. He Got Reelected A: I can’t believe he won the election. B: Like what? A: He promised to hire 1. B: Only 15 percent of the voters turned out. A: It’s too dangerous for kids and pets. He will be a great president. but not if they’re rich. B: He will solve our problems.000 votes. B: How easy is that? A: I guess people just don’t care. B: People need to cover their trash cans. A: Can’t they eat grass? B: Do you think a bear is a cow? A: Well. A: He will end the war. 2. Hungry Bears A: Everyone likes him. They’re starving to death. B: Yes. A: They said about 30 houses burned to the ground. 3. A: What does that have to do with it? B: Rich people think they’re better than us. B: Why feel sorry for rich people? A: I feel sorry for anyone who loses their home. B: Berries aren’t in season all year round. A: Many people think their vote doesn’t matter. A: B: A: B: Yes. it was. A: How many rich people do you know? B: None. B: Voting is so easy. B: The next four years will be good years. too. A: That is a joke. B: Voting is so important. B: Maybe I’ll vote for someone else. B: So do I. Don’t Vote for Him A: Bears are invading our neighborhoods. I’ve seen them eating berries. too. A: The election is next week. A: Maybe he’s just a liar. A: I’ll vote for him next time. B: There’s no food in the woods. 48 . A: I feel so sorry for those people. Me too. A: The police need to shoot all the bears. B: Who are you voting for? A: I’m not voting for the mayor. B: How many did he hire? A: One hundred! B: Maybe he had a good reason. B: I think everyone will.

B: They’ll care when they see their taxes go up. that’s okay. B: He’s the only candidate that I trust. he’ll never get reelected once this news gets out. 8. Nobody voted for him! B: Sooner or later. A: Well. A: Who’s paying for that? B: I think we are! A: Well. yeah. A: Who in the world is Ralph Nader? B: He’s the best man for president. Vote for Ralph A: People say that everybody loves Obama. they do put their party before their country. A: That’s 50 million people who don’t love Obama. B: He hates Democrats and Republicans. B: But he’s supposed to be making our city a better place. A: Who did you vote for for president? B: I voted for Ralph Nader. B: Only 11 percent? A: About 50 percent of the time he’s traveling. A: Well. A: He’s visiting other cities to get ideas. B: Can you imagine being President? A: Everyone wants you to solve their problems. A: Only if my candidate wins. more than 50 million people voted for McCain. B: I prefer my quiet little life to all the power in the world. B: I have enough stress from trying to solve my own problems. B: Well. A: You and everybody else. we need a relaxed president who thinks clearly. voters will wake up. 7. A Traveling Man A: Well. 5. A: Well. B: Oh. A: But think about all the power you’d have. B: Why’s that? A: What good does it do? B: You get to put someone in power that you like. 4. he’s made a few changes. as long as it helps him relax and think more clearly. B: I would never want to be President. He’s changing it to a basketball court. we have a new president. B: Like what? A: I think he closed the bowling alley in the White House. 49 . A: But he didn’t have a chance. B: Obama’s got four years to make everyone happy. Change Is Good 6. A: Why’s that? B: He hates corporations. Why Vote? A: I don’t know why I bother to vote. all over the world. You know America always leads the way. most corporations do think only about money. B: But we have the same old problems. B: Can’t he just go online? A: The rest of the time he’s raising money for his reelection. B: Well. B: Yes. A: Do any other world leaders have a basketball court? B: They will. A: He’s never going to make everyone happy. B: Where does he travel to? A: Oh. A Powerful Position A: Did you read this article? B: What article? A: It says the mayor spends only 11 percent of his time on city duties.

A: But even if my candidate wins. A: Have you decided how you are going to vote? B: Do you mean on Measures 1. the Democratic Party says it was an honest election. B: They forget who put them in power. they go their own way. A: Did he speak to every family that lost a soldier? B: No. B: That’s true. Every Vote Counts A: That's nice that he found the time to make a visit. 11. of course.000 wounded soldiers. Give Them More A: That election for U. 9. 2. All it costs me is a 42-cent stamp.B: Well. B: Did they explain how it's possible? A: No. by mail. Senator stunk. B: But Bush visited some of them in the hospital once. George Tells Jokes A: Did you get your Official Sample Ballot? B: Yes. are you going to vote for or against the new taxes? B: Against all of them. he didn't have time to do that. roads. They promise anything just so they get elected. with the Voter Instructions. The ones that will improve our schools. he’ll break his promises. He's telling jokes about his eight years as president. B: Of course they say that—their man won! 10. A: Not to mention 40. B: Do you believe the TV ads? 50 . Where did that money go? B: Our legislators spent it on firstclass travel all over the world. he can’t win unless you and others vote for him. A: They forget where they came from.S. he's too busy writing a book about how hard it was to be president. A: Yes. A: And when elected. and hospitals. B: Maybe you should run for office. he's got plenty of time now! B: No. those eight years were a lot of fun for everyone.000 American soldiers were killed overseas. A: But the TV ads say that our taxes will not increase. A: How are you going to vote? B: Same as ever. B: So are they going to hold another election? A: No. A: They are having a good time with our money. B: So it's better to save money than to have an honest election? A: Well. B: What do you mean? A: There were more votes than voters! B: But that's impossible. B: Yes. B: He spoke to them and made them feel better. B: We've already voted for new taxes to pay for all that stuff! A: That's true. They’re Lying A: I see that former President Bush is at a conference. and 3? A: Yes. A: Officials said that it's possible. B: So when are we going to stop giving them more? 12. B: You mean the measures that will raise our taxes. schools. A: I meant. They said there are some things you can't explain. A: But we need new taxes to pay for highways. B: Only 4. and prisons. A: Well. That will cost too much money.

B: Doctors are too expensive. I’m not sure. A: He didn’t give you any medication? B: I hate medication. B: So. A: It looks like blood. B: A band-aid might not work. B: Maybe the banana was bad. A: So how do you think positive? B: I think about nice things. A: I need to type to make money. A: You should wet your shirt immediately. the banana was delicious. B: Maybe it will go away in a little while.A: I like the one where the fireman tells us why we should vote Yes.?br> B: The title should be “Better Schools at Huge Cost. A Blood Stain A: What’s this stain? B: I don’t know. A: No. B: What’s a little blood? A: Your white shirt is ruined. A: No. B: Of course they lie—that’s what politicians do! XV. B: Maybe the milk was bad. A Stomachache B: Next time I’ll soak it immediately. A: I must not use this finger until the cut heals. A: But the title of Measure 1 is “Better Schools at No Cost. B: He might say you have bone cancer. A: Stress causes your stomachaches? B: Stress causes different problems with different people. B: Is it something you ate? A: Maybe. B: Don’t believe him! Whatever the TV ads tell you. B: I think my nose was bleeding. with my toes in the sand. 51 . B: How did you do that? A: It’s a paper cut. 2.?br> A: I can’t believe that they would lie to us. B: What did you have for breakfast? A: The usual. too. A: It hurts. I’ll just buy another one. A: You can wear this one around the house. It makes me feel different. the opposite is true. A: Like what? B: Like a day at the beach. A: So what did he tell you to do? B: He said I need to think positive. A: Where are the band-aids? B: I think they’re in the medicine cabinet. B: But typing is causing you pain. Health 1. B: Why? A: Because that gets the blood out of the shirt. cereal with milk and a banana. A: He might tell me to rest for a while. 4. A: Maybe I should see a doctor. B: Paper cuts can hurt a lot. A: It’s on the tip of my finger. Sore Fingers A: My fingers hurt. B: Maybe you just need to go to the bathroom. 3. A: He might say I’m okay. B: You should take a break. B: He might want to cut you open. 5. that’s not the problem. B: Paper can be dangerous. B: Why do they hurt? A: I type too much. Too Much Stress A: What did the doctor say? B: He thinks I have too much stress. A: It didn’t smell bad. A Paper Cut A: I cut my finger. A: I have a stomachache.

A: I wish I had never started. B: So why are you arguing with me? Don’t lie in the sun too long! 9. forget it. A: They think it’s cool. B: You shouldn’t lie in the sun for too long. A: Thank you. 10. 6. please? B: Sure. A: I’ve tried to quit so many times. A: They work great. I just blow my nose a lot. A: He’s been a chain smoker for 30 years. A: Have you tried nose drops? B: No. B: It smells so bad. B: Smokers think they are so cool. Can he still 52 . I don’t like nose drops. B: That’s it? A: I injured my back one time just by sneezing. B: You don’t have the money? A: I have no insurance. B: What did you do? A: I got out of my car. A: I want to get a tan. B: How can he do that? A: When he is almost finished with one cigarette. I do. he uses it to light another. A: I can’t stand cigarette smoke. A: I know that. A: They look so stupid taking a puff. B: That’s unbelievable. A: Then why can’t I quit? B: You have to believe in yourself. B: It’s better to be pale than to have skin cancer. A: Have you taken anything for your cold? B: No. B: Of course you can. B: Maybe a back rub would help. B: So? A: So. Cigarette Smoke A: Do you smell that? B: Oh. B: Cigarettes stink. I don’t want to look so pale. A: Nothing seems to work. I have to breathe through my mouth. and you have it. Skin Cancer A: Would you put suntan lotion on my back. of course. B: All it takes is will power. 11. B: A little cigarette controls them. A: My doctor said I need surgery. B: Of course you do. B: So has everyone else. B: Three packs of what? A: Cigarettes. She gave it to me. Nose Drops A: Do you have a cold? B: Yes. A: They are so weak. A: One cigarette stinks up the whole sidewalk. A: How did you get it? B: My sister had a cold. A Bad Back A: My back is killing me. A: Your nose is stopped up? B: Yes. B: I don’t care. I don’t like to put drops in my nose. B: He’s a chain smoker. Quitting Smoking A: I can’t quit smoking. B: And then they blow smoke out of their mouth. 7. Three a Day A: My brother smokes three packs a day. 8.B: It might take a day or two to heal. B: What’s wrong with looking pale? A: People think you might be sick. yes. B: You should see a doctor. B: So does every smoker. B: Who thinks that? A: I don’t know. A: I don’t have enough will power.

B: How can he still be alive? A: His doctor says his heart and lungs are strong and healthy. B: Maybe I should start smoking. Brush A: I hate brushing my teeth. I eat the same things day after day. No Need to Worry A: Do you believe everything you hear? B: I don't believe anything I don't see with my own eyes. A: Brush. another pimple on my face. A: No. B: They also ate with their fingers! A: Why do they call it the good old days? B: Maybe because they didn’t have to brush and floss. Spit. A: Everyone tells you a different story about the same thing. I hate seeing them on my face. B: All we've seen so far is a couple of lizards. A: All you've lost is some sweat. I’m sure. B: This trail is hard to climb. B: Three different people will give you three different stories. B: I haven't even lost one pound of fat? A: If you want to lose fat. B: Yes. B: I can't believe we haven't seen any animals. 15. B: Do pimples run in your family? A: Not that I've noticed. A: Whatever the cause. B: The government says we have nothing to worry about. A: You can't believe what you hear on TV or radio. A: Who invented flossing? B: A dentist. B: Maybe it's something in your diet. A: Thank goodness! I don't want to see any wild animals. I need a break and some water. A: It seems like I get a new pimple almost every day. B: Then maybe it's in your genes. B: Okay. 13. like the government says not to worry about the swine flu. A: I hate flossing more than brushing! B: I can’t wait till all my teeth fall out. A: And the government will give you a fourth story. A: We're hiking to lose weight. Use a Tissue A: Don’t pick your nose.breathe? A: He can. 12. B: I bet I've lost a couple of pounds already. but let's hike in town. B: Well. A: Especially on a hot day like this. spit. not to see goats and bears. B: Pimples suck. 16. At least there are cats and dogs to see. Brush. A: Then why are some schools telling the kids to stay home? B: The government says to wash our hands frequently. B: What did they do in the old days? A: They brushed with their fingers. they're fun to pop. A: But the swine flu just killed 20 people in Mexico. Another Pimple A: Oh no. and we'll all be okay. 14. A Hot Hike A: Let's stop for a while. B: Well. A: You might be right. A: What were you doing? 53 . maybe it's from the pollution in the air. you've got to do this hike every day. brush. B: It’s such a chore. but the people around him can’t. on the bright side. B: I wasn’t picking my nose. B: You can't believe what you read in the newspapers.

B: What do you think it is? A: I don’t know. 18. please. every time the plane goes up. 17. maybe I was picking it a little bit. B: What’s wrong with it? A: It aches most of the time. A: Use a tissue next time. B: What’s the matter? A: I was on a plane. A: I think I know the difference between picking and scratching. A: I’ll squeeze the cloth so it’s almost dry. That way your left hand will do half the work. B: Don’t let water get into any of the cracks. Maybe it’s not old age. B: Start typing instead. 54 . B: Do it quickly. A Dirty Remote A: Our TV remote is filthy. why don’t both of your hands hurt? A: That’s a good question. B: Maybe we should put it in a plastic bag to keep it clean. All my life. Stop using it so much. B: If it’s old age. B: So? A: So. really? Maybe you should have called 911. An Earful of Pain A: My ear is killing me. B: It wasn’t that kind of emergency. A: I’ll give it back to you in a couple of minutes. and sometimes it doesn’t. A: I will rub gently but firmly. A: Sometimes the pain goes away. B: Don’t use water on it! A: I’ll use a damp cloth. B: Why did they do that? A: A mad dog bit most of her face off. B: Have you seen a doctor? A: I’ve been to two doctors. but they say the swelling will go down. B: You’re wearing out your right hand. B: Are you right-handed? A: Yes. B: Oh. B: And then will she look normal again? A: I guess so. A: But I do all my writing with my right hand. A Sore Hand A: There’s something wrong with my right hand. A: I’m going to clean it. It was an emergency. B: That’s no good. What does she look like now? A: Her face is really fat. B: Don’t rub the numbers off the remote. so I can change channels during commercials. my ear starts to hurt. 20. B: Yes. it’s covered with crud. B: I didn’t have a tissue. I think it’s old age. 19. mom. A: Oh. that’s terrible. B: And they couldn’t fix your problem? A: They both said I have to live with it.B: I was scratching my nose. A: Then wait till you find a tissue. B: Okay. B: God bless modern medicine. B: I couldn’t wait. A New Face A: Did you see the woman with the new face? B: Did she get a nice job? A: She got an “everything?job! B: What do you mean? A: A team of doctors gave her a whole new face. B: Or you can stay off planes.

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