M S RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(Autonomous Institute, affiliated to VTU) Department of Information Science & Engineering

Term: 17th Jan – 14th May 2011 Sub: Database Management Systems Subject Code: IS404 Credits: 4:0)1 Semester: IV Section: B Course: B.E. Max. Marks: 10 Date: 11th May 2011 Instructions to Candidates: 1.MOBILE PH0NES ARE BANNED 2.Assume necessary data SQL 1.Create following table Branch(BranchNo,city,postcode) Staff(staffNo,name,salary,position,branchno) Property_Rent(Property_no, staffno, branchno) Specify primary key and foreign key for the above schema. Solve the following queries. 1. List the addresses of all branch offices in London or Glasgow. 2. List all the managers and supervisor using IN operator. 3. List the names of all the staff their branch office is in London. 4. Alter any one of the table by adding suitable column with the constraint. 2.Create the following tables Sailors(sid,sname,age) Boats(bid,bname,color) Reserves(sid,bid,day) Specify primary key and foreign key for the above schema. 1.Find the names and ages of all sailors 2.Find the names of sailors who have reserved boat number 103. 3.Find the colors of boats reserved by Lubber 4.Demonstrate Group by clause 3.Create the following tables Members(Mid,Name,Dseig,Age) Books(Bid,BTitle,BAuthor,BPrice) Reserves(Mid,Bid,Date) Specify the primary key and foreign key for the above schema 1. Find the names of members who are professors and over 40 years. 2. List the titles of the books reserved by Asst.prof 3. Find the author and title of books reserved on 23-Feb-2003 4. Demonstrate Order by clause 4.Create the following tables. Works(Pname,Cname,Salary) Lives(Pname,Street,City) LocatedIn(Cname,City) Specify the primary key and foreign key for the above schema 1.Find the names of the persons who work for the company ‘IBM’ 2.Find the names of persons working for ‘HP’ along with the cities they live in. 3.Find the names of the persons who live and work in the same city 4.Demonstrate any three aggregate functions 5. Create the following tables. Student(StNo,StdName) Projects(ProjectNo,ProjectArea) AssignedTo(StdNo,ProjectNo) Specify the primary key and foreign key for the above schema 1.List the project no which is assigned to studentnumber ‘IS003’ and ‘IS020’ 2.Find the StdNo anf student name of all those students who are working on both database projects. 3.Find student number and student name of all those students who are working on both th projects having project numbers p-75 and p-81 4.Demonstrate UPDATE command

Create a program that copies all departments to a table called old_dept. just select all columns and all rows. Try running the above program and entering a negative number. Ensure a valid message is given back to the user even if no employees changed job. . 5.PL\SQL 1. 2. Create a program that accepts two numbers from substitution variables. Display a message displaying how many employees were awarded the increase. Write a program that gives all employees in department 10 a 15% pay increase. Use a cursor FOR loop. display one of the following messages:first is greater than second first is less than second first is the same as second 2. There is no need to format the output. . Find all employees in the old job and give them the new job. If the first is larger than the second raise an exception called e_bigger and display an appropriate message.Create a program that mimics selecting all columns and rows from the dept table. 3. Create a PL/SQL block that accepts a new job title and an old job title. 6. Display the Message Hello World X times. Display how many rows were copied. 2. Create a program that accepts two numbers. where X is the number entered. what happens? Change the code to print a message if a number less than 1 is entered that informs the user they 4. Create a program that accepts a single number. Do not use a cursor FOR loop.

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