Moder Warfare 2 Host Tool 1.2+ for AlterIWNet (http://alteriw.

net) Required Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package -074B9F2BC1BF How to use: 1) Open "mw2_host.exe" as administrator (for Vista and Windows 7) 2) Run Modern Warfare 2 3) Start searching a game (like Team Deatmatch) 4) Press F5 to prevent MW2 to find a match 5) Press F4 to change the settings 6) Press F3 to start the match Note: watch this, (old but still useful) Hotkeys list: F3 = Start server F4 = Open server settings F5 = Disable or enable lobby search ===============================================================================

!!! Create a server is a RESPONSABILITY !!! What you need to know: _usage of the mw2 console _all the suggestions that follow What you need to have: _decent internet connection (adsl+) _decent graphics card (mw2 must run at high fps 60+) _nat open (forward your port 28960 UDP/TCP) What you must NOT have: _bittorrent, emule, limewire, etc. open _every kind of download in progress Kick cheaters No one wants play with a cheater. In mw2 you can only kick or ban for a short time a player. After you've ensured who is the cheater type in console: status Now you have a list of the current players on your server. Take note of the client id of the cheate (the first number on the line e.g. 3) Now kick him type in console: clientkick 3 Sometimes the cheater can returns, it's better to ban him. type in console: tempbanclient 3 Obviusly tempban means a temporary ban, it's better to set the time of the ban t o the max type in console: sv_kickBanTime 3600 3600 means an hour Note: You can use an automated tool like MW2 Admin ( Additional tip: to see who cheat you have to enable killcam in every game ! To do this press F4 (with MW2 host tool open) before starting

while playing. but for a normal adsl this means LAG. I think 8 players should be enough to play decently and keep a low ping. in stats the real ping (not the stupid lines) type in console: cg_scoreboardpingtext 1 . you don't need to modify them.your server. type in console: ui_maxclients 8 Don't care about sv_maxclients and party_maxplayers. open Game Rules. set "Killcam" on "enabled" and set "Force Respawn" on "disabled" Set max players Every server has for default 12 player slots. I suggest to set ping limit to 200 type in console: sv_maxPing 200 To see. Set max ping By default every player can connect to your server.

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