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Teoria Musical – Acordes

Inversão ( com base na terça, retirar a terça do acorde):

The added second - D2

The suspended chord - Dsus

The major 6 chord - D6

The major 7 chord - DM7

The major 9 chord - DM9

This is E minor 7 - Em7

Here is F# minor 7 - F#m7

This is B minor 7 - Bm7

V chords often have a 7. In the key of D, the V chord is A, so you

would see A7 appearing in the music. Here it is.

The A7 chord

Two very useful altered chords are the iv chord (notice we switched
from IV to iv... from major to minor), and the iim7b5 (pronounced
"two minor seven flat five"). In the key of D the IV chord is G, so
the iv chord is G minor.

G minor - Gm

The iim7b5 is Em7b5. It looks like this.

Substitutes for A7
The A7b9 looks like this.

Another substitute for A7 is G/A.

(A word about names - Some of the green chords are written as slash chords, like
Am/F#. This chord could also be written F#m7b5. In general, whenever you take a
simple minor chord and move the bass from the root down three half steps, you get a
m7b5 on the new bass note. Sometimes calling it Am/F# is easier for me.)
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