How to do Secondary Ledger in R12 (MRC


Setp1: Go to Accounting Manager. Setup Financials Accounting Setup Manager Accounting Setup: Select You Primary Ledger Name

Select u r ledger name Click Update

Click on Update Button.


Click on Secondary Ledger Setup3: Give the Secondary Ledger Name: Same primary ledger COA and Calendar but. currency is different .

Currency is different Click: Apply Step:4 .

Step5: Give the Retained Earnings Account .

Click: Next and Finish: Step:6 Primary to Secondary Ledger Mapping .

Step:7 Assign Ledger to Responsibility in System Administrator Step:8 Open Periods in General Ledger for Secondary Ledger (Reporting Set of Books) Setup open/close: Step:9 Define Daily Rates Setup Currency Rates Daily: .Click Give the rate type and click Complete.

Thanking You Srinivas Pochamaneni .Save and Close: Now Create General Entry in Primary Ledger and Post it«. Automatically it will be created in Secondary Ledger also.

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