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First of all, we would like to thank Almighty Allah, the OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT and SUSTAINER of the universe, who gave us the strength, ability, courage, endless patience and dauntless determination to work on this report. Secondly, we would like to thank Sir IMRAAN Z.KHAN, who provided us the opportunity to work on such a business oriented and instructive report. The preparation of this report was an enlightening experience for us. The study conducted for the preparation of this report has enhanced our learning of the course content and has increased understanding. We would also like to thank friends for their moral support and assistance.


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1.1 Executive summary 1.2 Profile of the group 1.3 Purpose of project and brief 1.4 Current scenario in Karachi


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ORGANIZATION MOTTO & BUSINESS PROFILE 2.1 Business logo and description 2.2 Mission and vision 2.3 Short term and long term strategy 11-12 13-14 15-16


PROJECT CAPACITY AND DETAILS 3.1 Project capacity and investment 3.2 Proposed product mix 17-18 18-20


CURRENT INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 4.1 Current structure of industry 4.2 Competitors 4.3 Analysis of competitors 21-22 23 24


MARKET INFORMATION AND SEGMENTATION 5.1 Target market 5.2 Market segmentation 5.3 Market potential 25 25-26 27


MARKETING TOOLS 6.1 7P¶S 6.2 Planning assumptions 6.3 Marketing Objectives 6.4 SWOT Analysis 28-31 32 33 34-35


PROJECT PARAMETER 7.1 Staffing requirements 7.2 Key Success Factors 36 37


PROJECT REQUIREMENTS 8.1 Day care requirements 8.2 Equipment Details Qty Cost 8.3 Furniture & Fixture Details 8.4 Human resources requirements 38 39 40 41 3

8.5 Building requirements and location



FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 9.1 Project cost 9.2 Balance sheet 9.3 Forecasted sales 9.4 Income statement 9.5 Cost and benefit analysis 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

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Pakistan is a country that faces many difficulties including a weak economy, low income, illiteracy, caste discrimination, and a lack of understanding of the importance of education. The Child Daycare and Early Childhood Education and Development Project were developed in response to these issues, and hope to decrease the vulnerable situation of children in the Karachi city. The project provides a safe and educational environment where the skills and potential of every child is nurtured, while parents go out to work. Parents can drop their children under the age of 5, off in the morning and pick them up again at the end of their workday. While at the daycare, children will engage in a number of educational activities that will provide them with a head start for primary school. A reasonable fee per month is charged to the parents, to offset operating costs. The following goals and objectives are outlined for the project: To ensure all the children of Karachi are provided with safe and quality childcare To prepare children for primary school To improve the health of the children by providing a healthy meal and/or snack each day To provide a loving, responsive and nurturing environment for the children To engage the children in activities that fosters their natural curiosity, initiative and hunger to learn To increase awareness of the importance of education To increase self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem amongst the children


6 . observation.To alleviate the anxiety amongst parents associated with leaving their children inadequately attended to To reduce poverty levels by freeing up both parents to engage in economic activities To empower women to increase their earnings The evaluation of the program will be conducted primarily by the Project Coordinator and will consist of informal interviews. a yearly survey and through progress reports. and ongoing monitoring and data collection.

Otherwise. We will appoint the management of the business and will closely supervise them. Initially. Hafsa having knowledge of the human resource management. as we grow bigger then we can consider hiring any professional manager to take care of matters. We. Sameen in the area of finance and accounting. Wajeeh Iqbal has extensive knowledge in marketing and sales. the owners will possess the power to nominate a single owner to supervise overall activities of the business.2 PROFILE OF THE GROUP The team of the business plan consists of five members. Lubna has experience in the field of marketing and in designing. 7 . we hope this business plan will make others feel the same as we do. the five members have used our extensive knowledge and ideas to generate the business plan that we think can be very feasible with the conditions in Pakistan and can be very profitable for the investors. the five partners or entrepreneurs will hold all the managerial post. Anjuman also has adequate knowledge of finance and accounting as well as she has knowledge of the management. All of the owners are going to invest equally. Therefore. For the better management of the businesses well as for the communication and decision-making process to be flexible enough. However.1.for the establishment of the business. We will share the ownership of the business equally. These members are going to start the business. Overall. the decision will not be accepted. The share of the ownership will be based on the investment of the owners. These owners will take every major decision for the business and they will share the profit or loss of the business equally. Among these members. For any decisions to be approved all of our owners must be agree. the proposed business will be a simple partnership with equal authority of the partners in every aspect of the business.

1. Islamabad. Peshawar. such a project could also be feasible for other metropolitan cities of Pakistan i. PROJECT PROFILE The project is about starting a Day Care Center for infants and children of age up to 5. The proposed plan is to offer programs ranging from Infant Care for infants of more than 2.5 months of age to pre-school playgroup for children of age up to 5 years.e. Quetta and smaller cities but initial market research/survey would be required to identify its need. and production. start-up.3 PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT REPORT: The project pre-feasibility may form the basis of an important investment decision and in order to serve this objective. the study covers various aspects of project concept development. Project Brief The study provides information regarding investment opportunity for setting up a Day Care Center in KARACHI city. Lahore. 8 . finance and business management. However.

Also. This has further added to complexity and competition of any Metropolitan city. Market Entry Timing In Karachi.Opportunity Rationale Day Care Center is the place where learning and fun become one and the primary place where children learn social and pre-academic skills necessary for success in school. the trend of sending children to Day Care Centers at a much earlier age is gaining rapid grounds. the admissions in all the educational institutions start right after the summer vacations. As a result of these social changes. The Day Care¶s infant program is centered on the natural curiosity and energy of very young children. which can help children blossom intellectually and emotionally. Parents are very much worried as there are few institutes. The fast paced life of the cities is significantly influencing the life style of its inhabitants. the whole institution is responsible for the child rather than a single nanny. Childcare programs and pre-school curriculums integrate a wealth of intriguing and engaging learning activities that stimulate brain development in children. Economic pressures are compelling both parents to work towards achieving and sustaining quality life standards. while having a lot of purposeful fun along the way. Therefore it is recommended that the admissions/registrations of the Day Care center should be started at least one week prior to the start of regular schools to make the process easy both for parents and center¶s registration staff. The workingwomen will prefer a day care center to a nanny at home because a day care center can provide proper grooming and prepare the youngsters for admission at school in coming years. 9 . This will also ensure that students complete this program at appropriate timing for getting further admission in regular schools.

4 Current Scenario in Karachi Currently there is a Day Care Centers in KARACHI with lack of facilities and area with improper management. According to population of KARACHI.1. According to our interview about 78 % of the workingwomen were in favor of establishing such an institution in KARACHI. 30% said it should be near to workplace and 15% said it should be near school. 10 . So the present location of day care center is suggested for our future project as both students and parents have to be in gulshan. Children of age 6 months to 3 years are admitted in this center. almost 60% of families have children of pre-school age. and 56% of the parents have their children at home as no proper day care centers facility is available. 55% of the working women suggested that such facility should be located near their home. which clearly indicates the demand for such a project proposed for Infants of more than 2.5 months of age to children of age up to 5 years.

Motto of the Business The motto of the SUNSHINE DAY CARE center is going to realize. flexible. healthy. The name was chosen because of it symbolic meaning and the logo has been developed according to that. Because of the differences in size and complexity between different day care facilities. The color combinations of the SUNSHINE DAY CARE logo are very much impressive and attractive with a view to forward. It consists of a picture of sun which gives an impression of today¶s children are the future of the nation.CHAPTER 02 INTRODUCTION OF THE DAY CARE SERVICE 2.1 Name of the Organization SUNSHINE DAY CARE CENTER Description of Logo The logo for the DAY CARE center had been developed considering the children with a proper care and give the proper behavioral task and knowledge that will help the children to grown up. 11 . BUSINESS PROFILE The SUNSHINE DAY CARE´ center planning is directed to day care providers and facility managers. and also reliable for the children. It is intended to provide assistance in meeting the planning requirements necessary to protect working mothers and children within the facility. we will focus on our customer¶s expectation mostly by providing quality service. our planning guide is intentionally generic in nature and in larger facilities for a larger personnel and make the surrounding environment more comfortable. Every Child is Special.

it is a good way to learn a lot about children. and that the effects of early neglect can be cumulative. which let them experience many successes that build up their confidence and self-image. a little attention and substantial time can give the working parents who are out of the house for a major part of the day. it might be easier to understand the reasons for not accepting a family only as a client. In addition. The youth of today are the children of yesterday. that the early years of a child's life are critical in the formation of intelligence. A few day-care centers have been mushrooming all over the country in various forms. Since the importance of early childhood care and education has become indispensable. It is well established scientifically. about having a job. These days are made longer and harder if there are problems with the families they work with. A good day care centre helps children learn and grow in many ways and is fun. This career will be often chosen because we love working with children and we are socially responsible. not taught the right values. 12 . so day-care. about managing money. not corrected when wrong. and at the same time is a source of income to the teachers and staff of the centre. Day care center usually work long hours for minimal pay. Day-care centre management can be a super way for to earn money. With that in mind. a time when they were not given the right direction. Our Day Care center is not in this business just to make money. However. had no support except as and when their parents could afford to.The procedures and principles of our day care center are more easy and acceptable than other day care center. Day-care centers make child rearing easy. personality and social behavior. about families. Children gain independence as they explore a world outside the home and choose from among many activities tailored to their interests and abilities. by sharing a mother's responsibility in bringing up her children. as well. if we consider what other professionals would get paid for putting in a 12 hour day with little to no breaks.

SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will that not only met our child care needs. This day care has a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. It is works to provide affordable. All will be treated fairly with the utmost respect.2. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center wants its employee to feel a part of its success. first-class care giving and a broad range of integrated programs and services and innovative learning approaches. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will respond to the needs of its parents and children with excellent care giving and instruction. flexible programs. An extra curriculum tailored specifically for children. Happy employees make happy customers. the environment and the country. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will try its best to contribute significantly to guarantee the children access to knowledge and get quality service to ensure better physical and mental development. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center dedicates its efforts and resources toward ensuring top-rated care giving services with a high quality based learning environment tailored for children in these age groups. that of the combination of conventional day care and specific interest children based programs. With a low cost. 13 . SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will be committed to taking a leadership role in child care services. and local community involvement. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center wants to be the choices for everyone especially for the Middle class families.2 Mission SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will attain a position where it will be known for not only its business but also for its contribution to the health and education sector. Its open door policy embraces all who desire to provide a better quality of care. taught in a fun. the society. but also provided an opportunity to learning environment. awareness and basic knowledge for their children. It is a start-up for kids ages zero to five years. nurturing care-giving environment. an advanced curriculum.

It would be an enormous care center to hang out for the children. We will grow fast and our diversity will be our identity. This is help to grasp in the competitive market. One of our most important goals is to establish long-term relationships with our clients. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will be the leading care center in KARACHI city in PAKISTAN. 14 . The customers will be provided with quality and reliability of our services and that we expect to lead to our own development and prosperity. Our Child Care Program had make Office Center a robust and flexible child management program where we can listen to the needs and desires of our child care providers and child care centers. Within ten years of its establishment. and also the customers.VISION SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will be aimed at achieving an enormous success in KARACHI. We hope to contribute to the welfare of our investors as well as to the welfare of our valued customers and to the welfare of the economy of PAKISTAN.

We would provide diversified services for different segment of our market at a different ratio. we will divide kid group into two categories and will provide them different services required by them. Although we are showing two child groups kid and Pre-school.3 SHORT-TERM STRATEGY We will give extra care for providing quality services to our clients.2. We would be aimed to provide better quality at a competitive rate than the other day cares in our country. Even proper training and instruction would-be provided to new care givers by senior care givers to maintain quality services. We will start our campaign before two months of starting our operation on air and it would be continued after the opening of our business for keeping in touch with the people and developing demand of our services. we will focus on attracting more and more parents to admit their children in day cares for their sound and healthy development. Our care givers would be highly experienced and trained. Thus. we would be able to grab the market more easily. We will always give importance to the children and parents and will consider the customers always right. Their demand and satisfaction would be our main focus. This will help us to know the market demand and customer desires and we would be able to increase our service quality. We have focused four target customers depending in the economic condition of our nation. Although we are very new in this industry with very few competitors. All these services would be provided at competitive rate to meet the income level of the population of our society. 15 . Diversified services for children of various ages will be adopted by us for business expansion. Both children and parents would be treated with equal importance and their preferences would be considered with proper attention for the benefit of our business. We will regularly interact with our clients for their kind suggestion and recommendation as well as for any complaint regarding our services. But we can change our pricing policy depending on the income level of our target market. We will appoint care givers according to the ratio of workers to children.

we would expand our business by providing various diversified services for children including play-group and kinder-garden school facilities. We would try to diversify our services by providing services to children up to 10 years old. Our pricing strategy would also vary among various market segments depending on their income level Customer would be treated as boss throughout the business operation with proper care and respect More improved and intellectual activities would be introduced in our day care center for the physical and psychological development of children. For this purpose various cultural and educational program would be introduced by SUNSHINE DAYCARE center. Vast marketing strategy would be adopted by us to make our business more popular among the customers. Customer responses would value with more interaction with them and their suggestion would be implemented for the benefit of our business. In the long run with greater customers base we would focus on achieving more cost effectiveness in our business operation with diversified services. After meeting the demand of our area we would expand our business in other area within the city in near future and it will depend upon the success of our business. Even modern technologies and outdoor activities could be introduced for improving their knowledge. Efficiency of employees would be ensured by various training programs by inside and outside instructors. We would try to provide more diversified services for different target population of our market in the long run. 16 .LONG TERM STRATEGY In future. Our pricing strategy would be change according to the income level of our customers and economic condition of our country and the demand of our customers.

Each classroom has capacity of 10 children. one for Play Group for children of age between 3-4 years.1Project Capacity It is proposed that infants of more than 2. one for two year olds. Year wise number of children (expected) Programs Offered Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Infant Care Program 5 7 8 12 15 Two Year Olds 6 3 7 8 10 Play Group (3-4 years old) 3 9 11 10 9 playgroup (4-5 years old) 6 7 8 6 7 Total 20 26 34 36 41 17 . this capacity may not be achieved in the initial years of operations. Two classrooms would be for Infant Care program. However. There are five (5) proposed classrooms for the Day Care Center. and one for Kindergarten for children of age 4-5 years old.5 months of age to children of 5 years of age be admitted in the center.CHAPTER 3 PROJECT CAPACITY AND DETAILS 3. The project would have total capacity of 50 children.

safe. It will provide infants with lots of attention.1 million and working capital requirement of 0. The details are described as follows: Infant Care Program The infant care program is centered on the natural curiosity and energy of very young children.2Proposed Product Mix The Day Care Center will offer different programs for different age groups. 3.3 million. The investment mainly covers capital costs of 1. FEEDING NOOK The Feeding Nook would be used for baby feeding. SLEEPING NOOK This would be the area of the classroom where infants sleep during the day. and abundant conversation and nurturing to make the world for a baby fun. 18 . As infants are all on different schedules. Children will be with his/her caregiver (nanny) in one of the center¶s special nook areas where he/she will experience an array of experiences especially designed to meet an infant's needs. and loving.Project Investment The total investment required for this project is 1. a variety of appropriate activities. interesting.2 million. this nook is used throughout the day for sleeping infants.

climbing and walking in the Movement Nook. COMFORT NOOK The Comfort Nook would be soft and cozy place that would provide a sense of security and a place to rest before babies move on to a more active nook. DIAPERING NOOK The Diapering Nook will be used for diaper changing. CURIOSITY NOOK Infants would be given opportunities for multi-sensory plays where Infants would begin to explore different materials and begin to understand them. this open-air play nook would provide a safe and interesting place for babies. OUTDOOR PLAY NOOK When weather conditions would be appropriate. Extra clothing and materials would also be stored.MOVEMENT NOOK Infants would be able to practice their motor skills such as rolling over. crawling. It would also offer opportunities to interact individually with babies. pulling up. 19 . sitting up.

social studies and more. all with the goal of enhancing the rapid changes that occur in a child's brain development in the earliest stages of life. This will be a better place where learning with activities will be focused.For two-year-olds The curriculum for two-year-olds will provide an enriching environment with activities that are designed to enhance child's total development in a quality early childhood education environment. music. The daycare curriculum will allow two-year-old children to spend busy and fulfilled days engaged in activities that would promote learning. Nursery school (4 and young 5-year-olds) Nursery school Program will be filled with fun and educational activities that will be carefully designed to help bring out a child's natural curiosity and encourage a lifelong joy of learning. That is why every curriculum will include a variety of intriguing activities that can stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative plays. The curriculum will use themed learning units that incorporate reading. mathematics. Play Group (3 and young 4-years-old) Studies have found that learning improves when children are engaged in enjoyable and meaningful activities. writing. and other specially selected materials and resources. educational materials. 20 . science. Teachers assigned for the two-year-old student group will be trained to incorporate appropriate literature.

Some accept babies as young as six weeks old. In two-thirds of two-parent homes.1 Current structure of industry A comprehensive service that enhances the productivity of working parents by attending to the development needs of their children. The daycare industry is increasing and becoming an important contributor to the gross national product (GNP) of PAKISTAN. or operated out of privately owned home. there are some children live with single parents who need child care in order to work. Someone other than an immediate family member today cares for approximately one-half of the children in the PAKISTAN during some portion of each day. In addition. The daycare centers are reliable and affordable compared to some other kinds of care such as governess. The market demand for childcare has also led to the development of chains of day-care facilities. The intention of high quality childcare is tallow employees to respond to their dual work and family responsibilities effectively to the benefit of both families and nation. who rely primarily on relatives. other than relative or guardian. Employed mothers use center-based day care for their preschool children as their primary source of childcare.CHAPTER 4 CURRENT INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 4. Many of the small child day-care businesses are home-based. A childcare center is a facility. Do not have to negotiate pay as with governess and daycare centers are more secure. An additional some of working mothers use center-based care as their secondary source and use a baby-sitter or family member as their first choice. The reasons for this trend have been identified as: 21 . is compensated to provide care and supervision for children for less than 24hours a day. providing a large and ever growing consumer base for the day-care industry. other Than a private residence. both parents work. better-educated families rely more on paid care and center-based care than lower income families. Surveys show that more affluent. and many allow children to stay until they enter pre-school playgroup.

which are vitally important in today's fast paced. Most of the high-income family women are involved in other social and extracurricular activities such as clubs and gymnasiums therefore. People find it difficult to provide better training/attention to their children at home as they have to go to offices/work.Avoidance of responsibility 3. many of them face financial problems and women have started working in order to support their families. AVOIDANCE OF RESPONSIBILITIES Today¶s parents could not find enough time to give proper attention to their children because of their daily busy and hectic office/working routines. 22 . SUNSHINE DAYCARE center will offer services. Change in lifestyle of population 2. As an increasing number of families have become dependent on two incomes. The lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth Trends are very important and the Sunnyside would be well positioned to satisfy the current and growing interest and will provide qualitative service at moderate prices. As most of the people have started living separately (opposed to the joint-family system) therefore. A facility that could provide day care during office/working hours would make their hectic lives easy. find it very difficult to take out time for their children.1. and hectic. A day care facility would give ease of mind to such parents. the need for quality childcare has skyrocketed. CHANGE IN LIFE STYLE Some of the evolving trends are associated with life that is becoming busy.Increase of product variety in the market. There are few daycare centers now a day but their services are not satisfactory. dual-income world.

we will have a competency that is the advantage of first mover as a for-profit day care center. 4. there are a few day care centers in PAKISTAN and they usually take preschool babies to look after not the infants or kid. in this case we would be able to grab the market with our diversity and quality services. This is why they have decided to start early schooling for their children. all our managerial posts will be hold by our five owners. teachers. Most important fact is that. Our base is our quality and uniqueness in providing services to our customers with care. we will have some core competencies when we start the operations. It will be our competency to attract more customers than other existing day care centers. so more care would be taken for the success of our business through efficient management. We will have some core competencies over our competitors as most of the services provided by them is not that much satisfactory. We will adopt vast marketing strategy through advertising before the opening of our business and it will continue throughout the business operation. Therefore. kitchen staff would be very much experienced and trained to deal with child needs and psychology.2COMPETITIORS Though we are not operating in the industry currently. In the very first stage. 23 . Our caregivers.DAY CARE CENTER PROVIDE BETTER TRAINING Today many people are of the view that day care centers and pre-schools can provide children better training and education because they have trained and educated staff. better training equipment. and toys. for the whole business.


the market is divided into groups on the basis of variables such as age.CHAPTER 5 MARKET INFORMATION AND SEGMENTATION 5. family lifestyle. In the meantime. Middle class Middle class people. Within the first two years. and at least for five years. it would establish other branches in other areas of Karachi. 5. In the family if the parents are working couple then someone other than an immediate family member cares the children during some portion of each day. The market has been segmented basing on the level of income of customers. DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION In the demographic segmentation. the largest part of our society are always in a move to change their life style. Today most of the middle class couple in a family work outside and nuclear families 25 . Sunshine would operate solely in Karachi. segment marketing will allow the daycare center to fine tune its service offerings and price it appropriately for the target segment. The Sunshine is located at Gulshan which is a residential area containing a large number of nuclear families. These people usually have a family size from 3 to 4. And it will also allow a daycare center to have a clear picture of its competitors.2 SEGMENTATION GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Geographic Segmentation calls for dividing the market into different geographic units. Now a day¶s most of the families are nuclear family. generation and social class.1TARGETMARKET: Like in all other industries. Parents spend most of their income on their children in order to give a comfortable life. The next step would be to expand in other city. family size. income occupation. Single parents who need child care center in order to work.

personality and social behavior. Mohd. these people are demanding quality child care services in our country and Sunshine Daycare center would be committed to fulfill the desire of parents through proper care and share with their children in their physical and mental development. Karsaz and Sindhi Muslim. it became very hard to manage maid servant at home to look after the baby.cannot arrange proper care and security for their child to earn their livelihood With the increase in income level. y Clients demographic profile Age Gender Occupation Education Marital Status Expenditure Income Location 25 and above Female working class Educated and aware married Rs. Even parents are also concerned about the security of their child. Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Nazimabad. Even with the growth of various industries and enrollment in higher education.000 and above Rs. Sunshine daycare would provide secured baby care facilities to the children of these parents with proper observation. P.middle class population of our nation can easily afford our daycare services for their child. Ali Society.D.A. Upper middle class Upper. 26 .25.20 . Upper class Upper class section of our society is very much concerned to get quality services and to provide best guidance to their children.S.C. Sunshine daycare center would be established to scientifically develop the early years of a child's life by helping in the critical in the formation of intelligence.H.E. 000 and above Karachi: Middle class areas: K.

The daycare aims to provide such an environment in which new ways of learning would be introduced. Children are more likely to retain information learned when they are engaged in enjoyable and meaningful activities. The childcare programs and pre-school curriculums integrate a wealth of intriguing and engaging learning activities that stimulate brain development in children at pre-school stages.5. 27 .3 Market Potential The normal school going age of children is around 3 years. One reason is as they think it is too early to send them to schools and is also wastage of time and money. Many families having children of age between 3-5 years in age and have not admitted their children in Pre-schools.

5 months till child of 5 years with safe and quality childcare. Quality: The quality of our day care center is known by the qualified teachers and the highly qualified doctor (pediatrician).1 7 P¶S 1) PRODUCT Basic service: Provide care for infants of 2. music. Teachers assigned for the two-year-old student group will be trained to incorporate appropriate literature. and other specially selected materials and resources.CHAPTER 6 MARKETING TOOLS 6. Accessories: The accessories include TV set. DVD PLAYER. Product lines: The sunshine day care center is offering 4 different programs Infant care program Two year old program Play group (3-4year old) program Play group (4-5 years old) program 28 . Feature: Continuous teacher parent interactions should be a regular feature of our day care center. The maids should be qualified females of age range from 22 to 30 to ensure the parents about their child¶s proper care and safety. educational materials. all with the goal of enhancing the rapid changes that occur in a child's brain development in the earliest stages of life. The daycare aims to provide such an environment in which new ways of learning will be introduced by offering intriguing and engaging learning activities that stimulate brain development in children at pre-school stages. Service Warranty: If our customers will not satisfied than we will refund 15 days money. The maids should be at least matriculates and should go from a proper child care training program before having the job responsibilities. movies and cartoons for children¶s.

2) PLACE Outlet location: As the main purpose of sunshine day care center is to provide facilities to the working women¶s so the Gulshan area is suitable for day care center. well trained and he or she must speak Urdu and 29 . So. The target areas are P.D. As our target market is middle class working women and nuclear families. Gulshan and K.C. Price discounts: we are offering 15% discounts for the people who will come early within 15 days. We have set prices according to the day care center located in Gulshan-e-iqbal. The customer satisfaction is very important in the success of our business. We consider our employees very much because they are internal customers of our day care center. if they are satisfy they can continue. Publicity: can be done through creating good relations with parents. Through providing such environment we will gain positive word-of-mouth publicity and also the interaction between us (service provider) and employee will turn into a strong long term relation.Hs. we are not targeting areas like defense and Clifton where the day care centers like mama¶s day care center have very high prices. interpersonal skill. 5) PEOPLE Recruitment: The recruitment of a supervisor of the Sunshine day care center is based on experience.E. The main competitors of sunshine day care center are green field day care center. The location plays an important role so that all the required facilities could be provided without facing complexity. Provide friendly environment to staff and as well as our customers so they can easily discuss their problems. nazimabad. kid day care and family child care homes.A. extrovert attitude. 3) PROMOTION Sales promotion: we are offering 3 day free trial Advertising: Advertising will be carried out through print ad on DAWN newspaper and brochures will distributed in schools and offices. Sampling: The sampling of our day care center will done in such a way that we will allow our potential clients to let their kids attend three sessions free of cost. 4) PRICING COMPETITION BASED PRICING: we are using competition based pricing as our pricing strategy.

Employee appearance: The maids. Motivation: All the staff including teachers. The selection of nurses is also based on their 6 months training and their education. music. shelves. 15% bonus per year will be given for good performance per year. Further. socks. Equipment: Equipments include chairs. kitchen staff will be trained to deal with child needs and psychology. And proper air conditioning in sunny days provided to the kids. teachers. brochures containing information of day care and give them feeling of confidence and ensure security. Training: Teachers assigned for the two-year-old student group will be trained to incorporate appropriate literature. administrative room and kitchen Ambient conditions: Sun exposure in childhood is one of the risk factors for developing skin cancer. Because team working is an important aspect of total service delivery. Thus providing them booklets. entertainment room. yet little is known about levels of exposure at this age. nurses and cook should be in their proper uniform. for that purpose parents will be informed about the facilities and satisfy them. and a health professional instruction to guide children to wear caps. Teamwork: All the teachers. So the team of SUNSHINE day care center works in a highly collaborative environment.English. monkey bar etc Signage: The signage provides information that where is class room. Because mostly parent Contemplate that day care service provider will not look after their children as a mother and father can and Parents are always conscious about the well being and safety of their children at school So. nurses. 6) PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Aesthetics of the service: the décor of the administrative room. entertainment room and the equipments for the physical activities of kids like slide. Customer education: The customer education is very important aspect in case of day care center. and other specially selected materials and resources. nurses and maids support each other. class room. educational materials. The hiring of teacher is also based on their 6 month experience along with their bachelor degree. tables. 3 to 5 years of age attending SUNSHINE day care center. and supervisor is continuously motivated to ensure good performance. This is particularly important in countries with high levels of ultraviolet radiation (UVR). teachers will give instruction to stay in the shade. cupboard and other equipments for the physical activities of kids 30 . And training will also give to supervisor how to interact with the parents and persuade them.

After selection of day care the customer visits the day care center. maid they are satisfied. Registration of child represents vital steps in the delivery of day care service Level of customer involvement: In case of day care center service.The parents very much involved in the selection of day care. After checking of everything like security. teachers. the customers are highly involved in the service delivery . submission of admission form and payment of admission and monthly fees. markers and food serve to provide tangible element of the service 7) PROCESS OF SERVICE DELVERY Flow of activities: Filling the form. meet with the staff over there. notepad. 31 . pencils. Then ask certain questions from the service provider.Tangible elements: Books.

6. (12%) Our Target Population = 18000000 * 2.e.2PLANNING ASSUMPTION  MARKET POTENTIAL Total Population = 18000000 Karachi total population =12% Working women¶s =2.5%of total pop i.5 % = 450000 Affordable Income Group = 25% out of 450000 = 25% * 450000 = 112500 Total Market Potential in Karachi Is = 112500 32 .

We hope to achieve the following objectives. However. our target market did not have a loud and strong voice in society.3 Marketing Objectives SUNSHINE DAY CARE center targets a new and growing market. their roles in the society are gradually evolving and changing. Identify the correct market for the business Determine what they look for in the daycare center Communicate our value proposition to this market Assess the daycare¶s position in the market Assess the effectiveness of promotional strategy Attract other closer market segments Increase equity of customers SUPPORTING MARKETING PROGRAMS We will target our audience through Print media I) Print ad II) Brochures We will give an ad on DAWN Newspaper on Sunday only Brochures will be distributed to the offices & schools.6. However. 33 . through our marketing plan.

6. Too limited involvement poor decisions. Some of us are involved too much and others are not stepping up. Unwillingness to take a risk for potential gain in the future. with solid marketing knowhow. Another benefit.4 S.O.T. Internal conflict (need for resolution process). the largest strength of the existing centre is financial support and funding from the family. Fear of doing something new. This could mean sharing resources Business interest in innovative education Community education and outreach 34 . ANALYSIS: Strengths: A sophisticated and effective learning system for child¶s.W. Weaknesses: Too many people trying to make a decision. Teacher student relationships. Poor communication can be a weakness. Teacher parent relationships. The owners possess a strong educational and background. Committee approach harder to make decisions slower. Opportunities: Gain corporate support through fund/grant raising Any outside sponsorship with companies.

either one large suit against The Toddler Warehouse. 35 . Bigger classrooms Better flow in class rooms Create better learning environment Threats: Another daycare may open the same location or area on the reserve. An educated customer base that recognize the benefits that The Toddler Warehouse offers. This is not a large obstacle as there are many children in the local native communities. or significant increases in premiums due to changes within the operating environment of the industry. Room to grow . Lack of funding Lack of resources Legal liability issues.Provide for better health and safety environment Larger Playground. Excellent training programs that all employees must participate in.

2 million 1. 1 food server/cook. 5 maids. Staff members/teachers²Depending on the maximum number of children serviced.Certified Food Server² serving food requires an on-site person certified in food service sanitation to manage the preparation and/or service of food.1 million 36 . 3 teachers. Financial Summary Project Cost Working capital Cost of Capital 1. However.CHAPTER 7 PROJECT PARAMETERS 7. 2 nurses. the in charge could serve in two capacities. Capacity Human Resource 50 children 1 doctor. State . Maids² an additional full-time 5 maids would be needed. the center will need two to three teachers. Total 12people. the in charge must be on-site at all times during the day.1 Staffing Needs In charge of day care center ²Because of the small numbers of children the center would be servicing. Doctor²a child specialist would be needed to meet the emergency. as in charge and as a member of the childcare staff.3 million 0.

Continuous teacher parent interactions should also be a regular feature of the center¶s day care.2 Key Success Factors/Practical Tips for Success The location plays an important role so that all the required facilities could be provided without facing complexity. The center should target mainly working women¶s and single parent because they are the ones who are potential customers for such a facility. Parents are always conscious about the well being and safety of their children at schools. A well-trained/experienced supervisor of the center would teach the new staff and well manage the daily affairs of center. It is suggested that visual and other teaching tools should be used. therefore. The center should preferably not be located in a highly populated area of students or at a location with high noise. it is suggested that the center¶s environment should ensure security and should be free from any apparent hazard. 37 .Project Location It is recommended that the proposed project be installed in area of GULSHAN and capacity would be increased after construction of required number of rooms. 7.

Grounds. Administration Room.1Day Care Center Requirement The basic requirements for a daycare center includes Staff. DVD PLAYER. Entertainment Room. movies and other Montessori equipments (toys. Machinery Requirement Details (educational tools) Description Equipment (Educational Tools) Total Amount (Rs. Washrooms & Kitchen. Educational Tools for children. puzzles. All these equipments are easily available in the local market. Class Rooms. Equipment Details The details of the different equipment required for the project are given as below: Educational Tool The proposed educational tool for the center includes TV set. furniture. Teachers¶ Room. seesaw. colored blocks and colored cylinders etc). These materials are readily available in the local market.CHAPTER 8 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS 8.) 200. toys and other such items for physical activities. white boards etc.000 38 .

000 Monkey Bar (6x6) 1 5.000 5.000 6.000 3.000 Monkey Bar (4x4) 2 3.000 Games 20 500 10.2 Other Equipment Details Qty Cost/Unit Total Cost Other Equipment Details Qty Cost/Unit Total Cost Seesaw (6 feet) 1 3.000 Slide 4 Feet 1 6.000 Total Equipment Cost 25 30.000 39 .8.000 6.

000 Furniture for supervisor 29.000 Carpet 2250 sq .000 29.000 Student Chair & Table for Older Pre-schoolers 20 650 Cupboards & Book shelves 5 7.250 Teacher Chairs for KG 650 650 Student Chair & Table for Younger Pre-schoolers 650 12.000 Beds (storey beds) Cots 2 3 10.000 15.000 Chairs for KG 10 1 20 325 3.000 Chairs for Play Group 10 3 325 3.100 12.Ft 90.000 6.000 Furniture and Equipment Maintenance The furniture and equipment maintenance process will be conducted on yearly basis.250 Round Tables for KG 2.100 35.3 Furniture & Fixture Details Description Qty Cost/Unit Total Cost Round Tables for Play Group 3 2.000 20.000 5.8.Ft 40/sq.000 6. 40 .

000 9. 41 .000 10.8.000 It is highly recommended that the maids should be qualified females of age range from 22 to 30 to ensure the parents about their child¶s proper care and safety.000 61.000 18.000 4.000 6.000 4.000 4.4 HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENT The manpower required for operating the Day Care Center is as follows: Human Resource Requirement Details: Description Qty Salary Total Monthly Salary Doctor Nurses Maid Teacher Cook Total cost 1 2 5 3 1 12 10.500 4. The maids should be at least matriculates and should go from a proper child care training program before having the job responsibilities.000 20.

5 BUILDING REQUIREMENT Covered Area Requirement The covered area details for the proposed project are given in the table below: Covered Area Requirement Details Description Sq . Utilities and Infrastructure Requirement Basic utilities like electricity.500 Grounds Suitable Location As the main purpose of our project is to provide facilities to the working women¶s the Gulshan area is suitable for day care center.ft Required Class Rooms 1500 500 Entertainment Room Administration Room 250 Washrooms & Kitchen 180 5. gas and water are required for operating the daycare center. 42 .8.

000 Building cost 600.350 43 .000 Furniture & Fixtures Total Project Cost 1.000 Total Capital Cost 1.350 Working Capital Total Working Capital 200.) Machinery & Equipment 30.CHAPTER 9 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 9. 350 Educational Tools 200.1 Project Cost Description Amount in (Rs.

anjuman) Lubna A/c Hafsa A/c wajeeh A/c Anjuman A/c Sameen A/c Total Total Assets 1300.650 Liabilities Current liabilities Bank loan(short term)P/A Accounts payable Expenses payable Salaries payable Tax payable Utility bill payable Total short term liabilities Long term liabilities 15000 10000 50000 61000 4000 10000 150000 220000 220000 220000 220000 22000 1100.350 600.000 Total liabilities and owner¶s equity 50000 200.2 BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET Sunshine day care center As of 1st Jan 2011 Assets Current assets cash Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses Total current assets Fixed assets Machinery and Educational equipments Furniture and fixture Building Other equipments 200.650 30000 7.000 44 . hafsa.350 Total liabilities Owner¶s equity(lubna.000 Long term loans payable Total fixed Assets 1.000 Rs 200.000 1300.000 232. sameen. wajeeh.000 30.

500 45 .9. 3) For Two year old kids the charges will be RS 5000 per month.2 Forecasting sales for the first year of the business Programs Offered Year 1 Amount Infant Care Program 5 Rs 30000 Two Year Olds 6 RS 30000 Play Group (3-4 years old) 4 RS 20000 playgroup (4-5 years old) 7 RS 38500 Total Admission fees 22 Rs 118500 22x4000 RS 88000 1) The admission fee of all program offered will be 4000 per child 2) For infant care sunshine day care charges is RS 6000 per month. 4) For Play group (3-4 Years old) the the charges will b RS 5000 per month 5) For Play group (4-5 Years old) the charges will b RS 5500 per month 6) The forecasted total sales per month of first year will be RS 206.

3 INCOME STATEMENT INCOME STATEMENT Sunshine Day care center For the year ended dec 2011 Net sales Cost of sales Gross profit Operating expenses Salaries and wages exp Advertising exp Utility exp Tax exp Equipment cost Total expenses Net Income Rs 732000 400.000 Rs 1.000 46 .510.000 (50000) Rs 1460.9.000 120000 4000 30000 (1286000) Rs 174.

Though a fee will be charged from the users of the services but revenue will be used for the benefit of the staff of the day care center. The rest of the cost will be bear by the owners. furniture and fixtures and educational tools. 47 . Other capital cost is comprised of machinery and equipment. Different baby care products manufacturers will sponsor cost of the project.9. as this project requires construction of new rooms. The major share of total capital cost is building cost.3 millions.3 million will be working capital for the project.4 Cost and benefit analysis Total cost of our project is 1. Out of this1 million will be total capital cost and 0.

10. we think that the SUNSHINE DAY CARE center will be a good prospect and we are looking forward for every possible support from all the people involved in the industry. With inflation continuing to rise each year. SUNSHINE DAY CARE center exists to provide the childcare services that would be beneficial for the working parents. We offer uniquely premium childcare services to our customers. the energy is increasing day by day. Conclusion: Traditionally in Pakistani culture childcare responsibilities fall on the extended family. The business provides very high profit opportunity for us and there is a scope for helping the economy and society as well. Very few industries have all these sides. 48 . the family now requires dual or supplemental incomes to cope up with the situation and to have a better life. we hope we will be able to draw a profitable margin from the very first year of our operations while we will be able to contribute to the development of the society and the economy. That is why. SUNSHINE DAY CARE value proposition is quite clear and quite easily distinguished from others in the market. This trend has created a need for quality childcare services. Yet with new social mobility women are increasingly moving away from their families. Therefore. However. the situation is changing and along with the upcoming private investment in the sector. But the day care center is not yet popular in PAKISTAN as it is in western countries. The investment requirement is low comparative too their business.

All employees should be well trained.11. Recommendations: Concentrate on employee¶s attitude to make parents satisfied. so they should be acquainted with children needs. Improve the quality and capacity of day care center with the passage of time to cover customer other than working women¶s and make day care center increase in future. 49 . Proper sanitary system should be maintained.

later success: The Abecedarian study. early learning. 1985: Who Cares? A Study of Child Care Facilities for Low-Income Working y y http://www.12.nation. (1998). Institute of Social Sciences In Proceedings of the 7th Early Childhood Convention. pp.html 50 . Centre for Women¶ Development Studies y y Financing A Child Daycare Business Article By: Saima Jabeen Carolina Abecedarian Project. Available: y National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Early Child Care Research Network (NICHD). The NICHD study of early child care [Online].htm y y http://www. Swaminathan.dailytimes. Volume (1999). Available: http://www.scribd.asp?page=story_9-6-2004_pg7_39 http://www.cfm#ixzz159aCnvjS y http://ezinearticles. Executive summary [Online]. y ation_summary_fc. REFRENCES: y Book: Services Marketing by Govind APTE y y y Reader. Unit for Child and Youth Research.

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