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Kevin is a TYAC Member and has been involved in Tunza activites in Kenya. Lets talk, engage Kevin in your views, actions and even queries related to Tunza activities. Please tell us your thoughts on Tunza and what you have done in your area.

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What are your thoughts and Actions on Tunza month...
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pascal kimeu 5/10/2011 9:26:39 AM Dear Kevin, Thanks for the good job you are doing.Let me agree with one of my colleagues that there is little if anything being done to involve the young people with disabilities on environmental based activities. Kindly do something on this and especially regarding environmental information and /or environmental based education. Thanks from from Pascal Kimeu Submitted By: pascal kimeu dedan 4/26/2011 10:54:02 AM if an individual has an idea - technological- concerned with enviromental improvement how can he approach unep. Submitted By: dedan Kevin 4/25/2011 9:21:57 PM Hi Clive and every one else who wants to know how to join TUNZA. Here are the options: 1. On the website, www.unep.org/tunza, you can choose either youth or children section. On the left column, there is a Register Button. Just follow the procedures. 2. Just send an email with your details, the organization you belong to, to children.youth@unep.org. As you can tell, the first option is easier since its automated, and I'd advise you to use the second option only if the first one doesn't work for you for some reason. Enjoy being a TUNZA member and keep communicating your activities to make the world greener and better Submitted By: Kevin clive 4/23/2011 5:52:35 PM hi my name is clive and i would really like to join these group and make a difference how do i join? Submitted By: clive shubha 4/15/2011 6:39:45 PM i want to involve each and every activity of unep but we dont know websites.already we are doing so much in locality,if we linked up with you it will increase our energy level,so please guide us Submitted By: shubha michael 4/14/2011 9:34:20 AM hi Kelvin i really would like to be part of the change i want to see. how can i be a member of TYAC? Submitted By: michael Catherine 4/4/2011 3:28:41 PM Habari Kevin, When i see youth like yourself beingso proactiive it brings a smile to my face..so keep focused and remember all youth are important ...what does TUNZA have in the pipeline for youth with disabilities? Submitted By: Catherine collins opicha 4/1/2011 11:00:50 AM Hi Kevin, How can i be come a member of TYAC? Submitted By: collins opicha helen lee 3/24/2011 3:27:11 PM Hi We at SmartEcoBuild.tv believe that lack of role models in green lifestyle in creative culture which shapes so much of modern lifestyle is responsible for care for the Earth and the community within it - including forest and its ecological system.We aim to encourage lifestyle changes by encouraging broadcasting programmes-in its most diverse forms to show care for the Earth and therefore the forest and its numerous communities of inhabitants. To create this legacy by ensuring that there will always be such a Creative Olympic like festival at the same time and place of any Sport Olympic. The first of this legacy will be London at the same time and place as the London Sport Olympic. Can you help us invite youth in particular- such as Unesco youth and Global Youth Connect and others in every country to launch such a Creative Convention on 5/6/2011- lying a a Creative Olympic legacy akin to the Sport Olympic in the place and time for intercoun Kevin 3/22/2011 10:26:35 AM Hi Okello, Congratulations for the awesome work you are doing for the environment and social development. Nice to know you will share the pictorial or video documentations on the event, you can email them to children.youth@unep.org and we will share the activities with our partners and post them on the UNEP TUNZA website. Kenya Forestry Service is a good place to go for tree seedlings. All the best Submitted By: Kevin

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5/11/2011 1:10 PM

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