The 1930s in Print - Stories that made the News!

8 March, 1930: Mahatma GANDHI starts civil disobedience campaign in India Civil Disobedience Movement launched in 1930 under MK Gandhi¶s leadership was one of the most important phases of India¶s freedom struggle. The simon commission, constituted in November 1927 by the British Government to prepare and finalize a constitution for India and consisting of members of the British Parliament only, was boycotted by all sections of the Indian social and political platforms as an µAll-White Commission¶. The opposition to the Simon Commission in Bengal was remarkable. In protest against the Commission, a hartal was observed on 3 February 1928 in various parts of the province. Massive demonstrations were held in Calcutta on 19 February1928, the day of Simon¶s arrival in the city. On 1 March 1928, meetings were held simultaneously in all thirty-two wards of Calcutta urging people to renew the movement for boycott of British goods. 14 Sept, 1930: In German elections, Socialists and Communists win more seats, but National Socialists gain 107 seats In 1930 the parliamentary coalition that governed Germany fell apart, and new elections were held. The biggest winner in these elections was Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Party. From twelve seats in parliament they increased their seats to 107, becoming Germany's second largest political party. The largest party was still the Social Democrats, and this party won 143 seats and 24.5 percent of the vote. Communist Party candidates won 13.1 percent of the vote (roughly 50 times better than the U.S. Communist Party did in 1932 elections), and together the Social Democrats and the Communists were large enough to claim the right to make a government. But Communists and the Social Democrats remained hostile toward one another. The Comintern at this time was opposed to Communists working with reformers, and the Communists believed that a collapse of parliamentary government would hasten the revolutionary crisis that would propel them to power.


. 11 Dec, 1931: Building of Rockefeller Center, New York, is begun The Rockefeller Group began with its development of Rockefeller Center, a national landmark and internationally

Chicago gangster Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion and later sentenced to 11 years in federal prison. 1931. representing the state of Arkansas. Beebe and Barton were true pioneers. The two explorers. Senator Thaddeus H. 1934 16 Aug.S. 1936: In Spain. 12. gangster. When her husband of 29 years. when Hattie W. Arkansas held a special election in January 1932 to fill the remainder of Senator Thaddeus Caraway¶s term. Arkansas) is the first woman to be elected to the US Senate The United States reached a milestone on Jan. William Beebe descends 3. died in 1931 Arkansas Governor Harvey Parnell appointed her to the vacant seat. an army revolt under Emilio Mola and Francisco FRANCO begins Civil War . Hattie T. 1932: Mrs. and boldly stepped where no one had gone before. and Hattie Caraway won easily. but what would the planet be like had not man gathered his inner resolve.. is jailed for income tax evasion On Oct. setting sail for an unknown land. and Rockefeller Center opened in 1932 17 Oct. Development work on approximately 7 million square feet of building space began in 1928. 17. They say curiosity killed the cat. ending his control of the Chicago underworld. and she was sworn into office Dec. 1931: Al Capone. Caraway became the first woman elected to the U. 1932.028 feet in his bathysphere into the ocean near Bermuda. 12 Jan. like the first astronauts leaving Earth's atmosphere into space or Columbus. Caraway (Dem. Should the Bathysphere fail. 9. the human occupants would be crushed to death in a nano second or less 18 July. Caraway. Senate. 1934: The American explorer. breathed deep.acclaimed office complex in the heart of Manhattan. planned his movements.

The coup got off to a bad start with José Sanjurjo being killed in an air crash on 20th July.-1933 Hitler renounces the Treaty of Versailles-1935 Munich Conference. He was also appointed chief of state. now commander of the Army of Africa. 1936. Morocco. D. Roosevelt who was elected as the 32nd president in 1932 and introduced his new deal then he was reelected in 1936. Daladier of France. Hitler calls it a Communist plot. Franco. the nine other generals involved in the military uprising came to the conclusion that Franco should become commander of the Nationalist Army.-1933 Adolf Hitler becomes dictator of Germany. joined the revolt and began to conquer southern Spain. General Emilio Mola agreed to serve under him and was placed in charge of the Army of the North Adolf HITLER becomes Chancellor of Germany-1933 Burning of the German Reichstag.General Emilio Mola issued his proclamation of revolt in Navarre on 19th July. Hitler and Mussolini. The uprising was a failure in most parts of Spain but Mola's forces were successful in the Canary Islands. Seville and Aragon. but Czech frontier to be guaranteed-1938 Germany occupies Sudetenland-1938 Hitler's troops occupy Czechoslovakia-1939 It was also a big decade for F. attended by Chamberlain. then in 1937 he signed the US Neutrality Act . and suspends civil liberties. By the end of September 1936. It is agreed to transfer Sudetenland to Germany. or parliament.

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