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BBM Blocking and bracing material

BBPCM Blocking, bracing, packing, and

Abbreviations/Acronyms crating materials
BBPCT Blocking, bracing, packing, crating,
2D Two dimensional and tie-down
3D Three dimensional BBT Blocking, bracing, and tie-down
AA Assembly Area Bde Brigade
AACG Arrival Airfield Control Group BDU Battle Dress Uniform
A/DACG Arrival/Departure Airfield Control BMC Brigade Movement Coordinator
Group Bn Battalion
AALPS Automated Airload Planning BSB Base Support Battalions
System C2 Command and control
AAR Association of American Railroads C3 Command, control, and
ABL Ammunition Basic Load communications
ABS Automated Battlebook System C4I Command, control,
AC Active Component communications, computers and
ACA Airlift Clearance Authority intellegence
ACL Allowable Cabin Load CAC Common access card
A/DACG Arrival/Departure Airfield Control CB or C/B Center-of-balance
Group CADS Containerized Ammunition
ADPC Air Deployment Planning Course Distribution System
AFB Air Force Base CAP Crisis action planning
AFJM Air Force Joint Manual CASCOM Combined Arms Support Command
AI Artificial intelligence CBL Commercial Bill of Lading
AIS Automated Information Systems CBRNE Chemical, Biological,
AIT Automated Identification Radiological, Nuclear Explosive
Technology/Advanced Individual CCCH Cargo Category and Heavy Lift
Training Codes
ALD Available-to-Load Date CCN Convoy Clearance Number
AMC Air Mobility Command (Air C-DAY Commence Movement from Origin
Force)/Army Material Command CDE Chemical decontamination
AMCS Air Mobility Control Squadron equipment
AMOG Air Mobility Operations Group Cdr commander
AO Area of Operations CDRL contract data requirements list
AOC Area of Concentration CDT Cargo Documentation Team
AOR Area of Responsibility CF copy furnished
APA Army Pre-positioned Afloat CFA Call forward area
APFT Army Physical Fitness Test CFM CONUS freight management
APL Army Pre-positioned Land CFR Code of Federal Regulations
APOD Aerial Port of Debarkation (HAZMAT)
APOE Aerial Port of Embarkation CG Center-of-gravity
APS Army Prepositioned Stocks or CHE Container handling equipment
Aerial Port Squadrons (USAF) CIF Central Issue facility
AR Army Regulation CIIP Clothing initial issue point
ARFOR Army Forces CINC commander in chief (the President
ARNG Army National Guard of the USA)
ASCC Army Service Component CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Command or Commander Staff
ASG Area Support Group CJCSI Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
ASL Authorized Stockage List Staff Instruction
ASORTS Army Status of Occupational CJCSM Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Readiness and Training System Manual
ASP Ammunition Supply Point
AT Annual training CMO Convoy Movement Order/Civil-
ATCMD Advanced Transportation Control Military Operations
and Movement Document CMOS Cargo Management Operations
AUEL Automated Unit Equipment List System
BASOPS Base operations support Co Company
COA Course of action DODX Department of Defense-owned
COC Combat Operations Center Railcars
COFC Container on Flat Car (rail DOL Director of Logistics
carriage) DOS Days of supply
COFS Chief of Staff DOT Department of Transportation
COMASCC Commander, Army Service DPC Deployment Processing Center
Component Command DPTM Directorate of Plans, Training and
Com'l Commerical Mobilization
COMPASS Computerized Movement Planning DPW Directorate of Public Works
and Status System DRB Defense Ready Brigade
COMPES Contingency Operations/Mobility DRU Direct Reporting Unit
Planning and Execution System DSB Deployment Support Brigade
COMMZ Communication Zones (Army Reserve)
CONEX Container Express DS Direct Support
CONPLAN Operation plan in concept format DSC Deployment Support Command
(Concept Plan) DSN Defense Switched Network
CONUS Continental United States DST Deployment Support Team
COR Contracting officer's representative DTO Division Transportation
COSCOM Corps Support Command Officer/Office
CP Check point/critical DTR Defense Transportation Regulation
point/command post DTS Defense Transportation System
CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet EAC Echelons above corps (Army)
CRC CONUS Replacement Center EAD Earliest Arrival Date/Echelons
CROP Container Roll-In/Roll-Out aboe division (Army)
Platform ECS Engagement control station
CS Combat support EDI Electronic data interchange
CSA United States Army Chief of Staff EDRE Emergency Deployment Readiness
CSC Convoy support center Exercise
CSS Combat service support EDSS Equipment Deployment Storage
CSSS Combat service support system Systems
CTA Common Table of Allowances EEFT End-to-end force tracking
CTC Cargo Transfer Company ELIT Enhanced Logistic Intratheater
CTG Composite Transportation Group Support Tool
CTT Common task test ERG Emergency Response Guidebook
CUL Common user logistics (HAZMAT)
DA Department of the Army EOC Emergency Operations Center
DACG Departure Airfield Control Group EOD Explosive ordnance disposal
DAMMS-R Department of the Army ETA Estimated time of arrival
Movement Management System - ETD Estimated time of departure
Redesign ETS End tour of service
DCSBOS Deputy Chief of Staff for Base FAA Functional area assessment
Operations Support FAW Front axle weight
DD Department of Defense (forms FCDT Freight Consolidation and
only) Distribution Team
DEL Deployment Equipment List FLOGEN Flow generator
Det Detachment FFE Front forward edge
DFRIF Defense Freight Railway FM Field Manual
Interchange Fleet FMTV family of medium tactical vehicles
DLA Defense Logistics Agency FOH Front overhang
DLAM Defense Logistics Agency Manual FORSCOM United States Army Forces
DMC Defense Movement Coordinator Command
DOC Director of Contracting FP Force protection
DOD Department of Defense FRAGO Fragmentary Order
GATES Global Air Transportation
DODAAC Department of Defense Activity Execution System
Address Code GBL Government Bill of Lading
DODIC Department of Defense GCCS Global Command and Control
Identification Code System
GDSS Global Decision Support System Office/Officer
GFM Global Freight Management ITV In-transit visibility
GIS Graphic Information System IWS Information workspace
GOPAX Groups Operational Passenger JA/ATT Joint airborne/air transportability
System training
GTN Global Transportation Network JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
GW Gross weight JET JOPES editing tool
HAZMAT Hazardous material JFAST Joint Flow and Analysis System for
HEMTT Heavy expanded mobility tactical Transportation
truck JFC Joint Force Commander
HET Heavy Equipment Transporter JFCOM Joint Forces Command
HHC Headquarters and Headquarters JFRG II Joint Force Requirements
Company Generator II
HHG Household goods JFTR Joint Federal Travel Regulation
HHI Hand-held interrogator JI Joint inspection
HHT Headquarters and Headquarters JLOTS Joint logistics-over-the-shore
Troop JOPES Joint Operation Planning and
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus Execution System
HMMVW High mobility multipurpose JP Joint Publication
wheeled vehicle JPEC Joint Planning and Execution
HN Host nation Community
HNS Host nation support JPMO Joint Project Management Office
HQ Headquarters JRSOI Joint reception, staging, onward
HS Home Station movement, and integration
IA Interface agreements JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
IATA International Air Transport JTTP Joint tactics, techniques and
Association procedures
IATA DGR International Air Transport K thousand
Association Dangerous Goods LAD Latest Arrival Date
Regulations LAN Local Area Network
IAW in accordance with/intermediate LIN Line Item Number
axle weight LMSR Large, medium speed roll-on/roll-
IBCT Interim Brigade Combat Team off
IBS Integrated Booking System LOC Line of Communication
ICAO International Civil Aviation LOGMARS Logistics Application Of
Organization Automated Marking and Reading
ICE Individual Clothing and Equipment Symbols
ICODES Integrated Computerized LOGMOD Logistics module
Deployment System LOI Letter of instruction
IC-UMO Intermediate Command Unit LOLO Lift-on/lift-off
Movement Officer LOTS Logistics-over-the-shore
ID Identification MA Marshaling area
IMA Individual mobilization MACOM Major Army Command
augumentee MAIRS Military Airlift Integrated
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Reporting System
Goods MCC Movement Control Center
IMDGC International Maritime Dangerous MCE Movement Control Element
Goods Code MCT Movement Control Team
IPR In-process review MDRD Mobilization, Deployment,
IRR Individual Ready Reserve Redeployment, and Demobilization
ISA Installation Staging Area MEE Minimum Essential Equipment
ISB Intermediate Staging Base METL Mission Essential Task List
ISO International Organization for METT-T Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops,
Standardization Time Available and Civilian
ISSA Inter-Service Support Agreement considerations
ISU Internal Aircraft/Helicopter METT-TC Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops
Slingable-Container Unit and Time Available
ITO Installation Transportation MHE Materiel handling equipment
MI Middle initial OEL Organization Equipment List
Misc Miscellaneous OIC Officer in charge
MILVAN Military-Owned Shipping OJT On-the-job training
Container (20 foot length) OPCON Operational Control
MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation OPLAN Operation Plan
and Movement Procedures OPORD Operation Order
MO Movement Order OPP Off-load preparation party
Mob Mobilization OPSEC Operations security
MOB/ODEE Mobilization, operations, OVE On vehicle equipment
deployment, employment and PAX Passenger
execution PBO Property Book Officer
MOBCON Mobilization Control PC Personal computer
MOS Military Occupation Specialty PCS Permanent change of station
MOOTW Military operations other than war PDF Portable data file
MPE Mode to Port of Embarkation PG Packing Group (HAZMAT)
MPH Miles-per-hour PLL Prescribed Load List
MRC Major regional conflict PLS Palletized Load System
MRE Meal, ready to eat PMCS Preventative Maintenance Checks
MRX Mission rehearsal exercies and Services
MS Mobilization Station/Site POC Point of contact/Port Operations
MSC Military Sealift Command Center
MSL Military Shipping Label POD Port Of Debarkation
MSR Main Supply Route POE Port Of Embarkation
MST Mission Support Team POL Petroleum, oils and lubricants
MTF Medical treatment facility POM Preparation for overseas movement
MTMC Military Traffic Management POP Performance orientated packaging
Command (see SDDC) POV Privately owned vehicle
MTMCTEA Military Traffic Management PPP Power Projection Platform
Command Transportation PSA Port Support Activity
Engineering Agency PSP Power Support Platform
MTOE Modified Table of Organization PSRC Presidential Selective Reserve
and Equipment Callup
MTON Measurement Ton Pub Publication
MTS Movement Tracking System Qty Quantity
MTW Major theater war QUADCON Quadruple container
MWO Mobility Warrant Officer RAA Redeployment Assembly Area/Rear
NA or N/A Not applicable Assembly Area
NAT Not air transportable (cargo) RAW Rear axle weight
NBC Nuclear, biological, and chemical RC Reserve Components (ARNG and
NCO Noncommissioned officer USAR)
NCOIC Noncommissioned officer in charge RDD Required Delivery Date
NEW Net explosive weight RDL Reference datum line
N-Hour Notification hour RF Radio frequency
RF-AIT Radio Frequency - Automatic
NHTM National Highway Transportation Identification Technology
Network RLD Ready-to-load date
NLT Not later than RO/RO Roll-on/roll-off (type of ship)
NRP Nonunit-related personnel RP Release Point
NSN National Stock Number Rr Railroad
NTAT Not To Accompany Troops RSC Regional Support Command (Army
NTC National Training Center Reserve)
NVG Night vision goggles RSO&I Reception, Staging, Onward
OCIE Organizational Clothing And Movement and Integration
Individual Equipment RSOP Readiness, standard operating
OCONUS Outside the Continental United procedures
States S-3 Operations Officer
ODEE Operations, deployment, S-4 Logistics Officer
employment, execution SA Staging area
SAAM Special Assignment Airlift Mission Movement Document
SAMS Standard Army Maintenance TCN Transportation Control Number
System TCP Traffic Control Point
SARSS Standard Army Retail Supply TCS Temporary Change Of Station
System TDA Table of Distribution and
SDDC Surface Deployment & Distribution Allowance
Command TE Type Equipment (Code)
Secretary of Defense TM Technical Manual
SECDEF TMP Transportation motor pool
SEDRE Sealift Emergency Deployment TOE Table of Organization and
Readiness Exercise Equipment
SF Standard form TOFC Trailer on Flat Car (rail carriage)
SHC Special Handling Code TPC Type Pack Code
SI Support Installation TPFDD Time-Phased Force Deployment
SIDPERS-3 Standard Installation/Division Data
Personnel System TPFL Time-Phased Forces and
SLRP Survey, Liaison, Reconnaissance Deployment List
Party TRADOC United States Army Training and
SOFA Status-of-Force Agreement Doctrine Command
SMCC State Movement Control Center TRAMS Transportation Automated
(National Guard) Measurement System
SNCO Senior Non-Commissioned Officer TRICON Triple container
SOP Standard operating procedures Trml Terminal
SORTS Status of Resources Training TSB Theater Staging Base
System TSC Theater Support Command
SRP Soldier Readiness Processing TTB Transportation Terminal
SP Start Point Brigade/Battalion
SPBS-R Standard Property Book System- TTP Tactics, techniques and procedures
Redesign TTU Transportation terminal unit
SPOD Seaport of debarkation TUCHA Type unit characteristics
SPOE Seaport of embarkation TUDET Type Unit Equipment Detail File
SRP Soldier readiness processing UBL Unit Basic Load
SSA Supply support activity UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
SSC Small scale contingency UDL Unit Deployment List
SSN Social Security Number UIC Unit Identification Code
STARC State Area Command (National ULL Unit level logistics
Guard) ULN Unit Line Number
STON Short Tons (2,000 pounds) UMC Unit Movement Coordinator
SUN Shipment Unit Number UMD Unit Movement Data
TACC Tanker Airlift Control Center UMO Unit Movement Officer
TALCE Tanker Airlift Control Element
TAA Tactical Assembly Area UMODPC Unit Movement Officer
TAT To Accompany Troops Deployment Planning Course
TAV Total Asset Visibility UMT Unit Movement Team (Army
TB Technical Bulletin Reserve)
UN United Nations
TC-ACCIS Transportation Coordinator U.S. United States
Automated Command and Control USAF United States Air Force
Information System USAR United States Army Reserve
TC-AIMS II Transportation Coordinators' USARC United States Army Reserve
Automated Information for Command
Movement System II USAREUR United States Army - Europe
TCC Transportation Component USCG United States Coast Guard
Command USDA United States Department of
TCC Type Cargo Code Agriculture
TCE Transportation Control/Command USMC United States Marine Corps
Element USR Unit Status Report
TCMD Transportation Control and USTRANSCO United States Transportation
M Command
UTC Unit Type Code
WAN Wide Area Network
WARNORD Warning Order
WB Wheel base
WCC Water Commodity Code
WETS Week-end training site
WPS Worldwide Port System