Feeding Program
Feeding Program is very brilliant idea that we have done in Kanalate Elementary School. My teacher in NSTP is really serious to do this program and that s we have done, to be a serious to do a job. One thing, how can you accomplish your mission if you are not serious for what are you doing? I learned this word to my teacher, because when she say that, I felt strong and and nobody can stop o help people. Before we started the program, first, I ask first my self, we can do this all alone; my role in our feeding program is a seating arrangement. But for me, I didn t content to that, I really don t like that I have just only a one possition or role in our activities, when we starting the program, I saw the chair s that they are empty, so I m scared, I ask my president, why the chair s are empty? Where are the Kid s? And he replied, I don t know he said. And then I go out side the campus and from the neighbor of the school, there is a lot houses and I saw children playing outside. The teacher s in that school have forgot to tell to the parent s that there is a feeding program in their school, that s why when we are waiting there and nobody s are not coming. So, I decided that, I will invite children for just by my self. When I saw children playing outside. I grab them and say, come here kids! I have something to show both of you, do you want to eat? Then they replied to me, yes, we want Then I say, come follow me. When the kid s saw the covered gym that so many lot of food s in their, I saw their faces a huge happiness and a cute smile, so I felt very happy and I remember when I was a kid yesterday. I repeat again and again to grab children in our feeding program. My teacher s is smiling because she watching us for what we doing. From that time when I m grabbing a children s. I felt hungry to, when I go to the food section I just only drink water and then when I m come back! I saw a lot of children who are late comer s and I said, how could this be, when the time we started the program no one are not coming but at this hour is a child w/ companied by their parents. Now, our problem is how to make the food divide it by to the late comer s? and when we distribute the food s, some other s have some missing dessert, that s why we are asking each other, how could this be, our food supply has going empty but some people are a late comer s and that s our problem. Then we decided that we will talk to the other s parents that, we where sorry to you parent s that our food supplies are insufficient or not enough to the them. Thanks to god, they appreciates us. I also to join and cooperate to the program to give an intermission dance and a little bit drama. At last we ve been success our feeding program and I just only remember, I have no money to go back home, I felt sad and hope, when I put my hand on my pocket, I really don t know that I have a 20 peso bill and felt happy. I think god is always at me who always looking at me where ever I go. That was my brilliant day that I ve ever had. And this is my happy memories and a lot of happy moments. Written by; Evan Noel T. Domingo CHS 1C