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Where we are in place and time

“The effects of exploration on civilizations

can be viewed from different perspectives.”
Not evident Beginning Developing Proficient

Motivations for explorations Unable to provide Demonstrates an Provides one or two Provides several varied
motivations for understanding of what motivations for motivations for
explorations. motivations are, but exploration. explorations.
doesn’t provide an
The effects of exploration on Unable to provide or Provides a few effects of Provides and explains the Provides and explains the
civilisations explain the effects of exploration on significance of the significance of the
exploration on civilization, but doesn’t effects of exploration on effects of exploration on
civilizations. explain the significance civilizations. civilizations with great
Differing perspectives Is not able to present Presents perspectives Presents a few Presents multiple
different perspectives. that don’t deepen our perspectives that deepen perspectives that deepen
understanding of the our understanding of the our understanding of the
explorer and their explorer and their explorer and their
exploration. exploration exploration.

Presentation style Reads all information off Mostly reads information Uses PowerPoint as a way Uses PowerPoint as a way
the PowerPoint the PowerPoint but also to guide talking but to share the most
adds information from mostly shares important pieces of
memory information from memory information and shares all
other information from
Relevant media Doesn’t include relevant Includes a few pieces of Includes many pieces of Each slide includes a
media: pictures, videos, relevant media relevant media piece of media that
or drawings promotes understanding

How well have I developed my Research Skills – 6Skills
attitudes? The heart looks at interest.
Am I interested in this inquiry
I did not I showed or not?
Respect in how others feel and think
show a lot of…
much… The triangle looks at the
purpose of information.
What is the purpose of my
Tolerance in accepting different information search?
The diamond looks at
value. What is the value of
this information?
Curiosity in why people explore

How has my learne

I did not show O I really showed
The circle looks at
that I am: K that I am: accuracy. How accurate is
Knowledgeable, Knowledgeable, this information?
an Inquirer or an Inquirer or
Open-minded Open-minded The square looks at point
during this unit. I during this unit. of view. What are the
different points of view?

The rectangle looks at

conclusion. What is my
personal conclusion?

How did these 6 frames guide your research

How have I developed my Conceptual and focus your inquiry?
Perspective: In this unit I?learnt a lot because people had a lot of different All these frames helped me a lot because I was able
perspectives and I respected people’s perspectives because now I know that to choose the right explorer. These frames helped
differne t people have different perspectives. Where we are in place
meand time
to find for accurate information. This made me
Causation: I learnt that when a person explores, invents or discovers something more better in researching.
then they have a cause for making it.
Compass – What were the effects of exploration in your inquiry?

The electric light bulb helped us see It affected nature in a bad way
better or if we did not have light then because many houses got burnt
it would be difficult to read and due to the oil lamps which was
write. lit with fire. It even affected
nature because the light bulb
wasted electricity.

cost a lot and was cheap.

Electic Light bulb didn’t
good think is that the
Edisons inventions. The
were very happy with
world as many people
light bulb imapacted the
useful for everyone. The
The light bulb was very
fire in it there were
many house fires.
Many people died
due to housefires
and some people
lamps which had

got very injured.

Due to the oil

Thomas Alva Edsion invented light

are driving our car at night then we

affected our wellbeing because we
have street lights so that when we
bulb. It affected my wellbeing in a

and jewellerry.
many people lost their money
bad for for the economy because
the money got burnt. It even was
many houses got burnt and all
It wasted a lot of money because
because without light it will be
difficult to read write. It even

can see better.

good way

Thomas Alva Edison invent tlight bulb

It affected the society in a so people can see better and he
bad way because many changed the world. Thomas Alva
people’s houses got burnt Edison made life easier for everybody.
due to housefires and it Due to Edsions invention people made
would be a very dark world if flashlight which were also useful for
we did not have light. everybody.


What motivated your chosen explorer or exploration? Find a photo that shows what motivated your explorer or exploration
(why) and another photo that shows if they were successful or not (outcome) in achieving what they set out to do. Explain
‘why’ in your response below.
Thomas Alva Edison got motivated to invent light bulbs because in olden 1800’s people used candles gas and oil lamps
to light their homes. These lamps left soot all over the walls and caused accidents like house fires. So, he wanted to
invent a light bulb which was safe and economical and will be the “Light Of The Future”. So, he wanted to invent a light
bulbn wjich was safe and economical and which will be the “ Light of the Future”. Thomas Edison had ear problems
which motivated him to read books and that helped him in a lot of inventions. He was motivated to give this dark world
which had no light except the sun. He even got motivated to invent light bulb because he learnt from his failure, never
lose patience, hard work and managing time. He also got motivated because his experiences using candles and oil
lamps was very frightful. So,Causation
that’s how he got motivated to invent a “Electric Light Bulb”.

Where we are in place and time