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BGMEA- Bangladesh Garment Manufacturer and Exporter Association

EPB- Export Promotion Bureau

NBR- National Board of Revenue

ICSID- International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Dispute

GSP- Generalized System Preference

BTMEA- Bangladesh Textile Manufacturer and Exporter Association

CO- Country of Origin

OPIC- Overseas Private Investment Corporation

BEPZ - Bangladesh Export Processing Zones

L/C- Letter of Credit

B2B L/C- Back to Back Letter of Credit

MIS - Management Information Department

HRD - Human resource Development Department

RMG - Ready Made Garments

MAIS - Management Accounting Information System

MIS - Management Information System
LDC- Least Developed Country

Table of Contents

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Executive Summery Ι
Chapter-1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction 01
1.2 Origin of the report 01
1.3 Objectives of the study 1-2
1.4 Scope of the study 02
1.5 Research questions and hypothesis 03
1.6 Types and sources of information 04
1.7 Study methodology 04-08
1.8 Limitation of the study 09
Chapter-2: The Company Profile 10-14
2.1 Establishment and history 10
2.2 Main buyers of R. R. Apparels 11
2.3 Organization Chart 12
2.4 Management Structure 13
2.5 Functional Department of R. R. Apparels Ltd 13-14
2.5. Production Department 13
2.5. Marketing & Sales 14
2.5. Planning, Commercial and Marketing 14
2.5. Procurement Department 14
2.5. Computer Department 14
2.7. Finance & Accounts 14
Chapter-3: Internship Position and Duties 15-17
3.1 Specific Internship Position & Duties 15-16
3.2 Major Learning Points 17
Chapter-4: Findings and Analysis
4.1 Frequency table 18-41
4.2 Cross Tabulation 42-47
4.3 Correlations 48-51
4.4 SWOT Analysis 52-53
4.6.1 Strengths 52

4.6.2 Weaknesses 53
4..6.3 Opportunities 54
4.6.4 Threats 54
Chapter-5: Conclusion and
5.1 Conclusion 55
5.2 Recommendations 56

Executive summary

In this of present globalization, garments sector is playing its important role to
keep the people moving with the movement of modern technology. The implement
of mechanization in garments as ensured the final accuracy and swiftness. It has
made garments activities speedier, easy and comfortable. Garments in
Bangladesh constitute the economic infrastructure in the country.

Garments business is like all other profit oriented business. it depends mainly on
how much profit they can make profit is the yardstick for the garments to move
on garments business that deals with money and country.

It gives me immense pleasure that during my internship period, as a part of BBA

program, I have an opportunity of spending a period of three months with a
reputed group where i observed and learned the merchandising operations. I am
very lucky that “Byrial appeals” gives me an opportunity to work as an employee.
This report mainly focused on various activities on merchandising and the report
mainly divided chapters.

Chapter one is introductory part of the report. This chapter include -introduction,
scope of the study, objectives of the study, mythology, source of data collection,
importance the report, limitations of the report.

Chapter two-includes profile of the origination. This part include- background of

the organization, mission, vision business of the organization, corporate office&
factory address, board of directors, major department of the organization and
organizational structure.

Chapter three involves internship position and duties and learning points.

Chapter four-involves major’s findings and analysis.

Chapter five marketing concepts of “Byrial appeals”

Chapter six includes the SWOT analysis of “Byrial appeals”

In Chapter seven described about conclusion and recommendation.

If the garments sector continues to grow in the present manner then it would be a great
achievement for the garments sector as well as for the company. A combined effort is
needed from the private sector as well as government should private more subsidies to
keep up the trend in the global competition.

1.1 Introduction

In Bangladesh the Ready Made garments (RMG) sector currently earns 75% of the
total export revenue of the country. This is the most profitable industry at present,
although we have scarcity in terms of natural resource as compared to our
competitor, namely china and India, our advantages in human resource can not be
matched by other country. The biggest sources of these sector seems to be its

ability to assimilate the abundant labor force in to the production process if the
sector needed to increase, the labor skilled should be honed up to increase
efficiency and productivity. This will help to reduce cost to a large extant.
Bangladesh has past a decade with advantage GDP growth of around 5%.RMG
industry has directly and indirectly created jobs for 12 million workers, and helps
in greatly reducing unemployment in our stagnant economy. Most important the
RMG boom has helped greatly in the empowerment of women most women came
from underprivileged family, village .This sector has enable women to became
confident that they also support their families. This sector has great contribution
to the emancipation and empowerment of women. Since almost 80%of the
workforce of the RMG factories is female workers and it is estimate that another
10 million people are employed in production activities that bare indirectly related
to RMG industry? The RMG industry does not have forward integration either. The
technology of the industry are adopted from develop nation.

1.2 Scope of the Study

I tried to collected as much information as possible to show a straight forward image

about the consequence of the merchandising operation sector for the export oriented
ready made garments. The management of “Byrial appeals” , take the current strategy
is to emphasize specially in marketing & merchandising division in respect of strong
operation follow -ups at the operations level, the guiding principles of the company is
to develop and maintain strong, secure relation with buyers and retailer to ensure all
concerned can be successful and mature.

1.3 Objectives of the study

Broad of the objectives:

To know about the merchandising activities of “Byrial appeals”

Specific objectives:

* To know about the duties and responsibilities of a merchandiser.

*To know about the theoretical aspects of merchandising division.

*Find out the problem regarding shipment fall.

*To know about the dealing procedure with a foreign buyer by the merchandising

1.4 Methodology:

In order to pursue the study methodically i have keep my analysis in conformity with
the objectives. Data and information are provided in this report are mainly primary and

secondary. For the analysis part data has collected from various documents of the
organization. Some graphical presentations are also used.

1.5 Source of data collection

All the data are collected on the basis of primary and secondary data.

Primary sources are-

*By talking with organization officials time to time.

* Observational method also used in this study.
*Intervewing customers with structured questionnaire over telephone.

Secondary sources include-

*Company memorandum and articles.

* Organization’s profile.

* Text book and also reference book.

1.6 Importance of the Report

We know that, Bangladesh earns (70%) maximum part of the foreign revenue from the
readymade garments sector. My topic is “Byrial appeals” is measured extremely
significant. This report will help to work and to know the present situation of RMG. At
last this report will also provide me an idea about how garments products are
promotion internationally and the significance of the merchandiser job for marketing
and merchandising division of garments.

1.7 Limitation of the report

I tried my best to make the report complete and successful. But while conducting the
report, I have faced many problems. Some major problems are below:

Lack of time

Due to time (three month) limit the data and information related to the study could not
fulfill by me.

Lack of proper communication

When I talked to with the director of the company to gather information regarding my
internship report they didn't reveal many sensitive issues. They were tried to avoid
answering questions.

Lack of Experience

I had very little experience come into existence in the report.

Insufficient Data

The amount of the data collected in my report is very small amount of data. As result
is very hard to get a complete idea about the “Byrial appeals”

Poor conception

Lack of knowledge of the response was the major problem that creates much
confusion regarding the verification of information.

2.1 Introduction of the company

2.2. Mission of the company

2.3. Vision of the company

2.4 Business of the companies

2.5 Main Buyers of “Beryl apparels”

Beryl apparels Ltd offer readymade garments, as its product. The main customers of
Byrial appeals Ltd are from Europe and America. The main customers of this
organization are listed below:

• Indicted (zarf and berthas)-Spain

• JC penny purchasing corporation-USA
• Charter house holding- UK
• Mother care-UK
• The cotton group SH- Belgium
• GH imported merchandise- Canada
• Index
• Rosary GMBH-Germany
• Perry Ellis
• Scobey
• Mattapan-Canada
• Balham Colon-France
• Vethir - France

2.6 Structure of the Management:

>Managing Director
>Finance Director
>General Manager
>Manager (HR and compliance)


Beryl Apparels Ltd

Chairman/ MD

Vice Chairman

Head International
Executive Director

Director Supervisor Director Finance & Director Director

Planning Customer Service Manufacturing

Administration Commercial Design Factory

Human Resource Corporate Finance Marketing Human Resource

Information Accounting & Tax Sale Quality Assurance

Procurement Planning Materials

Figur-1: Organizational Chart

2.8 Product of Beryl Apparels Ltd.:

Beryl Apparels Ltd. Produces different categories of sweaters for some range of
buyers. The company designed of product for men and women . The sample of
the product arc given below-

2.9 Function of major Department:

Sample department:

Buyer usually gives sample to garments industry but in case of missing (some time
the buyer don't give sample) sample they give sketch, pad and other requirement. With
the help of these the company makes and sample for the buyer. That represents the
first impression about the company in front of the buyer.

Production department:

Production function is important part of a garments industry because its handle how to
manufacture the product completely. In production unit they follow the sketch of style
of a given sample. Each of manufacturing unit is run and message by the individual
director of the production. Daily productions are measured production/operation
analysis team.

Merchandising and marketing department:

The responsible of this department is to correspond with buyer and also conscious
buyer about the requirement and pricing based on fabric material and production cost.
marketing division is supported by an independent sample production in order to meet
all sorts of sample equity from the end of buyer and marketing strategy is also focused
to meet target price offered by the client. Merchandising division with the store section
it has planned to customize every inch shelf space in each store with goods in the right
quality and quality at the right time.

Store department:

Store department is also essential part of the company it's also linked with
merchandising section. Job of this department is to keep inventory or record of fabric
material and supply to department of production, cutting and finishing. According to
bill of materials store section takes order from production how much material needed
for manufacture.

Finance and account division:

This group has an independent account and financial activities of the garments. the
companies fund allocation is directly conduct by accountant under the direction of
chairman of the garments.

Finishing department:

This is the most significant department for export goods. They do the last cheek up to
keep quality of every piece. Each and every product checked by the mental concerning
the security purpose.

2.10 Social commitment:

No child Labor:

...........does not employ any children in the factory premise as per the law of
Bangladesh and as the member of BGMEA.

No Forced Labor:

The used of forced of any kind, including indentured labor, is unacceptable and

No Harassment:

All employees are treated with respect and dignity. No employee is subject to any
physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment in the factory.

No discrimination:

No person is subject to any discrimination in employment, including hiring, salary,

benefit, advancement, and discipline, termination, based on gender, race, religion, and
age, social or ethnic origin.

Health and safety:

A safe and health working environment is provided to prevent accident and injury to
health arising out of, linked with, or occurring in the course of work.

Ways and benefit:

Employees are paid at the last least the minimum ways required by local law and
legally mandated benefit according to the laws of Bangladesh.

Hours of work:

Employees work 6 days a week with Friday as the day off with maximum 8 hours of
duty per day.

Overtime compensation:

In addition to their compensation for regular hours of work, employees are

compensated for overtime hours as legally required in the country

Internship Position, Duties and Learning points.

3.1 Internship Position, Duties and Learning points

I worked in the “Byrial appeals” as the regular employees thought I was not
employees. I work there 5 days in a week. My office working hour was 9 am to 5 pm.
At the beginning of my internship they told me about my duties and they me introduce
me about the whole system. They gave me primary idea about function of different
section of the garments sector .My job was to communicate with the whole sellers of
garments accessories and the buyer, make phone call, cheek e-mail from the buyer I
also work with the Microsoft excel and word to make some document for the

They give me primary idea about the function of different section of the company.
Such as:

Store department
Quality control department
Finishing department
Sample department
Merchandising and marketing department.

Store department

First, I started my work in the storeroom to know about the materials. I learned there
how many goods are needed factory. Store department is also essential part of the
company it's also linked with merchandising section. Job of this department is to keep
inventory or record of fabric materials and supply to department of production, cutting,
and finishing.

Quality control department:

In the quality control department i learned how the product is checked. This
department also plays a vital role for a garments industry. They have trained QC
(quickly control team) who closely supervise production line in each of the
manufacturing unit. Individual quality control team are assigned for each
manufacturing units to look after product quality control and productivity control
production planning &control issue are evaluated by the concern direction of each
manufacturing unit.

Finishing department

This is the most significant department for final goods. I did the final check to
maintain quality of every quality of product. I checked, such as thread cutting to check
sketch, spot, make iron and attach snap/button/eye-let if any thing and also they attach

hand tag, up baton tag etc each and every product checked by the metal detector
concerning the security purpose.

Sample department

In sample department I had to collected different sample sketch from buyer and to
make sample. Buyer usually gives sample to garments industry but in case of missing
(some time the buyer don't give sample) sample they give sketch, pad and other

Merchandising and marketing department

In merchandising department I had to work with senior merchandiser for knowing

various activities of merchandising. The responsible of this department is to
correspond with buyer and also conscious buyer about the requirement and pricing
based on fabric materials and production costs. Marketing division is supported by an
independent sample production in order to meet all sorts of sample enquiry from the
end of buyers and marketing strategy is always focused to meet target price ordered by
the client . Marketing program is designed to sell quality products at low price.

Learning points:In this internship period I basically learned about merchandising


Findings and analysis.

4.1 Purchasing portion of different companies

Buyers are the major strength of a company. The metro is the loyal Buyer of Beryl
Apparels Ltd.

Purchase Portion

4.2. Production Performance of Beryl Apparels Ltd.

The production performance of Beryl Apparels Ltd is accectable. Over the past year
the company has achieved its run their business smoothly.Four months production
function of the company-

Month Brand name Style no Quality Total quantity

Feburary Adler NT07C 40000pcs 40000pcs
March Sonae SP09 35000pcs 350000pcs
April Quelle M7016 25000pcs 25000pcs
May Riflessi M7016 29000pcs 29000pcs

Production is a continuous process and it may increase any here we see that the
production is increasing year to year. Thought it is necessary day by day but it has
some weakness. I have tried to clear about this matter in analysis.

4.3Yearly growth of the company:

The company is gradually ,it expand it operation in different areas and the growth is
given below-

2003 10
2004 15
2005 17
2006 14
2007 21
2008 23
2009 25

4.4 Export Performance

Year of Export Export Value(in million $U.S)

2004 2.1
2005 3.25
2006 3.75
2007 3.1
2008 4.5
2009 4.9

Export Performance



year of export

Export Value (in


1 2 3 4 5 6

4.5 Buyers Satifaction

4.5.1: Production Sample:

Production Sample is very much important requirement for RMG business. It is the
preliminary requirement for buyer. Through attractive production sample the

company may able to focus their activates on foreign Buyers. Here company have
strong production sample capability. The above shows that 25 percent buyers were
strongly agreed, 50 percent buyer were agree and 25 percent buyer were neutral.

4.5.2 Transfer Of L/C

The merchandiser of the company should transfer L/C in just time. On the basic of
L/C the buyer take next step his /her order. so the buyer are satisfied of the company
here 25percent buyers strong agree, 50percent were agree and 25 percent were neutral
on their satisfactory level.

4.5.3 Sewing Quality

Sewing Quality of the company is standard. The fowling chart shows the satisfactory
level of buyers. Here 50 percent buyers were strongly agreed and 50 percent buyers
were agreeing on sewing quality.

4.5.4: Negotiation Skill

There is problem in negotiation or communication with buyer of the merchandiser.

Buyer’s satisfaction highly depends on negotiation skill. For these reason 25 percent
buyers were agreeing, 50 percent were agree and 25percent neutral.

4.5.5 Production delivery

Production delivery in due is very important faction of a merchandiser. A buyer

satisfaction is highly depends on it . in my question it clear that all buyer are not
satisfied on the company for the product delivery.25 percent buyers were dissatisfied
on delivery product in due time 25 percent buyer were stiffed.

4.5.5 Working Condition

Working Condition: Working Condition is very important to continue the work. It

depends on the strong machineries clear and silent environment .in here 50percent
buyers were strongly agree, 25 percent agree and 25 percent neutral.

4.5.6 Overall System

Overall System of the company is better. In here 25 percent buyers were strongly
agree and 25 percent buyers were agree

Function of the merchandiser

Merchandising can be defined as the action of selling goods by advertising or

demonstrating them. Merchandising can be both direct and indirect. Through direct
merchandising the company sells to a customer of another country. Some time the
company merchandising directly in the foreign markets. Indirect merchandising
generally means that the company sells to a buyer in the home country who in turn

exports the product. They also communicate with the buyer. Merchandisers are used to
inform buyer about their daily work progress through using internet and website.

Fundamental skills

Merchandisers have to have various necessary skill and knowledge about the garments
accessories because garments accessories play a very significant role in the garments
manufacturing. Merchandisers play a crucial task in the readymade garments industry,
so they are educated about the some garments accessories such as fabric and yarn, type
of fabric, quality of the fabric size of the yarn, dyeing method fabric finishing

Communication technique

The company and buyer relation depends on the merchandiser because merchandiser
has to correspond with the buyer. Communication involves a great deal than just work.
Communication with respect buyers and follows up for each 7 every export would
have to be assured in order to maintain successful business relation. It may be through
internet of face to face situation. cost price of the product: after receiving order from
the buyer the company want to make a deal with the buyer that they call a meeting
where they are discussing about the product pattern cost and of raw materials and
delivery time, in that meting buyer show their own sample of the product to the
company. And what type of equipment or accessories they will use for manufacture
the product the company illustrates it. That very serious for the merchandiser because
they make a decision about the cost at that meeting

Paper pattern & size specification

As a merchandiser does not essentially need to know hoe to make patterns or to create
size stipulation. This is the accountably of the production department. But the
knowledge to analysis them and detect mistake or something important being mission
is great important. Size specticition which call ‘size spec’ are usually given by the
buyer who may copy them from other buyer or he has a pattern maker that creates
them. When first receive a size space merchandiser should look it over carefully to
judge if something important is mission, or if find something there which will cause
trouble that merchandiser should bring to the buyer attention with their suggestions.
After they have taken care of them, merchandiser should give the spec to factory for
making samples. Merchandiser should inform to the buyer to work out some
improvement on the size spec .For that reason buyer should appreciate company’s
watchfulness and beneficial suggestion to develop his merchandise.


Packing should be supposed to simple but essential for continue merchandising. But its
signification to a merchandiser must have adequate knowledge about the packing
system, because the buyer also given a sketch how to fold the product and they also

given the shape of the container. If the merchandiser are not conscious about the
packing they may wasting a lot of money on packing materials and freights on
shipping. This is the last stage of the manufacture after complete the packing its ready
for shipment or freights. Shipment can be fulfill by the air cargo or sea freight.

Major obstacle of collecting raw materials from foreign country

Lack of proper communication

Some time it is difficult to collected raw materials from other country if the channels
of communication are not proper. High price charge by the foreign company. It is a
major problem if the seller charge very high price comparing with other.

MAILO not come just in time

Milo means mail order. if the mail is not reached in time conducting arrangement it
may create problem.

Problem in exchange rate

Exchange rate is vital issue to contract,

Inflation rate

Inflation rate is also important matter concerning the period of collecting raw

Scarcity of accessories

Some time it is difficult to collected the raw materials from foreign country if the

Transportation cost:

Transportation cost is also important factors for conducting the collect of raw materials
from foreign country.

Political problem:

Political problem of a country is also significant condition of collected the raw

Key success factor for merchandiser:

1. Experienced: who has been in business for considerably for a long time.

2. Reputed: who has long term buyer relation.

3. Successful: buyer are willing to place continuous order.

4. Good management with farsightedness: experienced and committed


5. Focused towards constant up graded and improving, production facilities.

6. Financial strength of the group: Who may sustain in the cut through price
war situation.

7. Buyer Diversification: Who has diver sited based on buyer as well as


8. Adherence to international labor standards With buyer becoming more and

more demanding about the quality of knife being given to garments workers,
manufactures have to ensure that they adhere to strength labor law, factory
construction standards etc.

Cause of falling shipment:

1. If l may not properly do then sometime shipment may cancel by the buyer.
2. Some time shipment mat fail increase of product, if foreign buyer may control
their quality by their own quality controller (qc) and if they found any fault in a
single unit of product.
3. If the order product may not delivered with in due time then shipment they fall.
4. If all the quality product is not appropriate in terms of unit then the buyer may
return their received shipment.
5. If accessories may not used in an appetite manner.
6. If production process may not done in an appropriate manner in term’s of
chemicals and other accessoriates then shipnment cancels.
7. On that condiation if manufacturer may not properly follow buyer terms and
condiation then shipment cancel.

5.1 marketing concept of these company

Also I learned about the marketing environment of “Byrial appeals” that when the
company management team would like to build a relationship with the buyer or
maintain relationship with the buyer in that time the company affected by some
environment factor of the company. Making a relationship with the buyer, marketing
manager cannot do this alone.

5.2 The company

When the merchandisers received a purchase order from the buyer must inform the top
management of the company other department of the company interrelated with the
decision of the top management. Finance is determined how much fund is used for
carries out order. All of the department must link with the merchandising department
plan and action.

5.3 Marketing intermediaries

Marketing intermediaries are helping the company to promote and distribution the
products. Include with the physical distribution firms and the financial intermediaries.
The company needs to make contact with the transportation firms for the shipment.

5.3.1 Suppliers

Suppliers are almost important part for any manufacture company. Supply are
providing the essential raw materials, which needed for the company to produce the
product. If suppliers make any problem such as delay to supply the raw materials it can
badly affect merchandise section.

5.3.2 Competitor

When the company goes to contract with the buyer then at first think about their
competitors. The merchandising ensure that will provide better service the there
competitor. The company always gathers information about their competitor.

5.3.3 Buyer “Byrial appeals” must determine what type of buyer they selected for their
product. The company included with the business markets where buyer buy goods for
further processing.

5.4 Marketing system of “Byrial appeals”

Here I learned about the marketing system of “Byrial appeals” of industry. Company
adapt a simple marketing system for ongoing their business. They contract the buyer
for selling their product if the buyer impressed to the company image they can obtain
information about the company, then the buyer communication with the company and
negotiate with the company. They company delivery the product to buyer and buyer
compensates them for the release the product within the deliver time. .

5.5 Marketing mix

Not only this but also, I have learned about the marketing mix of “Byrial appeals” .
The factors controlled by company that can influence consumers buying of its product.


Determining the exact type of product or service for Product:

Determining the exact type of product or service for buyer Byrial appeals of
industries wants to know what type of product the buyer wants, product variety, design
features brand name packaging, sizes, and quality all of this selected by buyer when
they contract with the buyer.


Here the amount of money charged for a product, the company fixed a price for
specific product when they negotiate with the buyer. Sometime they give them some
discount. And also they give discount permanent buyer and for large order. The buyers
pay the company after the product shipment. The buyers pays to the company by credit
that called latter of credit (LC)


Here Byrial appeals of Industries decide how they can take more order by using
promotion. Deciding how the price or service is to be communicated to buyer. For
communicate with the buyers the company use the promotional tools, like they free
high quality sample that that they made previous Byrial appeals of industries use
direct marketing and personal selling strategy for advertising or increasing their order

The company communicates with the buyer or attracts the buyers by direct mail,
telephone. Generally they use personal and direct marketing.


The distribution place is based on buyer’s requirements or contracts and also the
channels of distribution. For distribution they use media or third party for of industries
wants to know what type of product the buyer wants, product variety, design features
brand name packaging, sizes, and quality all of this selected by buyer when they
contract with the buyer.


Here the amount of money charged for a product, the company fixed a price for
specific product when they negotiate with the buyer. Sometime they gives them some
discount. And also they give discount permanent buyer and for large order. The buyers

pay the company after the product shipment. The buyers pays to the company by credit
that called latter of credit (LC)


Here Byrial appeals of Industries decide how they can take more order by using
promotion. Deciding how the price or service is to be communicated to buyer. For
communicate with the buyers the company use the promotional tools, like they free
high quality sample that that they made previous. Byrial appeals of industries use
direct marketing and personal selling strategy for advertising or increasing their order

The company communicates with the buyer or attracts the buyers by direct mail,
telephone. Generally they use personal and direct marketing.


The distribution place is based on buyer’s requirements or contracts and also the
channels of distribution. For distribution they use media or third party for see air

5.6 Segmentation, targeting, position of Byrial appeals

Chapter 6 SWOT analysis of the company.

SWOT disclose full meaning of the world as strength, weakness, opportunity, and
threat .fundamentally strength and weakness is influence and measured by companies
internal environment factors while opportunity and threat is influence and measured by
external environment factors..


1. Organization production high quality and low price products.

2. A strong linkage among all the departments of the organization.

3. Management is efficient and strong.

4. Origination has computer aided design system for speedy and accurate marketing
and pattern making.

5. Each of the manufacture units is equipment with independent QC cell.

6. use light box for checking shade variation in the fabrics and separating shade lots.

8. The company has a strong base of potential customer to sustain in the

competitive market.

1. Origination does not have own and adequate transport facilities.

2. Origination fast not sufficient computer in each department.
3. Over dependence on imported raw materials.
4. origination has not educated fashion designer
5. Low productivity of labor.
6. Lack of logistic facilities delay the work process.
7. The organization has not separate human resource management department and
management information system.
8. The company management stiff’s does not have adequate transport facilities,
any provision for entertainment allowances.
9. Opportunity.:

The company has planned diversified in product line in order to market the
customer demand for any kind.

1. High quality product that have a good demand in international market.

2. Have a good opportunity for marketing, more products in future.

3. Company emphasis on market segmentation in regular basis.

4. Company has planned desertification in product line in order to met the

customer demand for any kind of product.

5. Nowadays order of the product is increasing completive rater than past.

6. Planned to modernize logistic computer support.


1. Very completive market is the major threat for the company.

2. The company is an innovative and export performance oriented company. So

completion is very high in domestic country.

3. International market is always fluctuating, it’s great problem. Many new

companies are coming with new product and new technology.

4. Inflation is high so exchange rate is fluctuating rapidly.

Conclusion and recommendation

Ready made garments business is the largest source of export earning of Bangladesh.
The beginning of ready made garments sector was not so good in our country. At
first R. R. Apparels Ltd was starting its business in a small form. Its import and
export activities were limited within some countries. Recently, R. R. Apparels Ltd
raises the boundary of their business and tries to handle its import and export
activities. To conduct import and export activities, the company directly related to
some other organization like bank, EPB, BGMEA etc and tries to maintain all the
formalities of import and export activities from those organization.

This industry brings so many possibilities for the people of Bangladesh. Though it
has all the facilities, working environment, labor, skill and many other supporting
variables but this sector did not develop in our country expectedly. There are some
problems in R. R. Apparels Ltd to develop its business more like illegal practice in
different governmental offices, lack of better transportation system and lack of
modern working system of different organization related with import and export
activities of R. R. Apparels Ltd and many more.

Actually governmental intervention in this sector is very much essential. If

government create better opportunities for the owner of the garments company in
case of import and export activities like faster Customs activities, install modern
technology, change the old Procedure of official activities etc then it will better for
import and export activities of R. R. Apparels Ltd. Beside this the company needs to
ensure their effectiveness in all the activities to perform better in this sector.

7.2 Recommendations
As Byrial appeals is a commercial organization in our country and wanted to make a
surplus over their business, they needs to take some initial steps to solve their existing
problem. Though the officials of the company were gave positive information about
the company in most of the cases. Bur I think they need to immediately focus on their
problematic areas. According to my point of view I point out some significant
recommendation in their perspective. I believe that if they can take initial step to solve
that problem, I hope that they will be able to remove their problem. Some of the major
recommendations are given below-
• The company needs to maintain all the rules and regulation of import activities
properly that is taken by our government for all of the garments company.
Because the mean value of this issue is 3.7 that is in moderate position. Though
it is in moderate position, the company needs to improve from this position.
• Buyer is the king of ready made garments business. So that the company’s
needed to continue a better a relationship with all of their existing buyer and
tries extend this relationship with other new buyer.
• In case of export duty, the mean value is 2.36 that are too low. So that the
company needs to pay attention in this sector. Otherwise the government can
take any type of legal action against the company.
• According to survey and research it is found that the performance of the notify
party that means C & F agents is not good. In of research the mean value of
this sector is 2.267 and the value of standard deviation is so low that is .827.
For this reason the company needs bring change in their notify party.
• The information section of the company is not strong. Because most of the
officials of the company agreed in this regard. For this reason officer of the
company can not effectively and timely communicate with different
• The company needs to hire more skilled and experienced merchandising and
commercial employee to effectively deal with buyer and properly maintain
import & export activities.
• Governmental intervention is very important to reduce the complexity of EPB,
Custom and foreign especially.


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