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Page 001: Technology and Leadership

S y l l a b u s
[Mr. Aguda] - School Year 2008-2009

Welcome to Technology and Leadership!
Can you imagine you life without computers? Probably not. How about the Internet
(also known as the “World Wide Web”)? That’s because technology is all around you.
You live in a media-oriented, internet-community. This class is designed to help you
discover the world of technology as well as your potential as a leader. This course
will challenge you to become professional, tech-savvy individuals.

Class Expectations and Rules To p i c s t o b e c o ve r e d
Expectations:: Microsoft Office Suite
As a student at Animo Jefferson Charter HS, you are ex- Word, Excel, Publisher, FrontPage, PowerPoint
pected to live the 5 Mantras. Every student will be: Keyboarding
Internet Research
Prompt Tech in Your Community
Prepared How the Computer Works
Participatory Graphic Design & Advertising
Proactive M a t e r i a l s n e e d e d
Classroom Rules:: 1 Large College Ruled Notebook
In addition, students are expected to adhere to Mr. at least 150 pages, college ruled.
Aguda’s class rules: Pen
Glue Stick or Stapler
Be on time Flash Drive/Data Stick (At least 128MB)
(Purchase at Staples or Best Buy)
Respect the teacher, your peers, and yourself
Bring all necessary materials to class daily. C l a s s R o u t i n e
Follow directions the first time they are given
What you can expect on a normal day
No electronics or food allowed during regular class 1. The Warm-up is designed to get you ready to learn. You
time. will find it on the board or on my blog. You must complete
it silently during the 10 Minutes of Digital Zen.
Grading Scale and breakdown 2. The 411 is a time for class announcements, a review of the
School wide grading scale at Animo JCHS is as follows: class calendar, and to review the warm-up.
3. Tutorial (AKA “We-do”) is used to teach you a new skill or
100% - 93% A program. During tutorials, Mr. Aguda will show you step-
92% - 90% A- by-step procedures in completing a task. It’s important to
89% - 83% B listen carefully and do what I do.
82% - 80% B- 4. Independent Learning (AKA “You-do”) is a time used to
79% - 73% C practice the skills you learned during the tutorial. Here, Mr.
Aguda can help each of you individually complete the task
72% - 70% C-
and create the finished product.
69% - 63% D 5. The clean-up is usually 5 minutes before the end of class.
62% - 60% D- Upon Mr. Aguda’s signal, you should begin to pack-up and
59% and below F prepare to leave.
6. The exit slip is a short review and writing assignment re-
Mr. Aguda’s Grading breakdown is as follows
quired before you leave.
Homework 10%
Classwork 40% Projects are designed to increase your skill in computer applica-
tion(s) and to help you discover your talents and interests as a
Projects, Quizzes, Tests 40%
responsible, computer savvy individual. These will be individual
Final Project / Exams 10% or group based and will be completed during class time or at

Technology and Leadership: Animo Justice Charter High School [Mr. Aguda] Syllabus
C l a s s P r o c e d u r e s a n d P r o to co l s D a i l y A t t e n d a n c e
This is how our classroom is run. You are expected to know and com- It is crucial that you attend class everyday. But...
ply with all class procedures and protocols.
What do I do if I’m absent?
Entering the Classroom::
You are responsible for any make-up work in this class.
• LINE UP: Students line up outside (single file) with
1. Go to the Printer station, logon to the blog, download
shirts tucked in, no gum, electronics put away and print all handouts that you missed.
• GREET: Students must greet Mr. Aguda at the door
2. Complete the assignments during Office Hours NOT
with a handshake and smile. : - ) during the class period.
• ZEN: Students will enter quietly, find their seat, and
begin the 10 minutes of digital zen. When is make-up work due?
• Any homework will be due at this moment. After 10 min- Make-up work is due at the following notebook check
utes, students may talk quietly as Mr. Aguda checks for (usually a Friday or a Monday). All work can be made-up
What about work that is late?
The 10 Minutes of Digital Zen NO work will be accepted after the Notebook Check cutoff
• Quiet, not silence. If you must speak, talk extremely
day with the exception of special circumstances (please
quietly and only to the person next to you. see me for more information)
• Visit my tech blog (
• Log-on to your blog and begin a new post. You may How do I make-up an exam, practical, or project?
title the post as today’s date • If you miss the entire project, you will have 1 week to
• Copy and Paste ALL information from my blog onto schedule a time to make up an quiz, exam, or practi-
yours. cal.
• Answer the questions in complete sentences. • If you miss part of the assignment, the due date will
be pushed back the # of days you were absent.
During the Class Period::
• All of these arrangements need to be made with me.
When Mr. Aguda needs your attention:
• The countdown: Mr. Aguda will begin counting down
from 5 to 1. You are responsible to make sure that
C o n s e q u e n c e s
The following systems of intervention are in place to chal-
you and people around you are silent and that your
lenge you to succeed:
attention is directed to Mr. Aguda.
• The countup: Counting up means extra homework Progressive Discipline:
time and/or holding the class in for the amount of • If you choose to break a class or school rule, the follow-
time counted up… this may also be in addition the ing progressive consequences may apply:
homework being given during the day. This will be • Verbal Warning, Student-Teacher Conference, Deten-
issued in the form of standards or bookwork. tion, Parent Conference, In-House (in school) suspen-
(example: 10 = 10 minutes extra homework). Uncom- sion, Parent Conference (with Administrator), etc.
pleted homework from count-up will result in deten- Please consult handbook.
When you need help: Office Hours and Communication
• Raise your hand. Put it down when Mr. Aguda ac- Should you require one-on-one help and tutoring, I have office ours on:
Office Hours:
knowledges you. Continue working something else 3:30-4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays
until he is done helping others. Email:
Dismissal:: Per 1: Per 5:
Per 3: Per 6:
• The Bell is the SIGNAL for Mr. Aguda to dismiss the Per 4: Per 7:
class. In order for this to happen:
The instructor reserves the right to make additions, changes, and deletions
• The classroom has been reset and cleaned. (6 mins
to the syllabus during the course of the year.
before class ends)
By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand every-
• All students are in their seats. thing in the Course Expectations and will be subject to the procedures, rules
• The class is quiet and consequences outlined above.

OOPS...I FORGOT MY MATERIALS! Student Name: Parent/Guardian Name:
• Visit the Printer Station for resources: __________________________ __________________________
• Pencils (Golf-Pencils) - these must be returned
• Scratch Paper. You are still responsible for putting Student Signature: Parent Signature:
__________________________ __________________________
this into your notebook.

Technology and Leadership: Animo Justice Charter High School [Mr. Aguda] Syllabus Mr. Aguda drives a blue VW Jetta GT