There is something lurking in peopleʼs homes, and there could be more than one of them. They huddle in dark, forgotten spaces, void of any recent acknowledgement or utilization, just waiting for an opportunity to roam free once again. They mean no harm, but could potentially be dangerous. There is no clear evidence of why they are there, what relentless subconscious force drove them to the depths of the drawer, the loneliness of the shelf, the agony of the toy box. But they remain there nonetheless . . . motionless, forgotten. Their owners compelled to shove them away in a possible fit of confusion or greed or procrastination. They could have been your best friend or your worst enemy. What are they? They are an item that at one time was considered a sign of prosperity, now just considered a sign of the times. Yes, itʼs your old cell phone, and itʼs time to set it free. It is quickly emerging as a 21st Century phenomenon. Cellular phones and numerous other electronic items are piling up at a dramatic rate, yet those same cell phones once thought of as useless just happen to be one of many electronic item thatʼs been worth keeping around instead of tossing in the

trash. Fortunately, CellForCash. com is available to give value to many used cell phones currently out of commission. CellForCash.com is an industry leader in providing money for unused cell phones to recycle or refurbish, so they may once again be the invaluable communication tool they once were. More importantly, old cell phones can be donated to the web site and functioning phones can then be designated as 911 phones to those in need, such as victims of domestic violence. Either way, recycling cell phones will help save the environment by preventing the phones from filling up landfills and potentially leaking toxic chemicals they contain such as arsenic, lead and zinc, or save lives by donating them to those who need them most. There is, needless to say, an exploding market in the recycling of cell phones and opportunities abound for the right individual to make collecting and selling used cell phones a lucrative part time small business. Selling the phones is easy using CellForCash.com. Just go to the web site, select the appropriate manufacturer, choose the right model, and CellForCash. com will give you a dollar amount instantly. Shipping the phones costs nothing as CellForCash. com sends out containers, labels, and prepaid postage for all phones

Cellular phones and numerous other electronic items are piling up at a dramatic rate

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Cellular phones contain a number of toxic substances. With rapidly changing technology Page 2 . the most hazardous being lead. but so far the number of phones being recycled is minimal (less than 1 percent of the phones retired and discarded each year are recycled according to research by INFORM).com. flashier phones. In effect. and itʼs just a matter of time before the phones are tested and the check mailed out. Adding up the past few years of retired cell phones. and has also been linked to developmental abnormalities. potentially FAST FACTS Can you hear me now? Source: Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association The increasing numbers of cell phone users in the United States alone is staggering. The average life of a cell phone has dwindled from three years to now being replaced approximately every 18 months and shrinking. Recent reports indicate there were around 150 million cell phone users in the US last year and predict that nearly 100 million phones will be taken out of service this year alone. So read on and ask yourself if recycling cell phones as a small business is a good fit for you. ����������������������������� and demand for newer. immune system. used cell phones are piling up by the truck load. Refurbishing and recycling these phones is a step in the right direction in preventing any damaging effects to the environment. as well as the competitive nature of service providers. Attempts are underway to replace lead with a less toxic substance in the manufacturing process.����������������� purchased. Environmentalists hope those cell phones wonʼt be gathering dust in landfills. and can you establish a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship with CellForCash. further steps are being taken in the form of legislation. statewide and eventually federal. as excessive exposure to lead could potentially affect the central nervous system. it is estimated that by the end of 2005 an astonishing 500 million cell phones will be doing nothing but gathering dust.

there are millions of phones out there just waiting to be recycled. introducing millions of phones into the unused category. predicts 30 million people will change carriers in the coming year. There is a potential much effort exuded varies with the avalanche of phones that could be individual.available to fill that need in a mancling the components or refurbish. running a small business is very popular in the United States. talent and energy is invested in their particular endeavor.com is there to purchase those retired phones There are a couple of questions anyone should ask before starting out on their own. where and how.ner that is fast. Is there a need for collecting cell phones to sell on CellForCash.����������������� requiring all cell phone retailers to organize mandatory recycling programs easily accessible to consumers. The recent number portability rule will have a major impact on the number of cell phones being retired in the near future. ����������������������������� its for the focused and dedicated cell phone recycling entrepreneur. there are millions of purchased and recycled to keep phones out there just waiting to be the environment clean.marketing strategies (business Page 3 . and CellForCash. Also. First of all.com introduced into new markets where is there to purchase those retired used cell phones are in great dephones. Second. however. the individual is in control of the who. wireless customers are now allowed to retain their phone numbers after switching service providers. efing them and introducing them into ficient and profitable? Yes. recy. The Yankee Group. a global communications and research company. are there solutions or more for some models. lower rates and better coverage is prompting wireless customers to seek out more competitive rates and perks. what. inexpensive. Cell phones are Simply put. With the new rule. Poor customer service. and his or her success relates directly to how much time. but with proper simple acquired and turned into large prof. will be forced to purchase new phones in a majority of those transfers. when. why. DISCOVERING SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS The idea of running a small business has appeal on a number of levels. as well as recycled. Those customers. How new markets. Simply put. Nearly 4% of the entire population will start a small business this year. paying up to 100 dollars mand. and CellForCash. What does all of this mean? com? Absolutely. The first question revolves around need.

comʼs case. Calculate how much time is going to be spent setting up contacts and how many phones you expect to get from a particular contact or fundraiser.com and select a manufacturer. and specify potential customers. In any instance. a good business plan will greatly increase the chances of succeeding in any new undertaking. E-mail can be an effective way to get your message out. Also determine the most effective way to communicate with those customers. press releases. this means identifying places to acquire cell phones to sell on the web site.����������������� cards. especially by partnering with a charity that already has contact information and can send out e-mail blasts to thousands of potential cell PLAN OF ATTACK THE SMALL BUSINESS PLAN In any new business venture solidifying a business plan is essential In any new business venture solidifying a business plan is essential. Setting a realistic goal of how many phones to expect makes exceeding that goal all the more possible. For instance. benefit or charity can possibly net a good number of phones that can be turned into a profit on CellForCash. but a successful fundraiser. ����������������������������� up to date with the information as well. The estimated number of phones is certainly going to vary depending on location and type of function. Next choose the model and get an idea of what a few specific models are selling for. eliminate any potential financial surprises. Get familiar with the cell phones CellForCash.com is there as well to support effective marketing concepts.com. com is purchasing and learn the prices for specific models. CellForCash. Keep Page 4 . Narrow down who in your area is going to be essential to contact and keep in touch with them. helping to introduce a yet unaware population of the opportunity available to put their old cell phones to better use and also eager to do so. In CellForCash. but there are other options available. go to CellForCash. An essential aspect of even a part time cell phone recycling business plan will be to figure out how much revenue to expect. The model of a cell phone is located on the phone itself underneath the battery. The business plan will define your key elements of action. want ads) generating interest and response to this new concept should be immediate. as prices fluctuate regularly based on demand. Avoiding any financial surprises is a significant element in keeping on track with your particular goals. Person to person or business to business is certainly the most effective way to make and keep contacts.

If they have The cell phone retail market is a box of 50 phones they will probavailable everywhere and acquir.of course.com. Nothing. go down to their location and they do with their old cell phones. offer them assistance in turning Chances are they have a box of those phones into cash or emerphones they keep in order to get gency phones. If the box contains 20 phones and you see even a handful you know are worth money.com a recycler can look into a box of phones and know how much they are worth.ably be eager to exchange a box ing a working relationship with a of useless phones for a hundred few wireless retailers could turn out dollar bill even if they have plans to be profitable in the short term to recycle the phones in another and long run as potential affiliates.way to dispose of their old phones ing the importance of recycling cell and the company a simple way to phones and the benefits of keep. ����������������������������� familiar with the phones purchased on CellForCash. after which they are gensiastic about the project. but it is impersonal and may limit the number of actual decision makers at a particular location. Get parLocal police stations can be anents and their neighbors involved. Itʼs easier to cover a large area by contacting potential sellers by phone. Find out what organization the phone retailer and inquire with the department donates their phones manager just what it is exactly that to. in A good experiment to start with turn.cling program. way. CellForCash.get involved in recycling. other untapped resource for cell Make it a contest so the winning phones in a community. ing them out of landfills. however. erally donated to shelters that.of time. and offer a free recyto participate in a fundraiser is an. need an avenue of redempwould be to enter a local cellular tion.����������������� phone owners and sellers. These class gets a pizza party or any kind departments usually have a large of reward that can benefit the class number of cell phones they need or the school. estimate 2 dollars per phone and offer the retailer 40 dollars cash. Or go to any business. Children can bring home and give their employees an easy a bag with a flyer inside explain. retail Encouraging schools in your area or otherwise. recycles and refurbishes convenient it might be. Keeping it fun for the to retain for a particular amount kids will ensure they remain enthu. beats showing up in person and presenting yourself in a professional and sincere manner. rid of somehow. no matter how in. Set up a drop box other option in generating some at a corporation or 50 corporations phones. By getting the phones to keep a constant sup- If they have a box of 50 phones they will probably be eager to exchange a box of useless phones for a hundred dollar bill Page 5 .

or donates cash to the selected charity if it turns out to be more feasible. If for the cause. Allow awareness in the community and them to go door to door or busi. by email. Get people involved and get people interested. who donate regularly to benefit the club. Items like drinks and popcorn cost very little to the companies who sell them. and with high volumes of traffic can generate a large number of cell phones people are willing to donate. along with their contact information. or Boys and Girls Clubs shouldnʼt be difficult and they are always in need of some extra money. but the ideas can be endless. ����������������������������� there is an effective response that works a majority of the time.help and what their efforts will do ple about their fundraising effort. Finding a legitimate charity or organization to share proceeds with like a shelter. people say they arenʼt interested soccer team or group of cheerlead- Page 6 .����������������� ply of 911 phones for shelters. or by newsletter. How can you be interested if you don’t know what we’re trying to do? The public needs to be aware there is a need for their old phones Get people involved and get people interested Concepts for finding used cell phones are primarily up to the recycler trying to find them. creating canvas an area in no time. If a baseball team. Businesses like these would need to do very little and may be eager to help generate some addition funds for a local charity. If nobody is home to answer the door. CellForCash. have the kids leave a bag along with a letter explaining the need for the homeowner to place any retired cell phones in the bag and urge them to put any phone or phones inside the bag and leave it on their step or hanging on the door at a designated pick up time and date. or 4-H clubs. How can you be interested if you donʼt know what weʼre trying to do? The public needs to be aware there is a need for their old phones. A recycler can get in with a local fast food restaurant and offer coupons for free drinks in exchange for donations.letting people know how they can ness to business and talk to peo. Itʼs one of many situations where everyone benefits. On that designated day go back through the neighborhoods and collect the bags people have A good sized and well organized placed outside. or the boy scouts. Talk to a local theatre and set up a fundraiser where anyone donating a phone will get a free bag of popcorn. make sure they get involved with cell phone recycling. These people should be a priority in regards to contacting either in person. These are people and organizations that were willing to get involved with other projects.com group of volunteers like the Boy can help with a press release prior Scouts or Boys and Girls Club can to the fundraising effort. The organization will already have a large list of individuals and companies.

����������������������������� bid to make a profit.Illinois for instance. Fundraising is a part of Greek life on campus… Auctions are another readily available source… There are between 3 million and 10 million truck drivers in the US… There are between 3 million and 10 million truck drivers in the US. Illinois alone has over a hundred Recyclers can examine the condi. media guides.����������������� ers is helping collect phones. and getting local fraternities and sororities involved in collecting cell phones can create a steady supply of phones. Even still. Fundraising is a part of Greek life on campus. Those older phones can still be purchased in larger quantities.related non profit organization like ally low. com website doesnʼt mean it canʼt be purchased. Cell phones happen to be one of the items that many times donʼt get any bids at all and are passed along until the end of the auction. Setting up tion. life bring entire households into Better yet. Contact large trucking ily available source for gathering companies and find out what their phones. Every big rig rumbling down the road has a cell phone in it and is replaced just as regularly. set up posters and flyers at ball games and at the fields or at the concession stands. thrown into a box and sold to the highest bidder along with a lot of other miscellaneous items that received no bids. Bidders any number of truck stops. partner with a trucking auctions and the bidding is usu. These items are usually auctioned off at a ridiculously low price. sponsor a childrenʼs soccer team and get advertising that way. especially on items like LOADS (Loved Ones and Drivers cell phones which nobody really Support) and set up drop boxes at thinks are worth anything. go to a recreation center or YMCA. People from all walks of drivers do with their old phones. alumni information and support from the community. a business that has changed dramatically due to cell phones. Cell phones are as invaluable to the over-the-road truck driver as CBʼs Auctions are another read. than the typical consumer. And remember. programs for sale at sporting events. These organizations also have numerous contacts on campus such as the student newspapers. The state of spect the merchandise being sold.once were. Take are able to walk around and in. just because you donʼt see a phone listed on the CellForCash. Get together with one of these groups and have them hold a fundraiser in the student union or elsewhere on campus and give them a donation box to keep in the houses. the make and the model of drop boxes in a high profile area the phones and know how much to like the truckerʼs lounge or internet Page 7 . if not more regularly. An entire soccer team wearing the name of your fundraiser is a very effective way to build awareness.bustling truck stops.

Go to a taxi company and ask the manager what he does with phones left in cabs or limousines. Other transportation companies are another source for phones. In all. Make a visit to these companies and find out where their retired phones end up. Focus on large hotels and make an agreement with a few to pick up any lost cell phone once a month. Visit bus companies and inquire about the same thing. A number of recyclers have already started doing this. If a company already has an arrangement Page 8 . as well as a competent idea on how to promote yourself to ensure continuous growth. Construct an overall summary of objectives and know as much as possible about the products and services APPLYING BUSINESS PLAN TO CellForCash. Contact every airline you can to find out what they do with phones left behind and propose to them a convenient alternative to their current disposal method. A recycler who invests time and energy marketing themselves is going to be the one who collects the most phones and earns the highest profits.com website. Have a concise understanding of CellForCash. Construct an overall summary of objectives and know as much as possible about the products and services. get to know the CellForCash. Construction companies large and small designate cell phones to their employees. Go to a manager and convince them you will take any cell phone left behind off their hands. com In order to hit the ground running after an advantageous business plan has been implemented. the most effective way to collect phones in your area. try to have specific and realistic goals before attempting to recycle cell phones for income. Learn some background on the company. Make a deal with a chain of hotels. Airlines as well have unclaimed baggage. Almost every business has some form of lost and found. or what they do with unclaimed baggage. get familiar with the cell phone manufacturers and models.����������������� area in just a fraction of those stops could generate large numbers of phones every month once visitors realize they help a good cause by just dropping a phone in a box. and become acquainted with the recycling and cell phone business as a whole.com. Keep up to date with industry trends as well as consumer trends and demographic information in your area. Put forth time to go to these places and make them believe you can help them make good use of those cell phones and remind them they donʼt have to do any of the leg ����������������������������� work.

keep them satisfied by servicing them regularly Page 9 . Make frequent visits and keep Begin the marketing process them informed. try to give them half of hours a day. ad and holding an event the next Hand out business cards and flyday or even the next week. Doors purchase used phones and accept arenʼt going open without being donations. Avoid running an foot is in one. a neighborʼs you will be to purchase phones and door.com and double the com may. Once a accept donations. The freshness of cell what the phone can be sold for on phone recycling on CellForCash. This approach. is not going to have the reach Remember newspapers have a as organizing a fundraiser or going limited amount of space depending business to business and simply on how many ads they are running. such as paying them immediately for their phones as opposed to the waiting game they may already go through before receiving any payment. ����������������������������� offering them a free recycling program for their employees.as donation boxes. This estimate the power of small details certainly isnʼt a strategy that is go. Give your To reiterate earlier suggestions. keep in ize themselves with the concept. and has.and remember them. ever. Run the ers. Never undersure could be considerable. but itʼs a place to start.com can supply ads for a few weeks for people to cards and press releases as well allow time for the public to familiar. or a relativeʼs door.����������������� for disposing of used cell phones. how. keep them satisfied by servicing them regularly. CellForCash. been picked investment.and establishing genuine relationing to supply numerous phones. Send them a thank by running some ads in the local you card for their business. Once a relationship has been established with a client who consistently obtains a profitable amount of phones. Try to run ads specify. Once a relationship has been established with a client who consistently obtains a profitable amount of phones. Make that first knock ing a time and place in the future on a friendʼs door. mind that media outlets get bomWhen someone inquires about sellbarded with press releases 24 ing a phone. itʼs affordable and the expo.up by the local and national media. ships. Never give the impression they are no longer important to your business. When sending out press releases.knocked on. it leads to another. Mark newspapers or the classified sec. phone or fax number and offer to get out and market yourself. CellForCash. investigate that process and try to exploit any weakness in the arrangement and make the company or individual a better offer.down birthdays and special events tion.

being an affiliate means making money without lifting a finger. putting a hyperlink on that site to your affiliate account to CellForCash. com will also be an introduction to the affiliate program. Once becoming an affiliate. whichever is higher Page 10 . The affiliateʼs business cards reach cell phone owners who see an outlet to sell their old cell phone. or information on their newsletter or number on their business card. the affiliate gets ����������������������������� a dollar for each phone or 5 percent of its value.com and entering the number where prompted. The customer is then taken directly to the affiliateʼs page where the transaction is made and recorded. whichever is higher. Itʼs easy to become and affiliate and after establishing the proper contacts.����������������� so press releases should really be newsworthy. An affiliate gets paid by the number of transactions made by customers they have referred to CellForCash. When a customer goes to CellForCash. The affiliate then earns a commission off the transaction and simply receives a check. They follow the instructions on the card by going to CellForCash.com would guarantee an income. Getting familiar with CellForCash.com and enters the promotion code and a transaction is made via hyperlink from an affiliateʼs website. a promotion code or affiliate number is given. com. If someone had a website that consistently received a high volume of traffic. the affiliate gets a dollar for each phone or 5 percent of its value. usually on a monthly basis.

The potential payoffs. Over 300. including our planet. local level. The odds are in the collectorʼs favor. as CellForCash. A number of new concepts will be in the works to further encourage consumers to keep cell phones out of the trash heap and back into the marketplace. which will hopefully wind up profiting the most. They know they must be of value to someone somewhere. and to always keep in mind this is a win-win situation for everybody involved. The investment involved is minimal. not nearly reaching the millions of people required to make a difference in the percentage of cell phones being retired compared to ����������������������������� The future of cell phone recycling will become an increasingly hot topic as unused phones continue to pile up those being recycled. but as of right now the message is on a small. It remains up to the individual just how much effort is put into the concept of recycling for a profit. as used cell phones are everywhere.com every month. and that number continues to grow. and practically none of them know what to do with those now useless phones. Page 11 . The majority of consumers have them. Federal legislation will eventually be the voice responsible for urging the public to conform to recycling their cell phones. The best thing to do is try a few different things to get started. The supply will continue to increase and the demand will grow along with it. The future of cell phone recycling will become an increasingly hot topic as unused phones continue to pile up. Opportunities are out there at the moment to make recycling cell phones a lucrative part time business.����������������� WHERE DO WE GO NOW? The concept of recycling cell phones for profit is a relatively new one and certainly needs to be explored more for its full potential. and provides the containers and the labels.000 people visit CellForCash.com pays for the shipping. even as a part time business. The message will get out eventually. The government already offers a tax deduction on any cell phone donated to a charity with individuals claiming 50 to 100 dollars for per phone. should be rewarding. People keep their old cell phones for a reason.

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