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Part I Part II Total

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

PART I: choose the correct answer

1) A farad is the same as

a) V/C b) C/V c) J/V d) V/J

2) The capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor can be increased by:

a) increasing the charge Q b) increasing the voltage V

c) increasing the plates separation d d) increasing the plates area A

3) A 20-F capacitor is charged by a 20 V battery. The maximum energy stored in the capacitor is

a) 4000 J b) 4 J c) 0.4 J d) 2000 J

4) A capacitor is charged by a battery to charge Q and voltage V. If the battery is disconnected and
a dielectic slab is inserted inside the capacitor. Which of the following is correct

a) both C and Q will be increased b) C will be increased but V will not changed
c) both C and V will be increased d) C will be increased but Q will not changed

5) Current has a unit of

a) C/s b) C.s c) C d) Ω

6) A certain wire of radiu r1 has resistance R1. A nother wire of the same material has a radius of
r2 = 2r1 . Its resistance R2 is

a) R2 = 2R1 b) R2 = 0.5R1 c) R2 = 4R1 d) R2 = 0.25 R1

7) A light bulb is marked 60 W and 120 V. It resistance is

a) 60 Ω b) 120 Ω c) 180 Ω d) 240 Ω

8) The emf of a bettery is equal to its terminal potential difference

a) under all conditions b) under no conditions

c) only when there is no current in the battery d) only when the battery is being charged

9) Two resistors are connected as shown. The equivalent resistance is 3Ω

6Ω 6Ω
a) 1.5 Ω b) 6 Ω c) 15 Ω d) 3.6 Ω

10) The unit of the magnetic field Tesla is the same as

a) C.m/s b) C.s/m c) kg/C.s d) N/C.m

× × × ×
11) After entering the magnetic field, the proton will deflect ×
× × × ×
a) up b) down × × × ×
c) out of page d) into the page ×
× × × ×
12) A magnetic force cannot ×
a) accelerate a charge b) change the momentum of a charge
c) change the kinetic energy of a charge d) change the velocity of a charge
13) A circular loop of radius and current I as shown. The magnetic dipole
moment of the loop is
a) Iπ a2 out of page b) Iπa2 into page
c) 2Iπa out of page d) 2Iπa into page

14) A straight wire of length L and current I exists in a uniform magnetic

filed B directed as show. If the wire makes 30o with the positive x-axis, the I
magnetic force on the wire is
a) ILB k b) 0.5 ILB k
c) –ILB k d) -0.5 ILB k

15) A charge q of mass m inters a region of uniform magnetic field B with speed v perpendiculat to
B. The radius of its motion is

mv mq qBr qB
a) r = b) r = c) r = d) r =
qB vB m mv

PART II: Solve the following problems

Q1) Four capacitors are connected as shown. Find
6 µF 4 µF
the equivalent capacitance of the circuit.

3 µF 2µF
12 V

.Q2) Refering to the previous problem, find the charge on the 4 µF-capccitor

Q3) In the circuit shown, the circiut has been connected I1 R1=2 Ω I3
for a long time. Find the currents in the circuits.
R2=6 Ω
8 µF

20 V

Q4) Referring to the previous problem, Find the maximum charge on the capacitor.