Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected


Drive to Make Singapore More Connected International Marketing MKT/GM571

Drive to Make Singapore More Connected Introduction Singapore is one of Asia¶s and the World¶s leading financial countries, and a country that is experiencing large growth. With its presence on the international stage companies within Singapore require technological solutions for continued growth. UK¶s IT consulting services

technical capabilities. By following the plan outlined below UK¶s IT consulting services companies can successfully navigate its way to become a international business. Marketing Position Statement The core activity of Information Technology Consulting Services of United Kingdom (UK) will play a significant role in Singapore¶s drive to develop and implement iN2015. (Singapore¶s Strategy with iN2015 is to develop an ³infocomm´. product features and pricing strategy as a roadmap to successful growth. UK¶s IT consulting services will provide Singapore¶s IT agencies and services with specific administrative and technical support needed to perform IT planning by offering costeffective alternatives.savvy workforce and globally competitive in information technology and communication manpower). predictable.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected companies are considering expanding into Singapore. experiences. 1991). UK¶s IT consulting services have conducted a joint study of Singapore¶s IT markets and have determined a 2 segmentation of Singapore¶s markets to provide accurate. competitors. UK¶s IT consulting services will bring into Singapore the business insight. and the resources to design and build successful technology- . UK¶s IT consulting services are aware of Singapore¶s universal culture as well as the diverse ethnic groups social and personal values are considered to be crucial to human motivation and behavior in Singapore. attitudes and beliefs which are fundamental factors that explain variations in the behavior of consumers belonging to various market segments (Pitts and Woodside. and have developed an outline of its position. UK¶s IT consulting services ready to conduct business in Singapore will accommodate the various value systems and work accordingly with all identified market segments in Singapore. and stable basis for market targeting and positioning in reference to values.

information technology and human resources.8 per cent to S$51. Productivity report benchmarks: y In 2007. and need for to improved coordination and collaboration with customers. The hardware segment was the largest contributor. the internet and IT solutions. government policy changes. order entry. IT activities and investments in Singapore. ³The Singapore Information Technology Report´ which described. assessment of business operating environment and latest regulatory developments. engineering. budgeting. and scrutiny of explanation of any adverse risks associated to the initial forecast. need for new or redesigned business workflows. The report also covered the IT industry ³structure. size and value of industry sector.7 billion. semiconductors. at 55 per cent. followed by software (17 per cent) and IT services (12 per cent). order fulfillment. overview of industry landscape and key players. accounting.´ (Singapore Information Technology ± Business Monitor International). memory chips. integrated circuits and general components. UK¶s IT consulting services will provides information technology direction in setting and management services for small and mid-sized businesses with the following characteristics: new and emerging business models. document management. ³Singapore¶s market assessment and independent 5-year forecasts covering personal computers and software. The report described Singapore IT business opportunities and risks as favorable based on all available IT industry business trend.´ (Singapore Information Technology ± Business Monitor International). Singapore¶s infocomm industry saw its revenues grow 13. vendors or agents. Based on historic data and projections made for five years leading to 2015. UK¶s IT consulting services will design and develops custom database and workflow applications for its clients across a wide range of functions including sales and marketing. legal. . the significant indicators revealed are supported by clear hypothesis.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected 3 based business solutions across several technology platforms with all clients.

since they are entering a new market. Threat of Substitutes Substitutes of goods or services can have an impact on companies within the industry. y Singapore is home to more than 80 of the top 100 software and services companies. Of this. It can exploit suppliers in giving a price advantage and meet a higher quality standard over the same supplies sold by their competition. 2010).. They can increase or decrease price. Entering the market with a decrease in price can gain an advantage and increase the customer base. UK¶s IT consulting services will need to find a unique way to provide services that will set the company apart from the competition. have regional or Asia Pacific headquarters here. 2011) Rivalry Companies in the IT business world must compete with rivalries and some industries have more than others. Companies offering a product or service substitute do so because of a lower cost or an easier way of . Many of them.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected y 4 There are more than 130. May 5. improve service or product separation over the competition. UK¶s IT consulting services must create an advantage for the services being provided within the industry.a. including the top 15 software companies.000 infocomm industry professionals in Singapore. and exploit suppliers to meet certain prices and quality (n. look for other distribution channels. There are different avenues UK¶s IT consulting services can take when trying to find a competitive advantage over rivalries. UK¶s IT consulting services must create advantages over their rivalries in making the choice of the consumer¶s difficult in choosing an information technology service other than UK packages. UK¶s IT consulting services will need to evaluate the competition and develop a strategy based on the findings of how other companies provide service. more than 80 per cent have at least a tertiary education. (Singapore Business News.

In Singapore. companies increasing in size and sale volumes are looking for alternative ways to meet information technological needs or in reducing costs and overhead. The company can decrease the chance of having a supplier possessing power by increasing the number of suppliers used to meet the demands of the consumers. UK¶s IT consulting services will have worries if the stronger more powerful suppliers start to acquire and merge with one another reducing the available suppliers within the industry. This would be done by reducing the supplier competition allowing the companies to increase the price of supplies used by UK¶s IT consulting services. Buying or Supplier Power UK¶s IT consulting services should look for ways to gain advantages not only over the competition but suppliers. Just like manufacturing and service companies. Industries with multiple suppliers and few buyers create a situation allowing buyers to possess the power to dictate price. UK¶s IT consulting services must have concerns of companies hiring their own information technology departments in reducing the need to hire an outside the company to perform these functions. Threat of New Entrants and Entry Barriers . UK¶s IT consulting services will need to find multiple suppliers for equipment and software allowing the company to dictate price the company will pay for supplies. If these powers are in the hands of suppliers. suppliers also look for ways to gain power. A substitute can limit the industry¶s ability to raise prices on goods or services because choices consumers have within the industry.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected 5 providing a service to the consumers. the costs of the supplies can be increased having the industry pay more for the same materials. The power shifts from the buyer to the seller as the number of suppliers¶ decrease and numbers of buyers increases. By creating a buying power ITS can have an advantage over the competition and allow the company to provide the same service for a lower cost.

Government regulates patents and trademarks but companies must make sure there are no active or current issues arising from the goods and services entering the country. Expansion into Singapore can have some difficulties because the country can possess entry barriers. The company might not have the funds needed for expansion into the new market.. UK¶s IT consulting services needs to carefully evaluate the costs of entering the information technology market in Singapore. other companies are considering entering the country¶s market. competitors are looking for new markets to expand within the industry trying to increase market share. patents. assets. trademarks. Governments can create laws and regulations making entry into the country difficult for the company. 2010). Product Modification allows the company to amend one or more of the product¶s features and could include reformulation and repackaging to increase customer appeal (Schwalbe. The more companies entering the market can decrease the profits and dilutes the market share among the industry.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected 6 Just like UK¶s IT consulting services. Product Features With the purpose of enhancing customer appeal a company may need to reassess one or more of the product/service¶s features.a. so is the number of companies expanding into the market. 2005). and organizational economies of scale limiting access by organizations (n. The company will need to determine if a merger will better suit the goals of the organization than the possibility of funding the expansion themselves. As UK¶s IT consulting services is expanding into Singapore. As the industry of technology is growing around the world. Singapore is a country looking to open the door for companies looking to expand within the country¶s borders. Modifications to the product/service can set a company apart . Entry barriers are created by government.

Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected 7 to give it the competitive advantage to competitors. such as monitoring platforms Infrastructure Capacity Planning Network design Typically. However. 2005): y y y y To acquire external. inside a specified time frame. an IT consulting fixed fee contract is applied specifically to plans thoroughly outlined (Schwalbe. Numerous companies are currently progressing toward an Information Technology consulting fixed priced standard. IT consulting fixed fee. . 2005). Product modification is put to use frequently as a way of extending the product life cycle of a product. unbiased advice To acquire the consultants' expert knowledge For short-term assistance throughout a one-time project To contract out IT services partially or as a whole A feature of IT Consulting Services apart of the Product Modification is the consulting fees: In conventional instances the cost for IT consulting is a daily/per Consultant calculation. This is likely to progress as additional companies currently insist on completion of Information Technolgy Consulting services inside a specified timeframe and price configuration (Schwalbe. 2005): y y y y y Troubleshooting IT Consulting Infrastructure refreshment projects Execution of precise well illustrated features. an Information Technology consulting fixed fee is for a precise quantity of work. there is another option. The following are various reasons to hire consultants (Schwalbe.

The result is frequently equivalent to project overruns and considerable cost overrun. customer services. and knowledge. shapes or sizes. Variations on the IT consulting services depend on the technological level of the country or city the service is provided to and their development of new technological processes. as the consultancy 8 firm benefits on day-to-day basis.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected Unrestricted consultancy structure commonly favor the consulting firm. Such exchange with consumers allows the IT consulting firm to provide their customers with the service that covers their necessities and expectations. Between United Kingdom and Singapore the technology development is on the same level.457). instead changes or modification of services are related to quality. Modifications of IT Services consulting are based on the principle of intelligence. Singapore has been ranked as the second most network-ready country in the world and number one in Asia´(EDB . this allows an IT consulting firm to offer companies in Singapore high technology. improving customer services by being able to respond. Technology is constantly improving and IT Services are used nowadays in almost every business around the world for different purposes like: to market their products with more advanced technology using digital products and/or 3D commercials. dedication. communicate and even sale to customers worldwide. Pricing Strategy Since services are intangible. ³According to the World Economic Forum¶s ³Global Information Technology Report 2009/2010´. modification in them cannot be noticed by changes on their colors. ³continuous information exchange with consumers allows companies to create products and processes using the best possible modules´ (2007. there lacks motivation to finalize assignments inside a specific timeframe. p. Informational Technology Consulting is one of the services that suffer more and constant modifications due to the updates and innovation of the technology processes. As stated by Hollensen.

Assessment of Costs How much will it cost an IT consulting firm to modify their services? These costs include: all seminars. conferences. These costs may change as the technology changes and as accessible the new technology is to the public. It policy must identify ways to undercut competitors already established and as new entrant in the market build value of its services. IT companies in Singapore present ³property protection regime. etc. By dong so ITS can establish itself as a global business and enjoy new revenue streams. licenses and procedures manuals for customers¶ use. Conclusion Given the significant importance of Singapore in the Asia market as a highly populated and urbanized country that provides Asia connection to financial resources Singapore¶s demand for IT is growing at rapid paces. .. It will also include all equipment necessary to provide the IT services to their clients like: computerized equipment. For ITS if it can identify a financially fit policy of expansion to pursue then future growth in Singapore would be very beneficial for it. and depending on the customers¶ requirements. software. classes. an easy access´ (EDB Singapore). good logistics connectivity. hardware.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected 9 Singapore). servers. Also. that professionals on the IT firm need to attend to keep themselves updated with all new technology.

QuickMBA: Strategic Management.sedb.Running head: Drive to Make Singapore More Connected References de Leon. S. Information Technology. Global Marketing: A Decision.A. Project Managment (4th ed. (2010). (2007).edu 10 http://www.quickmba.Oriented Approach.shtml Schwalbe. Porter¶s Five Forces: A Model for Industry Analysis. Retrieved from http://phoenix. (1994) Value Segmentation of Singapore: Perceived Values Of Gender Categories Hollensen. from http://www.) Singapore Information Technology ± Business Monitor International Published: 26 Apr 2011 Quarterly. K. Retrieved on May 8. EDB Singapore. Retrieved from N. 2011 . Corinna T. Singapore Information Technology Industry ± Singapore Business News ± May 5. (2005).html Industry try_background.

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