Masonic jurisprudence and related references

(prepared by RN, October 2005 - updated Dec 05, July 06)

“He who decides a case without hearing the other side, though he decide justly, cannot be considered just.” - Seneca. “Four things belong to a Judge; to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.” - Socrates. “One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat.” - Woodrow Wilson
A Beginners Guide to Masonic Jurisprudence by Winger, Mark [was G. Registrar of GL NZ in 1991] Published in UNITED MASTERS LODGE No. 167, Monthly Lodge Notice, Sept 1991 online version at

Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory publications - Regulations - Lodge Manual - Preparing for Mastership - Corporate and Strategic Plan [outlines GL Structure - also see ] By-Laws [of your lodge]

Masonic jurisprudence - Principles of Masonic Law by Mackey, Albert G [A treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages, and Landmarks of Freemasonry] 1856 edition available online at several sites - - Masonic Jurisprudence - illustrated by Grand Lodge Decisions from the Date of the Union by John T. Lawrence (First edition 1908) (Second edition 1912) (Third edition 1923 - revised and enlarged by Granville Grenfell, JS and White, John) [Series of digests with explanatory notes and references to the important appeals determined by the Grand Lodge of England since 1813] Masonic Jurisprudence in New South Wales
compiled from the Records of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales from 1888 to 1936

by Day, WR (Second edition 1936) (first edition 1922) An Introduction to Masonic Jurisprudence and the Laws of Freemasonry produced by United Grand Lodge of New South Wales, 1984 Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry by: Albert G. Mackey revised by Robert L Clegg Publisher: Macoy Pub & Masonic Supply Co available from Lewis Masonic - £15.95 [Coverage of written and unwritten laws of Freemasonry, especially the laws for lodges by an authority on American lodges] [The written and unwritten laws of Freemasonry. Covers the laws for Lodges, Candidates, individuals, and Grand Lodges] Digest of Scottish Masonic Jurisprudence by Wallace-James, RE

....85 December 1958] Contents Introduction..Guide for Meetings ..mysouthwest.. Other Cases Involving Collateral Organizations Upon Dissolution .91 4. Masonic Bodies ..Vol 2 ...... In General .111 .......... In General .......6 5.. Rights of Members in Property .. Cases Arising Out of Ownership of Buildings .. Ellis S ISBN 455 21732 7 (ninth edition.... In General . Cases Holding Them Exempt From Taxation ... Rights of Lodge in Property . Liability for Injuries During Initiation .... February 1959..... make a presentation or chair a meeting] ... Right to Exclusive Use of name....Janner's Complete Speechmaker (seventh edition ...mysouthwest.107 1.... Collateral Organizations .pdf [this website contains other useful information at http://lionsdistrict201w2.22 b.... Suits on Death Benefit Certificates and Insurance Policies ....31 9...29 8. Irvine Wiest published 1958 by Missouri Lodge of Research [review by Alphonse Cerza in The Philalethes.. Chappenden WJ and Magner....105 6. 2001) Guide for Meetings and Organisations by Renton..24 ] Books by Greville Janner (British author) 1 .. review in The Philalethes.....1 3.ISBN 0455220840 [Australian author .. Cases Holding Them Not Exempt From Taxation .. Powers of Master and Grand Master Mason 74 11....Robert's Rules of Order .1 2...77 12... Taxation of Masonic Bodies or Property ... Embezzlement by Officers . Michael R (2005) ISBN 1-887560-07-6 [American publication] Joske's law and procedure at meetings in Australia by Joske...... Nature Thereof ...107 2..... Judicial Review of Elections ....... Emblems.v I...79 II..2003 ..2 4.22 b.....On Meetings (1986) Freemasonry in American Courts by W.25 d.....htm ] Rules of Debate [abridged version for a Lions Club in Australia] http://lionsdistrict201w2.. PE . Right to Sue and Be Sued ......... Upon Secession .77 13.22 7....How to Win Meetings (1991) ...ISBN 0455220751 ...On Chairing (1989) ..22 Relinquishment or Loss of Membership .. Right to Membership Therein .........contents shown at http://users..ISBN 185418217X) [a definitive source for anyone who has to give a speech. Federal Tax Cases .Masonic Edition revised and edited by Poll...22 a..bigpond. Capacity to Take and Hold Property .......85 2.72 10... Miscellaneous ..... Upon Sequestration of Lodge's Warrant ..85 1.... NE (eighth edition 2005) ....Guide for Voluntary Associations ......1 1.. Badges and Insignia .

......155 The Courts and Freemasonry: Case Histories that Have or Could Affect Freemasonry......127 Table of Cases Arranged by States .. Chalmers Izett (London.150 Index ..112 2.... & A............ [Bro......140 Table of Abbreviations ... Macoy 1953] Familiar Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Masonic Jurisprudence by Simonds. JW .... Wilson's abstract: Answers to the questions of secrecy and religious ties for Freemasonry delivered by learned Judges] A Special Edition of Research Lodge No.... M.. W. A Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 98 (1985) Some Aspects of International Masonic Law and Customs article by Draffen..£8. Libel and Slander .. Virginia: Anchor Communications... B... F.... Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 30 (1917) [available in Grand Library] American Freemasonry and the Courts article by Cerza. professor of law and respected Freemason...IV... not by Freemasons] available from Lewis Masonic .£12....L..according to the Ancient charges and Landmarks by Paton.117 Acknowledgements ...... Spring 1991] More About Masonry by: H....... c 1986 Hard bound.. 1872) Masonic Jurisprudence by Pound..50 [Masonic ethics and jurisprudence] Institutes of Masonic Jurisprudence Oliver.113 V. A Freemasonry and its Jurisprudence .... of Iowa... Roscoe.125 Table of Cases ... A Freemasonry and Civil Law by Cerza.......95 [review by Wallace McLeod in The Royal Arch Mason........ 105 pages.. Collateral Cases .. Qualifications of Masonic Judges and Jurors ... G Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 88 (1975) Masonic Questions Answered by the Courts by Cerza.... John W (1864) [A Practical guide to the subject of Masonic law] The Principles of Masonic Jurisprudence by Simons. Hayward Publisher: Macoy Pub & Masonic Supply Co available from Lewis Masonic ....112 1.. Alphonse...... Dr George (1859) (? also 1874 ?) Craft in the Law Courts article by Hextall.. 2 A.. written by judges... Highland Springs....... [Alphonse Cerza was a noted attorney......... Miscellaneous Cases ... Responses to those who belittle Freemasonry........ by Cerza.. Roscoe (1916) [Pound was a noted American Professor of Law at Harvard in the first half of the 20th Century] available in Kessinger reprint edition ISBN 1564590488 (1997) Lectures on Masonic Jurisprudence (1924) by Pound...... Roscoe [contained in "Masonic Addresses and Writings" by Pound........

laws. 1978] Landmarks of Freemasonry by Silas H.F. Sheperd (1924) [Discusses how landmarks . NY. adopted by the Grand Lodge of Connecticut as the basis for their code] Masonic Trials and Michigan Digest: a Treatise upon the Law and Practice of Masonic Lewis (London. Authentics of Fundamental Law for Scottish Rite Masonry by Henry B. regulations of Divisions.judicial and moral laws . as well as a complete manual of Masonic Law] Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry (1907) by Clymer. as specifically used in Masonic lodges] Masonic Manual (1813) by Ashe. or rules of order. (1869) (1902) online version (1869 ed) http://www. Albert G Masonic Parliamentary Law (1918) by Whicher. George W. J.hti. laws. Lewis [cites the sources and general authorities of this facet of Freemasonry] Unwritten Laws of/in Freemasonry (1922) by Hazlitt. 1978) [Ready reference including early history and ritual work typical of a well governed Lodge] Masonic Parliamentary Law (1875) by Mackey. with Forms and Precedents by Look. and opinions upon questions of Masonic Jurisprudence] Freemason's Dictionary and Manual of Law Concise by Chase. Henry M. organization.history. [Its teachings rules. Richard L. Jackson in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. [Concise summary of essential principles. S. George W. Luke A.Freemasonry & Its Etiquette by Campbell-Everden. New York. [Dictionary of abbreviations.idno=AEM6372 . Jonathan [Thirty 'arguments' to thoroughly acquaint the brother with the character of the Society and its duties] Digest of Masonic Law (1865) by Chase.bind Masons together] The Master's Assistant: a complete treatise on Freemasonry by Delmar D. Clausen [review by A. landmarks.C.umich. (Weathervane Books. William P. PM Masonic Law and Practice (1867) by Lockwood. and present usages which govern the order today] Rule and Teach: A Practical Handbook of Masonic Law and Custom by Edwards. [Parliamentary law. rules and precedents] Will of the Lodge by Ashby. [being a complete code. terms. R. Darrah (1912) reprint available from Kessinger [Treatise on Freemasonry . 1956) The Law and Custom of Freemasonry by Edwards.

HL (1923) online version at http://www. 1723 .htm Foundations of Masonic Law by anon. DGM of Ireland online version http://www.html .vitruvian. Especially Applicable To Canadian Lodges by Robertson. Stuart Parker (PGM Manitoba) (1963) [Theme Speech . 1390. first published by James O.html The Regius Manuscript [manuscript dates from approx. and Ireland.txt Masonic Ethics Levitt.html Charges of a and Masonic law http://www. and of those in England.pdf Hiram's Handbook . for the Use of the Lodges in London: to be Read at the Making of New Brethren.from Anderson's The Master's Book by Claudy. Rob [Ritual and a synopsis of Masonic Law] Masonic Law and Practice by Lockwood. Wayne T (Maine." http://freemasonrysaust.freemasons-freemasonry.htm The Old Charges of Freemasonry by Haywood.htm Hirams Oasis online collection .a Presiding Master's Ready Reference by Adams. Dr John [reports and reviews of certain known Masonic trials] Webb's Freemason's Monitor by Morris. Scotland. Luke A [condensed arrangement with reprints of the Ancient Charges] The Keystone of the Masonic Arch: A Commentary on the Universal Laws and Principles of Ancient Freemasonry (1856) by Inter-Provincial Conference of the Senior Officers of the Four Western Canadian Jurisdictions] available online at Henry (Toronto 1889) Some Principles of the Masonic Law by B. "Extracted from the Ancient Records of lodges beyond Sea.mainemason. Carl H pdf version online at http://www. 1997) http://www. Masonic Short Talk Bulletin. Henry The Duty of the Master in the Government of a Masonic Lodge A Lecture delivered at the Lodge of Instruction of The Victoria Lodge No. Vol.12 March 1934 online version Halliwell in 1840] ISBN: 1-887560-10-6 [in it is contained the roots of the modern Master Mason's obligations and charges] online version http://www.4 Dublin (1857) by Townsend. Jack R California Freemason Online http://www. reprint by Kessinger 1998 A Digest Of Masonic Trials by Look. or when the Master shall order it.

Percy recent online paper at Anderson's Constitutions of 1723 by My Obligation as a Freemason by Chetty.html List of Antient Landmarks as published in the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of South Australia 1885 [list included in the first edition Lionel (1923) [a scholarly appraisal of the 1723 Constitutions] online version Masonic Text Book (1997 version) .org/craftinfo/index.linshaw.Guide for Master and Wardens (1977) online versions at http://www.Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Maine (1820.General Regulations of a Free Mason 1721 as found in Anderson's Constitutions 1723 http://freemasonrysaust.html Maine.htm .au/antientlandmarks. as amended) The Landmarks of Freemasonry (2004) by Jantz. V V [1983 prizewimming essay from India about the nature of different Obligations] online version http://www. superceded by Second edition 1893] Grand Lodge .linshaw.

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