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Korean pronunciation English meaning

General sentences

Odhi isseyo where it is?

Odhiyeyo Where it is?
oththongoyeyo Which is this?
Oththon Bus yo Which Bus?
Busun car? Which car?
Weyo Why?
Othakeyo What shall I do now?
Andheyo I cant / no
Murugessoyo I forgot
Chhakama Just a moment
Chhakama kidhariseyo, Pl. wait for a moment.
isseyo I have it / its there
shiroyo I don’t like it /I don't want \ no way
mollayo I don't know
offsoyo I don't have
Chincha Really? / Is it so?
Ani no
Michchesso or Michigeththa O my god / shit / fool
kogi theryoda chushi kessoyo will you take me there
Waththagaththa Coming & Going [Traveling to & fro]
Chalchasso Are you OK
Chibe issmyon chuvayo If you have house its good.
Choshim haseyo Watch out!!!
Yongo haseyo can you talk English
Turo Oseyo Please come in
Chosoonida Very good
Duwa chuseyo I need help / Help Me
Orai all right
Dorogaseyo you hang up first
Kechanasmida no thank you
Yojum jal nagayo Are u going strong these days?
Jal nagane hey are you doing well?
Gugepcha bulyo chuseyo Call ambulance
Gyongchal bulyo chuseyo Call police

In a Korean restaurant

Be sure of telling no to meat, if you are a Vegetarian Person. In All most all item, Koreans used to put meat, So
confirm it before eating.

Bibimbap Rice with vegetables

Kimchi chige Rice + vegetables + hot soup
Kimbap Rice rolled in seaweed wafers
Dwenjang chige Rice + hot fish soup
kimchi bukuumbap Rice + vegetables + egg + chilly powder
Chicken fried rice {only in Chinese restaurants}
Shrimp fried rice {only in Chinese restaurants}
chajangmyon Noodles + Chinese curry {only in Chinese restaurants}
Bulkogi pegu, Dhejikogi pegu chuseyo Remove Beef & Pork from that food
Kamja kenchaanaayo Potato is OK.
Keran kenchaanaayo Egg is OK
Palli palli chuseyo I want it quickly.
Igo Mashisseyo this is delicious.
Igo mashissmika? Is this delicious?
Mashithhaa Delicious.
Igo chuvaayo I like this / this is good
Igo moyeyo? What is this?
Mul Chuseyo I want water Please give me water
Kamja Potato
Keran Eggs
Suba Water melon
Chamay yellow melon
Borisal Wheat
Kogi Meet
Bulkogi Beef
Dhejikogi Pork
Thakkogi chicken
Yangpa Onion
Mul water
Puchhinge Korean dosa cut

In a Korean vegetable market

Igo olmayeyo How much is this?

chogum pissayo Little bit expensive
Igo chuvaayo? Is this good?
Igo moyeyo? What is this?
Kakka chuseyo Make discount please.
Kungoth chuseyo I want big one.
Chakungoth chuseyo I want small one.
noyege chona hesaththa I called you before sometime
Chombudha chuseyo I want it all.
Chombudha ? All?
Kamja chuseyo I want Potato.
Yangpa chuseyo I want Onion.
Kamja [Yangpa] olmayeyo How much is Potato [Onion]
Keran chuseyo I want eggs.
Bap chuseyo I want rice.
Milgaru odiyeyo ? Where is Atta [Wheat powder]
Uyu odi isseyo? Where is Milk?
Yangbechho chuseyo I want cabbage.
Tangkung chuseyo I want peanuts.
Igo Suba chicha Talthadayo is this Watermelon, is really Sweet
Igo Mewayo? is this chilly is really Hot?
Maani chuseyo. Give me more /I want it more.
Chogum chuseyo Give me less / I want only a little.
Makkolli chuseyo I want rice wine ( Desi Daroo).
Mandhukkong chuseyo I want green peas.
Kaaji isseyo? Do you have Brinjal?

Korean telephone calls in office

shille hamnidha Please excuse me.

chigum omnundheyo Now he/she is not here
Thongva jung imnida He is busy right now
Jung shi pakwa chuseyo Give to Mr.Jung please
Jung shi Australia kasseyo Mr. Jung has gone to Australia
Odiro chona hesesmica ? Which number did you call?
Nugo chajesmica ? Whom do you want?
Slegiman dugushimnika ? Who is speaking please?
Chonwha hesassoyo ? Did you call me?
Shippuniththa thashi chona haseyo Pl. Call after 10 minutes
Chogum iththaga chona haseyo Pl. Call after sometime
Thaome chona chuseyo Pl. Call after sometime
Chesaimnida ajik annosasseyo Sorry, he is not yet come
Chesamida Jung Shi chigum offsmida, Sorry Mr. Jung not here now.
Message namgyodri kayo ? Do you have a message for him?
noyege chona hesaththa I called you before sometime
Chakaman kidaariseyo Pl. wait a moment
Musun il imnika ? What is the matter?
Musun munje imnika ? What is the problem?
Mussun tusumnika ? What do you mean?
onjedonji puruseyo You can call me anytime
chona baduseyo You got a call few moments ago
chonun Jung immnida I am Jung

With a Korean colleague

shillaamidha Please excuse me.

Odigaseyo Where are you going?
Chibe gaseyo Are you going home?
Are chung gaseyo Are you going down stairs?
Vi chung gaseyo Are you going up stairs?
Hoajangshil odiyeyo Where is the rest room [Toilet]?
Thongva jung imnida He is busy right now?
Chamkama kidaryo chuseyo just wait a moment please.
Mohaseyo What are you doing?
kumbang kagesmidha Wait I will come to you.
Kadong twegesmika May I come to you.
Musun munje imnika what is the problem?
Boashi bunje imnika Will you come here?
Kathun ogyon imnida I have same opinion.
Mussun tusumnika what do you mean?
Othake sengo hasmnika what do you think?
Munjega isumnidha I have a problem.
Chamshim kachhi halkayo I will join you at lunch.
Norul mannagerul parundha I wish to meet you.
Tuwa chuseyo help me
Munje ismika Do you have any problem?
Yongkoni moyeyo ? What is the purpose?
Kachchigayo Lets go together.
Nega hemalthe, Difficult to express for me.
Bulganang heyo it is impossible.
Chal chinnesmika Are you well?
Chombudha chuseyo I want it all / Give me All.
Chombudha ? All?
Chinchayaa ? Really?
Ye saraami nega Chinguyeyo this is my friend.
oremmmaaniyeyo ? Oh, I met you after a long time.
Chal chinnesossoyo ? How are you?
kapshida Lets go.
venamyuon Because
Kundhe Then
Chanharu deseyo Have a nice day.
Agashi komujul chuseyo Hey lady I want some rubber bands.
Odhigassoso Where had you been?
Oththe How is it?
Meeting Kaththawokke I am going to attend the meeting
Igo Thayissoyo Is This finished?
Oththogono isso, Oththogono afso some have some don't have
SamSiMan Wait
Igo Oththeyo How is this?
Kunnasseyo? Finished?

With a Korean Shopkeeper

Igo olmayeyo ? How much is this?

shilaHamnidha Please excuse me.
Igo chokum pissayo this is little bit expensive
Igo chuvaayeyo ? Is this good?
Igo Chuvayo This is good
Igo moyeyo ? What is this?
Kakka chuseyo Make discount please.
Hojangshil odiyeyo ? Where is the rest room?
Chakama kidaariseyo Wait a moment please
Mohaseyo ? What are you doing?
Mussun tusumnika ? What do you mean?
Kungo chuseyo I want big one
Chakungo chuseyo I want small one
Tuwa chuseyo I want help
Thaaru sekkal chuseyo I want it in different color
Taaru isseyo ? Do you have other?
Igo pagva chuseyo I want to change this
Sschushi kesseyo please wrap this.
Kogcha chuseyo I want it free
Kannaseyo Are you finished
Eja chuseyo I want chair [To sit]

ship won 10 Won; bek won 100 Won; chon won 1000 Won; maan won 10,000 Won
E(2) ship won  20 Won; e bek won  200won; e chon won 2000 won; e maan won 20000 won
Sam(3) ship won 30won; sam bek won 300won; sam chon won 3000 won; sam maan won 30000 won
Saa(4) ship won 40won; saa bek won 400won; saa chon won 4000won; saa maan won 40000 won
O(5) ship won  50won; o bek won  500won; o chon won 5000 won; o maan won 50000 won
Yug(6) ship won 60won; yug bek won 600won; yug chon won 6000won;yug maan won 60000 won
Chil(7) ship won 70won; chil bek won 700won; chil chon won 7000won; chil maan won 70000 won
Fal(8) ship won 80; Fal bek won 800won; Fal chon won  8000won; Fal maan won 80000 won
ku ship won 90won; ku bek won 900Won; ku chon won 9000Won; ku maan won 90000won

With a Korean Taxi driver

Yogi sewo chuseyo Pl. stop here.

Orun Jok Uro kapshida Pl. Turn right.
Ven jok uro kapshida Pl. Turn left.
Goupparugaseyo Go straight.
Tora kasseyo Pl. Turn around.
yogi kenchanaayo Stop here This is OK.
naa Indo saraamiyo I am an Indian.
Ton olmayeyo ? How much is the taxi fare?
shille hamnidha excuse me plz.
Odi gaseyo ? Where are you going ?
Chok man kidaryo chuseyo Just wait a moment please.
Musun munje imnika ? What is the problem ?
Nugo chajesmica ? Whom do you want ?
ITHEWON kaasseyo ? are you going to ITHEWON ?
ITHEWON kapshidha lets go to ITHEWON
Palli palli kasseyo Hurry up, hurry up.
Indo thesagwan kapshida Lets go to Indian embassy

With Korean bus driver

Ithewon kasseyo ? Will this bus goes to Ithewon ?

Ithewon dong ga odhi bus yo ? Which is the bus for Ithewon.
neryo chuseyo I want to get down please.