I am a self-employed jewelry and accessories designer & maker, Ethnographer, Cultural Anthropologist and Fashion Studies disciple.

I work in mixed techniques and materials – mainly felt, ribbons, beads and sequins, cotton and wool yarn. Since autumn 2008 I am selling my work in two on-line shops. After establishin one-man company in February 2010 my works are also present in shops and galleries of Kraków, Warsaw (Poland), Leuven (Belgium) and in Australia. My jewelry and accessories are mostly inspired by Centro-european FOLK art, NATURE and Scandinavian design. My best-sellers are hand-cut, stitched and embroidered FELT PINS - Folk Flowers, Pansies, Primroses...

Folk Felt Earrings Peacock Feathers
by roroism
A series of super light and extra  decorative statement earrings  FELT PEACOCK EARRINGS in a  variety of colors! Made of pleasant well contrasted  combination of felt, tulle and a  machine zic­zac stitch! Earrings are coming on open hook  with a silicon plug. Length all together: 7 cm (2.8 in)


by roroism

A series of roroism necklaces  in ethno­folk style in different  color palettes.  Made   of   carefully   selected  felt,   wooden,   glass   and   clay  beads   strung   on   the   satin  ribbon.   Length   of   necklace  can   be   regulated   by   the   size  and place of a bow. 

f e l t  b r o o c h

by roroism
Felt   Pansy   Brooch   is   a  series   of   my   flower  brooches   inspired   by  nature   and   rich   variety  of   pansy   ­  viola   tricolor   blossoms. Each   brooch   is   100%  handmade   –   petals   are  cut   by   hand,   sewn   and  ebroidered   with   cotton  and nylon threads, center  is stitched with wool. Back   of   the   pin   is  decorated   with   fiber   an  dfelt   leaves   in   different  shapes and shades.

Felt Folk Flower Pins

by roroism
FFFP   is   a   series   of  felt brooches inspired  by   nature   and  folklore ­ the Central­ European   folk   art  motifs   like   cutouts,  colors and traditional  Swedish design. 

Each   brooch   is   100%  handmade   –   all  elements are cut and  trimmed   by   hand   in  brightly coloured felt,  sewn   and   ebroidered  with cotton and nylon  threads,   center   is  usually   decorated  with a sequin refering  Polish   national  costume elements.

Felt  Folk  Flower 

by roroism
A   series   of   necklaces   in  various colours   belonging  to   the  Felt   Folk   Flower   collection   ­   inspired   by  nature   and   folklore.   The  central­European   folk   art  motifs   like   cutouts   and  traditional   Swedish  design.  Each   flower   is  100%  handmade   –   all   elements  are   cut   and     trimmed   by  hand   in   brightly   coloured  felt,   sewn   and   ebroidered  with   cotton   and   nylon  threads,   center   is   usually  decorated   with   a   sequin  characteristic   for   Polish  national     costume.  Necklaces   are   wool,   linen  and   wire   wrapped,  finished   with   copper  clasps, rings and lock.

Felt Floral Folk 

by roroism
A   variation   of   popular   roro­ design ­ Felt  Folk Flower and  Pansy­   now   as   a   key­chain   /  key ring / bag adornment. Flower is attached to pale blue  floral   cotton   textile   and   big  lobster   clasp   making   possible  attaching   the   flower   to   your  bag,   keys   or   even   jeans   loop.  The   adornment   has   a   total  length of 13 cm (5.1 in) FFFP ­ Folk Felt Flower comes  also   as   a   hair  accessory   ­  Attached (glued and stitched) to black HAIR CLIP.

ROSETTE brooch
recycled textile by roroism
These decorative   corsages /  broches are made of varying  in color and texture different  kinds of fabrics (cotton, silk),  arranged   in   groups   on   felt  base and embelished with a  satin ribbon. Dimentions ca : 6 cm.

Bird on a Branch
FELT BROOCH  by roroism

Happy nature inspired round brooch – hand-cut, handsewn and embroidered little bird on a tree branch – cream colored backgound, variety of aplication colors. Dimention ca 5 cm.

Festive Ribbon & Beads earrings by roroism
Long, festive and decorative earrings  made of satin ribbons, and selection  of glass beads on professional colored  plastic   covered   wire.     Wrapping   on  the   top   gives   an   earrings   its   brush  shape. Very rich and original yet still  light.  Circa  10 cm (3.95 in)  long, on  an   open   hook   with   a   silicon   plug.  Great   for   carnival,   parties   and  occasions.


Glass Beads

by roroism
Earrings   made   in  different   techniques   with  usage   of   Czech,   Indian  and   vintage   glass   and  crystal   beads,   different  metals findings, wire and  jewelry cord.

Jewelry Sets

by roroism

Collection   of   ethnic  and   folk   art   stylized  jewelry   sets   from  glass,   clay   and  wooden   beads  combined with copper  and   brass   findings.  Necklaces   are   linen,  wool, cotton  and  wire  wrapped. Available in  different colors.

Crocheted Confetti Necklaces

by roroism

An   earthy   and   hippie  Crocheted   Confetti  Necklace   made   of  carefully   assorted  cotton   /   wool   /   linen  thread   chains   gathered  together   in     bunches  with   usage   of   stylish  copper   clasps,   rings   and  locks.   Different   color  schemes.

Earthy Geometry
wrapped necklaces 
by roroism
Necklaces from this series  are linen, wool, cotton and  wire wrapped. Available in  different warm and earthy  color schemes and tones. Necklace   is   adorned   with  carefully   composed   geo­ metrical felt elements with  sequins,   embroidery   and  tulle.   Copper   clasps   and  locks.

Felt Garden
seasonal blossom brooches
by roroism In Spring I offer felt  Primroses and  Anemones Hepatica;  also Anemones,  Dahlias, Roses and  crocheted corsages with  vintage textile flowers  and tulle...

Autumn / Winter

Amongst other roroism's  accessories and ornaments are:  autumn felt Oak Leaves, – Mexican Folk Halloween  Brooches and           Christmas Tree decorations: – Folk Gingerbread Hearts – Decorative Birds – Oriental Mandala Flowers – Button Trees –