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Quinn Walsh ENG 102-110 Larry Neuburger April 13, 2011 Propaganda Nazi Party Favors A dictator does not become a dictator out of thin air. It takes strength, discipline, and planning. Or, of course, fear. Propaganda is a form of mass manipulation. Whether it is flags, posters, cartoons, pamphlets, or books propaganda is meant to influence you or your beliefs. The Nazi¶s were propaganda professionals; the ways by which they manipulated the masses will be studied for centuries. Mein Kampf Hitler, on politics Mein Kampf is something of an autobiography. In it Hitler talks about his childhood, political philosophy, hopes for Germany¶s future, and views on religion and race. According to the original title of his book was ³Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice." However, his editor felt the title ³Mein Kampf´ or My Struggle would be received better by the general public. This was not a traditional autobiography as Hitler did not write it himself. Though it was dictated by Hitler it was written by one, Rudolph Hess. Hess was Hitler¶s number three man

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behind Göring. He is known mostly for his trip to Scotland during which he intended to negotiate peace, but instead was captured and imprisoned. Hess is also known for writing the ³Oath to Adolph Hitler.´ The Oath to Hitler Sieg Heil "I swear by almighty God this sacred oath: I will render unconditional obedience to the Fuehrer of the German Reich and people, Adolf Hitler, Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht, and, as a brave soldier, I will be ready at any time to stake my life for this oath." (

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This was the oath spoken by many S.S. Officers to pledge allegiance to their Feuhrer. Written by Rudolph Hess, this oath was part of a Nazi speech on August 2, 1934. The oath was a take off the original oath of the German army which spoke as: "I swear by almighty God this sacred oath: I will at all times loyally and honestly serve my people and country and, as a brave soldier, I will be ready at any time

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to stake my life for this oath." The oath was spoken first in a speech of memorial to those who died preparing the way for the new Reich. His speech was so strong that it became the greatest common taking of an oath in history according to Visual Propaganda See the hate The Nazis not only swayed the country into hating Jews with pretty euphemisms. The most prominent type of propaganda is visual. They manufactured posters, cartoons, movies, postcards, and even comic magazines.

Figure 2 "The Jew: The inciter of war, the prolonger of war."

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