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Ghulam Qadir Bandey

About :-
G.Q Bandey was crowned as Sher - E - Poonch for his love and attachment for his
birth place and never succumbed before any pressure and stood as a rock against
any injustice to the people.
Personal Information:-
Sher-e- Poonch Khwaja Ghulam Qadir Bandey (1910-1990) was the son of a well-know
n Kashmiri revolutionary Khwaja Habib Joo Bandey. He joined the freedom movement
at a very young age and later in 1929 became the founding father of "Poonch You
ng Muslim Federation" jailed for the first time at the tender age of 9. Fought t
he first election in 1935 and was elected the Municipal Comissioner of Poonch. K
h G Q Bandey was a celebrated statesman and a respected political figure of J&K
who remained committed to the freedom movement since 1931. He was jailed many ti
mes during Dogra rule from 1931 to 1947. He was one of the founder member of Nat
ional Conference and close associate of Sher -e- Kashmir-Sheikh Mohammad Abdulla
h. In 1933 there was a huge public rally at Mujahid Manzil(Srinagar)where the fi
rst flag of state political party had to be unfurled, Kh. Ghulam Qadir Bandey wa
s asked by all the leaders to unfurl the flag as he had come with maximum number
of delegates from Poonch to Srinagar to attend the Historical function.He was a
lso the member of the working committee of All Jammu Kashmir National Conference
from 1939-1953.
Unique political leader who remained in POK jail along with his family from Nove
mber 1947 to January 1949 for opposing the two nation theory and resisting the i
nvaders at Poonch in 1947. While in POK jail at Palandri he helped Indian inmate
s by fasting unto death for their release and made sure they were released and g
iven a safe passage to India. Amongst them were Sardar Teja Singh (Ex Addl Chief
Sec of State). Bandey Sb. was offered the life time Presidentship of POK by Pak
istani rulers while in POK jail but refused as he wanted a permanent political s
olution to Jammu and Kashmir that included unification of both Kashmirs.
Repatriated in an exchange of political detainees, he returned to India with his
family via Suchetgarh (R.S. Pura) and the late Ghulam Mustafa Masoodi, the elde
r brother of Moulana Mohammad Sayeed Masoodi, and also the then governor of Gilg
it the late Brig Gansara Singh.
He served as the Chief Administrative Officer, Poonch, in 1949-1950 and later as
the Labour commissioner of J&K till his resignation in 1962.
Served his people by touring the war ravaged border located villages during 1965
and 71 wars in Poonch and Mendhar. He saw to it that people dont get panicked a
nd were not harmed by forces. Set up rehabilitation camps at Islamia High School
Parade Poonch and other places where needy people were provided with food and c
A champion of Hindu-Muslim unity, Khwaja lived a simple life and always worked f
or the upliftment of the needy and the down-trodden people.
Popularly known as the Sher-e-Poonch for his love and deep attachment to his bir
th place and its people, he never succumbed to any pressure and stood as a rock
against any injustice to the people. He was jailed even in post independent peri
od for his bold stand against the injustice of the popular rulers.
Other than Politics Kh Ghulam Qadir Bandey had great love and affection for chil
dren and used to distribute sweets amongst them. It was his daily routine to vis
it Distt Hospital Poonch and see all indoor patients and see to it they were giv
en proper treatment and care.

1) Awarded with Tambhra Patar.(Refused pension and other benefits as he said it

was his duty to fight for his people and did not need any money/benifits for it)
2) Awarded with Dogra Ratan Award in 2006.