Fierce, Foe, Feathers

They thought they did but neither of them knew what love meant . . . .

As they puzzled at us in our cages They thought love was conditional and acted theirs out to deserted halls on empty stages Chose not to watch as they starved us of passion and love The food that we both craved as it ran in our blood They chose not to see our beautiful bright feathers fall to the floor As we grew grey and silent and sang for them no more.

They deliberately averted their eyes and distracted themselves, Threw a dusty dark cloth over us, put us out of reach on the highest shelves. So no one could touch and no one could see, hidden, forgotten, Both you and me.

But whilst they chose never to see I never stopped listening out for you You had never stopped looking for me I finally heard your magical song full of passion and fun Promises of happier times to come You finally found me and caught my last falling feather We promised each other that day we would fight to be together.

I clawed at my cage and unbolted its door And flew straight to you and together we soared. We held on to each other and reached for the sky Now finally so happy united again we fly We sing and we dance, we swirl and we laugh Eternally the Love Birds are as one at last.

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