A Section [40 marks] Answer questions.


(a) canal1l)) Semicircular Salur separa bulat Cochlea(Q ) Koklea

I{) Earossicles{ Osikeltelinga

[ 3 marks] [3 markah]
(b) A m p l i f i e ss o u n dw a v e s Menguatkan gelombang bunyi Controf the balanceof the body s Mengawal ke,se i mbangan badan Convertsoundvibrationto nerveimpulses Menukarkan getaran bunyi kepada impul.ssaraf

[2 marks] [2 markah]
(c) / Microphone/ loudhailer/ earphone stethoscope/ioudspeaker

I I mark] I rnarkah]


Lungs I mark] I I markahJ To pumpbloodto the wholebody I I mark] I markahJ I

a a a a a a a

a a a a a I

Whole body (except lungs) Seluruh badan (kecuali peparu)

[2marks] [2 markahJ


underlow and lesselasticrblood muscular valve/less P: The lumen is large/has blood pressure/deoxygenated cell muscular/one thick/bloodundervery is very small/ no valves/non Q:The lumen bloodi and little pressure/deoxygenated oxygenated I I mark] [ 1 markah] The blood carriesmore oxygen to the tissues/ To supply more oxygen [1 mark] I markah] I

X : c o n d e n s a ti o n Y : Bo i l i n g [2 marks] [2 markah] a point at00Cllhas density //boilingpoint at l000cllmelting // // i. Colourless tasteless odourless of I g/cm3ll abadlpoorconductorof heatllbad/poorconductorof electricity I mark] pmarkahJ boiling point higher(than l00oC) I mark] flmarkahJ



Z Process ProsesZ

Il marks]
f lmarkahJ


Heatis absorbed

[2 marks] [2 markah


ll i. Second 2 ( classlever)

I I mark] I markahJ I ii. The load is betweenthe fulcrum and the effortlthe load and effort act in opposite

I mark] I markahJ I I mark] p markahJ


Q needslesseffort than P to pull out the nail


30kgxX:25kgx l.2rn. 3 0X : X:lnt. 30 [2 marks] [2 markahJ


f)i:rgr-:rnr (i-J ( R:r j:rh 6-J )




l-1 * Il stomach | l

5 correct - 2m, 3 correct - l m

[2 marks] [2 markahJ I I mark] I markahJ I


and relax Q will contract

(c) : i.CarbohydratesGlucose Karbohidrat

ii. Proteins : A m i n o a c i d Protin iii.Fats : Glycerol and Fatty acid Lemak [3marks] [3 markahJ Visking tube [ 1 mark] I I markahJ bestat bodytemperature The enzyme saliva in functions I I mark] I markahJ I

i.P I I mark] I I markahJ thancanQ heatfaster ii. CanP loses [1 mark] markahJ fl [1 mark] I markahJ I
ii. Lower than 5 50Cllmore heatradiate


// i. The black surface P


[1 mark] fl markahJ heat,(so the hot drink u'ill rentainrvarm longer) The transmission radiation / of I mark] fl marknhJ
Convectionof heat/hotair in the overr ( so the cake will cook faster)

I mark] p markah] (d) Black colour radiateheat better than white / shinv colour [1 mark] [I markahJ (a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Paramecium/ Paramesium Binaryfussion : Chlamydomonas/ klamidomonas : Binaryfussion StarfishiTapak Sulaiman:Regeneration HydralHidro: Budding [ 4 marks] [4 markahJ


Paramec m. C h larnydomonas, iu H1,dra, Starfish Ameba, Lintah bulan, Hidra, Tapak Suktiman

Common characteristic Ciri Sepunya

Has flagellum/has cilium/has tentacles

Doesnot have flagellum/Doesnot havecilium/Does not havetentacles

Name of the organisms lYama organisma

Chlamydomcnas/ Paramecium/ Hydra

Hydra.starfish. Param ecium/ Chlamydomonas, Hydra, Star fi sh/Chlar,rydomonas, Paramecium. fish star

[4 marks] 14narkahJ


36 secI saat//
Time taken Masa yang riiombil






I markl I markah] I (b) (i) Manipulated variables P embolehubah d imanupula,s i Volume of the conlainer

(ii) Responding variables Pembolehubah bergerakbalas
( i i i ) F i x e dv a r i a b l e s P embo lehubah d i mal arkan

How long a candle burn.s/ time taken

Size of cctndle/ type of candle

13marksl [3 markohJ
(c) The bigger lhe container, the longer the burning time of a candle.

I mark] fl ntarkahJ (d)


40 Time taken

30 1
20 10







Volume glass of container

(e) 33 sec. As the volumeof the containerincreases, time taken-for candleto burn also the the increases

[3 marks] [3 markahj


12marksl [2 markahJ

The time takenfor the candle to burn decredses Exhaled air contains more carbon dioxide / less oxygen
[2 mark] [2 markahJ