This year nine beauties are vying for the Miss Bartica Regatta crown and all of them

believe they have what it takes to reign. The Scene caught up with the contestants during their luncheon with Tourism Minister Manniram Prashad and they each shared a little about themselves and why they were part of the pageant. This year, all of the contestants are from Bartica.

Tiffany Wong This 17-year-old aspiring accountant says she’s a loving, friendly person who likes to meet new people and interact with her peers. She entered the pageant to be a role model to the young women in Bartica, and at the same time she hopes that being a part of the pageant will help her to gain experience and enhance her public speaking skills. Tiffany draws her inspiration from her mother and plans to “put a sting back into the Miss Regatta Pageant” with her genuine sensuality, according to her profile. She has some pageant experience to go on. Tiffany has been a part of her primary school pageant and when asked if she thinks she has what it takes to win the crown, her reply was in the affirmative. Tiffany is going to address the issue of abortion by teens in her community as part of her platform.

Nickesha Frasher This 18-year-old pharmacy assistant is very confident that she has what it takes to wear the crown. With aspirations to one day be a teacher, Nickesha says she entered the pageant since she has a

love for pageantry. Living a fantasy by being part of the pageant, Nickesha also hopes that her participation will strengthen her self esteem and confidence but mostly, “I want to be a role model to my colleagues”. Nickesha says she likes to mix and mingle and enjoys the company of her siblings and her Sunday Mass as well at the Full Gospel Church in Bartica. Her platform is peer pressure.

Jessica Mc Kenzie This 18-year-old says she’s a very loving and caring person who wants to build her self-confidence hence her participation in the pageant. The jovial cosmetologist thinks that so far she has what it takes to win the pageant. When Jessica is not working, she enjoys exercising to maintain her healthy body and socialising with friends and family. The young beauty is tackling alcohol abuse by teens in her community.

Patricee Wilson A former Miss Mahdia, 18-year-old Patricee is positive she can win the Regatta Pageant since she says she has what it takes. Wilson says she cherishes her time with her family and friends and she was clear to point out “I hate liars”.

The secondary school teacher hopes to one day travel and is looking forward to being counted as one of the beauty queens of the pageant. She is also hoping that her participation will build her self-esteem. Her platform is domestic violence in her community of Bartica.

Lyzia Timmerman An aspiring nurse, Lyzia says with a confident nod of her head that she has what it takes to be the next Regatta queen. The 18-year-old is currently unemployed and says she hopes to make new friends while taking part of the competition. The family-oriented young woman has a fondness for animals but will be taking on drug abuse and addiction as her platform in the competition.

Annece Hicks Annece is no stranger to competitions or the public. Many may remember her as the little lady with the big voice in the Cellink Jingle competition that concluded last year. And in the pageant arena, she was the former Miss Amerindian Region Seven queen. The family-oriented young lady describes herself as “a really nice person” and she hopes that her public speaking skills will be sharpened, which so far has been working out perfectly. And since she loves to compete she could not resist entering the pageant. Annece’s platform is women in pageantry.

Rafena Sattaur A 17-year-old aspiring doctor, Rafena admits that she is shy at times but is very confident that she is the next Regatta Queen. She says that she entered the pageant for the experience and her performance here will determine her future in pageants. Rafena will address the unemployment issue in Bartica as her platform.

Abiola Natoya Allen The oldest in the competition, Abiola is an aspiring nurse who likes to cook travel and model. She hopes to bring a new twist to the competition by wowing them with nothing but perfection. Encouraged to join the pageant by her mother and boyfriend, Abiola plans on using the opportunity of being in the pageant as a stepping stone to highlight and most importantly inform persons of the growing issue of child abuse in Bartica.

Nicketia Henry Nicketia is an 18-year-old who gets lost in romance novels but when she comes out she enjoys sporting activities. She enjoys dancing and believes she has the necessary qualities to walk away with the crown this year. The aspiring nurse enjoys dancing. Her platform is teenage pregnancy.

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