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EP Registration ID - EP2011RA743760

Abubaker Siddiq. A
Mobile: +919980091986

• 7+ years of experience in developing stand-alone and web based applications for
Windows and Linux platforms.
• Currently working on web development projects using Perl – Mason framework.
• Strong expertise in Perl and Unix scripting.
• Hands-on experience in Python.
• Hands-on experience in Core Java and Swing.
• Hands-on experience in SVN, Rational Clearcase and CVS.
• Expertise in automation of customizing and generating configuration files for
Motorola software releases with Synergy P2K, Linux/Java and Symbian operating
• Worked in Motorola Inc., USA for three months on a short-term onsite assignment.
• Worked with a team in Motorola, Birmingham to learn about automation of software
images for Motorola phone with Symbian operating system.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with strong client interfacing skills.


Organization Designation Duration

TLI Software, Bangalore Tech Lead Jul' 2010 – Till date
Mphasis, an HP company, Bangalore Sr. Software Engineer Feb' 2009 – Jun' 2010
Integra Micro Software Services, Sr. Software Engineer Sep' 2005 – Feb' 2009
Bangalore Consultant (Feb' 2006 – Nov' 2008)
Motorola India (P) Ltd, Bangalore (on
services from Integra)
Comodo Security Solutions, Chennai Software Engineer Oct' 2004 – Sep' 2005
Lxlabs, Bangalore. Software Engineer Apr' 2004 – Sep' 2004


Operating Systems: Linux, Unix

Languages/Scripting: C, Perl, Python, PHP, Unix Shell
Technologies : Java, Swing, JSP, Rich Client Platform, SWT, AWT, JDBC,
HTML,XML JavaScript, CSS, GNOME/GTK+, Snack
IDEs: Eclipse, Glade
Databases: Mysql, Postgresql
Version Control: Rational Clearcase, CVS, SVN

EP Registration ID - EP2011RA743760

Technology domain Tools Automation, Web development

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering, University of Madras. 2002

[1] Project Title Patchcord MT Direct

Organization: TLI Software Pvt Ltd
Technologies: Linux, Perl, Mason Framework, Javascript, Mysql, SVN
Duration : August 2010 to till-date
Team Size: 3

Patchcord MT Direct is framework developed in Perl and Mason framework which maintains the
logistics for Manitoulin transport. It provides customers of Manitoulin transport with features like
reporting and auditing their data.
My Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Involved in maintaining the Patchcord framework and adding enhancements to the
existing framework.
2. Developed a Pushreport feature which will schedule and dispatch the reports as
pdf/excel/html taking input from the customers.
3. Involved in developing Multi-pick list feature to select multiple records at once and
perform a batch process.
4. Working as a Tech lead and directly interacting with the client to get the requirements
and guiding the team to deliver the project.
5. Handled the SVN repository individually with all the branching and merging operations
for the Patchcord project.

[2] Project Title Bar/Column charts for Imager-Graph Perl Module

Organization: TLI Software Pvt Ltd
Technologies: Linux, Perl
Duration : July 2010 to August 2010
Team Size: 1

Adding Bar/Column chart features to the existing open source Imager-Graph perl module.
My Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Developed Bar and Column charts for the existing open source Imager Graph module.
2. Added a shadow feature to the bar/column charts.
3. Created a document with all the new features to submit it to the open source community.

[3] Project Title ABN AMRO – Compliance Support

Organization: Mphasis, An EDS company
Technologies: Unix, Perl, Oracle

EP Registration ID - EP2011RA743760

Development Tools: Autosys

Duration : May 2009 to till-date
Team Size: 26

ABN AMRO Compliance Support delivers production support to the anti-money laundering
application Mantas for ABN AMRO (now RBS) bank across different countries. Mantas
application takes input from various source system files and runs a sequence of jobs scheduled by
Control-M and Autosys schedulers and processes the files based on different scenarios for a
particular jurisdiction of the customer. If the scenario matches with the input files and the
transaction exceeds the threshold value, then the Mantas application generates an alert.
Threads application, a part of Compliance support receives files from Mantas applications and
checks for changes in scenarios and threshold values from the received files. The changes in
scenario or threshold, if any will be stored in a database.
My Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Involved in supporting the Mantas application for APAC region.
2. Involved in managing the Mantas batches for APAC region in Control-M scheduler.
3. Involved in monitoring Threads application for Mantas and sending the daily report to the
4. Worked on Autosys scheduler to monitor the status of batches.

[4] Project Title 3G Flex

Organization: Motorola India (P) Ltd
Technologies: Perl, JSP, Core Java, Swing, Mysql
Development Tools: Unix, Rational Clearcase, Netbeans 6.1,SQLyog
Duration : Feb 2006 to Nov 2008
Team Size: 7

3G Flex is a process to modify the flex file and generate a hex string(hs) file. Flex file is a
configuration file on the mobile software that provides the customization of the user interface
content. This process includes generating Flex Description File (FDF) and generating its
corresponding hex string (hs) file. FDF is generated as per the customer/regional requirements.
The .hs file is the one which we can flex on to the phone using flex supportive tools. The final .hs
file is a combination of several individual .hs files such as websessions, MMS, Quicknotes etc.
These individual .hs files are generated using various tools based on customer requirements.
3G Flex Framework is a collection of all the tools necessary to generate the various 3G Flex
Settings (SEEM and File System) and perform 3G Flex Releases. Flex framework is a stand-
alone application developed to replace the legacy Perl scripts. 3G flex requests are the changes
requested by a customer. This framework serves as one common tool to modify the feature ids as
well as generate file system files such as Quick notes, Media files, Skin etc.
My Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Involved in the enhancement of Perl scripts to automate the generation of fdf and hs files.
2. Involved in the enhancement of 3G Flex internal portal. The 3G Flex portal manages the
flex requests (like a bug tracking system) from the customers. It also manages the
previously generated flex files and various tools used to generate the flex files.

EP Registration ID - EP2011RA743760

3. Involved in the implementation of flex requests and performing flex releases based on
customer requests using Perl scripts as well as 3G Flex Framework.
4. Involved in the development of generating and importing the file system files for 3G Flex
5. Involved in the integration of invoking Perl scripts with 3G Flex Framework at the time
of release phase and also to update the Clearcase and database.
6. Interacted with various customers and other feature teams regarding the flex requests.
7. Handled daily status calls with on-site managers and customers on the status updates of
the flex requests.
8. Worked with Customer Release Managers and Technical Account Managers for
Motorola from various countries.
9. Worked in Motorola Inc., USA for three months to support the 3G flex process and also
to study about the flex process in Linux Java phones.

[5] Project Title Image Generator(IG) development for Symbian phones

Organization: Motorola India (P) Ltd
Technologies: Core Java
Development Tools: Eclipse IDE, Rational Clearcase client for Windows
Duration : Jul 2008 to Nov 2008
Team Size: 5

IG represents a software suite that creates a fully customized ROM image from customer settings
and a core build. IG system comprises of IGWeb, IGML wizard and a translator framework.
IGWeb is a web based tool which enables to capture the customer requirements directly from the
customer and create the software builds directly. IGML wizard is a stand-alone application to
create .igml files which will have the details of features and its target files. The translator
framework takes care of translating the target files for each feature with the new customized
values from the IGWeb.
My Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Developed a renderer(an applet program) in IGWeb, which enables the customer to select
the order of commands to be displayed at the time of call from the list of default
2. Developed a generic XML translator to translate any XML file in the translator server
framework. Developed a panel in IGML Wizard to collect the tag values. The translator
will parse the XML file with the given tag values and modify the file with the customized

[6] Project Title Eclipse-FLXWrench Tool for LJ Mobile Phones

Organization: Motorola India (P) Ltd
Technologies: Core Java, Rich Client Platform, SWT
Development Tools: Eclipse IDE 3.3
Duration : Apr 2008 to Jun 2008
Team Size: 4

EP Registration ID - EP2011RA743760

FlxWrench is a plugin based stand-alone application for Motorola phones in Linux Java platform.
This application customizes a flex model based on the customer requirements and creates a new
flex model. Flex model is nothing but a configuration file which contains information about the
features enabled/disabled for a customer/region. This application supports multiple plug-ins
which are used to manage the LJ mobile phone settings through the flex file. The customization
will be perfomed with the help of various plug-ins like Prompt Editor, Quick Text Editor etc.

My Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Developed a Quick Text editor plugin which reads the existing quick notes (SMS
templates) from a given model and provides the user to modify and save it to the model

[7] Project Title Advanced Flex Tool

Organization: Motorola India (P) Ltd
Technologies: VC++
Development Tools: Windows,Visual Studio
Duration : Apr 2007 to Jun 2007
Team Size: 3

Advanced Flex Tool is a stand-alone application which acts as an interface to read the
configuration settings from a phone. It also compares the differences between a given file and a
phone. This tool is used to generate over-the-air flexes where a patch will be generated with these
differences to update a phone which has already shipped to the customers.
My Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Involved in the development of CRC check between the file system files of a given file
and the phone.

[8] Project Title Viper – An Installer for Trustix Linux (v3.0)

Organization: Comodo Security Solutions ,Chennai.
Technologies: Python, Snack, GTK+
Development Tools: Linux, Glade
Duration : Oct 2004 to Jul 2005
Team Size: 10

Viper, an installer for Trustix Linux (v3.0) installs the operating system with very less user
interaction. It takes just five steps for setting up a minimal installation. It also provides a facility
to customize each and every step in the installation.

My Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Involved in design and implementation of the bootloader configuration module. The
bootloader configuration module helps in creating the configuration files and installing
the bootloader in the device specified by the user and creates the necessary files in the
2. Involved in design and implementation of the network configuration module. The
network configuration module configures the network interface card with dhcp or static
configuration. It creates the network configuration scripts in /etc/.

EP Registration ID - EP2011RA743760

[9] Project Title LxAdmin – Advanced Web Hosting Control Panel

Organization: Lxlabs,Bangalore.
Technologies: C, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Mysql.
Development Tools: Linux
Duration : Apr 2004 to Sep 2004
Team Size: 4

LxAdmin is the most advanced hosting platform that delivers a powerful user-friendly control
panel interface allowing even a complete non-expert to effortlessly manage entire hosting.

My Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Involved in design and implementation of the domain configuration, templates for
domains and clients. Implementation of domain configuration includes managing DNS,
web server and sub-domains. A template of domain or a client helps the user to create
multiple domains and clients with ease.
2. Involved in designing and implementing the database for LxAdmin.
3. Involved in remote administration of hosting servers.

Date of Birth: 14.03.1981
Passport No: B5872395 (With US B1 Visa valid till Nov' 2017)