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Human Resource Management System


HRMS is comprehensive HR & Payroll Management System. This software has been especially designed
for Indian Industry to manage his human resources and improve his Employee’s Skills and Performances.
It is a product that has been designed after a long & extensive research of various types of industries.
Optimized for speed and accuracy, it has been fully tested by running successfully in renowned companies

 Vishal Mega Mart (a well known retail chain of supermarkets in India, having around 25,000
employees over 230 locations

 Omaxe Ltd. (a well known real estate and construction company, having around 2,500 employees
over 100 locations

 Precision Pipes and Profiles Co. Ltd. (company manufacturing genuine spare parts directly for
companies like Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Toyota and General Motors, having around 2000 employees
over 4 locations)…

Platform used by HRMS

 ASP.Net, C#.Net, Java Script & Ajax and VFP 9.0 used as Front-End
 SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition used as Back-End

Every application’s performance is based upon its database performance. So, we have used MS SQL Server
for HRMS. Microsoft SQL Server is comprehensive, integrated data management and analysis software that
enables organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s
increasingly complex business applications. Microsoft SQL Server is fast, reliable and can handle large
volume of data efficiently.

Minimum System Requirements

 Pentium IV, 1 GB RAM for Server Machine with Windows Server 2003/XP Professional/Vista
 Pentium IV, 512 MB RAM for Client Machines with XP Professional/Vista/98

Developed by:
Human Resource Management System

HRMS Modules

The HRMS covers almost all the aspects of HR department of an organization.

 Employee Master
 Training and Evaluation
 Online Leave Requisition and Approval (Optional Module)
 Online Attendance Management (Optional Module)
 Payroll Processing
 P.F/ E.S.I.C Statutory Reports
 Income Tax Calculation Processing
 Full & Final Settlement
 Annual Benefits Processing
 Letters Generation & MIS Reports
 Online Bio-Data Submission (Optional Module)
 Online Income Tax Declaration (Optional Module)
 Employee’s Performance Appraisal (Optional Module)

Detailed Description of Modules


 Vacancy: Departments will generate vacancies by mentioning the number of requirements with
reason. After approval from management, HR Department will generate vacancy code and start the
recruitment procedure.
 Job Applications: The system will allow you to enter details of job applicants upon receipt of a bio-
data. Here you will enter his name, personal details, educational qualifications,
technical/professional qualifications, work experiences etc. By doing this, you will be able to create a
data bank. You can use this data bank in future also.
 Interviews: After the Job Application entered into the system, system will be able to generate the
interview call letters for applicants. Interview schedule will be forwarded to Interviewers by E-
 Job Offer Letter: After selection of applicants, system will be able to generate and print offer letters
as per the Company formats. You will be able to specify separate formats for different periods.
 Appointment Letter: After offer accepted, system can generate appointment letter. Here you will be
able to specify separate formats for different periods. You may choose to store the copy of generated
appointment letters for future references in the system itself.
 Report Generation: You will be able to generate reports related to recruitment process, such as:

 How many interviews conducted by HR Department in a period

 How many vacancies lying for a post
 List of persons interviewed, selected & rejected
Human Resource Management System
Employee Master

 Employee’s Details: The system will allow you to store the details of the employees, i.e. Name,
Father's/Husband's Name, Designation, Company ,Branch, Department, Location, Date of Joining,
Due Date of Increment, Salary Structure, Annual Benefits, Leave Structure, Photograph of
Employee, Educational Qualification, Technical/Professional Qualification, Previous Work
Experiences, Details of Family Members, Present & Permanent Addresses, Phone Nos., Blood
Group & PAN No. etc.

Training and Evaluation

 Training Schedule: System will be able to set the Training Schedule, Topics, Types, Venue Address
& Phone No., Faculty’s & Attendee’s Details.
 Auto Mail: Auto mail generated to Employees for giving the information regarding the training.

Online Leave Requisition and Approval (Optional Module)

 Online Leave Requisition: Employees can generate online request for a leave and send the mail to
his H.O.D / Senior regarding this leave requisition.
 Online Approval: Senior / H.O.D. will online approve or reject the leave requests, which are
submitted by the Employees.

Online Attendance Management (Optional Module)

 Online Attendance: The Location Head will enter the attendance of his location employees by login
his account. He will enter the monthly attendance i.e. total no. of days present, absent, holidays,
weekly off, leaves taken etc and also adjust EL / CL / SL / SPL according to his balances.

Payroll Processing

 Salary Record Generation: The system will be able to generate salary records for all working
employees in one go. These records can be later edited and deleted. Actual payable days can be
entered manually or can be imported from Excel.
 Monthly Advances & Installments: Processing of monthly advances, loan installments & arrears is
fully taken care.
 Pay Slips and Pay Registers: The system will generate pay slips for employees with option of auto
emailing to employees having email ids. Similarly pay registers can be generated and mailed to
their respective Head of Department in PDF format.

P.F. / E.S.I.C Statutory Reports

 Generate Statutory Reports: The System will generate all necessary statutory reports required by
the PF & ESI departments.
Human Resource Management System

 Generated PF Reports: Employee-wise statement, Form 5, Form 10, Challan, Form 12 A, Monthly
Summary, Location-wise PF in Excel.
 Generated ESIC Reports: Employee-wise statement, Monthly Challan, Form 5-Half yearly Register,
Monthly Summary, Form 7-Register of Employees.

Income Tax Calculation Processing

 Projected Monthly Tax Calculation: The system will calculated projected monthly tax for
employees and store the figure in master records. On Salary Calculation, this amount will be
automatically deducted in employee’s monthly salary record.
 House Rent Allowance: The system will accept HRA Receipts for the employees for calculation of
HRA rebate at the end of the financial year.
 Bonus: The system will accept bonus details for the employees
 Form 12BA: The system will accept details of perquisites paid to employees
 TDS Deposited Details: The system will accept details of tax deposited employee wise, month
 Form 16A Entry: The system will accept details of Form 16A and do necessary tax calculations. We
will provide yearly support for changes in tax structure.
 Report Generation: You will be able to generate reports related to Income Tax processing, such as:

 TDS Details in Excel

 Income Tax Declaration Form
 E Return in Excel
 Form 12BA
 Form 16A
 Employees left in a period

Full & Final Settlement

 Generate Outstanding: The system will generate outstanding for a left employee. The system will
calculate Gratuity, Bonus, Ex-Gratia, Loan Balance etc.
 User Defined: The user can also enter other additions and deductions.

Annual Benefits Processing

 Deposits: Figures for the annual benefits payable to employees will be stored in the employee’s
master record. On salary calculation, this amount will be automatically deposited in employee’s
monthly salary record.
 Billed: Employees will submit bills for the different expenditure heads of annual benefits. The
system will store these figures as amount billed in a month.
 Withdrawal: Employees can withdraw amount from their accumulated annual benefits.
Human Resource Management System

 Report Generation: System will be able to generate reports related to Annual Benefits process, such

 Employee wise Summary of Deposits, Billed, Withdrawal and Balance

 Employee wise Detailed Report
 Amount Payable Report
 Payment Advice Report for Accounts Department
 Annual Benefits Detail in Excel Sheet

Letters Generation & MIS Reports

 Letters Generation: The system can generate different kinds of letters, some of which are
mentioned below:

 Confirmation Letter
 Appointment Letter
 Deputation Letter
 Transfer Letter
 Increment Letter
 Relieving Letter
 Warning Letter
 Re-Designation Letter
 Suspension Letter
 And Others

 MIS Reports: The system can generate different kinds of MIS Reports, some of which are
mentioned below:

 Location-wise Summary
 Employee Contact Details
 Department-wise Employees
 Department-wise Salary for a period
 Items issued to Employees
 Salary Component for a period

Online Bio-Data Submission (Optional Module)

 Online Bio Data Submission: The system will generate web pages for the vacancy code, which can
be uploaded to your site. Visitors of the site will be able to apply online and upload their resumes.
Human Resource Management System

Online Income Tax Declaration (Optional Module)

 Online Filling Income Tax Deduction: System will provide the facility to user for filling Income
Tax deductions online.

Online Performance Management System (Optional Module)

 Employee’s Appraisal: This system will allow the user to enter his details such Discussion Points,
My Responsibility and Actual KRA. Any Employee’s Appraisal will be based on the rating which is
given by his four sub-ordinates, i.e. his immediate senior, immediate junior, internal customer (i.e.
any employee to whom he deals from other departments) and HOD. The appraisal will be entered
as ratings, from 0 to 5, 0 means no rating, 1 for Bad, 2 for Fair, 3 for Good, 4 for Better, 5 for Best and
Excellent. The ratings will be given monthly.
 KRA Sheet: Every Employee in an organization is having some job responsibilities. KRA sheet (Key
Results Area) is a fact sheet which is filled by the employee itself. Employee defines his/her
responsibilities and the targets set by the Senior / HOD. Targets can be in form of anything –
Yes/No, True/False, Figures etc. In the end of the month, Employee fills the KRA sheet according to
his actual performance.
 Report Generation: System will be able to generate reports related to Performance Appraisal
processing, such as:

 Printing of Appraisal Sheet

 Printing of KRA Sheet
 List of Employees for those, Appraisal is Pending/Completed in a month
 List of Employees for those, KRA is Pending/Completed in a month
 List of Performance Ratings.

HRMS Features

 Designed with Structure: Group Company, having multiple companies, branches, departments &
 Multi User Environment: Multi user and can have multiple instances running at the same time on a
 Control over User’s Right: Control over user’s rights to access various menu options and Add/
Modify /Delete/View options. Super user can restrict the user to access the particular company,
branch, department or location.
 Create Multiple Companies: N numbers of companies can be created.
 Create Multiple Departments & Location: N numbers of departments and locations can be created.
 Create Multiple PF & ESI Codes: N numbers of PF & ESI location-wise codes can be generated
 Capable to Handle Huge Database: Sufficient to handle upto 1,00,000 Employee’s data
 Control Setup Capabilities: User can define the setup for Salary, PF, ESI, Bonus, Leave and
Professional Tax Structure.
Human Resource Management System

 Simplified Entry Screen: System will provide the simplified entry screen to users for entering the
multiple data. Full Detail of Employees stored in Database through this Simplified Entry Screen.
Employee’s Details i.e. Emp. Code, Name, Sex, D.O.B., Sex, Father’s Name, Husband’s Name (for
married woman), Designation, Reporting to, Date of Appointment, Date of Confirmation, Date of
Leaving, Date of Increment, Date of Promotion due, PF Applicable?, ESI Applicable?, PF No., ESI
No., Dispensary, Salary Structure, Reimbursement Structure, Job Profile, Photograph, Present and
Permanent Addresses, Religion, References, Qualifications – Educational, Professional, Technical,
Relation and date of birth, Blood Group, Height, Weight, Passport No., Items issued to employees
Other Certificate courses, PAN No., Bank Name and Account No., Id Card No., Mobile No.,
Landline Nos., Work Experience, Marital Status, Date of Anniversary, Family Member’s details with
like company’s car or other conveyance, mobile, laptop etc., Emergency Contact Nos., Weekly Off
and Opening Balances of EL,CL,SL for the current year.
 Multiple Options of Attendance: Multiple options to enter monthly attendance of employees
including online entry, excel import and daily attendance entry
 Single Short Salary Generation Process: Single shot generation and calculation of employees salary
for a month
 Salary Record Edit & Locked Facility: After generation of salary, salary record can be edited and
 Automatic EL, CL, SL Calculations: Two different modes available for calculations, which are
mentioned below:

 Assign Opening Balance in January and deducts leaves taken every month
 Assign Nil Opening Balance, and add eligible leaves and deduct leaves taken every month

 Disbursement of Loans/Advances: Disbursement of Loans/Advances and automatic deduction

facility from the monthly salary
 Automatic Calculations of Arrears: Automatic arrears calculation facility against paid salary and
unpaid salary
 Monthly Reimbursement Facility: Bills received, amount accumulated & withdraw
 Recovery Heads: Miscellaneous recoveries heads available
 Full Fledge Income Tax Calculation: Projected Tax for every month, entry of rent receipts,
investments for tax benefits under different sections, generation of Form 16, E Return in Excel
 Full & Final Settlement: Full & Final settlement with bonus, ex-gratia & gratuity calculation
 Employees Transfer Facility: Employees can be easily transferred from one
company/location/branch / department to another company/location/branch/department
 Powerful Search Facility: User can search the employee by entering the employee code, name,
department, location, & company name.
 Automatic Generate Employee Code: Automatic generate as well as manually editable employee
code facility.
 Power Full Reporting Capabilities – System will provide the power full reporting facility to users
for preview, print, generate PDF & Excel Format of reports
 Mailing Facilities: System will provide the mailing facilities of reports to Senior
Employee/Departments Heads
 SQL Query Analyzer Facilities: System will provide the SQL Query Analyzer Facilities for instant
user defined reporting
Human Resource Management System

 Define Designation with Level: System will provide the facility to define designations with
mentioning the level and also provide the level-wise reporting
 Import Facility from Excel: System will provide the facility to import data from Excel and also
provide the facility to import Employee Master from the SAP generated Excel format
 Various Pre-defined Templates of Letters – System will provide the various pre-defined templates
of letter i.e. Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Confirmation Letter, Extension of Probation,
Deputation, Promotion Letter, Experience Letter, Increment Letter, Suspension Letter, Warning
Letter, Transfer Letter, Re-designation, Relieving Letter and so on.
 Training of Employees – Training Need Identification for Employees, set the training schedule,
venue, faculty detail and so on.
 Appraisal Sheet: System will provide the Employee’s appraisal sheet
 Salary Related Reports: Pay register, pay slips, emailing of pay slips, bank report, location wise
salary summary, company-wise salary summary, advance deducted, salary not generated for
 PF Reports: Employee wise statement, form 5, form 10, Challan, form 12 A, monthly summary,
location- wise PF in Excel
 ESIC Reports: Employee wise statement, monthly Challan, form 5 - half yearly register, monthly
summary, form 7 - register of Employees
 Other Reports: Bonus register, earned leave register
 Reimbursement Reports: Employee reimbursement details, employee reimbursement summary,
amount payable on a date, payment advice to accounts department, emailing of employee
reimbursement summary
 Miscellaneous Reports: Employee master details in excel, salary record details in excel, pay details
of an Employee, leave summary report, employee-wise month-wise leave report, loan report,
monthly advance report, increment report, salary certificate, arrears due/paid report, arrears
outstanding report, leave eligibility report, EL provision, Bonus provision, employee joined and left
in a month summary, full & final done/pending of left employees, employees left in a period
 State-wise Tax Handling Facilities: Professional & Annual Tax handling facilities state-wise
 User Definable Facilities: User definable Allowances, Deductions and Reimbursement facilities
 Transfer Tracker Facilities: Transfer/Promotion tracker
 Miscellaneous Recoveries Head Facilities: System will allow to the user to create different recovery

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