Single Phase Multifunction Electricity Meter

Multi-Energy,MDI, Multi-Rate Tariff

EM1 Electricity meter is a high quality, high reliability, low cost Solid State kWh meter platform that is easily adaptable to various Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technologies. The state of art engineering design made it possible to have a variety of features & functionalities all on a singe board. The heart of meter is a high speed, high resolution Digital Signal Processing engine integrated with a micro-controller core and RTC to cover all metering requirements in compact space with high degree of accuracy & reliability.

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IEC 62052-11 IEC 62053-21 IEC 62053-23 IEC 62053-22 IEC 62053-61

Accuracy Class 1.0 & 0.5 (Optional) Metering on Phase wire Optional simultaneous metering on both Phase & Neutral wires with automatic selection of higher value for registration. Reactive Energy Measurement (kVArh) Apparent Energy Measurement (kVAh) Optional Single Wire Metering (also called Missing Neutral Billing) with no voltage applied to meter terminals & anyone of phase or Neutral current passing through meter (Current > 1A) MULTIFUNCTION CAPABILITIES


Selectable among Block or Rolling demand measurement methods • Programmable demand interval PROGRAMMABLE TOU MEASUREMENTS

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Demand Metering Time of use (TOU) Metering Event Log Optical Communication for Reading/ Programming Meter Errors, Cautions & Diagnostics display. IEC 62056-21 compliant optical communication Windows GUI based software for downloading/ uploading Reading & Programming information.

Upto 4 programmable seasons • Upto 4 programmable Dates Types • Upto 4 programmable Rates • Upto 100 programmable dates for specific rate schedule

The Infinity Bandwidth Company

PAKISTAN PHONES: (+92-42) 111-758-758. V. P. kVArh.com info@syedbhais.BOX 483 LAHORE-54600.d icrt i o n a l M e t e r i n g e A n e g a t i v e f l o w y fw e n le r l s o r e s u l t i n p o s i t i v e a c c u m u l a t i o n g o il a Phase reversal is detected and Logged as event S i n g W i re M e t e r i n g le I f o n l y h a s o r N e u t r a l r r e n s f l o w i n g r o u g he t e w i t h t h e w i r e P e cu it th m r o r d i s c o n n e c r o dm a i nas s w e l a s l o a d i d em e t ecr a ns t i lpl e r f o rm e t e r i n g f tem l s . s is on EVENT LOGS FOR POSSIBLE TEMPER CONDITIONS • • • • • • • Phase Reversal/Negative energy flow Demand Reset Test mode activation Programming mode activation Single wire metering start & finish. Disk Analog & Quadrant Indicators SECURITY FEATURES • • • Sealable Front Cover to block unauthorized access to meter pa Sealableminal Block Cover er T R a i n p r o o f b u t t e snt s m o r eT a n d D i s p l a y s w i t c h o f d SECURITY FEATURES OF SOFTWARE Three Levels of Security • • • Administrator Writer Reader ANTI-TEMPER FEATURES • Simultaneous Meter ing on both Phase & Neutr al a M e t erre c o r d n egri e s u et o c u r r e f lto w i n n e a c h f P h a s & N e u t r w li r e s es d n ig o e a n d s t o r etsh e ms e p a r a t e o y a c i l i t u t e l i tsy af f t o i n v e s t i gtaetm p e r i n g tl f a i t e activities To t aA c t i v en egrya c c u m u l a t ipoenr fio r m e d nh i g h e r t w o n egri e b a s e d l E s usi g of e s u p o a p r o g r a m m d ibfl e e n tcher e s h o l d n a fer U n i . wi h < a c c u r a A y e v e ni ts a l s o o g g eodn S i n g l ei r eM e t e r i n ge.com . m b a s e u p o n o m i n Vo l t a gaen du n i t p o w efra c t. g Wi r e e t e r i R a n g e : 0 A m p s ~ 6 0 A mt p s0 .STANDARDS COMPLIANCE • IP54 compliant meter enclosure • Protective class II insulation • Compliant to IEC standards of Electro-magnetic compatibility including • IEC 61000-4-2 • IEC 61000-4-3 • IEC 61000-4-4 • IEC 61000-4-5 • IEC 61000-4-6 • CISPR 22 CONFIGURABLE DISPLAY OPTIONS Three Modes of Display 1) Normal Mode 2) Alternate Mode 3) Test Mode • • • Programmable Test mode interval Programmable display scroll sequence Programmable display item time (3 to 10 seconds) ·RANGE OF OPERATION Cur rent r ange: Voltage r ange: Temper ature Range: : Humidity : UV exposure: : 10A basic to 60 Amps Maximum 130V to 456V AC -40°C to +85°C 0 to 90% relative humidity non-condensing Casing and LCD designed for outdoor installation even in direct sunlight REAL TIME MEASUREMENTS • • • • Instantaneous Power (P) Instantaneous Current (I) Instantaneous Phase Angle (Φ) Instantaneous Temperature • • • Instantaneous Voltage (V) Instantaneous Power Factor (pf) Instantaneous Frequency DISPLAY • • • • • • • • • Large six digits for displaying quantities (kWh.oT h i s e g i s t r a c iaonn e d N al y r r t b s t o r e s e p a r a t e lr y t c a n b e a d d e d o To t a lE n egry R e g i s t b a s e d p o n d o i t er u c u s t o ms e rl e c t i S inn. t earl s o i s p l a y s .c n l W M D t h i c o n d i t a ocna u t i o nL C D . 5 % e o le M ng 1.syedbhais.O. I etc) Two small digits for Display Sequence number Voltage indicator TOU Battery indicator (Blinking while LOW & ON when OFF) Alternate (ALT) and Test (TEST) mode indicators TOU rate indicators UV protected LCD design for longer life and reliability in outdoor meter installation Display operation on Battery to facilitate reading during Power Outages. 7577901 & 7560198 Fax: (+92-42) 7588199 & 7596203 website: www. For more details please contact SYED BHAIS (PVT) LIMITED 200-FEROZEPUR ROAD. Power Down/up • • PROGRAMMABLE THRESHOLDS FOR EVENTS • • • • Under voltage/overvoltage Over Current Demand overflow Over temperature SYED BHAIS (PVT) LTD. Meter Reading/Programming activation.

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