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25th December, The actual Date of Birth

of Hazrat Easa (A.S)?

Background: Jews of Jerusalem were awaiting a Messiah who would end their
slavery against the Romans, who were governing the Jerusalem (the holy city to
Jews at that time and later to Muslims and Christians). But instead of a boy, a girl
was born on the night when Messiah was predicted to be born. She was named
Maryam (A.S). Jews were disappointed and they never really accepted her although
she turned out to be a pious lady. When she gave birth to Hazrat Eesa (A.S)
miraculously, they alleged her of bad character (nauzzubillah). Hazrat Eesa was
never regarded a prophet by his own people because they were told in their holy
books that the Messiah would be from the lineage of Hazrat Daud (A.S) and since
Hazrat Eesa was born without a biological father, his lineage was from his maternal
grandfather (and he was not from Daud's descendents). So they never really
accepted Eesa as their savior. One important clarification which most of the Muslims
today are unaware of is that HAZRAT EASA WAS SENT TO BANI ISRAEL, JEWS, as a
never existed at his time or before. So he was just another of thousands of prophets
sent to the people of Israel as Muslims.

Anyhow not many were inclined towards the truth conveyed by Easa to those who
had forgotten their true religion. Eesa got a revelation, Injeel (not the current bible)
which was revealed to restore the true message of Toraat (Torah) which had been
distorted. Some powerful but corrupt Jewish Rabbi's (just like Islamic Maulana's) saw
this as a threat fearing that Eesa might have come with a new religion and would
get their power. They told Roman authorities that Eesa is trying to brainwash the
local masses against their own religion as well as against the pagan Roman religion.
The authorities ordered to crucify Eesa however according to our belief they
couldn’t do so and Eesa was lifted to the heavens alive.
The Question is how did the Christianity came into being? Hardly 12 people
embraced Eesa's message and those 12 apostles after the alleged crucification
went to different areas to preach Eesa's message. The prominent ones were Mark,
Luke, Thomas, Matthews, John, Barrabas, Peter and Paul. Out of these, only
Barrabas was mighty close to Jesus and had the original Injeel and his own
authentic compilation of life of Eesa but due to the propaganda several types which
is a separate debate, he's never considered a prominent apostle by the Christians
today. The original injeel was taken from him and was kept hidden. He is portrayed
as a thief in the modern Gospels and in the Jesus related movies of Hollywood which
gives rise to the suspicion overlying the Christian faith.

Gospels were written by Luke, Mark, Matthews and John. All of them claimed that
their Gospels were word of God sent directly to Eesa. Amazingly, all four Gospels
are different from each other. Paul and Peter went to Rome and made huge number
of people to convert and establish a new religion which we know as Christianity
today. Hence, Paul is the founder of Christianity.

The Roman emperor, Constantine, was converted to Christianity and called a

meeting of all different sects of Christianity after 325 years of when Eesa lived. The
sect which truly believed on Eesa as a prophet still existed at that time but their
numbers were not huge. There were so many gospels written by hundred's of
people. Constantine burned them all except for the above mentioned four but even
further changes were made in those gospels. Real Injeel was again kept hidden and
was sent to Vatican. He made the churches to agree that Eesa was 'Son of God'.

Constantine was of Pagan origin (worshiping different gods). He never became

Christian from heart. He used to worship 'The Sun God' who lived in 3000 B.C and
was worshiped by Egyptian and Roman Pagans. His birthday according to Roman
calendar was 25th December. So he played the double game. For his Christian
fellows, he associated this day of 'Sun God' as the day of 'Son of God (Jesus)'. Note
the similarities between ‘sun’ and ‘son’ when you pronounce it. So basically he
made half of the world to worship and remember his Pagan God instead of what
people thought.

Have you ever thought about Christianity’s Cross sign? Why would be something
associated with the death of a Prophet be holy to the followers of a particular
religion? Jesus was Crucified according to the Christians on a cross so why is it Holy
for them? The answer is simple. Cross was a distinctive method of giving deaths to
people by the Romans, and Constantine was a Roman.

It is evident that Easa (A.S) was not born on 25th December. Because the
forefathers (Jews) of people claiming this today (Christians) had rejected Eesa's
message, doubted on his mother's character and helped the Roman pagans to
crucify him. How could they note down the date when he was born? They didn’t
even know if he was a prophet. They never considered him a high ranked prophet.
His apostles were not even there at the time of his birth. So who could have given
an exact birthday of Eesa when he was even rejected by his own people? Think
about it. Do not worship an ancient Pagan’s Sun God due to a false believe.

More to follow soon on similar issues InshaAllah.

Written by: Kamran Mehmood