Part one: The Deep Blue
Holes in the floor
Puddles of mercury
With shafts of light
Floating upward
Filling the soul
Those empty holes
Once stuffed with self - deceit
Made born again from such little faith
Grown from providence
Once slept in the night as do others
Now it is known
Sober and Serious
Child of light
The thief on the cross
In expectation of understanding
To be blessed
The brethren hand in hand
Carrying the armor of God
Into a battle of spirits
Breaking the deceit
To meet at the edge of fate

Becoming a part of you
Through love and faith prevail
Pulled this design
Into the deep blue
There he was, walking through a party in his own home, full of people he did not
know. Or at least did not recognize in all the detachment of night. Holes in the floor,
shafts of blue light shooting upward. He watched with sullen eyes as the music faded and
stumbling drunk girls all the meager and last lingering fallen of a dying party. He walked
through the set of strangers out the back door.
The sun was on the rise over the autumn wood. A bird fountain stood dry with a
gray statued cherub in fleeting stone hope. He walked off the property further into the
fallen leaves and dry dirt. He looked down and saw his body lying dead under some
leaves. A dead tree rest over a creek leading him back to the house.
Everyone is gone now.
He walked toward the room and its dark with some light coming from under the
He opened it and shafts of light open up from the floor like mercury to close and
reopen again. The body is passed out on the bed and he’s wide eyed in the doorway. The
body dreaming of an army of red armored horses flying through the sky and being left on
earth with walls crumbling upward in magma scorching grounds where we left the heart
in the night.
All from the lived so long ago and now that’s gone. Reality stays true. “I am my
art” he says “and what we are creating is me, watch as the muse pulls me through.” A

dead body.
They marched down the path toward the shore. One could hear the oceans roar
and the night sky was clear and the stars and moon lay gently scattered in an indigo back
Xy and Gen came out on a whim, they had their back packs and a duffle bag with
wood and some newspapers for a fire. They stood at the cliff side before walking down
the wooden steps. Gen looked at him and lifted his eyes and Xy smiled back at her.
The ocean waves flowing with all their glory. They stared at the scene as they
walked down conversing how happy they were to decide to come out to the coast. They
got to the shore and put their things by a log facing the waters.
They each lit a cigarette and started to build the fire. The wood came from a pile
in the back yard and they placed a few small twigs with the newspaper to start in the
shape of a pyramid, Gen lit it with her lighter.
They held their hands together and blew on it, rearranging the little sticks to get it
started. The yellow flame started up and the kindling was lit. It cracked and popped as it
became fully enflamed. They added a few larger logs and set it up to burn.
Xy lay down face first in the sand and Gen did the same. The fire felt warm
against the cold ocean air. The sand flowed through their fingers as they dug their hands
into it and watched the fire heat up. The flames went from yellow to orange then red.
He sat up on the log facing the shore and watched the fire burn. Smoke was
carried up wind and the fire cracked and all the logs were burning.
He lit another cigarette.
Gen, still lying on her stomach, sat up a little with her arms in the sand.

They noticed the bright red and the deep orange and blue in the pit of the flames.
It was transforming into different levels of brightness as the heat grew with the wind.
Xy took a drag off his cigarette and when he was done threw it into the flames and
watched it burn and coil into ash. Gen sat up on the log with him and smoked one as well.
They held each other in their arms.
They didn’t say much but agreed it was nice to get away for a while.
As time went on the fire started to die down a little as the logs went brittle and
started to crumble into one another. They decided to head back and go. They threw some
sand on the fire and flipped the logs over. The burning embers appeared purple and green
when the flames disappeared
They grabbed their bags, smoked a last cigarette and watched the embers die and
then walked back up the wooden steps. They took one last look at the blue embers from
the cliff side with the oceans roaring in the wind and walked to the car with deep sighs
and drove home.
Chase held the flame real close to the beaker. It glowed and lit his face up bright
in the dark room. He smiled with a look of expectation over at Xy.
“Check it out man.”
“That shit’s going to pop.”
Xy lay back in the recliner with his hand on his head. “Dude….”
“Don’t be so interested man, its only the one things that’s going to make tonight
worth any while.”
Xy got out of the chair and walked over to the desk with the light.
“What is it?” He asked with esteemed curiosity.

“Oh just stuff that is going to get you higher than the moon.” Chase laughed and
Xy looked down and shrugged and said “Alright.
They stood out side in a clearing the trailer parked off a ways. The light of the
stars and moon shone down. Chase spread his arms and looked up then sipped his beaker.
He wiped his chin and passed it to Xychron who then did the same. They finished it and
went back inside.
Chase’s feet felt weightless as the gravel passed under him. The green and the dull
light from the flowers around him shone in a lack of vibrancy.
His eyes went heavy as they stride back to the trailer. A smile broke across their
faces as the road passed in a treadmill. The wind flowing through their hair.
The sun’s rays started to pick up in a bright orange blind as they went into the
That morning they started to have a really intense conversation.
“She was talking about how she was mother Mary and we were looking at this
painting of Jesus. ‘His eyes were a beautiful green, just like when I gave birth to him,’
she said. She also said she was Cleopatra in a past life and talked about Alexander and all
that. Very interesting woman. But very interested at the same time.”
Xy looked at his friend in great interest.
“You know that Nietzsche philosophy, the eternal return, well there is another way
of looking at it also. It’s not that we are necessarily living the same life over and over
again but that each moment contains the possibility to grasp something new, like every
time. Every moment of pain and happiness over and over. Every moment is essentially

the same moment.”
“Carpe diem.” Chase said as he sipped a beer.
“Cheers.” Xy lifted his glass.
“It’s like that saying live until you die.”
“I think that when I buy hot sauce at the store.”
They both laughed.
“I made that soup last week, the one we made the recipe for.”
“Was it good?”
“Yea it was,” Chase seemed satisfied that he had accomplished something. The
cool sun was rising out the windows of the trailer. “Lentils, potatoes, green beans, kidney
beans, corn, broccoli, carrots, garlic, all that stuff, it was really good.”
“Sounds good.”
“I like doing good things. It’s like that one time we left that restaurant and we
helped that old couple who were out of gas. It’s like that man.”
“Yea for sure, there’s so many billions of people around, but if you can just lend a
hand to a couple people you know you have done a good thing, a good job. Socrates once
said the only thing I know is that I know nothing at all, and then someone went to the
oracle a Delphi and asked who is the wisest man, and she said that no one is wiser than
Socrates, so the wisest man really knows nothing at all. It’s all about what you do for
Xy sat up a little in his chair.
“It is like a dream man.”
“It’s like a dream, but it’s like a lucid dream, when we get to chose what’s next

and we know we are dreaming. And we have to know what the next right thing to do is.”
“And that can be the hardest thing sometimes.”
Xy sat in the backseat of the station wagon as a child, his mother was in the
driver’s seat. They were heading north on an ocean side hwy.
“Are we almost there?”
“Almost honey.”
Xy sat back and looked at the red cliffs pass by through the window. The sky was
clear and the sun shone high.
“Do you see that cliff?”
“It is called squaw rock, legend has it that a long time ago when Indian people
lived here a woman native found her husband had died and jumped off of the rock down
into the river to commit suicide.”
Young Xychron stared up at the cliff side and down into the blue water through
the glass frowning. They continued the drive.
Xy had a fairly normal childhood for a boy growing up in the times. Camping
trips, picnics, schools.
He met the woman of his dreams the year he graduated, Gen. They would go on
dates to restaurants and flirt over tasty food. They would go to the river and float down
stream in a little canoe, see movies, and were generally happy healthy young people in

Part Two: Project Prometheus
Xy took the transit to the town center at seven am. People didn’t seem any
different, it was quite a normal day. The world went on hustling and bustling as it always
has in and out of traffic lights, stopping and going. But there was a heavy weight resting
at the bottom of his stomach, he felt slightly ill. None of it seemed to have any meaning
anymore. It all felt so empty. Passed the main avenue he got off and walked to the café.
There was a man sitting on a laptop. He seemed cool. Xy went in and got a cup of coffee.
He walked up to the guy on the computer.
“Mind if I sit here?”
“No man, feel free.”
He sipped his cup for a while and looked at the guy typing away with his
sunglasses on.
“You read the paper?”
“Doesn’t surprise me, people lack information in this age because they are so
submerged in it. I highly recommend you check it out my man.”
“Okay?” Xy shrugged.
“Not interested in politics?” The man asked.
“Not especially.”
Xy sat at the table on the outdoor patio of the café. It was a beautiful day. People
rode by on bikes and cars cruised by slowly.
“I am Daniel Aiden.” he sat across from him smiling and closed the laptop.

“Man, these people really of got it out for the world.” Daniel spoke with slight
“What do you mean?” Xy asked curious, sitting up in his chair.
“Well, look at it, they’ve got computers super crunching peoples’ lives into minute
logarithms determining who is fit to succeed and who is expendable. They’ve got
everyone pinned to a super system of numbers. Data bases on everybody down to the last
purchase you’ve made. All of your medical records, all your life stuck on a binary
equation. And when it comes down to it, they have the say on whether or not you live and
thrive or if your numbers aren’t satisfactory, it goes to the next.
Something had gone wrong with the world. So much technology finally had
dissolved into Project Prometheus.
People knew it was coming for a long time, back even to the New Testament and
revelation. People simply go through the motions like any other citizen. Behind the cars
and jobs they are all blind.
Corporate interested in shared data bases of all your information collected down
to the dot. They take those numbers and punch them in through the computer based on a
statistical log and determine what is next for you.
Who gets the new organ they need, how much you pay for the same crap, what
job you are eligible for and how much money you are going to make and essentially what
you are going to spend it on.
Daniel made himself to be a rogue of sorts. Relentlessly and secretly ever waiting
for his in, for the right moment to pounce.
“”I guess I missed that class in high school.” Xy spoke after the long pause.

“Well, they’ve got you pinned. You know that little card you carry every where
you go. It is no joke. You need it on the bus, you need it at building entrances, for
purchases, for a kidney, for ice cream.”
Aiden spoke and took off his sunglasses. He face was white like ivory like he
rarely came outside.
Xy considered the possibility that he might be a systems hacker of some kind,
probably nothing to serious he assumed.
“With globalization and everything this is a serious problem. A system needs
diversity in order to thrive, Project Prometheus lacks creativity and room for any sort of
catalyst for change and has brought mankind to a stalemate.” He shook his head.
“You know this war is only for population control right.”
Daniel stood up, stuffed his laptop into a back pack, through it on and lit a
“Well, nice chatting with you man, but I’ve got to go.”
And he left.
Xy sipped his coffee and looked down on the ground.
Xychron woke up at a quarter to six. He took a hot shower, smiled while he
brushed his teeth and got dressed, made some coffee and ate breakfast on the couch. He
went outside and grabbed the paper in the rising sun. He read an article in the paper and
quickly set it down and grabbed a hat and walked out the door.
He caught the seven o clock transit and rode into the inner metropolis. He slid his
card at the gate and it opened and he walked through the domed edifice. He took the
elevator to floor seventy-six.

He looked at his watch.
There was a strange man in the elevator given him odd looks, it made the hairs on
the back of his neck warm and he started to cringe in annoyance.
He walked onto the flat and looked around the fountain, a few people were setting
up shops. He walked in a straight line with quick dashing movements.
He arrived at a door in a hall and again put the card in. He walked through. The
war had been going on for some time… he stared at his watch ticking down. The draft.
Later that evening Xy walked down the lamp lit streets with the cold air blowing
on the ground he stared at the grime.
Advertisements peeling on the walls of the downtown sector, he held his hands in
his pockets with the newspaper article crumpled within.
A man dressed in rags with a filthy blanket asked him for change.
“No, I’m broke.” He lied.
A man in a uniform walked by in the crowd and the face grew sour staring
through him. Walking faster to the restaurant to meet Gen, this meant him and he knew it.
When he had gone in this morning to her office where she worked they all stared
at him. He was so upset and Gen didn’t even know yet. She almost started to cry but
couldn’t because it would appear unprofessional. They’d made arrangements for dinner.
Xychron sat on the couch and his face fell into his hands and tears filled them.
Gen walked into the room.
She looked at him and her face grew soft and she put her hands together before
her and started to open her mouth but stopped herself and kept it quiet and paced back
and forth behind him, she didn’t know what to say.

Xy sighed deep and wiped his wet hands onto his pants.
He turned around and saw her standing there.
He stood up and she walked up to him.
She rubbed his tears into hers and they kissed.
“I feel helpless.”
In the old days the world seemed so benign and the spring times were magical,
and carefree. Gen was the new girl in town and Xy was in love with hopes and ambitions.
When they weren’t in love together they were in love apart.
Everyone seemed to carry smiles with them.
The rain would fall on houses at night and lamp lights in the night and his mother
would read by the fire and his father was still around.
There was a small cozy circle of friends and everything was free and easy.
So long.
The wind came up and blew all that away with the tide of war.
Fading memories as he left for the front lines.
The real life only tears held back in his cold eyes.
Xychron stood in line, the general screaming discipline at their young faces.
Telling them of what is to come. They stood like a row of vineyards for the crop. They’re
faces strong and hard from camp.
The man stopped and slowed his speech and told them of honor and the glory
staring through them all. He made a signal and they screamed together. Xy stood silent
amongst the ranks. The sound reached its peak and the marched through the portal into
the next level of the dome and into battle.

Do you love someone, yet who could really care less? People can’t change the
way they feel miles apart. So hopeless. To drown in this over kill the pain of being so far
away takes hold will be bliss.
What’s the use?
Fight and it makes no difference. Crawling. You know you are right and the
wrongs are so apparent. I see my reflection in the cool blood and tears in the dead mans
A ripple of pain across the blue uniform and alone across time I think of her
forever. So he asks aloud “what is love?”
The explosions and screaming continued and he opened his eyes to the roaring
thunder of bullets around him. He starred with his cold blue eyes at the deep reflection of
night as the man lay there stiff. Napalm behind him he runs away in his deep blue
uniform out through the dome and into his destiny.
Later lying in the cold. Not wanting to die alone. A night wind blowing through
the cold. A street lamp in the dome calls to him and there’s dark water in the gutter. Trees
lit on fire in the distance. An old newspaper in the grass. He thought about it but it was
too risky. They could still be firing. Suicide whispers its fantasy and of summers to come.
He knew it was a death camp of some sort by now, war games for numbers, for
population control, he figured no one made it out alive.
Intuition tells him to know better and try to win the game, and the instinct to
survive kicks in. To live on.
Back at home Daniel Aiden was simply going through the daily motions, nice car,
nice job, waiting for the moment to pounce. Project Prometheus was in full effect with

the draft. There was no saying what was next. He’s becoming more and more frustrated
every day, all he needed was an in and he could the right person. Sure, a lot of people
were pissed off, but no one with an in.
He went home one night and found a note inside his mailbox and knew what it
was. He smiled just enough for any cameras not to get the hint and went inside and
flipped on his laptop.

Part Three: Nova Deltree
Gaia Summon: In an age of corrupt politics and chaotic metropolis, the masses
march like ants in a bureaucratic mess blind or indifferent to the sheer destruction of it all
from deforestization to mass extinctions, climate crises powered by control calendars
enslaving people to perpetuate their own wealth hiding the truth revealing their lies
peeling we must rise up through the cracks in the concrete and the spirit of terra because
she will live on whether or not we choose to.
Chase stood at the water’s edge staring into the setting sun. A million blinding
pinholes poked through as he shut his eye lids in frustration. His head pulled back to the
fading light as if by gravity, he couldn’t look away. He was in a trance and high. Some
people were laughing throwing a disk back and forth behind him. For a moment he
thought he might know them, but no… smiling as the sun fell to twilight. They were
strangers again.
He couldn’t trust anyone. He was avoiding the draft and would have to turn
himself in for insanity before his number was up. An institution is better he thought. He
turned to look and the people were gone and the sun was on its way out.
Chase felt still as he put his hands together on his bare chest. He walked back to
the car and threw on a hoodie.
Is this it?
He put on some music for the ride home.
As he was driving he got the call. One last fix before he’d go in.
He picked up the ringing phone.

“35? Alright I’ll be there in a half hour.”
He sped up the car and went to score.
He tossed and turned in an itchy wretched fix that night, wondering if they’d have
anything for withdraw in the hospital.
Frost white cold and alone, shooting away the truth. Painlessly she floated away
on a dried red melted wax lily deeper into an ocean of milky white lies. As night falls the
sun sinks down the horizon and sherbet twilight rays of dawn reflect on the surface of the
vast sea, and then darkness consumes us and the constellations break apart into fragments
collapsing on the placid waters.
The stars sink one by one racing toward the bed of the ocean, where the sands of
time are born. Flash back to an age when things were simpler, sitting in the meadow
under the oak that spring waiting for the summer to spread its wings, and he knew
everything’s going to be okay. Like a dove flying face forward into the sun. He tossed
and turned in his bed.
“It’s medication time…”
“Medication time…”
The soft soothing noise over the P.A. Chase hopped out of the bed in his pajamas
and walked over to the desk with the woman behind the window. She passed him a pill in
a cup. He let the pill melt under his tongue then sipped some water and let it dissolve. He
got back into bed.
Xy ducked behind a blown over craft. Bullets flew by and explosions sounded all
around him. He peaked his head out but smoke filled his eyes. He crouched back behind
the rolled over tank and reloaded his weapon. Taking a deep breath he poked his head

out, all seemed clear. He ran out and ducked behind a burning building. He looked
around. Max was waving him on. He met Max in boot camp and they’d been partners
since. Xy caught up to him.
“Alright Xy, it’s go time, we’re busting into this spot right here, we’ve got some
hiding out shooting at us. Just be careful and use your head man…you ready?” Max held
his weapon tightly against him, his life line.
Xychron nodded his head.
Max kicked the door in and held his machine gun tight into the building as they
went in.
He waved Xy into another room and went up the stairs.
Xy poked around the corner and walked down a hall. A couple doors were at the
end. He stepped lightly across the filthy floor with his weapon in front of his self, he
could hear people whispering in some language in one of the doors. Gun shots from
upstairs, Xy turned his head and two men came running out of the room at the end of the
hall. He shot them both and watched them die for a second. That was all it took. His face
started to turn.
“You alright man.” Max yelled coming back down the stairs.
“Yea… Let’s Go.”
They moved on.
Gen worked as a secretary for one of the top dogs. She had no opinions about her
the ethics for her job. Not until her boyfriend got drafted that is. At first she was just
solemnly depressed. Then she was scared when he left. After he was gone is when the
anger took hold. The frustration got so bad she decided to do something about it.

After work one day she went to a local café. She saw a man with a lap top sitting
there with sunglasses on. He seemed of no interest at first so she went in and ordered a
As she went to sit down she got a closer look, she noticed the screen on his
laptop. He looked over his shoulder at her and started to pack his things and go. She
waited for him to leave before getting in her car and following him.
As he pulled into his gate she took the address down.
At home she looked it up.
Daniel Aiden.
A computer programmer.
She nodded her head and smiled a sinister grin.
The logo on the monitor was something she’d seen before.
It was a symbol for underground revolutionaries.
It looked like a red stamp of a circle with a plus sign in it.
The astrological symbol for Earth, or Terra, or Gaia.
She first ran into it after Xy left and she found herself walking around downtown.
Near a pawn shop she bummed some change to a street kid who had the patch on his
backpack. She had asked about it and that is what the kid had said.
She couldn’t stop thinking about it.
She’d gone into the pawn shop and bought firearm. A nice and clean chrome
magnum. She knew it would come in handy at some point. She just didn’t know when.
But now she’d found her man, Daniel Aiden.
Her smile was lit up by the screen.

She searched further for the website of revolutionaries but couldn’t find anything.
He must have some encryption on it.
She knew this meant they were a team.
She drove back to his address and left a note in his mail box before the gate.
Daniel was looking out the window at the time.
Who was she? He thought. Hadn’t I seen her earlier, he wondered.
He knew this was something good, what he’d been looking for.
He’d have to wait until the next day to check, it was too suspicious otherwise.
Xychron stared at the puddle forming under him. Max stood over him for a
second yelling something, then he ran off into the distance. It was a bullet. He could feel
it in his side as he clenched his teeth.
He tried to fight it, but the pain sunk in and he fell silently into shock. The battle
continued around him and he could hear to fury of war as he huddled into a ball. He
thought of his mother and then thought of Gen His face fell peaceful in the blood. A smile
left marked cold on his face as the blood grew deeper and the war began to fade away all
into the deep blue eyes.
Daniel Aiden got up that morning and walked outside and lit a cigarette, he
grabbed his mail as usual. He put out the cigarette on the porch and walked back inside.
He read the note with great satisfaction. This woman worked for them, she definitely had
access to the Project Prometheus database. He smiled and tore it up and threw the note
away after memorizing the address and time written on it.
Max stood alone in a field after the death of his friend. There in the night the
flying crosses strewn across his life and dreams. We’ll meet again someday. Aero planes

and admiring the beauty of the horses fenced in. The wild desire and drive behind their
eyes, fiercely beautiful. Such strong grace and God’s elegant patience and guides that are
life. The light within us all is in you too, friend. Just remember the way we were, when in
battle, we were as one. A team. The unified spirit will burn triumphant and to your glory.
There is this fear in the heart. The fear of not making it. Just know that you can watch
above, learn to love that life. You were so young, had only begun. God’s light was in
those eyes, signs are clear, nothing to fear.
Daniel showed up at the lobby just after dark, like the note said. He went into the
bar and waited on a stool and ordered a drink.
It only took a few minutes for her to walk up, she tapped him on the shoulder and
he waited a second before getting up to follow.
In the elevator he said “Oh, now what?”
“I can get you into the computer with the access codes for the central database.
But the system is secure so you’re going to have a hell of a time getting into it, you are
going to need to give it everything you’ve got. I don’t know how much time you will
have, so you’ll have to be quick.”
“No problem, I’ve prepared for this with years of experience hacking systems.
Plus I’ve devised quite the virus, I know its penetrable to even this system.”
“Good, we’ll need it.”
They walked into the office where Gen has her desk. She opened the door in the
main office where a leading general held his desk.
A view of the vast night city, Daniel hesitated checking out the beauty of the
scattered city lights out the huge window.

“Hurry. I’ll stand guard at my desk. The access code should be written on a note
on the desk.”
Daniel shuffled with his jacket where he had the disk with the hack. He found the
note Gen was talking about and accessed the system. Then he uploaded the virus. That
was it. That simple.
He pulled out the disk and walked back out the door.
Gen was standing there with the general standing right before them.
“Call security.” the general spoke seriously and began to approach Daniel.
“Who the hell are you?”
“Hands up.” Gen held out the magnum aimed directly toward her boss.
“Get on the fucking ground.” She yelled and clenched her jaw and tilted her head
in seriousness and kept the gun toward his head as the general knelt and lay on the
“Let’s go.”
She put the gun away as they ran out the door and back into the elevator.
“He’ll call security…” Gen spoke in fear.
“What do we do?”
“Don’t worry.”
“Let’s get off here. The lobby will surely have security waiting.”
They stopped the elevator on the 5th floor and they got out.
First thing he did was check the walls.
He ran through the hall and pulled the first fire alarm.
Best to hide in mass hysteria he figured.

They got out through the crowd of people running out the building and down the
He waved down a taxi and they got in.
“Motel on 32nd.”
Daniel let out a sigh of great satisfaction.
That night Gen and Daniel shared life stories. Aiden realized he had met her
boyfriend and Gen was shocked and demanded to know all about it. She spoke of hope of
seeing him again, little did she know he had already passed.
They were on the run.
Max read the article, still frustrated at his partners death, and instantly recognized
her name. It said that they could reboot Project Prometheus, but it could take up to three
Just enough time, he thought.
He’d risen in rank.
He now had a pilot’s license.
He gathered up a group of disgruntled soldiers.
It would be mutiny, but with the collapse of Project Prometheus. A revolution
might just work.
They hijacked over two dozen aircraft.
When word got out other pilots started joining in.
They flew directly toward the all the major cities with all the major Project’s

There wasn’t much the government could do with the system hacked, especially
with morale so low. They were their own enemies. The war was a global effort at war
games, killing for the sake of killing, people knew and were sick of it.
They attacked in full force and watched them burn before the system could be
They had succeeded in destroying Project Prometheus.
Max stood gazing out over the city that lay in destruction of war in deep thought.
His eyes were cast deep into the burning horizon. The sun born high in the sky, the heat
glistening on his skin. His uniform was heavy and he wore a disgusted look as he scanned
the wreckage. He thought of the sun set to come and figured he’d wait on the hill. He
pulled out some rations and started to eat. He’d felt like an older brother to Xy, he had
made him proud today. His girlfriend would be fine, he thought. He had been a true
friend through this pointless war. They’d both been drafted and both had the same attitude
about it. Most the men were like them at this point. Death and futility, yet men still
marched in duty.
It was finally coming to an end.
The revolution had happened.
Now it was just a matter of rebuilding.
People had learned.
Society would know better, he thought.
At sunset, Max walked down the hill towards the burning city.
He thought it beautiful, all the world’s numbers burning up into flames.
The towers

Heat and ember
Settling rubble
A cold wind blows
The flag left hanging from poles
Stood for something else today
Babylon burning
Confusion self evident
The unexpected crash, sedition
To birth a new world
A rebel soldier watching the blaze put out his cigarette into the dirt and watched
the smoldering ash take form.

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