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All the praise is for Allah, the most merciful and beneficent, who blessed me with the knowledge, gave me the courage and allowed me to accomplish this task. I am especially indebted to all my teachers for instilling in me enough knowledge to be able to carry myself efficiently during my internship. Secondly, I am bound to thank all the staff of MCB. In particular I am grateful to Jamil Ahmed (Branch Operation Manager), Mohsin Hayat (Remittance Section) and Syed Qasim (Advances Section) their inspiring guidance, remarkable suggestions, constant encouragement, keen interest, constructive criticism and friendly discussion that helped me to learn and enabled me to complete this report efficiently.



I thank to all those who have generously contributed their theoretical knowledge to this report including my teachers. Without their understanding and support. vision. determination.DEDICATION I dedicate this report to my parents and friends in recognition of their worth and to my teachers who are the guiding force for me. I hope people find this report useful and the subject matter adds to their knowledge. completion of this work would not have been possible. It is their effort and hard work that showed me the path of success and prosperity which would be there for me for the rest of my life (Inshallah). Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself.” . “Keep your dreams alive. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.Merlin Olsen ************ ii . hard work. and dedication.

In the following pages I have narrated my experience. observations & all the working activities which I observed during my six week internship at MCB Wapda House Branch. During this practical course we are provided with an opportunity to learn that how the theoretical knowledge can be implemented in practical grounds.PREFACE In order to be able to cope with the changing environment it is necessary to have some practical experience. As the students of Baking & Finance we have to pass through a series of various managerial techniques. Lahore which was one of the best branches in Lahore in respect of Business as well as in working environment. *********************** iii . I worked there for one and half month & it gave me a greater practical knowledge about the operations of a bank. I was selected to do my internship in MCB Wapda House Branch.

As an internee I wanted to achieve following objectives during my internship and organizational study: To familiarize with a business organization To relate theory with practice To acquire good work habits and sense of responsibility To enhance my learning experience by application of fundamental concepts previously learned  To familiarize with the different departments in the organization and their functioning  To develop my attitude conducive to effective interpersonal relationships  I want to enhance my knowledge of the discipline of banking administration.     *********************** iv . The secondary purpose of this internship is to understand how the theoretical knowledge can be applied to the practical situations and examine an organization’s financial issues and identify its opportunities/ problems and also suggest corrective measures. This internship was also very necessary to gain confidence and became aware of the mechanisms of an organization.OBJECTIVES OF INTERNSHIP The primary purpose of this study was one of the requirements for MBA (Banking & Finance) degree completion. for a period of 6-8 weeks. For this connection each student of this particular course was required to undertake training in a relevant organization selected by them.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary of Report MCB Executive Summary History of MCB Head office at a Glance Organizational Structure Analysis of MCB Balance Sheet 2007-9 Income Statement 2007-9 Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Ratio Analysis Knowledge Gained Products of MCB General Banking Accounts Department Remittance Department Clearing Department Cash Department SWOT Analysis Conclusion Charts 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 11 14 17 24 25 30 30 38 41 45 48 51 52 **************************************** v .