TRIZ Companies Database
Prepared by GEN3 Partners/Algorithm Results • A tentative list of companies that offer services/products based on TRIZ throughout the world, including Russia and CIS has been compiled. • The list excludes three largest public non-profit organizations: MA TRIZ, ETRIA, Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies. • The list also excludes three major TRIZ magazines: Journal of TRIZ (www.triz-spb.ru); Izobretenia (www.aitriz.org); and electronic The TRIZ Journal (www.triz-journal.com), • 16 TRIZ-based companies have been identified in Russia and CIS (see Table 1). Besides, the list contains data on two independent TRIZ experts, who are the most aggressive in promoting their TRIZbased services in CIS. • 55 TRIZ-based companies have been identified in other countries outside of Russia and CIS. As of today, 49 of them are actively engaged in this business (see Table 2). The information on the other 6 companies (see Table 3) is insufficient to make an objective conclusion about their activity. Conclusions • Among large consulting companies Cap Gemini Group (headcount - tens thousand of employees) declares it uses TRIZ in its consulting practice. The company has a wide network of offices all over the world and conducts business activity in various non-TRIZ directions - management and organization consulting, outsourcing, local professional services, etc. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology is the largest performer of R&D to order in Europe, employing about 12,500 specialists and having 56 offices across Germany. Altran Consulting and Information Services employ over 17,000 experts in business and technology consulting. Only few of them are involved in TRIZ activities. • Only three TRIZ-based companies have been identified to have mid-size business with 100 full time employees and more: GEN3 Partners/Algorithm, ASI Consulting Group, and Invention Machine Corp. • The majority of smaller companies are trying to build their TRIZ business in two major directions: Training and Consulting. Sometimes they also perform consulting and training in non-TRIZ fields, and develop and sell software. • Ten TRIZ-based software producers have been identified: Invention Machine Corp., Ideation International, Ideacore , IWINT, Pretium Consulting Services, Thought Guiding Systems Corp., TriSolver Group, "Analytika", TRIZ-CHANCE, and Center of Creative Technologies. • Most of the companies (regardless of their size) show a steady trend of using not only TRIZ methods, but also Six Sigma, QFD, Lean, FMEA1 and other innovation methods.

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA): A systematized group of activities to recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product or process and its effects, identify actions that could eliminate or reduce the occurrence of the potential failure and document the process. (www.asq.org/glossary/f.html)



TRIZ Companies Database
Table 1. TRIZ Companies in Russia and CIS
## 1. Company "Analytika" Location Chelyabinsk, Russia Number of employees N/D Key people2 N/D TRIZ--based Services / Products Consulting Workshops Software "Analysis and Synthesis of Systems " ("AiSSt") Training and Consulting: Phenotype-audit, technologies of strong thinking, solutions for difficult problems and situations Consulting and Training: Business analysis/assessment Other services Website http://www.aisst.ru/


Analytical center ECSD, Resultat, Hansainventor.

Tallinn, Estonia


Mark Luchin


"Assessment and consulting company "IKRConsultant" Beliltsev's TSM Center / OO "TRIZ Training Center" Center of Creative Technologies Center of Know-How Diol

Rostov-on-Don, Russia


Valery Vladimirovich Allaverdian

Training and Consulting: negotiations strategy, sales technologies, advertising, PR Marketing and business analysis: investments, acquisitions

http://galapersona.ru/content/view/86/ 34/



Voronezh, Russia



Moscow, Russia


6. 7.

St.Petersburg, Russia Novosibirsk, Russia

2 N/D

Valeri Konstantinovich Beliltsev TRIZ Master Alexander Andreevich Baryshnikov; Albert Mikhailovich Kuzmin Yu.V.Trofimov Lyudmila Semyonova

Consulting: marketing, management, politics Software: IdeaFinder+ QuaD Business Assessment Technology Consulting: Customized R&D Consulting: problem solving and strategy development Training Coaching Training: Lean Production Consulting: PR, marketing, management Software Publishing Consulting and Training: Innovative Design, Analysis of patents, Value engineering Technology Evaluation Consulting: business process diagnosis Training: VEA-based diagnostics Business Plans Development Implementation of business ideas

http://www.beliltsev.com/B eliltsev.htm http://www.inventech.ru/ab out/ http://www.know-howcenter.com/ http://www.trizdiol.ru/

8. 9.

Group of companies "Russian Training Center" Group of consulting firms "TRIZ-CHANCE"

Moscow, Voronezh, Russia St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Russia Krasnoyarsk, Russia


N/D Igor Leonardovich Vikentiev TRIZ Master Yuri Petrovich Salamatov TRIZ Master

http://www.rutrening.ru/cen tr.html http://www.trizchance.ru/triz-chance.html


Institute of Innovative Design


Patenting TRIZ-pedagogics



Laboratory of civilization problems of the Chuvash State University

Cheboksary, Russia


Valeri Pavlovich Galietov Head of Intellectual technologies department



Persons identified as TRIZ-experts are marked


## Company Location Number of employees 4 Key people2 TRIZ--based Services / Products Coaching Training and Workshops: Lean production Training: time management Other services Website


Key Technologies of TRIZ Organisation of Time

Novosibirsk, Russia

Vissarion Grigorievich Sibiryakov TRIZ Master Gleb A. Arkhangelski (General director); A.V. Ochnev Marat Semenovich Gafitulin TRIZ Master Sergei Anatolievich Sichkorez Alexei Vasilievich Podkatilin TRIZ Master; Vladimir Yurievich Bubentsov; Alexander Ivanovich Skuratovich; Anatoli Alexandrovich Guin TRIZ Master; Victor Ivanovich Timokhov, CEO, TRIZ Master; Sergei Alexeevich Faer; Petr Ivanovich Chuksin; Nikolai Andreevich Shpakovskiy TRIZ Master Yuli Samoilovich Murashkovski TRIZ Master Petr-Pavel Vladimirovich Surkov



Moscow, Russia


http://www.improvement.ru /consult/ Consulting: Management, Administration, Logistics http://www.uprav.ru


Russian School of Management

Moscow, Russia

About 90

Training: Management, PR, Production, IT

15. 16.

Sintal TRIZ-Profi

Kishinev, Moldova Moscow, Russia

N/D 10+ (4 TRIZ Masters)

Training: Business Training: Patent breaking, Cost reduction, Product improvement, Creativity Consulting Training and Workshops (in Moscow Business School): management, marketing, finance, personnel, sales, logistics, foreign economic activity, business security, office management, team building

http://sintal.livejournal.com/ profile http://www.triz-profi.com/ Moscow Business School: http://mbschool.ru/about.ph p


Riga, Latvia


Consulting: politics Training: TRIZ in art Consulting: solving production problems, Cost optimization Training: Business


Moscow, Russia


http://trizsummit.ru/ru/section.php?d ocId=3578 http://surkov.ru/?TRIZ_kon salting



Table 2. TRIZ Companies outside of Russia and CIS
## 1. Company Agamus Consult Location Starnberg, Germany Plus France & Slovakia Eindhoven, the Netherlands Number of employees >80 Key people3 Alan Brunhammer, CEO et al. TRIZ -based Services / Products Consulting: Lean production Other services Consulting: Management, Administration, Logistics Website www.agamus.com


Altran Consulting and Information Services (CIS)

Over 17,000

Patrick Hendriks


Applied Innovation Alliance

West Bloomfield, MI, USA


Dana W. Clarke, Sr., President / CEO

Consulting: technology, R&D support Risk & Safety assessment Performed by Altran Technologies Netherlands BV - a subsidiary of Altran CIS Consulting (online): Process/Product Innovations, Predictions, Patenting

Business process mgt Business intelligence Enterprise content mgt Quality assurance & testing Process mgt in IT Innovatie mgt Organizational Support: team assessments, change management, strategic planning, coaching, cultural & organizational transitions Patent: infringement/ circumvention support


www.aia-consulting.com www.innovationrainmaker s.com


ASI Consulting Group, LLC. (based on The American Supplier Institute)

Bingham Farms, MI, USA

>100 reputed instructors and consultants

Shin Taguchi, President; Dr.Genichi Taguchi, Executive Director Subir Chowdhury Alan Wu Jodi Caldwell N/D

Workshops: - Creating Breakthrough Products - Systematic Innovation

http://www.amsup.com/in dex.htm http://www.asiusa.com/


Axiomatic Design

Brighton, MA, USA




Troy, MI, USA


David M. Verduyn; Adam Marx; Len Kaplan; Mike Anleitner; Sue McPhail; Joely Gardner; David Ball

Training: in-home & elearning Mentoring Consulting Software Workshops: - Teams facilitation/ coaching - Patent Searches - Knowledge extraction & research (TechOptimizer 3.5 and Knowledgist 2.5)

www.axiomaticdesign.co m

http://www.c2csolutions.com Partners: Ideacore (see below) Axiomatic Design (see below)


Center for ProductInnovation GbR (C4PI)

Lohfelden, Germany



Consulting: product improvement, problem solving, idea generation,



Persons identified as TRIZ-experts are marked


## Company Location Number of employees Key people3 TRIZ -based Services / Products analysis Training & Workshops Training: 4-60 hrs Educational programs Consulting: ProblemSolving, Product/Process Improvement, Facilitation, Coaching Consulting Training Software Publishing (The TRIZ Journal, iSixSigma Magazine, RealInnovation.com) Research to Order (the largest provider of R&D services in Europe) Consulting: Product/process Innovation, Business Insight Training: education, facilitation, mentorship Technology Development & Commercialization: search, evaluation, transfer Other services Website



Center for Scientific & Technical Creativity (CSTC) Concept Catalysts, Inc.

Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam Charlotte, NC


Phan Dung , Director

http://www.hcmuns.edu.v n/CSTC/home-e.htm www.conceptcatalysts.com


Mark Barkan - President


Ieper, Belgium


Simon DeWulf


11. CTQ Media LLC

Bainbridge Island, WA Sankt Augustin, Germany



Providing business information

http://www.creax.com also promote through: www.systematicinnovation.com http://www.ctqmedia.com/

12. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology 13. GEN3 Partners/ Algorithm



http://www.fit.fraunhofer. de/

Boston, MA, USA St.Petersburg, & Moscow, Russia;

Over 100 (6 TRIZ Masters, 23 Certified TRIZ specialists)

Jim Sims, Chairman; Garrett L. Dietz, CEO; Michael Treacy, Chief Strategist; Sam Kogan, President/COO, Certified TRIZ specialist; Simon Litvin, VP/CScO, TRIZ Master Igor Petiy, Algorithm President, Certified TRIZ specialist; Sergey Ikovenko, Director of training, TRIZ Master; A.Lyubomirskiy, TRIZ Master; Yu.Fedosov, TRIZ Master; A.Kudryavtsev, TRIZ Master Valeri Souchkov

http://www.gen3partners.c om

14. ICG Training & Consulting

Enschede, The Netherlands


Training and certification: systematic innovation, analytical techniques and systematic inventive thinking Consulting: business innovation and problem



## Company Location Number of employees Key people3 TRIZ -based Services / Products solving, definition and implementation of an organizational innovation strategy Development of innovative solutions Publishing Software: QFD, Web-miner, TRIZ, FMEA Training Coaching Consulting Software: several TRIZBased products Training Workshops: e-learning Publications Consulting: Innovation Generation, Technology Commercialization: Search, Development, Transfer, Due Diligence Consulting: Innovation Training Training & Workshops: Innovation leadership, Ideas generation, Consulting: Idea synthesis, industry landscaping, reshape/banlance innovations Consulting: TRIZ, Application of Software Training: TRIZ, Creativity Software: Pro/Innovator, & CBT/NOVA Consulting: Innovation Audits and Assessments, Future Product Design, TRIZbased patenting Workshops: problem solving R&D support Consulting: IP & IP Strategy development Consulting: Problem Other services Website

15. Ideacore

Birmingham, MI, USA


Joseph Craig CEO&President


16. Ideation International, Inc.

Detroit, MI, USA

6 (3 TRIZ Masters, 2 Certified TRIZ specialists) >5

Zion Bar-El, CEO/Chairman, Boris Zlotin, Chief Scientist, TRIZ Master Alla Zusman, TRIZ Master; V.Gerasimov, TRIZ Master Dr. Edgar Jochheim Christian Stammel Thorsten Rudolph Leonid Shub Christian Ritter Bastian Krapf N/D Mark Johnson Co-Founder and Chairman Scott Anthony President

http://www.ideationtriz.co m/home.asp

17. Innologics

Gilching/ München, Germany

Consulting: Marketing, Manufacturing, Patenting

http://www.innologics.co m/ http://www.innologics.de

18. InnoQ 19. Innosight

Eindhoven The Netherlands Watertown, MA, USA Singapore

N/D >35

http://www.innoq.nl/ Market analysis http://www.innosight.com

20. Innovation Works, Inc. (IWINT)

21. Innovation-TRIZ, Inc.

Headquarter in California; offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong Tampa, FL St. Paul, MN, USA


L.Bachilo, Chief Scientist G.Severinets



Jack Hipple; Mark Reeves


22. Innovative Partners 23. Innovative Patent Technology, Inc. 24. Inventioneering Company

Wormer, The Netherlands Oregon House, CA, USA USA

5 3 1

Gertjan Otto James Kowalick Michael S. Slocum

Business consulting Subject-meter expertise

http://www.innovativepart ners.nl/ http://innovativepatent.co m/ http://www.inventioneerin


## Company Location Number of employees Key people3 TRIZ -based Services / Products Solving, Idea/Concept Generation, Technology Forecasting Innovation Coaching Software: Goldfire Innovator Training: Education/ Mentoring Consulting: Knowledge management Research Training (Education) Other services Website gco.com/

25. Invention Machine Corp.

Boston, MA, USA Offices in the UK, France, Germany, Belarus, Japan Strasbourg, France


26. National Institute of Applied Science, Laboratory of Industrial Engineering & Artificial Intelligence 27. Oxford Creativity Ltd

Witney Oxfordshire, UK

28 Proffessors 15 PhD student 9

Mark E. Atkins, President/CEO J. Toddhunter CTO I.Devojno D.Cavallucci; N.Khomenko - TRIZ Master; D.Kucharavy



Karen Gadd, H.Strickland, et al.

28. P41

Antwerpen, Belgium

29. Pretium Consulting Services, LLC

Houston, TX; regional office in MI, USA


David Bonner Peter Hanik Sergey Malkin Galina Malkin Gunter Ladewig, Director

Training: TRIZ & TRIZteams building Workshop: Practical Problem Solving with TRIZ Consulting: product and process innovation R&D support Training Software: Guided Innovation Toolkit Training Workshops Training: TRIZ, TOC, SixSigma, Lean Consulting: Product/Process Due diligence Improvement forecasting, etc. Consulting: problem solving and strategy development Training: TRIZ, QFD, Six Sigma practice, "Train-thetrainer"

http://www.oxfordcreativit y.co.uk


- IP Enhancement, IP strategy - Business Strategy Development Consulting: Project Management, Turnaround and profit improvement, Business process

30. PRIMA Performance Ltd.

Maple, Ont., Canada


http://www.pretiumllc.co m/index.htm Partner of Ideation International, Inc. (see above) http://www.primaperform ance.com

31. Productivity Quality Results (PQR Group)

Upland, California, USA


32. A.Seredinski

Poitiers, France


Ellen Domb (founder); Ralph Czerepinski; Michael Slocum; Joe A. Miller; Darrell Mann; Mark Barkan; Ned Schneider; Marco Aurélio de Carvalho; Akhilesh Gulati Avraam Seredinski Certified TRIZ specialist


Consulting: Problem solving, Training: TRIZ education, Publication: Translation and Distribution TRIZ books in



## Company Location Number of employees >40 Key people3 TRIZ -based Services / Products French Consulting Training: from lectures to mentoring Publishing Training: Internet & CD courses Training & Workshops Software Development Problem Solving Other services Website

33. SIT Ltd.

34. Start2Think

Tel Aviv, Israel Sweeden, Germany, USA Ramat Gan, Israel Clevedon, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Japan, Denmark, Turkey, USA, Australia, Malaysia, India, Mexico Kfar-Saba, Israel

Janko.Goldenberg, Ron Horowitz, A.Levav, Managing Director R.Horowitz

Trainings: Marketing Communications & Advertising

http://www.sitsite.com www.sit-scandinavia.com www.de-sitsite.com http://www.start2think.co m


35. Systematic Innovation Ltd. (cluster of companies)


Darrell Mann

IP licensing Turnkey projects Global Benchmarking


36. Systematic Inventive Thinking Center "ThinkTech"


Alexander Chernobelsky, Manager

Training Consulting: Problem solving, Trends, IP

Text book "Systematic Inventive Thinking and Technological Problems Solving" (Hebrew, 224 pages, 1997)


37. Technical Innovation Center, Inc.

Worcester, MA, USA


38. The Cap Gemini Group

Paris, France; offices in more than 30 countries

Over 82,000 worldwide

39. The TRIZ Group, L.L.C.

West Bloomfield, MI, USA


40. Thought Guiding Systems Corp.



R.Langevin-CEO; S.Rodman - President Valery Krasnoslobodtsev; Isak Buhkman, TRIZ-Master Gunter Ladewig Capgemini U.S.: Salil Parekh-CEO; Lanny Cohen CEO, Capgemini North America, and Acting Area Director, East Region V.Fey, TRIZ Master; E.Rivin David Mayer Vice President Business Development Y.Karasik

Training, Consulting: problem solving and IP development Publishing


Consulting: design and integrate technological solutions, exploit innovation, etc. (based on TRIZ)

Consulting: Management, Finance; Outsourcing Services Local Professional Services

http://www.capgemini.co m/

Consulting: Forecasting, Roadmapping, Problem solving Training


Software: Root Cause Finder Training Consulting: problem solving Publishing: The Anti TRIZjournal

http://www3.sympatico.ca /karasik


## Company Location Stockholm, Sweden Number of employees 3 Key people3 Olle Berg Joachim Burvall TRIZ -based Services / Products Consulting: Process/Product development, Training (using TechOptim) Publishing Consulting: In-house consulting using software Training: using software Other services Consulting: Marketing and Management Website http://www.xtab.se/tips_in novation

41. TIPS Innovation

42. Total Quality Management

Neckarsulm/ Stuttgart/ Karlsruhe, Germany


43. TriS Europe GmbH Innovation Knowledge Company 44. TRIS OY 45. TRIZ Consulting, Inc

Hannover, Germany Zürich, Switzerland Turku, Finland Seattle, Washington, USA Germany


André Kapust Christian Wirth Rita Demmeler-Wirth Elisabeth Rößle Oliver Wagner Jochen Wanders Gerald Saur Alexandra Lindner Horst Nähler Klaus Hörmann Roland Papst Michael Proch Karin Prinz Pavel Livotov


Consulting Software: TriSIDEAS Training Publishing Training Training: TRIZ Consulting and Facilitation Publishing Innovation consulting Software development Training Publishing Software: distribution Training: TRIZ, CI Training: Seminars.


1 1

Kalevi Rantanen Zinovy Royzen -President, TRIZ Master N/D

http://www.kolumbus.fi/k alran http://www.trizconsulting. com http://www.triz-online.de/

46. TRIZ-online



Valencia, Spain Melbourne, Australia focused on Malaysia & Singapore Coburg, Germany

N/D 7

José M. Vicente Gomila, Co-Director Iouri Belski

http://www.triz.es/ http://www.triz.net http://www.TRIZ4U.com



Prof. Hansjürgen Linde

Consulting: Problem solving, Innovation strategy Training: Team Facilitation

Education: MBA

info@wois-innovation.de www.wois-innovation.de



Table 3. Inactive Companies
Company ## 1 ESICS (Ecole Superieure de l'Innovation, de la Conception et de la Simulation), Chaire of TRIZ eTG – Knowledge Solutions exclusive representative of Invention Machine in Australia and New Zealand La Rochelle, France Location Number of employees 3 Key people4 TRIZ-, 6-sigma-, FMEA-, Lean-based Services / Products Training: Education on TRIZ (students, industries) Other services Website

Dominique Barre, Directeur ; Avraam Seredinski, TRIZ Chairman, Certified TRIZ specialist David Brocklehurst, Chairman David Colvin, Managing Director




Consulting: P-o-P prototyping, Innovation Road-mapping Workshops: Diagnostic Workshops Software: Goldfire InnovatorTM Reselling

Consulting: - Information/Knowledge Management, - Business Case Development & ROI Assessment, - Project Management and Implementation - Post Implementation Support

New website: http://www.esics.com/ TRIZ-pages are under construction (Dec.11, 2007) http://www.etg.com.au out-of-order (Dec.11 2007)


Present Vision, Inc.

Oregon House, CA, USA


James Kowalick, Technical Director


The TRIZ Experts


S.Savransky, President


Strategic Product Innovations Inc.

Houston, Texas, USA


William (Bill) Molnar; Mark R. Bender; John Filla; Jay Pharris; N/D

No services (looking for investors)

Market new product: generate, evaluate, incubate, prototyping, patenting

http://www.presentvision. com/index.html This page is parked free (Dec. 13 2007) http://www.trizexperts.net This page is parked free (Dec. 13 2007) http://www.spiusa.org


Mulbury Consulting Limited



Mulbury Consulting Limited is no longer trading and does not undertake any consultancy or training work.

e-shop providing free resources, electronic or paper books to meet the needs of the next generation Six Sigma, Lean and TRIZ practitioner.



Persons identified as TRIZ-experts are marked